V Shaped Black UFO In Day Time Over Newcastle, England June 3, 2011, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Newcastle, England

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External image

This is a unique UFO sighting over Newcastle. It is a rare day time sighting of a V shaped UFO. The craft is stealth black in color, which means flat black not glossy black. As I slowed the video down, I saw other UFO orbs near it, but these objects move faster than the our eyes, so I had to pause the video a lot to see them. The first orb is 6 seconds into the video, but at 5 seconds you see this orb touching the V UFO. You must enlarge the video to full screen to see.

External image

External image

The eyewitness says:

“I watched it for about another 30 secs after I stopped filming, as I couldn’t see it on the camera anymore. There wasn’t any noise coming from it that I could hear, but what doesn’t show up very well on the film is the colored lights that were flashing on one end of it (you can see them vaguelly at around the 35-40 sec mark),.also it didn’t move like the apex of the v was the front, it looked to me that end of the forward facing "wing ” with the lights was the front.“

"It took me about 30 secs to get my phone out and start filming from when I first saw others pointing it out and seeing it for myself, (I don’t know how long it was there before that) and it didn’t just disappear, my camera phone just couldn’t pick it out as it got further away. It definitly wasn’t a kite or a balloon, it was a lot bigger than it looks on film too.”

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theres a lot of broken 76 with angry protective reyes around and while i am not complaining at all i would love to see reaps barely keeping it together (like mentally and literally, he's having a hard time keeping a human shape), v broken, and jack being the protective one like /casually slides you a 20


Jack hadn’t recognized the strange weapons that the Talon agents were carrying, but he sure as hell knew what they were for the moment Reaper was hit with one. The man let out an ear-piercing shriek and dropped like a stone, black smoke pouring from his body more than Jack had ever seen it. Gabe was always hard to make out with the visor, but now it was almost impossible. There was just a large dark mass where he knew he’d fallen. The spark of red on the visor’s readout that he’d always assumed to represent Gabe’s ‘core’ was flickering, like it was struggling to keep together.

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Hey, mmm I have a little question, how did you figure out how to do profiles? PD. Your art is so amazing :3c

When drawing profiles I separate everything in to different simple shapes. 

Starting with a circle then going half way down the circle I make a V shape for the face. Then I draw a triangle for the nose. Then I draw the ears, eyes, and mouth.  The neck starts on the other side of the circle. 

Here are some variations of the eyes, nose and mouth 


Corset, cotton, whalebone, about 1890.

Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

Brown cotton twill corset with the bones covered with a darker cotton twill, black fabric covered busks and a trimming of black machine-made cotton lace. Lined with white cotton twill and the top and bottom are bound with reddish brown tape. The corset is made in two parts.

The front fastens with a busk and the backs are provided with metal eyelets for a lace. The corset is hip length, curving to a rounded point in the front and less deeply at the back. The bones are close-set and splayed out at the bust and hips, and at the tops are trimmed with fancy stitching in cream. There is a band of dark brown cording at the top, covering the breasts. At the waist there is a V-shaped band in darker brown stitching. The corset is machine-stitched. With metal fastenings.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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“My oh my...”

Ash looked up and chuckled softly, a towel around his shoulders, resting on his wings. A second towel sat on his hips, the top of the v shaped definition of his hips peeking over the top of the towel. His tail wrapped around the towel, holding it up. He ran a claw through his hair, throwing water droplets from the strands.

“Like what you see?” He asked her.


    “Any idea what could be out there?”

There’s a young lady perched at one of the blackened windows,
curious eyes peering out into the inky darkness. It reminded her of something, an uncanny void she was all too familiar with. And really, given the gallery’s unease, if she didn’t know better, she would have assumed that was where this location was.

But that couldn’t be, could it? 
There were simply far too few eyes out in that darkness,
for it to be the same gap of void.

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