Anatomy (Sneak Peek) NSFW

A/N: Being between these two buds is what I’d wish for if I met a genie. My second and third wishes would be two more rounds. Anyways enjoy.

“And if I do this..” Gabriel begins twisting his fingers as he thrusts them into you, turning his eyes to Gadreel as you arch off of the bed. “And this…” He abruptly jabs at your G-spot, his grace washing over your sex. Clawing at the sheets, you take gasping breaths, choking back a moan as he begins roughly stroking your spot. “I can keep her on the edge,” he says, finally meeting your gaze again. “Are you still with us?” he asks, smirking as he presses a kiss against your clit. 

“Brother, I’d like to try,” Gadreel says, shifting in his place. Gabriel nods, pulling his fingers out of you and raising to his feet. As you begin leaning up, you’re forced back to the bed, your arms pinned above your head.

“No moving, sugar,” he cooes. You nod, sucking in a breath as Gadreel pushes two fingers into you. You can feel his grace pulsing inside of you, caressing your nerves as he slowly twists his fingers around. 

“Is this good?” Gadreel asks, flicking his eyes up to you. You nod, wiggling in your place as he begins pumping his fingers. Without warning, he begins rubbing your G-spot with unforgiving force, his grace intensifying inside of you. You scream through your orgasm, gaining wide eyes from Gadreel. “She seems to have passed her ‘edge’.”

“Yeah, I’d say,” Gabriel says, chuckling.Reluctantly, Gadreel presses his lips over your clit, giving it a gentle lick. You moan his name in a fluttering breath, squeezing your thighs around his head. Chuckling, Gabriel leans over you, kneading your breast as he takes you into a gentle kiss. 

“By the time we’re done with you.” He pauses to bite your lip. “You won’t even remember your name.”


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