161027 YTN “[Culture] ‘BTS’ Flying into the World... ‘We’ll Become Idols You Trust and Listen’”

Anchor: The idol group BTS has placed on the US Billboard Album Chart for two weeks in a row. This is the first time this has happened among Korean artists. Reporter Yoo Hyunsook has met with the ‘idols of records’ BTS who are flipping over the records of K-POP and rewriting history. 

Reporter: This is the group BTS who has entered the US Billboard Album Chart twice in a row with their new album ‘WINGS.’ The first week resulted in their achievement of placing 26th on the chart, the highest of any Korean artist. It is also the first time that a Korean artist has placed on the chart for two consecutive weeks with the same album. We asked them what their secret was that allowed them to place 1st on 97 iTunes Charts from all over the world and stand as a leading K-POP group.

Suga/BTS: “I think that along with the fact that all of our members participated in the album, we are writing lyrics that people of our generation, friends around the ages of 10~20, can relate to. I think we’re writing lyrics that people are able to sympathizes with.”

Jimin/BTS: “We try our best to show ourselves as we are through SNS, and maybe fans can see us and come to feel like we’re like their younger siblings, or in some ways like older brothers as well…”

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anonymous asked:

Zen and V taking care of MC and being taken care of? I'm really entertained by your posts hahaha

Ahhhhh what a nice prompt to write to relieve some of the enormous school stress from this past week.

Zen - Taking Care of You

  • his time has come
  • he is going to PAMPER HIS PRINCESS
  • Okay, so Zen doesn’t like that you’re sick, but he is so hyped for the chance to attend to all of your needs.
  • like - he brings you orange juice, he feeds you soup, he makes you lay in bed while he frets you… he won’t even let you get your own tissues
  • like if this man could just blow ur nose for you he would
  • that’s gross, zen
  • He tries to actually cook for you but Zen is a useless mess who would be emotionally and physically destroyed by chef Ramsay Lamsay
  • so after cleaning up his shame he just gets something from the store (and picks up some goldfish bread on the way back)
  • (goldfish bread: the natural panacea)
  • Zen, of course, can’t help but be theatrical, and during this process he breaks out a doctors outfit he had stashed away from a musical version of a Korean Medical Drama he’d starred in.
  • the resulting flirting is just as embarrassing as you’d imagine
  • “Wanna study anatomy with me? *winky-face*”
  • “ICU in my dreams, babe~”
  • “I don’t even need to take your temperature to know you’re hot.”
  • Zen is a huge embarrassment but it’s hard not to find that grin of his charming.

Being Taken Care Of

  • Zen isn’t used to being taken care of so like
  • on the one hand, he’s saying ‘oh you don’t need to, I’ll get better in a flash, I promise!’ but on the other
  • he’s… really enjoying this. Having you look at him and only at him with those concerned eyes is just…
  • driving him kind of nuts.
  • ESPECIALLY when you get the great idea of repeating the trick he used on you - that is, getting your hands on a nurse uniform to tease him with.
  • ok so when he first sees you in it, he immediately just shoves you out of the room and slams the door
  • oh, should you have dressed up as a vet, then?
  • it’s frustrating b/c he can’t even do anything without getting his germs on you and he is not making you sick.
  • (he takes pictures though)
  • (he takes lots of pictures)
  • He is mostly a really good patient though, except when he gets incredibly flustered lmao

V - Taking Care of You

  • imho he’s probably the best caretaker, he’s sweet, supportive, giving, and like
  • just rly thoughtful
  • He’s already got medicine ready when you first say your throat is itchy
  • and he literally never complains even when you sound like an elephant with all your nose blowing
  • He knows all the little tricks - gargling salt, honey in tea, ginger for stomach aches…
  • basically, he’s got his shit together (it’s one of the few areas of his life where he does lmao)
  • You mostly relax on the couch with him and watch stupid television
  • (well. uh. listen in his case.)
  • and he feels really bad when you comment on things in a raspy voice and
  • he’s a worried puppy
  • To cheer you up and make you laugh he tries to diss what’s happening on screen but it’s just
  • V is really bad at insulting things
  • “This plot is…….”
  • “…”
  • “….”
  • “…………not………. very realistic.”
  • (it’s ok V u tried.)

Being Taken Care Of

  • OK so you wrap V in blankets and scarves b/c he has a chill and OH MY GOD
  • just the top of his face is poking out, his cute lil nose peeking over ur rainbow knit afghan and
  • ugh
  • ugh!!!
  • who gave this asshole the right to be this cute!
  • u need to call the COPS ON HIM
  • Okay anyway, V is a great patient. He sits still, does what he’s told, and just
  • just looks so cute and miserable and CUTE
  • you just wanna HUG HIM AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER while he flushes from the fever
  • He feels really bad for troubling you but like
  • GOD
  • there is no way you can leave this sleepy, sick, pathetic man alone for 2 seconds. he’s too precious.
  • save him.