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You’ll never know - Harry Styles Au imagine

Warnings: Present Day Harry ignore the gif above that’s for the idea,SMUT,unprotected (wrap it up fellas) and oral (m+f)

A/N: I came up with this idea from watching Once Bitten with Jim Carrey and a vine I saw of vampire Harry I recommend listening to the devil within by digital daggers that also helps for the all in out theme. Enjoy x

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t asleep yet, it was currently 3:45 in the morning and I was wide awake unable to shake the feeling that someone was watching me.

I received a text message from my best friend y/b/f/n

Bestie: hey boo wake up we’re going clubbing!

You: are you crazy it’s fucking 3 in the morning?!

Bestie: honey I know but it’s a vampire themed club and it’s new!!

You: alright I wasn’t asleep anyway

Bestie: pick you up in 10!

I know I’m totally insane getting dressed to go clubbing this early in the morning but I didn’t have another choice I mean I couldn’t sleep so I might as well go.

I decided to wear a body hugging black mini dress with silver high heels and my hair in a half ponytail. Y/B/F/N was on time honking for me to acknowledge her I hurried before the neighbours could complain.

“Hey babe” she smiled as I got in “Hey” I said breathless “so exactly what possessed you to want to come out at 3 and want to go clubbing?” I questioned curious “honesty I have no idea I just felt like we had to go” she answered and started the car.

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Watch Me (Joker x Reader x Avengers) pt.1

A/N: OMG! FINALLY I THINK OF A STORYLINE FOR A MASHUP WITH MARVEL AND DC!!! Good god this took longer than I thought! There’s going to be more than a chapter for this because BOI IM REALLY EXCITED! Please tell me if you want to be tagged in the future parts! Hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Summary: You are one of the avengers on a mission to get details of Jokers next heists and big thefts. You are sent to his house to act like a sniper who can help him and stay by his side. A few days in, you start realizing Joker likes you. You would have meet ups with the avengers to discuss about what thefts he’s doing next. One day he finds out and you have to think fast. Will he come back for you???

⚠️Warning(s): A LOT OF SWEARING


“IM GOING TO DO WHAT?!” You yelled in the middle of the lab. “Y/n, It was Patchy’s idea,” Tony fought back. You looked towards Fury who was standing there like he had no soul. “FURY! I’m GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU!” You speed walked towards him and he only moved an inch. Fury flinched a bit from heat radiating from you. He knows your power. He knows what you can do. Your powers were the four elements, telekinesis, and bending electricity when needed. “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU AGREE TO DO THIS? HES A FUCKING PYSCHO!” You yelled as if you are the only person in the room which creeped the other avengers out. No one has ever seen you so pissed because they were scared of what you can do to them. “I can kill you right now, but I’m not going to because I’ll lose my job.“ You said calmly making sure not to make anyone panic. You walked to the table and sat in between Steve and Bucky. “Why can’t Nat go? She’s hotter than me!” 

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Playing a one-shot with some friends to get used to 5e, I’m playing as a rogue who pretends to be a world famous magician. We have to persuade an NPC to grant us access to a V.I.P. lounge where our next objective is, so I decide to step in

Me, aside to the party: Let me handle it I’ll have you know that I attended the prestigious Bard’s College in [Capital City]. My tongue is like silver, just watch.
Also me: *fails persuasion attempt and makes the NPC distrust us*

Cleric: What happened to Mr. Silver-Tongue?

Me: I might have forgotten to mention that I was thrown out of the Bard’s College.

Babygirl - Joker x Harley x Reader imagine

“If you have time can you please make an imagine where the reader is dating both Harley Quinn and Joker and they’re really over protective of the reader and get really mad when someone says something bad about/to her”

A/N: Soooo this was interesting to write and I hope you enjoy even tho it’s a little short, it’s my bf’s b-day today so I can’t be on the computer all the time hehe, love you and thank you so much for 2k and reading my stories! Love youxxx

Word count: 706

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Bonnie and Clyde

Dean Scenario

A/N; I finally came out of the doctors office!! I wanted to cry it took forever!! 

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       It’s been five years since I’ve seen him. I’m still head-over-heels in love with him; I’ve been ‘dating’ Will for two years. I was using Will to get over Dean at first. Every time I did anything with Will, I could only think of Dean, even during our most intimate moments. Will knew how much I loved Dean, he denied it in every way he could. He would convince himself that I was over Dean, but his hopes would crash around him when I cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t forget him, even if I had tried. I met Dean in the New York public library; I was trying to reach for a book on the top shelf. Me being stubborn, as always, I refused to ask for help. He came behind me and grabbed the book to handed it to me; we went to eat pizza afterward. It was such a magical experience; it was like I met my other half. As cheesy as it sounds. I couldn’t get enough of him, even when he got too aggressive. I loved all of it. But that’s the reason Will took me away to ‘save’ me. I didn’t want to be saved, the bruises Dean gave me was something I loved. Maybe I am sick in the head, like Will said, to think this way. But damn, there was a way in which he grabbed me, so aggressively and pushed me against the wall that gave me an adrenaline rush. I always had a tough exterior for a girl, but with Dean, I was always like putty in his hands. I felt the passion through the pain he inflicted on me. He wouldn’t physically abuse me; I liked it and most of the time I asked for it. I wanted to feel the pain, and he wouldn’t hesitate to give it to me. That was the thing that kept our love alive and overall ended it. Will, on the other hand, would handle me like I was a delicate rose. Will and I go way back; we are childhood friends. We met in elementary school during first grade. Everyone wanted us to get married; it was our parents’ dream. When Will found the bruises on my wrists and ankles, he started questioning my relationship with Dean. He kept saying it was unhealthy, and he tried to convince me to leave Dean, but I wouldn’t budge. That’s when he took me, practically kidnapping me. He took me back to his home in the hills far from the city. I tried to fight him, but that just made him angrier, he gave me a sedative so I would stop fighting him. He was so passive aggressive it was maddening, and I would scream my lungs out hoping for someone to hear me, but you know how that goes. He tried to reason with me, and the more I fought him, the angrier he became, he would go days without feeding me I was slowly deteriorating. After the first month of being locked up in this house, I knew he wouldn’t let me go unless I listened to his commands. He wanted me to become his; he wanted me never to try to speak to or of Dean, wanted me to give myself to him, wanted us to become one. If I didn’t do as he pleased, I would’ve been stuck in that room until I killed myself. Trapped is exactly how I’ve felt these past two years. His bodyguards never let me out of their sight never the less leave the house without Will, he had my phone calls monitored; I couldn’t do a darn thing without Will’s consent. Tonight Will had told his bodyguards to take the night off. I was confused but, I couldn’t let this day go to waste again, he’s been slowly lowering his guard down. I guess you could call me the actress of the year; he had thought I had fallen for him. What a fool.

   “I’m going out for a walk,” I said pulling myself out of the California kind size bed Will be laying in. Quickly putting on my clothes that were laying on the floors where he had thrown them.

   “Will?” I looked over at him. He was out like a light, of course, he was even after doing the most intimate thing a ‘couple’ could do. He just fell asleep! I scoffed while I made way towards the living room area to grab the keys to the car. I took the opportunity to leave as fast as I could, I ran as fast towards the parked car. I finally sat inside the car; tears rolled down my face

   “I can’t live like this anymore!” I screamed while wiping my tears away and floored it. I headed for the club, his club. I knew Will wouldn’t let this go; he would lock me back into that room. It was too late to look back now. I knew Dean had been trying to contact me. He even hired a private investigator to look for me. Will knew better, and his team was far more advance for a private investigator to handle. I walked into the club after I paid the fee. I sat at the bar in my usual seat, surprised that it was even there. Everything looked different the club was all white, it looked far more elegant from when it first opened, chandeliers were hanging down from the ceilings in the V.I.P lounge. The dance floor had lights beaming out of it, and the club smelled of sex driven animals fueled with alcohol. The bartender finally glanced at me and ordered my signature drink, a rusty nail. As I awaited my glass, I lit up a cigarette, a couple of boys started cat calling me, having little to no tolerance for annoying crap like this; I start to put my cigarette out about to get ready to tell them off. When suddenly two very built security guards grabbed them by their shoulders and threw them out of the club.


   I froze when I heard Dean’s deep voice utter the former nickname he had for me. Dean didn’t hesitate to take the seat beside me at the bar. I moved my eyes to my hands that were laying on the bar counters playing with my now out cigarette.

   “Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” He said sounding relieved as he brushed his fingers through his hair.

   I couldn’t answer him as I felt my vision start to blur with tears when I finally decided to look up at him. I realized he hasn’t changed not one bit; he looked tired and worn out, but he still had his gorgeous black silky hair paired with his pale skin. I jumped into his embrace not being able to hold back my emotions any longer. I cried into his shoulder. He started rubbing his big hands all over my back to soothe me.

   “Will took me that night; he told me he was ‘saving’ me. I-I tried to fight him, but he wouldn’t let me go. He sedated me I don’t remember anything after that; I just woke up in a room chained up to the bed frame.” I explained to him as best as I could through my sobs.

   Dean stood up frantically grabbing my hand and leading me towards the exit. I knew I missed his warmth, but once our fingers were intertwined, I felt like I was whole again. The cold that I always felt every hour of the day was now a long lost memory as his warmth seeped into me through my palms. I couldn’t believe I was here with Dean hand in hand; feeling like I was having one of my very vivid dreams but no this was real. I finally snapped out of my thoughts when we finally reached his car in the parking lot. He still had the same car, Jaguar F-type, the car I persuaded him into buying. The car I customized for his birthday, and it still looked the same, I could tell he took good care of this car by the glaze on the paint that gleamed along with the lights that poured out of the club. We got into the car, and he started it, the engine revving sent chills down my spine as I remembered when we would go for a drive, with the top down late at night; he would speed insanely, trying to escape from the reality of our lives like usual. As I sat in the cushioned leather seats and I glanced up at the diamond encrusted roof of the car I had specially made for him, so he could gaze up at it knowing I would always be there for him. He pressed on the gas which sent both of us flying through the streets the wind blowing through our hair tantalizing us.

   “Where are we going?” I finally decided to ask

   “We’re going to teach this Motherfucker a lesson; he shouldn’t be sticking his nose into other people’s business! Let alone mine.” He said as the vein popped out of his neck out of frustration. Making it irresistible for me not to mount him then and there.

   “No, no Dean please let’s just forget him. I want to get out of here.” I pleaded, I didn’t want to see that house again or be anywhere near it.

   “It’ll be quick I just have to set some things straight kitten.”

   Dean was known as an infamous business person, known to play dirty, you could never disobey him and be let off easy. Dean loved getting revenge. He was the coldest person I have ever met with the warmest heart.

   “I won’t let him lay a finger on you; I promise,” He said as grabbed my hand that was on my lap to assure me that everything would be okay.

   It wasn’t too long until we rolled into his driveway. He stood outside wearing his Zebra print pajamas that I loathed. Dean quickly got out of the car walking swiftly towards Will, I opened the door and held by it not wanting to get any closer.

   “What the HELL is this!!” Will yelled with wide eyes.

   “Shut the fuck up, I’m going to be the one doing the talking here,” Dean exclaimed as he finally stood in front of Will.

   “How could you do this? I thought we had something special!” Will glanced at me as I looked over at Dean. Dean had frozen in place when he heard those words fall out of Will’s mouth. Dean slowly turned around to look at me.

   “Did he lay a hand on you?” He asked me with a slight urgency; I took some steps towards Dean.

   “Well, of course, she loves me,” Will said with a cocky hint to his voice. Dean quickly pointed his finger at Will warning him to keep his mouth shut.

   “Shut up I wasn’t asking you.” He said to Will then turning his gaze to me “Did. He. Fucking. Touch. You.” Dean asked me as he took in each breath.

   “I-I had-“ I stuttered, eyes filling up with tears, scared that I would break his heart if I confirmed it.

   “That answers that question.” Swiftly Dean reaches towards the back of his slacks and pulls out his customized Walther PPK/S; it was alway his favorite gun he had his initials engraved on the silver gun, pointing it directly at Will’s face. Dean didn’t hesitate and took the shot, Will’s blood had splattered all over the grass and hydrangeas, The gravel had gathered a pool of blood where Will’s body had fallen. Deans white button-up shirt, black slacks, and face were soaking in Will’s blood I quickly ran towards Dean and jumped onto him, he wrapped his arms around me. I grabbed the back of his head, placing my lips hungrily on his. The rush I had just felt flipped my hormones over, I tasted Will’s blood, turning me on, even more, Deans’ teeth grazed my bottom lip I started unbuttoning his white shirt. Until Deans’ hands had stopped me, I whined in protest.

   “Not now kitten, we have to go before the bodyguards come.” He uttered trying to catch his breathe

   “We can always put on a show for them right?” I nibbled on his earlobe. He started carrying me towards the parked car. I got off of him mounting myself onto the car; he jumped in right when we saw three black SUV’s roll up. He floors it escaping the eyes of the bodyguards. The sun started rising; he casually rolled down the roof of the car; he grabbed my hand giving it a tight squeeze. The wind had a cool touch on our skin as we drove off, I knew this is where I belonged here with him by my side I felt invisible. In an ocean mixed with danger and safety, I chose to through danger, because this isn’t some linear equation it’s life. I was the Bonnie to his Clyde.


Enough is Enough

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Featuring: Olltii 

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,651

Request: Anonymous sent: Can you write a scenario about olltii? Whatever you want but a bit angsty with a happy ending

A/N: Inspired by an interview where Olltii mentioned he knew he was drinking to much lately and he knew he had to cut down.

The hallway light flooded the dark of your bedroom. You could hear fumbling footsteps approaching, Olltii. He was home late again, this was starting to be a daily habit. You quickly made your way out of the bedroom, hoping he wouldn’t knock over anything again. There he was leaning against the wall jacket halfway undone, and eye pupils in a daze.

“Again Woosung?  You’re late and drunk again?”

He just let out a sigh, “Ah be quiet, why are you being so loud?”

You scoffed at his answer, “I thought you said you’d be home by 10?”

“ I got caught up with work.”

“Work? Really Woosung? Work but you come home reeking like alcohol?”

He rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“It’s  part of the job. If a senior offers me a drink you know I have to accept it.”

You knew he was right about that, if he were to reject the offer it would be considered rude of him. But you were tired of these constant “work meetings” and when it wasn’t work meetings, he was busy performing at an event or club. You knew well what came with dating a rapper. Of course, you expected him to be busy most weekends, performing. You would never tell him to put off an event for you, since you knew how much Woosung loves what he does. You didn’t mind sharing his time with his hyung, his fans,his performances. What you couldn’t bare to share him to was alcohol. You had talked to him about it before but is seems it went through one ear and out the other. You needed to have  a serious talk with him, and now wasn’t the best of times but you didn’t know when you’d get another chance. Woosung leaned up against the hallway wall, you took a step back from him and leaned against the opposite wall across from him.

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Anita Ekberg (Malmö, Sweden, 29 September 1931 – Rocca di Papa, Italy, 11 January 2015)

Excerpt from Alessandra Stanley’s interview with Anita Ekberg for The New York Times, published June 13, 1999:

`(…) Miss Ekberg unfurled another motive [for taking the part of a spoiled, overweight opera singer who has a sexual affair with a dwarf in the film The Red Dwarf (1999) by Belgian director Yvan Le Moine.] “Lollobrigida wanted to do it,” she explained. “Well, it’s the kind of role that would suit her,” she said with a throaty laugh. “I can’t stand her.”

Miss Ekberg has lived in Italy for the better part of three decades, but her feud with the Italian sex symbol Gina Lollobrigida, is only a few years old. They met for the first time, she said, at a black-tie party given by a neighbor.

“I remember it so well. I had on an emerald green chiffon long evening gown,” she said. “In comes Lollobrigida, in August, with a copy Chanel suit. Black. Wool. And boots. In August. And lots of jewels. I always call her a Christmas tree.” When Miss Ekberg went up to introduce herself, she said, Ms. Lollobrigida cut her off and walked away. She did it again at another party.

Miss Ekberg got her revenge a month later, when both actresses were booked on the same flight to Latin America. In the V.I.P. lounge, Miss Ekberg said, she instructed her secretary to buy some sandwiches — and to offer to buy Miss Lollobrigida some as well. “She stood up and took my magazines without even asking, “May I?” “ Miss Ekberg recalled indignantly. “They were sealed; she just broke the seals and started to read just like that. And then, when the sandwiches came she didn’t even say to my secretary, ``Grazie,‘’ much less offer to pay for hers.”

On the flight, Miss Ekberg said that she carefully asked her fellow first-class passengers if they minded if she smoked, and recalled that they all eagerly told her to go ahead. As she lighted her cigarette, from three rows away, she said, Miss Lollobrigida bellowed: “Anita, will you put out that cigarette? It smells like hell!” Miss Ekberg smiled wickedly and switched to Italian to finish her tale.

“So I just looked at her and I said very loud, “Oh, Gina, why don’t you stop being such a pain.” The audience, she said, laughed appreciatively.

Miss Lollobrigida, who is currently campaigning for a seat in the European Parliament, said she had no interest in the opera star role. “I remember receiving an awful, vulgar script,” she said. “Obviously, I sent them to hell.” She had more innocuous memories of the airplane incident. “Anita was smoking in a no-smoking area and I cannot bear cigarette smoke,” she recalled. “I asked her to put it out but she continued. That was it.”

Miss Ekberg quit smoking more than a year ago, cold turkey, to prove a point to a friend who quit smoking and “never stopped whining about it.” She said she had not missed cigarettes at all. “I am strong and determined,” she explained.’

——– Anita Ekberg ruled.


hello, and welcome to clouds of sonder, +VIP lounge. where i can write to my heart’s content about bts. i’m tiger, please feel free to send me a request about what you’d like me to write next.

if you’re curious about what i write about, please check my rules/faq here. to know more about me, you can check here.

please enjoy this little piece i wrote to welcome you to my blog. 

“Welcome to the V.I.P lounge, miss. Please enjoy your stay.”

Nodding curtly, you stepped through the stainless glass doors, glancing at your reflection briefly as you passed. An elegant young lady with sleek ruby gown glanced back haughtily, as you fleetingly admired the intricate designs swirling around your upper body, and intertwining around your legs. Sheer crimson lace covered your body, but showed just enough for one’s sensual imagination.

Basically, you were a bombshell.

You accepted the offered glass of champagne with a smirk that sent the blushing waiter scurrying away, and glanced around the lounge with a detached interest. No one seemed worth your time, but hey, you had to keep up your reputation somehow. It’s not easy being such a powerful woman in the upper class.

Making your way to a shiny silver table, you perched on a matching silver chair and took a sip of your champagne. Not the best, but it’ll have to do for now, you thought. You twirled the glass disinterestedly, watching the golden liquid swirl around.

“Hello there.”

You glanced up and was momentarily stunned. An attractive young man stood before you, his broad shoulders stretching across his maroon blazer. You couldn’t help but focus on his lips, his oh so full lips…


You quickly came back from reality and regained your composure. “Can I help you?” you asked, feigning nonchalance.

The young man smiled and tilted his head, revealing a dash of green within his honey coloured hair. “I could use some company, is this seat taken?” he asked softly.

You shook your head slightly and gestured to the seat across from you. “You’re welcome to join me,” you replied.

He slipped into the seat, nodding a thank you to a passing waiter who offered another cocktail. He took a sip and placed his glass onto the table next to yours. “I’m Kim Seokjin,” he said. “And your name?”

“I’m Y/N,” you answered with a smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Seokjin gently picked up one of your hands and raised it to his lips, brushing a feather light touch. “The pleasure is all mine,” he whispered with a wink.

You flushed a pale pink and opened your mouth to reply when a taller male in a sleek black turtleneck appeared next to Seokjin. “There you are, hyung. Meeting ladies without us, I see.”

Seokjin laughed and gestured to his friend. “Y/N, this is Kim Namjoon,” he introduced. “Namjoon, this is Y/N.”

Namjoon flashed you a dimpled smile as he bowed slightly, his bubble-gum coloured hair evident against the dim lighting. “Nice to meet you, Y/N,” he greeted.

You nodded with a small smile. “Nice to meet you too, Namjoon-sshi.”

“Ah, hyung!”

A call took your attention away from the two beautiful beings in front of you as you turned towards the source of the sound. A lean brunet and blond sauntered over to your table, surprising you.

The blond jerked his thumb over to a portly man in a suit. “Mr. Bang wants to talk to you two,” he said sharply.

Seokjin blinked at him. “Did he say why?” he questioned.

The brunet shrugged disinterestedly.

Namjoon and Seokjin sighed as they turned back to you with a sad smile. “Sorry for the interruption, Y/N, but we’ll be back in a bit, although I’m sure these two will be fine company as well,” Namjoon bantered as the blond knocked his shoulder into the bubble gum haired boy.

You watched Seokjin and Namjoon disappear to the far corner of the lounge, and turned back towards your two new acquaintances.

“I’m Jung Hoseok,” the brunet said with a half-smile, holding out his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

You accepted his hand and internally melted when he, too, raised your hand and brushed his lips against it. “T-thank you, nice to meet you too,” you stuttered slightly, mentally cursing yourself for sounding so idiotic.

The blond smirked. “And I’m Min Yoongi,” he said and glanced at you, his piercing blue contacts promising many, many fun memories.

You watched breathlessly as Hoseok shoved his large hands into the pockets of his dress pants, his defined thighs straining slightly against the tight fabric. “I’m Y/N,” you replied, tearing your eyes away from Hoseok and focusing on Yoongi.

Yoongi tugged on the lapels of his dark grey suit and smirked. “Did Seokjin hyung and Namjoon make you nervous? They can be a little overwhelming,” he teased.

Taking a deep breath, you internally vowed to keep up a collected image. “I don’t get nervous,” you replied with a half-smile.

Hoseok hummed in approval. “A strong woman, hm? I like the sound of that,” he winked.

You crossed your legs, squeezing your thighs together. “Oh really?”

As you, Yoongi, and Hoseok fell into a flirty yet comfortable conversation, an orange haired boy and another brunet bounded into your view. “Oi, hyung! Who’s this pretty lady?”

Yoongi growled under his breath and shot the ginger a death glare. “Go away Jimin, can’t you see I’m trying to talk to someone?”

Unfazed, Jimin shrugged and placed his elbows on the table, propping his chin up with the heels of his hands. “I’d like to join the conversation, especially someone beautiful is involved,” he retorted, flashing his pearly-whites at you.

The brunet, who turned out to have forest green highlights in his fringe, dashed to your other side and imitated Jimin’s position. “What’s your name, gorgeous?” he inquired, gazing at you with his adorable doe eyes.

“Y-Y/N,” you replied, slightly taken aback by the straightforward nature of the two boys.

Sighing, Yoongi and Hoseok pushed themselves off the chair and bowed slightly. “Well then, we’re going to see what’s taking Seokjin-hyung and Namjoon so long,” Hoseok announced. “Have fun with these two, Y/N.”

“And don’t try anything funny,” Yoongi warned the two boys, who were definitely not paying attention to him. “We’ll be back soon, Y/N.”

As the pair left, you focused your attention on the two cute boys peering at you with obvious interest. “Well, nice to meet you two, I’m Y/N,” you said with a slight blush.

The ginger grinned and raised your hand, pressing a kiss on it. “I’m Park Jimin,” he smiled, his square, black framed glasses accentuating his beautiful crescent-shaped eyes..

The brunet tugged you away from Jimin and leaned forward, ready to plant a kiss on your cheek instead. “And I’m Kim Taehyung,” he said softly, his lips inches away from your ear.

You shivered in delight as Jimin pulled Taehyung back before he could touch. “Taehyung-ah! You might scare her!” Jimin scolded.

“She’s not scared, she loved it,” Taehyung shot back as he gave you a boxy smile. “Didn’t you, Y/N?”

Jimin glared at his friend. “Don’t encourage him,” he muttered, adjusting his maroon and navy tie in annoyance.

Taehyung shrugged cheekily, his inky black suit reflecting off the dim lighting. “Don’t pout, Jimin-ah. It makes you cute and Y/N likes manly men,” he scolded good-naturedly.

Jimin balled up his fist and opened his mouth to retort when a shout made them both turn their heads. You peered over your drink and saw Namjoon mouthing ‘come here’ at the two boys and waving them over. Turning back to you, Taehyung and Jimin stepped away from the table and bowed slightly. “Will be back soon, m’lady,” Taehyung said softly.

Watching the two saunter towards the group of men at the far back, you sighed inwardly as you took a sip from your now warm champagne and made a face. Alone again, you thought dejectedly. You began to gently rotate your glass once again, watching the shimmering liquid swirl around. Deciding that you’ve had enough for the night, you placed the glass down and stood up. You smoothed down your gown, ready to leave.


You whipped your head up and nearly tripped backwards as you took in the source of the sound.

In front of you was a young man, but not just any young man. No, this young man was a work of art. You breathlessly took in the way his obsidian buttoned blazer stretched perfectly across from his muscled chest, and the way his fitted dress pants engulfed his toned thighs. You were so entranced by his image that you didn’t notice the smirk dancing across his lips.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

You quickly tore your eyes away from his body and brought your attention back to his face. “Apologies, sir, I’m Y/N,” you mumbled, a pale pink tinting the apples of your cheeks.

The tall male gave you a smile that was anything but sweet. “Don’t apologize, I’m used to it. Nice to meet you,” he replied, holding out his hand.

You reached out to shake it, but instead, Jeongguk grasped your hand and gently pulled you in. You let out a squeak as you stumbled forward, and brought your hands up to brace the fall. Jeongguk stepped forward and broke your fall, allowing you to plant the palms of your hands onto his chest. Taking this opportunity, he wrapped his strong arms around your waist and tugged you in impossibly closer. He tilted his head down and softly brushed his lips against the apples of your cheeks, igniting them with a burning line of fire.

You squeezed your eyes shut in an attempt to suppress the flood of emotions created his one simple touch. The light scent of a musky cologne surrounded you, making it just a little bit harder for you to let go. Jeongguk slowly pulled back and gazed straight into your eyes, a slight smirk dancing on the curve of his mouth. “You alright, love?” he murmured.

You clenched your fist and took a step back from him unwillingly. “I-I’m fine,” you stuttered and cleared your throat. Glancing at the asymmetrical silver clock on the wall, you reached for your glittering clutch and tucked it under your arm. “I think it’s time for me to go,” you said hurriedly. You turned around to leave, but stopped short.

“Going already?” Namjoon inquired with a tilt of his head and a faint smile on his lips.

Seokjin stepped next to him and crossed his arms, making his maroon blazer stretch across his broad chest. “That’s a shame,” he commented lowly.

As you struggled to find words to say, you noticed Yoongi and Hoseok striding towards the three of you.

Yoongi tugged on the lapels of his grey suit and peered at you with his piercing cerulean eyes. “I thought you were having fun with us, Y/N,” he said with mock hurt.

“You want to leave so soon?” Hoseok asked with feigned sadness, slipping his hands into the pockets of his fitted dress pants.

You opened your mouth to reply, a brunet and a ginger popped up next to you, surprising you with a gasp. “Oh!”

“Why not stay with us here, Y/N?” Taehyung suggested with a cheeky wink.

Jimin pouted cutely and adjusted the large rims resting on his nose. “We promise we’re lots of fun!” he teased as he flashed his pearly-whites.

Speechless, you held your hands to politely reject their offer when your hands were clasped into the large ones of another man. You slowly looked up.

Jeongguk smirked and tugged you close once more, sliding his arms around your waist. He looked down, his obsidian eyes flashing with something you can only call predatory. Tilting his head down, he let his lips trail down your cheek to your ear with a feather-light touch.

“Why not take us home?”

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Request: myself, because I’m a little drunk, and I’ve got an hour until me and my friend are going down town wuhu

So excuse me if there’s any grammar mistakes

Harry’s point of view

I think it’s because I met her in a bar, while we were both drunk, that it bothers me so much, when we’re out drinking, and I catch guys staring at her. I remember that she was dancing with her friends, seemingly just looking for a good time with the people she cared about the most. I was with Niall, and we were pretty hammered too. I didn’t notice her at first to be honest, Niall and I were going into the V.I.P lounge, and I looked out into the crowd, her friend Hannah was very dressed up, with crispy straight hair, heels, and a glittery black short dress. But then when I later went down to grab us a drink from the bar, and she ran up the bar a few moments after I went up there, and ordered a pint. She was drying off sweat on her forehead, and she wasn’t able to stand still in her drunken state. 

Then she looked over at me and frowned. A lot of people introduce themselves to me, but they were always very friendly when they did.

“You’re..” she swayed a bit, and grabbed the bar in front of her. “Harry..” she said and pointed with her pointy finger right in front of my face. “Styles!” 

I nodded and payed the bartender.

“You think you’re all that, just coming in here, going right to the V.I.P lounge,” her words were almost too slurry to understand. “like you’re owning the place! And you know what?” hiccup.

I turned my torso towards her, and took a sip of my beer. Right then hers arrived, and she took a big gulp.

“I don’t like that!” she said and got a little closer. I raised my eyebrows, and took a moment to really look at her. She wore a dark blue dress, equally as sparkly as her friend’s, but her hair was pulled up into a sweaty ponytail, and her eyeliner was a bit smudged. 

“And why is that?” I asked slightly amused.

“Because!” she said and raised her glass, as if she was holding a very important speech. “That’s just not very nice! You shouldn’t look down at people just because you’re famous!” 

I couldn’t help but smile: “I’m sorry I’m taller than you, but it’s not very funny to walk around with bend knees just to look people in the eyes. It’s not very comfortable you know,” 

“Oh please!” she yelled and took another gulp of her beer. “Don’t make up weird jokes, just because you can’t defend your behavi-habe-behavior!” 

“Well, I’m not looking down at anybody,” I just responded with a tight-lipped smile, and took a sip of my beer.

“What beer did you order?” she suddenly asked, and gulped down half of the beer she had left.

“Um,” I was kind of thrown off by the change of subject. I looked down at my beer, and then at the bartender - who was busy taking someone else’s order. “Harvey’s I think,” 

“Oh my gosh, no no no!” she said with big eyes, and drank from hers again. “Conquerer is the best! Always, always, always go for Conquerers!” 

“Here, have a taste!” she said and put her glass right in front of my face.

I raised my eyebrow, and looked at her to see if she was kidding, but when I saw her very serious facial expression I took her glass, and took a sip. “Mhmm,” I said frowning, it tasted weird. I remember tasting it when I had just started drinking, and it hadn’t grown on me since then.

“Mhmm, no thank you,” I mumbled and gave her the glass back. She looked at me sceptically.

“I’ll teach you to love it,” she said determined. 

“Oh really?” I asked a bit surprised she wanted anything to do with me after all she had said to me.

“Yes!” she smiled. It was the first time I had seen her smile, and even though it was a drunken smile, my heart clenched. Right then and there she had me, I could feel it deep in me. “No one I meet get’s to walk away without loving Conquerers beer!” 

And then she laughed. It was unattractive, and dorky, and clumsy, but so so very cute.

“Okay,” I responded with a smile I couldn’t keep off of my face.

“Great,” she responded, and drank the rest of her beer.

“So,” I said a bit hesitant. “When?”

“When what?” she said clueless.

“When are you going to teach me?” I said and smiled.

“Oh,” she said and raised an eye brow. “Well.. We can discuss that later,” wink.

“When?” I repeated my question. She sighed dramatically, but gave me a smile, before turning around, grabbing a napkin and a pen, wrote something down, and gave me the napkin.

“You decide,” she said, winked again, and left me alone at the bar.

When I looked down at the napkin, I couldn’t help but laugh. She had written her phone number down on it, original. 

I texted her the day after: “I didn’t catch your name last night, but how about that Conquerer?”

I’ll write another one, about the same thing, just from Y/N’s point of view.

A/N: I know absolutely nothing about English beers, I just Googled it, and those were two of the brands that came up. I personally enjoy Tuborg, which is a danish beer brand. Very light, very nice, I like it, yes, yes I do.