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I recently entered the les mis fandom. I mean, i've seen the movie when it came out but i was never too interested, even as i've seen the play live a few times and everything. Then my friend got me into enjoltaire and everything else just followed? And i'm reading the brick this christmas and even tho i haven't started it yet i'm v emotional about my smoll son grantaire ok

Oh no, welcome to all these feelings anon ❤ Take me with you next time you watch the play :B

do you ever think about how amélie lacroix was her own person with talents and dreams and fame in an incredibly difficult field who had her personal agency and autonomy stripped from her in a war in which she had no part to turn her into a dehumanized mockery of the thing her lover spent all his time fighting and there are heavy implications that she is on some level aware of all this because i do and it just

  • me: the worst thing about getting unlikely lovers right after thrill of first love on shuffle is the contrast in whizzer's tone of voice. in thrill of first love, he sounds very cocky and we get the impression that he is only with marvin for sex--which is a little sad because marvin left his wife and child to be with whizzer. however, in unlikely lovers, he adapts a much softer, more emotional attitude, and we know from this alone that he has come to care very deeply about marvin. i get the feeling that during the two years of their separation, both men realised just how much they loved each other. this must have been a big deal for whizzer, who is portrayed as a little apathetic in act one. and now that he's finally come to accept his feelings for marvin, he falls fatally ill. and yes, we see him still joking around a little bit ("do you want me to reply?") but the fact that his voice is so much more emotional and fragile shows real character development.
  • taxi driver: we're here

me: man i was a wee child of 16/17 when i fell down into a pit of loki/tom hiddleston feels, but you kno what i am 23 now i am a grown ass woman i am gonna just enjoy seeing loki’s antics in thor ragnarok like a normal human watching an entertaining film

loki: *is on screen*