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bless you and your blog. I need david/billie and ten/rose in my life at all times and you're one of the few blogs I can turn to. do you have any fics/videos to cheer a sad shipper up??

Haha, thanks! David/Billie is an inherently angsty ship but let’s be honest, that’s what we’re in it for… :-) Below is my tagging schema (one day I’ll make a navigation page!) for my own blog, and I highly recommend checking out thebadddestwolf‘s David x Billie tag for much, much more!

Because if you can’t be organised about David and Billie, what CAN you be organised about?!

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Hi! I was wondering if you happened to know of a master Billie/David post, not fanfic but kind of a manifesto? I'm asking because I've been out of dw fandom for a few years now & I'm having trouble finding David/Billie things that aren't fanfic.

Welcome back! I assume you mean David and Billie as in the actors (and not like Doctor/Rose), right?

 I’m not sure about a ‘manifesto’ but I have some tags on my blog you might be interested in:

My overall David x Billie tag
RPF on a timeline

IMO the most exciting ‘news’ of the past year on this front are these recovered photos. You can also track the general david x billie tag. thebadddestwolf‘s david x billie tag is also something magical you’ll want to mine :-)  Hope that helps!