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melina torrez for @esperilla

she was an only child growing up, leaving her main companions to be various pets through her life. she really doesn’t have a preference on which is her favorite, and she can easily tell you fun facts about each one. she someday wants to live on a farm where her various furry friends can roam free and she can live a sustainable lifestyle. she loves to bake and loves the sound of the ocean as well. oh, and she absolutely LOVES the color pink

she is available for download on the gallery! just search my origin id [novalillies] and click to enable custom content!

cc used: hair | freckles | socks | formal dress | party dress | swimsuit top


Babe — Babe is pretty much your name now. You and him both use it for each other constantly. Its just a very sweet habit.

Angel — Frequently used for you, He loves calling you his angel every chance he gets. Because thats what you are in his eyes, Sent from above to save him from the struggles of the world. ☆

Baby — Used in more intimate settings. However uses “ Baby cakes “ whenever he’s lovingly teasing you. He knows you don’t like it, but loves seeing that little pout on your face.


Love — Calls you Love often, But he doesn’t use pet names all the time– Thinks your name is too pretty to do so. However Love is the pretty basic pet name for the both of you.

Kitten — Used when he’s intimate, or sometimes it just slips out. When you’ve done something troublesome his voice gets low and he scolds you lovingly while using this name, it drives you crazy.

Princess — Usually used when he’s buying you something. “ Anything for you Princess. “ Or sometimes when you two are cuddling. He’ll hold you close and call you His Princess while he rubs your back and kisses the top of your head. So sweet. ♡


Honey — Super traditional, But makes him feel giddy whenever he calls you his Honey. Its sappy, but you both enjoy it. Its a frequent pet name.

Sweetheart — Not used too much, Mainly uses this one when you’re feeling grumpy or sad. Its more meaningful. Also uses it during texting.
“ Be home soon Sweetheart!! ♡ “
Makes him feel like a doting husband.

Pumpkin — A sweet name he gave you after you both had burnt a pumpkin pie together shortly after you two started dating. When he first started calling you it you’d giggle a little remembering the story behind it, but now its just natural to hear.


Dear — Frequently used, She wasn’t huge on pet names at first, however you noticed her begin to use them more and more once the relationship developed. Calls you Dear more than your real name now days, A sweet habit.

Cherry — Used fairly casually or during texting, Sometimes when you guys are silly too. Doesn’t use it much day to day. Sometimes you call her your Cherry pie, In turn shes picked up Cherry from that.
“ Hope you’re having a good day today Cherry. ヾ✦ ”

Beautiful — Really likes this one, Especially coming up from behind and giving you a hug while asking how your day has been– Adding a little Beautiful here and there. Loves it so much because its true, and enjoys seeing the little smile that forms on your lips whenever she says it.


Food names — Calls you a ton of different food names. Not even cute ones. Literally calls you Eggroll or His little spinach leaf at the most intimate times.
However really loves calling you Peaches for some reason. Probably because you’re just so sweet, Just like a peach (`・ω・´)”

My Girl — Uses this way more seriously. Especially when you do something he loves,
“ Thats My Girl! ”
Always makes you smile and feel warm & happy.

Babe —Uses this one more willy nilly, Usually while being sarcastic.
“ Babe. I got this. ”
But sometimes calls you it while asking where you know where something is. Which is a lot, Of course.


Love —Similar to Jumin, But calls you Love much more often. Adds a “ My “ To the beginning when he’s more serious.

Shortcake — V’s rather tall, More likely than not you’re most likely shorter than he is. If you are, He’ll call you Shortcake on occasion to tease you or when you two are being goofy.

Darling — Uses Darling so much it makes you flustered. Refers to you to other people as
“ My Darling. ”
Its just habit by now, And you’ve grown to love it.


Princess — Not huge on pet names in public, But oh boy when you two are alone he loooves them. Princess is common, Especially when he feels upset that day. Asks for a hug and holds you close, Calling you his Princess over and over again.

Brat — Calls you brat purely out of love. When you have attitude or tease him he’ll smile and call you a brat. Tries hard to act grumpy while doing it, but cant hide how the corners of his mouth twitch when he says it.

Baby Girl — Used more intimately. If he has a nightmare he’ll hug you and thank you while referring to you as His Baby Girl. Not used too commonly but it makes it even more special whenever he does.


I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of hate towards Zen’s hair. I understand that it’s not meant to be taken seriously, because most of these posts are just jokes about wanting to cut his hair, but I just never really got it. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but even down to Zen’s hair I’ve always thought it had some sort of underlying meaning to it. I got over 300 reblogs from my previous post about loving Zen’s hair, so here’s a little theory for you guys regarding it.

Let’s go back to his childhood days first. He was verbally and physically (to an extent) abused by his parents who didn’t support his dream. There was a part where his mom was forcefully trying to cut his hair and he was protesting against it. This is where my theory begins.

We know that he did want to grow his hair out, it’s just that he wasn’t allowed to. After he ran away from home he could do whatever he wanted, so he decided to finally grow it out. Outside we see Zen as this independent, confident, hardworking guy who makes his own decisions. But is he really that guy?

Throughout his route we see that ultimately, he’s still seeking approval from his parents. I mean there’s even a visual novel where he finally decides to call them and make amends, so it shows that after all those years he still hasn’t forgotten about them. In his Valentine’s Day DLC After Ending, we see that he and MC were planning to tie the knot, but they chose to hold it off until his parents approved of their marriage.

I personally never liked rattails, I mean who really does anyway? It’s a pretty old-fashioned hairstyle. Zen, as he claims, is the moST bEAUtiFuL mAN iN tHe wOrLd. You’d think he would find a good hairstyle to match his perfect face. So why does he choose this hairstyle?

It could be that
1) He likes that hairstyle leave him alone
2) He’s, again, still seeking approval from his parents

From the front, it still looks like he has short hair (picture attached above). It’s what his parents would’ve wanted. He still isn’t confident enough to fully commit to the long hair he’s always wanted because it would go against his parents’ preference.

From the side and back, long hair (picture attached above). It’s his way of saying that he’s now independent and he can finally make his own decisions without being weighed down by his parents.

His hair symbolizes an internal conflict Zen has with himself. Does he want his parents’ approval more than he values his independence, or the other way round? Nevertheless, he stuck with that hairstyle. Because no matter what, Zen is just as insecure as the majority of us, if not even more.

He’s still looking for validation from his parents. He’s still traumatized from the verbal abuse he had gone through. He just wants them to be proud of him, and that’s why even when he goes against their wishes and runs away from home, he still keeps a ‘short’ hairstyle for them.

And I guess that’s why I can never really bring myself to hate his hair, because I feel like it sums him up as a person really well. I KNOW THIS IS PRETTY FAR-FETCHED, but you guys have to understand that I AM a literature student, so coming up with theories like this and linking this and that together is my absolute favourite thing to do. I hope I’ve explained myself clearly.




Happy Valentine’s Day!
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