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Description: You’ve always hated appearing on variety shows, but today takes the cake.

Genre: Smut (18+)

Word Count: 8.6k

Warnings: Daddy play, cumplay, spanking, fingering, hair pulling, and jealousy.

A/N: Merry Christmas to everyone! (or whatever you celebrate :’) ). Finally, I’m uploading my first story for my current Bias Wrecker, Kim Taehyung. I hope you enjoy~ 

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little dove | kim taehyung (m)

pairing: Taehyung x Reader.
genre/warnings: smut, angst, slight gore(brief wolf fighting), mating, knotting, rough sex, marking.
words: 14k.
summary: The best things always show up when you least expect them.

a/n: @rbuns​ enjoy you dusty bitch! I love you!

“Okay, I’m gonna head back now, I’ll just tell Hoseok, thanks Jackson!” You said to him, turning on your heel and shifting into your wolf, and you heard him hum an okay behind you before he was drowned out by the noises of the forest, the sound of your paws thumping against the ground as you jogged between the trees. The sun had just set, and your patrol shift was finally over and after reinforcing territory lines all day, you were officially exhausted.

Hoseok was posted in his quarter at the north side of the area, and all you had to do was let him know you were leaving before you could head back home for a well-earned soak in the bath.

You’d just caught his scent where his patrol quarter ended, when another scent caught your attention, however; this one was unfamiliar. Instantly on edge, you slowed your light run to a trot, slowly surveying the area and keeping your eyes peeled for any indication of where the intruder could be, and you were just about to signal a call of alarm when a vicious snarl had your head whipping around, the stench now strong in your senses and the reek of a Rogue almost overbearing.

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Night People

Prompt: “Can i request a smutty scenario with werewolf v in heat?”
Word Count: 5,160
Genre: Smut
Summary: Around this time of year, Taehyung always advises you to stay away from him, but there’s nothing you want more than to see what he’s like when he’s turned.
A/N: So this is a werewolf AU obviously, but I just wanted to mention that there are some “violent” parts when it gets smutty. Also I know it’s hella long and I’m sorry. Please go easy on my gentle soul.

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3 Days

When it was around this time of year, Taehyung always said it was best to stay away from him. Though you had been friends for years, he never wanted you to see that side of him. He said he was too dangerous and that it was best for you to not see him when he wasn’t capable of controlling himself. You understood that he was trying to protect you, but a part of you had always been curious to see what he was like when he turned. You had seen all the movies and read billions of books, but you wanted to see what it was really like. Of course, you respected his decision and tried your best to silence the nagging voice in the back of your mind.

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Territory (Dogboy Hybrid AU) | Taehyung x You

Rated: M 

Warning: Graphic hybrid smut. Please don’t read this if you’re not into it because I don’t want to scar you

Summary: Dogboy Tae gets extremely possessive when “that time of the month” rolls around and find’s it hard to control his natural instincts and his dominating nature during the monthly occurrence.

Note: Ah, okay, so this is my first time ever writing about Hybrids and stuff like that, so please bear with me. The idea came to mind while I was surfing the interwebz, so I just thought I’d write it up. What a thing to be my first post lol, but oh well.. Idgaf. I’m pretty much uneducated on “Dogboys” but I’m giving it my best shot.. HUZZAH!!~ 

Words: 2,932

You were driving him insane. The intoxicating scent of you calling out to him, begging for him to mount you and claim you as his own before any other male could get to you. It was hard to fight his natural instincts, but he knew better than to force you into anything and you had told him you didn’t feel well, stating you had ‘cramps’ or something along those lines. But your body was crying out for him to dominate you, your body needed him, he could sense it, and it was taking every ounce of his willpower to refrain from mounting you whenever he was in your presence. And that was quite a lot.

It was already hard enough not to mount you, so he really couldn’t help his need to follow you around everywhere, his possessive nature having to make sure no other male could get near you, his precious bitch. Just the thought of it made the hair on the back of his neck raise, his hands clench into fists and a snarl appear on his lips, slightly revealing his canines hid beneath. 

He was in no mood to be tested today in particular. He could sense you were at your peak of ovulation, which was when it was most hard for him to suppress his feral desires. It was so strange to him how humans were so unaware to what their bodies needed. Couldn’t you sense even a little bit how badly your body was yearning for him? He could only shake his head, perplexed by your utter oblivion. 

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Some real cute Tae moments
  • Is time for my bias my man my cup of tea

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  • When he smiles and my heart is h i s

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  • This:(((((

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  • Never has a boy made me feel this (t h i s) soft I literally can’t even say I’d fight him bc I wouldn’t be able to even throw up some fists

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BTS as mythical creatures

A/N: So basically, this is how I imagined each member of BTS as a supernatural creature. Now each small little scenario has a different theme; There is smut, fluff, angst, thriller, literally everything and anything you could think of. I hope you enjoy it~



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You were absolutely taken aback when you felt Jin dragging you by your arm out into the woods adjacent to the boat house that he insisted you leave.

“Jin, what the hell is your problem?” You squealed, attempting to free your hand from his grip.

His grip only seemed to tighten, as his nails took on a terrifying form, glinting in the light dangerously as they elongated well past his fingertips. You desperately grabbed at your own wrist, attempting to free yourself from his grip and get Seokjin off of you.

“Jin, let me go!” You squealed as he dragged you further into the woods.

His skin felt as if it was rising in temperature by the second, his hand quickly becoming too hot for you to touch and quickly becoming painful for your wrist.

“Jin, you’re hurting my wrist” you whispered, terrified of the slight transformations he was going through.

“I do not like other men around you like that” He finally spoke, leaving you dumbfounded.

“Jin, wha-”

“Did you see how he was rubbing against you like that? He’s doing it to get on my fucking nerves” his words that cut off your own were anger fueled but his lower, more carnal and oh so slow.

“And you, you let a disgusting omega rub against you like that. You have an alpha right here and you choose that?”.

His questions were not making any sense and you were quickly becoming petrified as you reached the clearing of the forest. That was when Jin let go of your hand and you watched him walk to the middle of the clearing, his skin bathing in the light of the full moon.

Just as you were about to run from him, his voice stopped you.

“I need for you to listen to me” He spoke, his voice darker and much more grave than you ever heard it before although it still showed remnants of the Seokjin you knew.

“Jin..what is wrong with you?” You stuttered, his animilatic nails now visible in the light of the moon.

“Listen” he growled, his voice taking on such a tone of finality that you bowed your head and stood down, a reaction you have never had before.

You heard the slow crunch of leaves that indicated that he was approaching you.

“You’re such a good mate princess, you know exactly when to stand down” he praised, his voice back to the gentle soothing tones that you knew to be Seokjin.

“But” he paused, rushing forward and clasping your face within his hands causing you to let out a slight shriek.

“I’m going to show you something and what I need from you is to be open and please, please, do not run from me” his voice was so low, almost vulnerable in a way that you had never heard from Jin.

You wanted to reach forward and comfort him, the need almost overwhelming you.

“Jin, what is going on? I-”

“Please”  He spoke in a breath, kissing the skin of your forehead quickly before you could say much else before returning to look in your eyes.

“Just promise you won’t run, Please” His pleas were hitting you exactly where he wanted them too and you found yourself nodding, although you weren’t too sure you could keep the promise.

Jin nodded curtly before walking back into the clearing. He watched you with weary eyes as he let the unbuttoned shirt hanging off of his broad shoulders billow around his frame as his skin began to steam. The steam was rising off of him in waves, his teeth elongating to canines as his nails elongated even more. You couldn’t stop the shaky hand that came up to cover your mouth in absolute terror as you watched his skin steam, his eyes darkening considerably at your reaction. There was a sickening crack in the air followed by the loud, horrible roar of what could only be described as an animal. The steam of smoke around Jin then blew towards you powerfully, the heat and force of it causing you to drop to the forest floor and shield yourself, screwing your eyes shut tightly. The smoke disappeared in a gust of cool air, the winds so powerful that leaves from both the ground and the trees whipped around you.You looked up almost immediately only to find Jin gone. In his place, casting a considerable shadow and giving off a terrifying aura was a huge, pitch black wolf. The wolf’s fur was dark, just like Jin’s natural hair color and it stood at 10 feet easily. The fur looked as soft and silky as you knew Jin’s hair to be but those same soft and silky stands now covered the body of this huge animal. You found yourself absolutely petrified as it bared it’s teeth slightly, taking a step towards you. You pushed yourself up against a tree trunk as the wolf approached you, one large paw on front of the other very carefully, the leaves crunching underneath his paws loudly. All you could do was keep repeating Jin’s words to you: “please don’t run”. The creature stopped in front of you kneeling down slowly and laying his head at your feet like an obedient guard dog. Looking into its eyes, you found the fear dissipating slowly; Those beautiful dark soulful eyes were unmistakably Seokjin’s. You found yourself reaching  forward to touch it, the wolf raising its head a bit and perking its ears up. Your fingers grazed the fur right above it’s nose and the wolf nuzzled into your touch.

“Jin?” You whispered.

The wolf nodded its large head curtly, scooting forward and nudging your back with its cold wet nose, signaling for your to get up. You did so cautiously, never once taking your eyes away from Jin. The wolf then moved to sit in front of the tree, laying down and then jerking its head from you to it side. You walked over to the wolf, kneeling down and laying against it, causing the wolf to nuzzle it’s head into your lap, softly. You sighed as you tentatively placed a hand on Jin’s head, scratching it. Pushing your head back against the wolf’s soft fur you sighed.

You were in love with a goddamn werewolf. Didn’t you know how to pick em?


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You pushed your head back against the uncomfortable hospital bed, tears slipping out of the corner of your eyes as you recollected your memories of the day before. You and your best friend had been driving home from a party, blasting music and singing the lyrics horribly. The last thing you remembered clearly was a bright light and a loud honk; The next thing you knew, you were pulling both you and your best friend from the broken window of your flipped car. Chae, thankfully, still had a pulse but she was out cold, unresponsive even when the EMT’s arrived. You held Chae close, telling her it was going to be alright as the EMTs who were on the scene in 10 minutes rushed over to you and her. You heard screams and people attempting to tend to your wounds but that was all white noise at the moment.The EMT’s had to fight tooth and nail to get you away from Chae and tend to your own injuries. This whole ordeal, of course, wasn’t her fault or yours.The man who had hit you both had been a drunk driver, a scenario you played over and over in your head on the way to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. The sirens were loud, the EMTs were fussy and borderline annoying but all you could think of was Chae. They told you that you had fractured ribs and a broken arm when you awoke a day later but you couldn’t care less as you laid in a hospital room adjacent to the one your best friend was in. You were terrified when you began to think of how you would tell your boyfriend, Yoongi. Did he even know? Did someone tell him already? Had he tried calling you? He was probably worried sick but there was no way to contact him; your phone was broken beyond repair in the crash.

“You’re something else my love”  you heard a familiar deep drawl from a corner of the room.

Your head perked up as you saw the aforementioned man watching you from a chair pushed up against the wall by the door of the room. You struggled to push yourself up, your broken arm and two fractured ribs making it near impossible to do so.

“Stay down baby. You’re hurt” he spoke, raising from his seat and walking over to you slowly.

You vaguely wondered how he had gotten in the hospital, let alone your room given than visitation hours were over but you found the tears doubling in quantity as soon as you heard those words. You had heard those words so many times in the past 48 hours and almost each time it was related to you trying to help Chae. You soon began sobbing, throwing your good arm over your eyes, which did not help your ribs at all. You could practically feel Yoongi’s gaze on you and you felt all the more pathetic and useless. Sighing deeply, Yoongi sat on the bed next to you very carefully.

“Chas’s okay love” He murmured, stroking your hair softly,

“No, you don’t know that” you choked out, pausing to compose yourself.

“And even if you did” You paused to sniffle.

“I need to see that for myself” you finished weakly.

At your words, Yoongi moved your arm from your face, brushing your tears away with the pads of his thumbs.

“I can show you that she’s okay” He spoke softly.

You perked your head up at his words, not entirely sure if they’re true or not, but the promise of it was enough.

“I need for you not to question why though” he spoke softly, his eyes meeting yours in a rare display of uncertainty.

Wanting to see your best friend, no matter the costs, you nodded as much as you could. Yoongi sighed, closing his eyes and inhaling once before standing to his feet. He carefully placed his arms under your mid back and under the back of your knees.

“Yoongi, I’m not supposed to move” you protested weakly.

Yoongi let out a snort followed by a non-malicious “shut up” leaving his lips. The moment he picked you up, you scrunch your eyes tightly only to feel absolutely no pain. You look down at yourself almost comically before looking at Yoongi with the utmost surprise. Yoongi was sprouting two large, gorgeous wings from his back, the soft white glow around them making you seem hesitant and unworthy of his presence. The man you loved was now bathed in an ethereal, soft white glow. The feathers seemed so soft and delicate, the layered white feathers fading into a beautiful soft gray around the edges and towards the bottom. It seemed to somehow go perfectly with the light bleached tones of his hair.

“Yoongi…” you were at a lost for words, the man before you was transforming into what you assumed an angel would look like.

“Not quite” He spoke, as if reading your thoughts.

“If I had my headdress and proper attire, I’d be in my natural form”.

You looked at his face in surprise, his eyes holding a tenderness that his smile mimicked.

“Come on, you wanted to see Chae right?” He asked, walking straight towards the door.

At the mention of your best friend you nodding, holding tight onto his shoulder as he grabbed the doorknob. He walked out into the hall before you could protest. As you walked out into the hall, secured in Yoongi’s arms, you were absolutely terrified that one of the nurses would make him put you down. However, no one stopped you or even looked in your direction causing you to look at him in confusion.

“They can’t see me or you unless I want them to my love” He spoke just as he walked over to the adjacent hospital room and carefully open the door.

Once we were inside her room, he brought me over to Chae, hovering above her so that I could see her. I almost wanted to reach out and touch her but she looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to disturb her.

“She’s fine. She’s out cold right now, but in a few days she should be fine. I’m not her guardian angel though, so I don’t know all the specifics”.

You watched Chae intently, finally contented with knowing that she was resting and that she would be okay. However, the moment her promised safety registered, so did Yoongi’s words.

“Guardian angel? You can’t be serious” you whispered as he sat you down on his lap, holding you as one would a baby.

“Yes because the large wings in my back weren’t a clear indication” he sassed, rolling his eyes playfully.

Without thinking, you brought your fingertips up to brush against the surface of his wings. They were so satisfying to touch; so soft and plush and comforting.

“Who’s guardian angel are you?” You asked quietly causing him to let a small smirk cross his features.

He leaned down, giving your forehead a quick peck  before staring into your eyes lovingly.

“You’re not this stupid are you?” He teased.

Your eyes widened almost comically.

“Mine?” You asked in reference to who’s guardian angel he was.

He nodded, stroking your hair back away from your face as he spoke.

“I was there when your brother cut your hair when you were 3. I was there when you broke your elbow when you were 8. I was there when you started middle school. I was there for prom and graduation” he spoke, rattling off major events of your life.

You felt tears well in your eyes as you realized that you man you loved had watched over you and kept you safe all your life. You nuzzled further into his chest, relishing in both his scent and company.

Thank god for Yoongi.


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You raised your head from your place on Hoseok’s bed,turning over on your side to face him.

“Yes?” You asked, the vision of him half naked and next to you causing you to smile upon the meeting of your eyes.

His face was grim though, unusually so, as he watched your face with a new emotion lingering in his eyes.

“I need to tell you something” he murmured as he brushed your hair away from your face, placing a sweet and short kiss on your lips.

You brought your hands up to cup his face as you savored the kiss. He pulled away from you, looking you over once before speaking.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you”.

His words shell shocked you. He what? You felt a heartfelt smile spread across your lips at his declaration. Every single second of the 4 years you had spent with Hoseok was absolute bliss and it was euphoria to know that he felt the same as you.

“Hoseok” you began, before he held up a finger, signaling for you to let him finish.

Despite the declaration he still seemed gravely serious, which worried you. You let the sheets pool around your lap as you sat up straight, awaiting his explanation.

“I want you in my life, permanently. I never once imagined that as an immortal being I could have ever felt this way but I don’t tire of you and I don’t think I ever will” His words were passionate but the sweet passion was off put by the word ‘immortal’.

What was he talking about? You felt your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you watched him move from his place on the bed and walk over towards the open French doors than led to the balcony.

“Do you love me?” He asked quietly.

You stood almost immediately, completely comfortable in your nudity around him.

“Of course I do. Hoseok, what is going on?” You questioned.

In that moment, Hoseok turned slightly but rather than him who caught your attention it was something else; Something sharp that was the color of snow white pearls caught the moonlight’s glow that cast a slight glint. It was a few seconds before you had realized exactly what it was that had caught your attention: Fangs. You watched in slight horror as Hoseok’s eye color changed from their deep coffee brown to a bright red; the brown lightening to a hypnotizing red color that was comparable to only rubies. You felt his name leave your lips in a broken whisper as he moved forward.

“I love you. But I don’t want to hide myself from you anymore” he spoke gently, his hand reaching out to touch yours.

You barely made a move as his hand enclosed your own, his skin as cold as ice. You felt a slight shock at freezing temperature his body was emanating. Here was the man you loved  before you in a state that you only saw in novels and movies. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“You’re not scared?” He questioned.

You were unable to produce words and simply let your fingertips drag across his ice cold toned chest as if physically proving to yourself that this was real. Looking up into his ruby colored eyes you felt the shock slowly seep into your bones.

“This is real?” You whispered.

He nodded, pulling you to him.

“I’d never hurt you” he murmured against your hair and in that moment, you knew that regardless of what he was, he was Hoseok first.

“I need for you to know what forever entails” he spoke softly, his words chosen carefully although you were pretty sure what he was asking you.

“You want me to…become like you, right?” You whispered against his chest.

He sensed your hesitation and spoke once more.

“Go ahead, say it” he urged.

“Vampire” You barely got out.

A smirk crossed his lips at the way you said his classification.

“Think of it as a supernatural marriage proposal” he spoke, beaming as he let his arms loop around your waist loosely.

Your gaze was fixated on his and, no matter the color, or the now pale complexion he never exhibited before, you still saw the same Hoseok that was laying in bed next to you. Letting your head drop against his chest you spoke.

“Just because I say yes doesn’t mean I don’t want a real proposal” you joked, nuzzling into his chest.

He laughed lightly, kissing your head as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I knew I picked the right one”.

Namjoon~Grim Reaper/Angel of Death

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“Joon” You spoke the man’s nickname in a whisper, unable to say anything else as you watched him break down in front of you.

“I can’t” he choked out, dropping to the dirt floor right underneath the nearby oak tree.

You dropped your bag immediately, rushing over to his side and planting yourself in the dirt so that you could hold him. You heard him cry quietly he nuzzled into your neck and you only held him as tight as you could.

“I don’t know why I was chosen to do this” he mumbled into your neck.

You felt your heart cracking painfully at his cries and you could only stroke his hair lovingly as you sung a song he once sang to you when you were angry.

“You have no idea what it’s like to have to be surrounded by so much death all the time. I know that it’s my duty to this world and the next but God does it hurt” he barely got out the last few words and, although you didn’t totally understand the meaning of his words you held him tight underneath the oak tree.

Just as the first few drops of rain in the humid July air began to fall you pulled him away from the crook of your neck so you could look him squarely in the eye.

“Listen to me. I know that things are hard and I won’t pretend that I know what you’re talking about but I know that you are a strong, kind, caring and resilient man Namjoon” you spoke softly, brushing away the strands of sandy blonde hair away from his forehead.

He let his head drop as he spoke.

“Spirit” he whispered.

You paused, the rain beginning to get heavier.

“What?” You questioned him.

“You said man. I’m not a man” he uttered, wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

You blinked once, twice, trying to process what he said without labeling him as crazy. Standing to his feet, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to stand with him.

“I don’t expect you to believe me. So I’m going to show you” Within a moment, he held your hand tighter and in a flash of bright air and an awkward sensation, you were now standing in a room.

You looked over at Namjoon in surprise, only to see him fitted in a head to toe black suit, one definitive of mourning. Looking down at yourself, the jeans and crop top you had on earlier had vanished and you were now outfitted in a strapless, ankle length black dress. He met your eyes for a moment only to look towards the scene at the side of the room, which you took no notice of until now. There was an elderly man surrounded by multiple people. There was an elderly woman next to him, holding his hand tightly as she smiled fondly at the man lying in bed, neatly tucked in. There was a middle aged man and woman, each accompanied by their spouses and with each couple, a child. The man looked between the people surrounding him and smiled. I could hear the elderly woman next to him telling him that it’s okay and that she would meet him on the other side whilst the middle aged woman and man told him that they were thankful for him. What I was obviously watching was a family; The father, the mother, their son, their daughter, their spouses and their grandchildren. The man whispered a last “I love you” before his eyes closed. The elderly woman next to him began to sob quietly as the people surrounding the man looked on with the same depressive aura and energy.

“Now watch” Namjoon commanded.

Within a moment, it seemed as if I was surrounded by rolls of films that were much larger than I. They ran past Namjoon and I with lightning speed. I watched the birth of a child, I watched as he learned to ride a bike, I watched as he entered school, I watched as he completed school, I watched him get his first job, his wife and then onto kids, a career and a home; I was watching the life of a man a barely knew. I watched the satisfying and fulfilling life that he lived and I felt tears well in my eyes for the family that wept his departure. As the roll of film came to a close, the elderly man was now approaching Namjoon a contented smile on his face, outfitted in a glowing white suit. Namjoon’s face broke out into a smile as he approached the man with open arms. The two embraced as I vaguely heard Namjoon tell him“ you lived well”. Within seconds, Namjoon waves his hand over nothing and with each passing second, a staircase appeared. The staircase was grand, the railings made of sparkling gold, the top covered with wispy clouds and the bright light of what I assumed was the beyond. Namjoon motioned him forward with a warm “Welcome home”. The man ascended the stairs slowly, letting his finger tips graze the railings as if he was savoring the moment. As he ascended, each stair disappeared one by one until the light blocked him from view. When the staircase was gone, Namjoon grabbed my hand again and suddenly, we were back underneath the oak tree, this time sunlight peeking through both the leaves and light rain.

“I know that it is only apart of life and that everyone has to go sometime, but the initial grief left behind is sometimes too much to bear. Seeing them ascend to eternal happiness always makes it better though” he spoke softly, giving you a warm smile that allowed his dimples to come through.

You felt the tears that stained your cheeks wash away in the light rainfall but you could barely speak after that encounter. This was what Namjoon was? You could barely believe it but you had seen it for yourself with your own two eyes.

“You are the only human who’s soul I don’t want to collect. I want you to live on in eternal happiness yes, but the world will be much darker without you” He spoke, his tender words warming your heart as you looked over at him directly.

Spirit or not, he was still the same dorky boy that did his famous “seaweed” dance to make you smile during thunderstorms. In a display of affection you tackled him in a hug, the force throwing him to the ground which made you thankful for being back in your jeans and crop top once more. He was utterly surprised but still let his arm curl around you nonetheless.

“You’re not scared of me?” He asked timidly.

You pulled back from the hug and pulled him to you with a kiss. You could feel his hesitation but it took him only mere moments before he tangled his hand in your hair and kissed you back. Regardless of what he was, you knew that first and foremost Namjoon would always be Namjoon. After all, Angels of death were still Angels.


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You laid on Jimin’s sweaty chest, your body still reeling from the mind blowing orgasm he gave you. Your thighs trembled and you still felt him between your legs although he was nowhere near there right now. He sighed, lighting a cigarette as he leaned back against the headboard.

“You’re getting me into trouble baby” he spoke softly, in a tone he rarely used with you.

You looked up at him with a devious glint in your eyes.

“Yeah? How?” You asked, rolling over on your stomach so that you would watch the living work of art that was Park Jimin.

“Because” he paused to let out a cloud of smoke from his lungs.

“You’re too good” he sighed dramatically.

You giggled letting your fingers trail down his chest slowly, assuming that he was referring to how good you were in bed.

“Since when has that ever been an issue?” You asked, intrigued.

“For my kind, it is” he spoke somberly, causing you to perk up.

“Your kind?” You parroted causing him to nod as he narrowed his eyes and blew out another cloud of smoke.

“I’ve had sex with plenty of women around of world and I can tell you that I have never once felt the need to stay like I do with you” he confessed, brushing his dark colored mane back and away from his face.

You leaned up letting out a small, affectionate “aw” before you kissed his plush lips softly. He growled into the kiss, deep in his throat, before he flipped you over, pinning your hands down by the sides of your head as he hovered over you.

“See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about” His voice darker than you had ever heard it before.

You raised an eyebrow at his antics despite the vaguely sexual position.

“Jimin what-” He didn’t even let you finish your sentence as he ground into your open legs causing you to whine at the sensation.

“Even the way you say my name. Everything about you makes you unique. You’re the only woman that I have never tired of. I could fuck you day and night, every single second for the rest of my life and never get enough of you” he growled, looking straight into your eyes with a newfound level of passion.

“That means that you’re a sex addict Jimin, not that I’m unique” you half joked, hiding your bitterness.

His words hit your core hard but you had been fooled before with words of praise similar to Jimin’s before only to be cheated on. You didn’t want to put yourself in a position like that ever again.

“No” he spoke, his voice husky and raspy in a way you had never heard it before; It was only comparable to liquid sex.

“You don’t get it” just as those words left his mouth, his eyes blazed the color of the Egyptian pyramids, a vivid, gold that was drawing you in at a rapid rate.

You felt wetness pool between your thighs as well as thoughts that should have you blessed by a priest swarm your head. You watched as his canines elongated slightly before he dipped his head. You felt his hot breath on the crook of your neck and you couldn’t stop the effect that he was having on your body. Jimin always aroused you but right now, it was intensified to such an extent that it was unfathomable.

“Your kind gave us the name incubus-sex demon” you felt your eyes widen as he confessed what he truly was.

“And for all intents and purposes, I was addicted to sex and women” he continued, his words having an effect that was only slightly sobering due to the energy he was giving off right now.

“We typically go through periods of intense pain when we don’t have sex but the even with that curse, I want nothing but you. God had to have either made you just for me or just to spite me. Either way” He let the tip of his erection brush against your soaking wet folds before he pushed in with one, slow stoke.

“I want you and only you now. I don’t care about the pain, I’ll go through it just to have you all to myself” He groaned, dropping his head down to the crook of your neck as he gave a shallow thrust.

“No mortal man deserves what’s between your legs, you hear me?” He demanded, his sentence coming out in between choppy pants.

“Y-yes” You stuttered, barely able to form sentences

You had wanted to question him on his confession but the way that those golden colored irises were staring into yours, left you breathless in the best of ways. Letting your arms wrap around his back, your nails latching onto the skin there you joked: “I knew you fucked way too well to be a human”.

He chuckled, letting his lips enclose yours in a passionate kiss before he spoke again.

“From here on out, you’re my goddess. Mine to worship and mine to please”  he declared gruffly, speeding up slightly as he demanded your agreement.

Given the position you were in, what were you to say? You quickly decided that he could explain himself further after you had both had your fill of each other. It wasn’t really a normal love story but it was yours to cherish. You now had a sex demon at your every beck and call; You guess it wasn’t all bad.


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“How do you always find yourself in some type of trouble my love?” You heard a deep, sexy and familiar voice ask from a concealed corner of the alleyway.

The man who had a gun on you, demanding your purse turned to face the man who had made himself known only a few moments ago. He pointed his gun at Taehyung, causing tears to fill your vision almost immediately. No…he couldn’t shoot Taehyung. Not your fiancé. Not the love of your life

“Leave now” the man demanded of your fiancé.

You looked over at Taehyung, absolutely frozen in fear as you watched Taehyung step forward. His dark trench coat and dark turtle neck that molded to his form helped him blend into the night seamlessly and helped to intensify the terrifying energy he was giving off.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that” Taehyung spoke, stepping closer to both you and the robber.

The robber stepped forward, pointing the gun directly Taehyung’s chest although you could sense his hesitation; He obviously wasn’t used to anyone sticking around after he pointed a gun in their direction. The robber stepped closer to Taehyung demanding that he get the fuck out of there to which Taehyung simply shook his head. At that moment the robber fired the gun three times causing painful, agonizing screams to tear from your throat as you fully expected him to lose his life trying to save yours. However, Taehyung simply chuckled, looking down toward his shoes as he opened his palm and let small metal objects fall from his hand and onto the cold pavement. Taehyung had caught the bullets? You raised your hand to your mouth in fear and shock as you watched Taehyung raise his head, his eyes the color of fresh blood, a deep and damn near terrifying crimson.

“You’d think with all the trouble you people go through to keep these toys that would at least be any good at using them”.

You heard the robber whimper a weak “what the fuck?” As a dark, thick and dangerous black aura formed around Taehyung. Taehyung let the aura travel in front of him as he walked leisurely towards you with his hands stuffed in his coat pockets. The aura grabbed the petty criminal by his neck, lifting him off the ground with ease as Taehyung reached you. He tucked a lock of stray hair behind your ear before leaning down and lifting you bridal style. His gaze shifted back to terrifying amusement almost as quickly as it shifted to concern.

“The only reason I’m abiding by this world’s ridiculous laws is because she still lives in it. Pray that I don’t find you in the after life” With those words uttered, the criminal was dropped to his knees in a sputtering, wheezing heap. Taehyung barely gave him another glance as he returned his attention to you.

“Let’s get you somewhere safe” he spoke tenderly.

Your shell shocked state didn’t wear off until after Taehyung had brought you into his mansion and ushered you into the living room.

“I assume you have questions” he spoke offhandedly as he retreated into the kitchen.

“How can you possibly explain the last hour to me?” You spoke, your voice low and astonished as he walked back into the room with a dark red drink in hand. He watched you, his eyes dancing in amusement as he leaned back into a large armchair.

“You’re a smart girl. I’m sure that you didn’t think that the world you live in was the only one” he spoke, his eyes flashing crimson red for a moment as if to confirm his statement.

“What are you?” You whispered, although you weren’t so sure you could handle the answer.

Your fiancé leaned forward, bracing his elbows on his knees as he looked you over.

“Humans call us demons”.

As the last word that left his lips, you were nearly gasping for breath. A demon? The man you loved was a demon?

“Don’t misunderstand” he spoke up, sensing your fear.

“By some twisted fate or by the grace of God, although I don’t really care which, my feelings for you are real”  he stood slowly, as not to scare you, setting the glass down on the coffee table and approaching you.

“I do love you babydoll” he spoke, the nickname conjuring up strong feelings as he let his fingers trail down your check lovingly.

Your head was spinning with thoughts of what you thought you knew and how much you actually knew. But there was one question that seemed to protrude above the rest and it sank your stomach for those words to even pass your lips.

Would you ever kill me?”.

With a quick tilt of your head by way of his fingers, he looked you squarely in the eyes as he answered : “Never”. He inhaled sharply, letting his arms curl around your waist in a familiar gesture.

“I won’t lie to you, I’m a terrifying force of nature but, in the thousands of years that I’ve came to be, I’ve never felt anything remotely close to divine until I met you” he spoke tenderly, his voice lowering, his tone comparable to the ones he used in the bedroom as he pressed a sweet kiss to the side of your neck.

“I’m risking being an enemy of both heaven and hell, just to be able to call you mine” he confessed.

You knew of the lore and the folktales but your gut was telling you that Taehyung had the spirit of a man, regardless of where his soul belonged. You saw him at his worst, you had seen him at his best, you had seen him in states that no entity could mimic.

“Does this change how you feel about me?” He asked and you could practically feel the hesitation in his voice.

With a deep breath, you briefly went over the consequences before letting out a light and breathy “No”. His arms tightened around your waist as a smile began to spread across his lips.

“No?”  He parroted.

“No” you confirmed.

He let his head dip smoothly and captured your lips on a kiss. Demon or not, You were by Taehyung’s side until the end. Nothing would change that


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“Are you seriously upset about this?” Jungkook asked in an exasperated fashion.

“Jungkook, how do you think it makes me feel when you’re so secretive about things like this?” You asked, voicing your hurt and concern for what seemed like the umpteenth time.

He was stunned into silence as you threw your phone onto the bed in frustration.

“I’m trying to protect you!” He spoke in an exasperated fashion.

You didn’t answer right away, opting for silence as you chose the right words.

“Let me choose on what I want to protect myself from and what I don’t” You whispered, hoping that he would finally show you what he was hiding.

With a deep sigh he let out a low “fine”. You turned around in absolute shock, surprised that for the first time in years he would honor your request. He walked forward, and began to hum. Just from him humming, you felt my body relax almost instantaneously. You knew that Jungkook had a voice but from only that hum alone, you wanted to hear nothing more for the rest of your days. He paused after the first verse that he hummed, seemingly apprehensive but you couldn’t help but be entranced as his eyes changed from their dark, methodical, thoughtful brown to a bright and lovely shade of carnation pink.

“Now, I’m going to show you exactly why I didn’t show you this earlier” his words were darker than their normal cherry tone and it caught you off guard momentarily. You could only help but nod and watch as the man before you transformed from a shy boy into a confident man.

“Close your eyes” he commanded, his voice smooth as butter.

You did what he asked without hesitation. You could hear his footsteps retreat from room but you heard nothing more; Not a door opening, not stairs creaking, nothing.You couldn’t help but wonder where it was that he was going. After what seemed like hours, you heard the most beautiful, enchanting sound that you ever had the pleasure of gracing your ears. Without thought, you began to move blindly, following the sound as if you were a woman possessed. Your body was taking you through parts of the area that you had never been before. All you and your body knew was that you had to find the source of that wonderful sound. You walked for what seemed like forever until you finally found Jungkook, standing in the ocean adjacent to your shared beach house. You could see the whimsical color of his eyes and the angelic features of his face even from a distance. His sound wasn’t even in a language you understood but nonetheless, you found your body compelled to join him in the dark and dangerous waves of the shore. You were warned not to enter the sea after the sun had set, but the closer you had got to Jungkook, the more reckless you became. You kick your shoes off haphazardly onto the sand, eyes fixated on his shirtless form and the foreign words leaving his lips in such melodious notes. Next to go was your shirt; It was up and over your head immediately, leaving you in your bralette and jean shorts that barely covered your hips and ass. You found the speed with which your body sought after Jungkook increasing without reason. There was no other thought in your brain, no other want or need; All you wanted was Jungkook and not even the dangerous high tides that accompanied the full moon could stop you. You vaguely felt the chill of the water grace your skin but it didn’t register well enough for you to stop. All you could see was Jungkook although he never seemed close enough to you. It became harder to move your body and limbs through the waves as they increased in both height and strength, but you didn’t care. Nothing was too physically overpowering to keep you from Jungkook. Within moments, everything was brought to a screeching halt and you shivered, realizing that you were now in the sea up to your chin and you hadn’t even realized. The water was up to Jungkook’s chest but he barely looked phased. He only watched you, the carnation pink of his eyes dissipating back into their beautiful brown.

“You know the Greek folktale of sirens luring men to their death, yes?” You could only weakly nod your head at his question; Your body seemed weak and still slightly under his influence.

“There were hardly any woman sailors, if any at the time,, you rarely hear of the male sirens but trust me” he leaned down, letting his lips linger near your ear as he wrapped his around your waist, pulling you into his body.

“We exist my love”.

You barely had any strength left so you had no choice but to have Jungkook lift you from the sea, escorting you out of the water and back to the sandy safety of the shore. He propped you both up against a huge charcoal colored rock as he held you in the lap, waiting for you to regain your strength from the spell you were put under.

“Just now you weren’t able to resist coming out into dangerous waters because my voice led you to believe that whatever you were doing was far less attractive than what I wanted you to do” he explain, wrapping his arms around you tightly.

“Why would…why would you…” your voice trailed off, your strength returning to you at snail’s pace as you tried to question why he would hide this from you.

“I wanted you to like me because you wanted to not just because I wanted you to. I wanted to give you that choice so that I could make you truly happy, if that’s what you wanted” he confessed shyly.

By those words alone, you knew that regardless of his Classification, the man before you was still the same Jeon Jungkook that you had fallen in love with.

You were barely able to whisper the phrase “I am happy” as you leaned your head against his chest.

“You are?” Jungkook asked, sounding incredibly surprised and absolutely astonished.

You nodded letting out a low “mhm” as you let Jungkook hold you under the light of the full moon.

BTS’ Sun and Moon Signs Meaning - Maknae Line

Hyung Line version here

Jimin - Libra Sun Gemini Moon

  • the social butterfly
  • actual sunshine
  • extremely outgoing
  • with two of the most friendly signs in the zodiac, there’s no wonder everyone he encounters falls in love with him
  • would go the ends of the earth to make his loved ones happy
  • can charm the pants off anyone
  • can get ur parents to like him more than they like u
  • knows how to capture an audience
  • puts others before himself
  • strives for peace, harmony, and equality
  • real life angel
  • although he is a cutie, the stars show that he has a dark side… (make sure to follow us bc i’ll be exposing that soon 👀)

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Taehyung - Capricorn Sun Aries Moon

  • the definition of quirky™
  • unconventional and unpredictable
  • the most spontaneous
  • the type to pick u up at 2am for a date at the convenience store
  • into unique aesthetics and fashion (*cough* Gucci *cough*)
  • a hyper pup!!!
  • strong willed
  • hard to read/good at hiding emotions
  • work oriented
  • serious
  • resting bitch face that can snatch souls
  • but on the inside a big softie who loves everyone

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Jungkook - Virgo Sun Leo Moon

  • oh boy
  • virgo and leo are conflicting signs
  • virgo shys away from attention while leo demands the spotlight
  • virgo is humble while leo is cocky
  • this is what creates the duality that is jeon jeongguk
  • shy smol bean offstage 
  • enigma onstage
  • very timid around people he doesnt know
  • but once hes comfortable u got a handful (just ask bangtan)
  • quirky sense of humor
  • p e r f e c t i o n i s t
  • e x t r a
  • neat freak
  • probable keeps all his white shirts in a specific order and freaks out when one is out of place
  • an intellect™
  • living he protec but he also attac meme

(inserts two gifs to show that virgo/leo duality and bc i’m jk trash)

~ Admin R

waking temptation | (m)

pairing: Hoseok x Reader, Taehyung x Reader, Namjoon x Reader
genre/warnings: pure smut, daddy!kink, sir!kink, multiple partners, hints at ot7, rough, explicit, cum play, spanking, brief face slapping, double penetration, brief use of demeaning names, brief orgasm denial, ruined orgasm, hints at negative subspace.
words: 6404
summary: Hoseok, Taehyung and Namjoon are home, and you’re not asleep anymore.

a/n: Here we go! Part II to sleeping temptation (link below). I definitely recommend reading in order. Please heed the warnings found above and be warned: there’s no real happy ending in this chapter, I’m sorry!

sleeping | waking | sweeter | breaking

The buckle of Hoseok’s belt hit the carpeted floor with a heavy thud and you flinched slightly, staring back at him as he approached where you were on the lounge. The closer he came, the smaller you could feel yourself become, your shoulders hunching automatically and your hands folding in your lap under his dominant gaze. This was completely different to Yoongi’s sense of dominance over you, as his soft spot for you often allowed you to get away with light defiance, but that wasn’t the way things worked with Hoseok.

Some where in the back of your mind you vaguely registered Jimin and Yoongi backing off, disappearing into the darkness around your tunnel vision and you were completely defenceless under his aura.

“Where are you meant to be, pet?” He came to a stop in front of you, dark eyes locked solely on yours, and you automatically assumed his expected position on the floor. Your knees were pillowed slightly on the plush carpet and you sat back on your heels, now kneeling in front of him with your head tilted down until you could just see the toes of his boots tapping in front of you, trying to ignore the screaming ache in your inner thighs.

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Stress Relief (M)

video credits: sweaterpawsjimin

gif created by: Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: When it’s been awhile since you’ve paid a visit to Mr. CEO Kim Taehyung’s office for help in his relief of stress. c;

Genre: saaa-mutttttt

Keywords: rough sex, dirty talk, begging, teasing, orgasm denial(ish)??, spanking c:

Word Count: 4028

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: I tried :D…anyway, I started on this last summer and completely forgot about it until I was scrolling through my google doc files. I started working on it again so here’s the finished product (again, i tried :D)!

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36″ x 48″ (M)

word count: 3.6k

genre: smut; idol!verse

pairing: reader/taehyung

warning(s)/kink(s): intercrural sex (thigh fucking) + dirty talk + come play + size kink (?)

a/n: the title is a joke about canvas size, that of which is a large size for one lmao


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