An internet hug for all the beautiful people that make my life a little better- even if I’ve never spoken to you. It makes me sad I’ll likely never get to hug you guys in real life, but if this is as close as I can get then I want to make it count.

I hope that all of your dreams come true, that you pass that test you’ve been studying for, that it doesn’t rain on the trip you’ve been planning, that you see a cute animal that makes you smile, or that the person you’ve been hoping would message you back does. I hope you feel important and loved and valid and that you can feel as beautiful and amazing and wonderful as I see you all. This goes out for all the people I’ve never met as well, who feel like they need some encouragement. There is always, always, someone out there who cares about you and hopes for the best for you. 

As I say above, I love you all!

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(fancam) 170527 the exo'rdium [dot] in seoul - kai solo
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Eric is so tiny that if he took one tiny hit he’d be so fucked up

“i get all the pusssyyyy dudddeee”

“eric you’re a virgin”

“nooo dudddeee" “pussssssyyy”

"eric you don’t even know what pussy looks like”

“funkyyy vaginnaa”

“eric do you even know what a g-spot is”

“duddde  it'ss   likeeeee annnnn instttrummmmentttt riggghttt mannnn”

“eric do you need me to drive you home”

“nahhhh ddduuuddeee  i gooot mmmyyy scoootterrr yoooo”

“eric you don’t own a scooter”

**pretends to ride scooter** “duuuddeee thiissss isss sooooo raddd”

“eric do you know what kmfdm is”

“iiit'sss a biiggg pusssy  ladddddddieeeeeee”

"eric solve one plus 6”

“easssy  sixtyyy ninnneeee hahsh”

“eric what is my name”


"eric get in the car we’re driving you home" 

 "whattt isss carrr?”

“eric do you remember sparky”

“that soundsss like a sexxyxyxyyx porrrn laddIiiIeeeeee" 

"eric sparky is your dog”

“did youuuu sayyy cockkk"  "hhhas my cockkkk isss nameeee sparkkyy”

“hey eric who is dylan" 

"myyyy fuckkkbudddy duddddeee”  

“but eric, i am dylan”

"shuuttt the  fuCK up VeLMaaa" 

"eric my name is dylan not velma”
“veLLy youUUU goTTaaaaa chILLL dUuDDDEEE" 

"eric who is the president" 


  “do you like cock" 

**leans in a whispers** "onnllyyy foororrr dyllddodo”

“eric who is dyldo”

**grabs by the shoulder** “LEMMMOoNnNnN”

“eric you are hurting me”

“ohooho yoesxcvbo youo liekigk thatstd sltut" 

"eric i am erect”

**locks eye with** “velly you do not have a pe nis”

**passes out**