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fashion advice? thoughts on rick owens?

The best fashion advice I have is to ignore the industry entirely and go with your gut. Get to know your own aesthetic. Figure it out in thrift stores and big box retailers, away from any sort of intentional curation or merchandising. Try on a lot of clothes. How you wanted to look from ages ten to twelve is an excellent starting point for learning your own taste.

Luxury is time, not labels. It is taking the time to look for garments, to investigate them. Designer labels/stores do the work of luxury for you, the time part, but you can do that yourself at Rainbow or V.I.M. or Marshall’s or Salvation Army. Especially if you find a good tailor.

I trust my eye. I know what I like. I don’t experiment anymore, only gravitate.

Rick Owens is not for me. Garments that can’t fit breasts or hips are not built for me. 400.00 tank tops crafted to disintegrate are not for me. Wabi Sabi should be earned, not predestined. Rick Owens is pre-ripped jeans for wealthy people. Rick Owens does the same thing over and over and expects different results, which is the definition of insanity…

Obviously, many people disagree. Ask humalien or Marisa (circuitbird)…