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tbh i just heard of this ship for the first time the other day and i am  l i v i n g  for it.

  • they’re each other’s first time dating a guy. they’d both come out only just a few months before. it all started with a joke about riding brooms – and then they both couldn’t help but silently wonder if the other meant it as more than a joke. 
  • they’re both so competitive that they agreed to separate quidditch from their relationship as much as possible. after games they curl up in bed icing each others bruises, which, most likely, they had a hand in. 
  • they’re both stubborn and both hate arguing. neither one wants to be the first to start a fight, so they hold everything in until they just can’t take it anymore. usually this leads to a hot-headed yelling match – at least for a few seconds – and then they both can’t stop apologizing for raising their voices. 
  • they both think they’re good at keeping secrets. they’re not. they tried to keep their first date a secret, but when they came back to the castle the entire gryffindor and slytherin quidditch teams were there literally cheering for them. 
  • one time they were almost late for a quidditch match (so unlike them) because they overslept. in a hurry, oliver accidentally put on marcus’ robes and marcus accidentally put on oliver’s. 

send me hp pairings and i’ll give you five headcanons i have for them

lady luck

wOOOO a collab with my fav taryn, @tweekay; she did the most amazing sketch of ladybug (bless. her. work.) and I coloured and linearted! i just,,,,t drew so beaut lemme take a moment to cry; always happy to be collabing with such a fav ಥ_ಥ


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