v. in a war

War is Brewing...||Closed with shieldsstrongest

Stephanie had heard about the war in Europe for months before it really began to affect her. She could still hear the words of the president, announcing that the United States was joining the war. She didn’t really expect Bucky to go, but when she showed up with her determined face and set jaw, Stephanie knew something was up.

“Bucky? Somethin’ wrong?”



[STARCAST] “Captain Korea: Gapyeong War”…MONSTA X’s hunt for the heat!


Day 5: Kissing. (continued from day 4)

Don’t worry, Kylo. Kissing in the rain is considered romantic by some. 

Part of my Kylux 30 Day OTP Challenge.

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Surprise sneak attack page! I’m leaving the country on holiday tomorrow and won’t be able to produce any art for ya’ll for a while, so I really wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible! 

((As usual: Please click the images open for a non-grainy view! I’ve yet to understand how to tumblr.)) 

@cryaotic streamed Seduce Me 2: The Demon War on August 22nd, just a few days ago!! Seduce Me was made by @thebunnyofevil , and I think this is wonderful that Cry gave it a chance!! It’s a wonderful story, even though he hadn’t played the first game before jumping into the second one XD

It was very amusing, and I thought it was a bit of a coincidence he chose Michaela’s own route~~

Thank you, Cry if you’re reading this!! :D Seeing more youtubers/twitch streamers take on Seduce Me means a lot to us, because we feel that the game deserves that kind of attention!

I drew this picture as tribute to the never ending fight for Diana’s heart between Saero and Cry (aka Hansel)


V: Vale, aquí ya no hay vuelta atrás eh, solo puedo volver muriendo. Vale Willy… se Feliz compañero, eh!

W: Vamos Vegetta, todos te AMA-ACOMPAÑAMOS

V: *Risa nerviosa* ¿Willy, que ibas a decir?

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Vieron como Willy le iba a decir TE AMAMOS, pero se retracto y dijo lo otro? y como Samuel se rió nerviosamente. ASDFGHJK Casi muero de un paro al corazón.

Willy hijo no  ilusiones de esa forma a Vegetta, pobre, ah

I rarely ever post my own art on here, but I just finished a big thing!

Every single Robot Master from the Mega Man series (and Mega Mini) given 8-bit mugshots!

Obviously, to see it better, you gotta view the image manually