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Preamble: this is a post that is kind of negative about Fallout 4, or more just about issues that I’m trying to work out that I have with it. I’m tagging it because I’d honestly LOVE to talk to someone about it more, and work out my thoughts and maybe change my opinions. But please don’t be confused, I do NOT hate this game, I actually really love it and have spent a ton of time on it. ON TO THE POST

anybody else honestly a little mad about the dlc lineup for Fallout 4? three add-ons with zero story, one with minimal “story” to add building robots, and two story add-ons

i liked Fallout 4 enough to be REALLY INTERESTED in further establishing the world and characters we’re given, and adding more, and we’re just not. getting it.

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“ As if a little scrape or two would kill you? “

     When his tessen returns to his hand it shutters and folds shut. How long had this been going on for again? As sweaty as Kanetsugu is, Mitsunari manages a yawn from his lean against a tree’s trunk; vocal ease that echoed the difference between the state of the two.

     Sure he had been doing nothing but watching his fan boomerang around the panicked other for what felt like an hour, but this was fine training, wasn’t it? To survive, one had to be quick, and nothing sped up men like danger. As wildly as the other flays, he doesn’t snicker - he doesn’t hint his frustration either, and with the typical wrinkles of a scowl on his features, he simply observes

     It’s not like the fan’s path was ever directed at the other’s throat. 

anonymous asked:

do you support the annual purge?

❰   SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.  lambs slaughtering lambs with the blessing of the  LIONS;  resulting in drastic  REDUCTION  of yearly crime rates. paradoxical, i know…   but never has an  AMENDMENT  best solved the growing issue of overpopulation –––––––––– &  let’s not forget fewer people means  FEWER  jobs to provide.     doesn’t it all just sound  TOO GOOD  to be true?    ❱

   as my wife recently expressed, our policy on  GUN OWNERSHIP  has grown somewhat stricter, but so long as all  CLASS 4 WEAPONS  used during the purge are owned legally,     –––––who am i to stand in the way of a  CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT  ratified by congress?   

              the blade lays on the ground. abandoned. crack visible, gem dull. it
                 was cold, sunlight barely reflecting off of it. — — — it was almost sad
                 ( almost dead ). young soul trapped inside, alone ( so alone ) so cold.
                 unknowing of the world outside, he’s unsure what to do. silence. silence  
                 is all he gets. it’s almost like he was falling deeper into the quiet ( into
                 the darkness )

                 and finally. his voice rings out. the cracks in the stone glow lightly ( a dull
                 green ).

               h… hello ??


Would you be interested in old events (especially those with exclusive moves or v limited distribution)? For example, the old Leech Seed Oddish from Japan (gen iii local event from like 2004) or like Wish Bagon/Chansey? (Just two examples. I’d also be open to gen IV and V events)

I recently gained access to PKhex (I had oothax anyway for the FE gay hack so I went ahead and installed save manager in case something happened to my powersaves).

While I have access to all the gen III games and up and therefore access to the move tutors, some move combos are impossible b/c they were event only from like a decade ago (and no longer accessible for obvious reasons such as time and/or the fact they were in Japan)

or I would have to re-complete the game(for FRLG and the Orre Games)/farm points in Emerald (plus trade over every Pokemon not found in Emerald to breed and then move tutor) and then transfer every time I wanted to give them away.

Basically it’s a huge hassle. For example, the Soft-boiled Cleffa I gave away took me hours to do just for prepping (had to go through the Islands, then breed Clefairy, go to Celadon City, teach it the move, and then transfer through 3 gens and then clone)

TLDR:I gained access to PKHex. Would you like to see more event exclusive moves and old Move Tutor moves in giveaways? (I can do the latter without Hex but it’s a hassle) It would also mean these giveaways also would happen more often.


anonymous asked:

How would FHIR George respond to Ben having a panic attack?

He tries to talk to him normally but when that doesn’t work he firms up his voice in a way Ben actually probably doesn’t hear outside of moments like this?

When he’s panicked and a mess and just totally Destroyed but it gives him something to latch onto. George’s experience with handling other people’s panic attacks is v, v limited though.

He does the back pat, breathe thing but mostly he can take care of the aftermath. Wiping away Ben’s tears and telling him it’s going to be okay, he knows it’s hard, (Ben trying to apologize for his “Outburst”) and it’s okay, George gets it, it’s okay.

anonymous asked:

Remember a few months ago, Richard Griffiths and the other one made an industry power list and gave a quote implying they would be managing at least one solo 1D person? I always wondered if there was a kernel if truth in that. I hope this is a v limited deal, bc oh no Niall! Then again, Louis' mgmt is v suspect too.

Everything is suspicious. Niall’s most of all because it seems real where all of the rest seem super fake.