[INSTAGRAM] 161127 Vogue Korea update

voguekorea#박서준#박형식 이 첫눈이 오는 도시에서 만났습니다👬곧 공개될 풀영상을 기대해주세요!
🎥Film Director: Bluedreamer
🖋Editor: Cho So Hyun
#ParkSeoJun and #ParkHyungSik have met for the December issue of#VogueKorea. Stay tuned for the full video to be released soon! #朴叙俊 #朴炯植

#asif (2013)

For this editorial, shot by Nick for V Man Magazine, we looked at the semiotics and unique aesthetic of the Internet. Nick worked with stylist Simon Foxton and together they street cast models for the shoot, which seemed fitting in a story unpicking how we all discover and consume content online. This was the first time I worked with Nick on looking at how still and moving image combined with graphic design could sit together in a virtual landscape. Research ranged from user interfaces, dating apps and popup adverts to Japanese Dekotora trucks. This led us to realise the editorial in a three dimensional space disconnected from the physical constraints of reality, much like the internet itself. - Jon Emmony, Digital Art Director  

[TRANS; POPTEEN MAGAZINE] BTS’ to-do-list in 2016


  1. Buy a car
  2. Buy music equipment
  3. Save money
  4. Be challenged at acting
  5. Practice playing guitar


  1. Go camping with the members
  2. Travel the world
  3. Own a big working room
  4. Support elder brother to get a job


  1. Shoot personal dance videos
  2. Meet new people
  3. Collect more action figures
  4. Help elder sister
  5. Travel to Jeju with the members


  1. Release another mixtape
  2. Travel around Seoul
  3. Buy more clothes
  4. Want younger sister to get into college
  5. Want everyone to be happy


  1. Get a driver’s license
  2. Give more presents to parents
  3. Have a vacation to a beautiful island with the members
  4. Perform/Open more concerts
  5. Learn new things


  1. Get a driver’s license
  2. Drive a car to the fullest
  3. Travel (without the managers)
  4. Meet family
  5. Show more of cool sides


  1. Get a driver’s license
  2. Give parents their own expenses
  3. Learn piano
  4. Excel at playing guitar
  5. Be an adult who can do everything

chinese trans. by K_Wakeup

english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)

please do not take out without credits.