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Holy shiiisct how does it feel knowing that you rejected an official gemsona from CN (although to be fair he IS a Very Important Gem)

hahaha…. I dont know about Gigi, but I’m kind of sad I was so overwhelmed and busy with submissions I didn’t check out their blog before rejecting them. As soon as I did and saw their posts it dawned on me they were a really good artist trying to draw worse than they could, and with the crossover ep coming up…. I definitely hounded ianjq on twitter asap. Poor guy, always hounded by fans.

It would have been so cool for someone to have been partnered up with them!! I’m sorriest about that, really, if I had known CN was up to something themselves I wouldn’t have been worried about copyrighted characters yikes… 

Getting that submission was hilarious, Gigi got it and brought it up and we giggled over it but ultimately decided we needed to reject it, even though we wanted to put it through for everyone to see. haha It was really cool to get to draw a gif response to them, and to have a crew member draw us!!! So amazing they took the time to get silly with the gemsona fandom. I’m glad I decided to jump-to and throw gemweek this year, it all turned out really amazing even if it was a bit short notice. The timing was perfect and all the hard work is well worth it. (Not over, either, the gemsona au roleplay forum is gonna launch preeeetty soon.) 

I feel bad for Mr. Gus, he worked so hard and got rejected from the blog and then his drawing got all messed up, but I hope he feels better after getting a personal portrait done by Rebecca Sugar herself (casual gem jeans series no less!!) and being our permanent V.I.G. ♥


5 February 2013
Cruger // V.I.G

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Vigilante - V.I.G

Came out two month ago, but I like it so here is Vigilante with V.I.G. This is brilliant and very catchy. This had me singing the chorous for so long. I saw it on TV again the other day and I thought I just had to show you all. This was the first song I think I heard from this guy and it made me listen to more. He is so good, and this track shows it.