i’m really emotional about jason’s enormous capacity for sweetness this morning.
like. i just imagine him and one of the batkids getting into a particularly impossible fight and at the end them just kinda slumping over and smiling at each other and the other person be taken aback by jason smiling at them in this bloody grin that’s equal parts adrenaline & violence and triumph & sweetness and just like. suddenly believing every kind thing he’s ever done for them. (maybe tim’s the best batkid for this scenario)

i get really sappy about jason showing tenderness and people being kinda surprised because he’s usually such a showy asshole and like forgetting about how sensitive and perceptive he is.  which, is kind of a huge part of his character.  like, don’t get me wrong, he’s violent and cynical and he’ll lash out under the right circumstances but he has such a huge capacity for love and his love is so fierce and loyal and wholehearted. 

and i get really emotional about his eyes and how they betray him all them time bc he doesn’t want people to realize how emotional he is, which is why he plays up the theatrics a lot, but you can always see what’s going on through them bc his emotions are just so big and full whatever they may be,  so you get these moments where like, maybe jay is comforting someone and he just has the most soulful look in his eyes and he’s being super gentle with his big, gruff hands and it’s all that kind of kindness that just breaks your heart bc he’s typically so rough around the edges and where did this sweetness come from this mangled, damaged kid.

hold me

  • What she says:"I'm fine..."
  • What she means:"Dirty Work is such an underrated album. People don't appreciate it enough. It was All Time Low's first attempt at pushing the boundaries and releasing music that had a different sound than they were used to. It was their first step to creating their own sound. It was literally called dirty work because it dealt with the cons of being in a popular band and how the album was a 'crossroad' in their careers. Alex has said many times that Guts is hiS FAVORITE SONG HE'S EVER WRITTEN. It had such a good sound and meaningful lyrics and IT WAS JUST A REALLY GOOD ALBUM OKAY I AM EMOTIONAL. I WISH IT HAD A SECOND CHANCE TOO JACK, AND MAYBE THEN PEOPLE WOULD APPRECIATE IT AND SEE ITS FULL POTENTIAL."

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Dear Jo - I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Harry Potter got me through so much, through depressing moments, through friendship troubles, through family issues. I’ve met some of the greatest people through Harry Potter, and it made me think about so many different things differently. I can’t really fathom what Harry Potter has meant to me, the positive impact it’s had on my life, and will continue to have in others’ lives. Harry Potter always made my day just a little bit better. The magic was real, and will always be real for me. Thank you for everything, and Happy Birthday, Jo!

does sebastian stan know the kind of impact his acting had like i barely gave a shit about barnes in the first movie and then ca:tws came out and fucking ruined me and now i live and breathe bucky barnes my smol son™ just because he flashed his sad eyes and used his soft raspy voice like im pretty sure if seb wanted he could ask for a horde of people to fight battles and take over countries for him and we’d all appear like an army of angry bees so like im sure ppl tell him how great of an actor he is but does he know


I have no words, what a perfect moment♥

i drew a thank u card 4 two teachers at my school for essentially becoming my substitute parents n getting me thru year 12 in one piece. i love them So So much n idk how 2 express my thanks except thru cheesy awful drawings

ok ok o k but i’ve been saying this!! now that zayn is gone and can’t provide with his delicious high notes and adlibs anymore the boys gotta take it up a notch!! they gotta challenge themselves!! and look where we’re at!! we got niall owning high notes and beltings he’s never had the chance to own before!! we got louis slaying and proving his voice in dfwyb in a way he’s previously been too insecure of!! we got harry hitting the sweetest notes we’ve ever heard him do in drag me down!! we got liam killing falsettos with such unbelievable ease and vocal control!! they’ve shown off their voices wonderfully these past months!! they have efficiently slaughtered every doubt and speculation that ever suggested they aren’t talented singers!!!!! ot4 supremacy!!!!!!!