Didn’t feel this much for Yuya since like episode 49.

But his reaction to losing Crow…. someone who he barely knew… makes me sad. 

And question how he would react if the same thing happened to Sawatari, Gongenzaka or Yuzu (altough Yuzu is unlikely)…. I don’t think I could bear watching that if it comes to it (which at this rate, it might happen…)

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This is completely random, but I saw something about a bottom!Luci Samifer thing reblogged by you and I honestly can't help but think Luci is a virgin and I need someone to take his v-card already. Preferably one of the Winchesters would take it but that's none of my business ;)

I think the same tbh. And if he’s being asked about whether he’s a virgin or not, he tries to be all humorous about it

Me? A virgin? The Morningstar? The Lightbearer? The Devil? A virgin?” And he’d laugh it off for a while, but Sam is not buying it so he just gives in. “…maybe a little bit.”

And all of the headcanons I have for bottom Lucifer ugh. Sometimes I assume that him and Michael had something going on in Heaven.

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Yo do you have any advice on trying to ask a guy out when his gf for over a year just dumped him? They lost their v card together and I'm still a virgin so idk what to do bc I don't wanna loose it if it doesn't work out

Uhhhh yeah, chill and let him breathe. I bet he’s sad as fuck.