Oppss…i’m suppose to be finishing up some old drawings and i just keep drawing new stuff instead ;v;!  (Bad pam…bad!)

I blame @white-rainbowff you stop putting ideas in my head :V! (*Cough* Chapter 3…*cough* give me three series and movie…jk ;v;)


anonymous asked:

Do you think you could draw Mephisto and Shura kissing or something. that would be so adorable!! <3 By the way, I love all your drawings!

Aww, thanks U (●♡∀♡) Here you go~

I drew the alternative version of the events of chapter 51.
I love Mephisto shirt! 

U can still send me your requests ´・ᴗ・`

Step by step
Ymir and Christa
Mephisto and Shura