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I Don’t Mean It (pt 9)

Taehyung ran as fast as his legs could take him, not worrying about who noticed him this late at night on the streets. He couldn’t believe how all these events had played off. He couldn’t believe he didn’t trust you, especially when you told him that you didn’t do it. The image you crying kept replaying in his head as he ran towards the building. He was suddenly scared to approach you. 

He thought back to the conversation you both had months and months ago. You both sat on the couch, while you had the TV on in the background as the two of you chatted. That was the first night that Taehyung realized he had fallen in love with you. The way he was so comfortable to open up with you and how you felt the same about him. It was like a connection he never felt before. 

He remembered you saying that you value trust as one of the single most important things in your life. And once that trust was broken, it would never be whole again. 

Not only did he probably break your trust, but he felt like he broke you too. He remembered the words he yelled at you, now realizing how hurtful they really must have been. 

As soon as Taehyung reached his building, he was waiting for the elevator with what little patience he had left. Seeing as you both lived on the 8th floors, he thought the elevator was his best bet but it seemed to be taking longer than usual. Just as he was about to start running up the stairs, the door belonging to the landlord on the first floor opened. 

Out came a rather old man and Taehyung knew he had to at least say hello, even though he wanted nothing more than to run up. 

“Oh hi there Taehyung…you look rather out of breath,” said the landlord

“Oh…haha yeah sort of” said Taehyung, awkwardly fiddling with his hands, waiting to be excused.

“Oh..you must have been helping your neighbor bring boxes down!” said the landlord. This caught Taehyung’s attention. 

“N-neighbor?” Taehyung asked.

“Oh yes! That lovely girl next door to you boys. She said she was moving soon” said the landlord.

Taehyung didn’t even say anything before he rushed up the stairs, knowing he had to stop you at all costs. He ran to your door and before he knocked, he tried to catch his breath and tried to think of what he was going to say to you. He knew earning your forgiveness was no easy task, but you would always forgive him in the end…right? You both had a few small arguments here and there but you had always forgiven him without much effort on his part. Would this time be any different?

Taehyung finally knocked on the door, anxiously waiting for you to open the door. While waiting, he thought back to all the times you opened the door for him with the biggest smile on your face. Was he wrong for wanting that again?

He could hear the door unlock and he let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Thankfully you were home. 

“You’re ear–” you said, but stopped as you finally saw who was at the door. You were expecting the movers to come by today, but you were surprised to see Taehyung at the door. You gulped, wondering if he had wanted to come to yell at you some more. 

“You..you’re moving?” Taehyung asked. He didn’t mean to start with that, but he couldn’t help himself when he noticed all the cardboard boxes that stood behind you.

You only stare at Taehyung, confused with the tone of his voice. You didn’t know what to say. “Y-yes” was all you could bring out.

“w-why?” he continued.

“I don’t have any reason to stay anymore” you said, tears starting to well up in your eyes again. Before he could say anything else, you tried closing the door on him, but he grabbed the door and pushed it back. He let himself in and you stared at him, wide-eyed.

“Y/N.. I’m so sorry” he said looking directly at you. His tone was guilt ridden. He almost couldn’t meet your eyes after noticing the tears, but he knew he had to stand his ground.

“For what exactly?” you say emotionless. If it weren’t for your tears, you could have been mistaken as a statue. 

“For..what I said before. I- I don’t know what I was thinking” Taehyung started, finally tearing away from your eyes as it was getting to much to take.

“You were thinking that I was some low-life scum who was only friends with you to make a few bucks” you said, finally letting the tears flow freely down your slightly rosy cheeks.

“No..I don’t think that of you. I didn’t mean it” Taehyung started pleading as he inched closer to you.

“No, you did mean it” You said, backing away when you noticed him trying to get closer to you.

“Y/N, please, i’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said the things I did…I’m so sorry” Taehyung continued. His stomach started to turn when he thought that there was the chance that you didn’t forgive him this time around. “I heard my manager. He said he made the whole thing up to keep us apart, Y/N please….” he tried again.

You snickered back. “So…you only believe me now because you heard the truth from your manager….otherwise you still wouldn’t have taken my word. Am I right?” you said, with a sudden anger surging through your veins.

Taehyung thought about it for a while, and he knew that a part of what you said was true. He didn’t believe you when you said you didn’t do it, and he knew that he didn’t plan to hear you out either. But a part of him also wanted to keep on holding onto you, even if you had betrayed him.

When it took him a while to reply, you continued “I guess I have my answer….please leave” you said, wiping the tears away from your eyes.

“No, Y/N please hear me out. Please, I’m begging you. Just forgive me this one time please? You’ve always forgiven me in the past, Y/N please” he pleaded, tears threatening to form in his eyes.

“You didn’t want to hear what I had to say, which I should do the same for you?” you asked as you glared back at him.

“I was dumb, Y/N you know me. I always make stupid mistakes, but you always found it in your heart to forgive me. Please, just this one last time, forgive me. I don’t want to lose you….There’s so much I wanted to tell you….” he said as his voice cracked a little at the last part.

You didn’t like seeing Taehyung like this. You always had wanted him to have that box smile on his face, and be the little ball of happiness that he was. But you didn’t know if you could ever be the same with him again. If he doubted you then, what’s to keep him from doubting you in the future? He broke your heart before you even had the chance of giving it all to him, before he even knew that it already belonged to him in the first place. Now, you were just trying to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart, hoping that one day it will be like it was before. 

The eerie silence once again filled the room. Taehyung tried to walk to you again, hoping that he just had you in his arms, you could find it in yourself to forgive him. But you stuck your hand out, signaling him to stop.

“No. Leave.” you said firmly.

“Y/N…p-ple” he started

“LEAVE” you screamed back. You let out your sobs and fell to your knees, not having any more energy to continue.

Taehyung wanted nothing more than to run to you and hold you. To let you cry into his arms as he would probably cry back into yours. But he knew that you weren’t going to let him near you, even in your current position. He didn’t want to, but he walked out of your door, finally letting the tears fall. His vision blurred from the tears as he walked back to his own apartment, just a few feet down.

He walked into the silent and dark room, not bothering to turn on the lights. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket, but he already knew that it was just the boys looking for him. 

Eventually, the phone stopped buzzing after a few minutes and Taehyung plopped himself onto his bed, finally letting his own tears fall freely.

He just lost you. He lost the girl who he feel so deeply in love with. He didn’t even have the chance to tell you how much you meant to him, or how much he wanted to make you his. Instead, he took the heart he wanted to badly and broke it. He didn’t know why chose to believe his manager’s lies, because deep down he knew you would never do something like that. But it scared him nonetheless. He thought that if his manager was right, then he would end up hurting. So he hurt you instead.

And now here you both were, lonely, in pain, and broken.

A/N: So like…The series is not over. For those of you guys who like pure angst, and don’t want a happy ending, then I suggest you stop here. In the future part(s), I’m writing with the intention of a happy ending. Do y’all want part 10? What do you think is going to happen to Y/n and Tae?! Let me know~ I love hearing from y’all. The support I’ve gotten from this one series has been amazing and it’s been so much fun writing for you guys. Part 1 has reached over 1.8k notes and I’m still in awe. 

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Give and Take [M] (ft. Taehyung) | 01 prologue

→ friendswithbenefits!au with a twist (edging, oral, overstimulation, uh some really dirty shit, and oh yeah, Taehyung teaching you sex)
→ 12.6k (oneshot) 
→ part 1 | part 2 | part 3

A/N: sorry im such a sinner omg but thank you so much for 1k followers + 1k notes on You Who! This is a surprise upload :) Enjoyyyyyyyyy


Your thighs are trembling, but he just gives you a glare and continues lazily moving his fingertips against your skin, dipping a knuckle into your heat before slightly pressing his thumb over your clit. 

And repeat. 

Taehyung,–fuck–please.” You moan, straining against the neckties that bind you to his headboard. 

He props up his chin in his hand in between your legs and glares up at you. The hand in between your legs stills and you groan at the lack of sensation, and clench your teeth. He rolls his eyes. “Can you take this or not?” 

You let out a breath, calming your heavy breaths before loosening your grip on the binds and letting your body relax a bit. Closing your eyes and swallowing your dry throat, you speak up. Your voice is small and hoarse from the previous hour of exertion. “I-I can.” 

“Good. I thought so.” 

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  • The fashion icon
  • Clean producer,head to toe clean
  • Worldwide handsome
  • Has BBMAS at 7 and Homecoming at 8
  • I’m not Rap Monster, I’m RM
  • Take me home
  • Wizard of Oz and the silver boots
  • Overall:Cordinating outfits,first impression


  • No one appreciated me being an icon last year,I’m giving you fashion you can understand
  • I’m the producer
  • Black Butler is that you?
  • Has jogging at 7 and BBMAS at 8
  • Hawaiian white dad makes a strong comeback at those who didn’t appreciate his floral shirt the first time
  • This time it’s not that bad I guess
  • He is part of the Gucci Gang with that big ass Gucci belt. We get it, you got the dough
  • Overall: what’s cordination? We are here to receive an award and go home.


and can we just admire how jin didn’t use his parents’ success to gain fame, he got there all by himself

kim (th) recommendations

just a list of some taehyung fanfics (a-m) that i personally enjoyed reading and recommend others to read too :)

☁ : fluff , ⚆ : angst , ❝ : mature 

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BTS Reaction - breaking up (maknae line)

The second half to last night’s reaction, just as angsty as the last.  

Warnings: Angst. So much angst. 

Also, Jimin is an absolute asshole in this.  I’ve never disliked a character I’ve written more, so I just want to stress how hypothetical this is.   

If you’re triggered by things like weight issues, you might want to give his a miss (even though that element to it is very small, it’s still there).  


“That was so good, like… best yet.  Honestly, ten out of ten, top marks, ‘A plus’ for you Mr Park, jeez.”  

You know you shouldn’t be gushing like this - Park Jimin’s ego is large enough to begin without you massaging it further - but after a session like that, jesus, you just can’t resist.   You feel like you should be sending him a muffin basket to say thank you or something; surely four orgasms in a row warrants some sort of recognition?  

“Seriously, I don’t think I can feel my legs.”  

“You’re welcome,” he replies, chuckling.  You let your head flop to the side just in time to catch a flash of Jimin’s self-satisfied smirk before he sits up with a groan, swinging his legs out of your bed and standing in one smooth, graceful movement.  God, he has the best ass you’ve ever seen.  Girls would kill for a butt like that.  Rolling onto your side you tuck your hands under the pillow, a frown creasing your forehead when you see him pick his boxers up off of the floor and start to get dressed.  

“You’re leaving already?” you ask, all too aware of how instantly needy those words made you sound.  

“Yeah,” he answers shortly, hopping a little on the spot as he pulls up his skin-tight black jeans, “Hope wanted to go grab some drinks tonight.”  You feel disappointment hit you right in the chest and as you sit up amongst your pillows you try your very best to keep it from showing on your face.  You might have succeeding in hiding it if it weren’t for the downtrodden ‘oh’ that falls from your mouth.  Jimin looks up as he’s doing up his belt, lifting an eyebrow at you.  

“I just thought maybe you’d want to stay, seeing as it’s kinda late?” you say slowly, feeling foolish, “We could watch a movie, scoff some junk food.”  

“Junk?  I thought you were trying to watch your weight,” Jimin questions, his eyes drifting over your naked body.  Long gone is the desire that’d darkened them so seductively earlier; now they look judgemental, lingering over every extra inch of cushioning you own.  You grab a pillow from behind you, holding it in front of yourself as your cheeks blush, laughing sheepishly.  

“Ok, so maybe not the junk food,” you allow, trying to ignore the insecure whispers in the back of your mind.  He fucked you, didn’t he?  He can’t think you look that bad.  “Think Hope will mind if I keep you a little bit longer?”  You smile sweetly, lifting your shoulders and trying to look as cute as possible; not that Jimin notices.  He’s too busy pulling on his sweater, a light frown on his too-perfect face as it emerges out of the other end.  

“I’m starting to feel like you’re thinking this is more than what it is, sweetheart,” he says, and even though his tone is friendly and his eyes are warm you can hear the warning in his voice.   

Don’t get too close, don’t rely on him too much. 

Too bad you stopped heeding his warning almost right after it’d left his mouth what seems like forever ago; you’re in too deep, there’s no turning back now, and if things carry on the way you are you’re going to end up with a broken heart regardless of the outcome.  

“Jimin, we’ve been doing this for months…”  You tighten your arms around the pillow, squeezing it tight, full of nervous energy.  You’ve been wanting to have this conversation with him for weeks, and now seems as good a time as any.  “It’s not like this’d be the first time you’ve stayed the night.”  Jimin sighs, pushing his hair back out of his eyes, shifting restlessly from foot to foot as you speak, like a caged animal.  “Can you honestly tell me you feel nothing?  It’s been almost a year…”

He fixes you with a long look, one that takes your breath away just as much now as it always has done.  When he strides over and sits on the edge of the bed you’re almost certain he’s going to lean in and kiss you, so much so that you’re half pouting your lips when he takes hold of your chin.  But all he does is smile mockingly, tilting his head to the side, dead eyes crinkling at the corners.  

“I told you from the start, sweetheart,” he says softly, “I’m not the relationship type.  I’m not looking for someone soft to kiss and cuddle.”  Jimin kisses the top of your nose then, his gestures saying the total opposite to the harsh words he speaks so sweetly, “I was looking for a quick, easy lay when we met; you just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”  He lets go of your chin and leans back, smirking even as tears start to fall from your eyes.  “Granted, you turned out to be better in the sack than I’d first thought.”  

“So that’s it?” you ask shakily, pressing a hand to your mouth as soon as you’ve spoken to try and keep the sobs in.  Jimin rises from the bed, grabbing his jacket from the nearby armchair.  

“I think it’d better be, don’t you?”


You’re laid out on your bed, wiggling excitedly in front of your laptop screen as Skype’s familiar calling tone rings out, waiting for Taehyung to pick up on the other end and get your ‘date’ started.  

It’s the first you’ve had in a while; it’s been difficult for him to manage anything more than a few rushed messages with how busy he is over in the States.  Not that you can  begrudge him for it - you’re so proud of BTS’s success that’s it’s impossible for you harbour any negative feelings about your prolonged separation for too long, regardless of how much you miss him.

It doesn’t take him long to answer, and the moment you see him sat there on the other end - dressed in nothing more than a pair of boxer shorts and a loose white t-shirt - you feel your chest constrict with longing.  It’s been too long.  

“Oh god I’ve missed you,” you gush in place of a greeting, laughing into your hands with embarrassment when you realise how lovesick you must sound.  Taehyung smiles faintly before he dips head forward, giving his hair a little shake. He must’ve been in the shower; it still looks faintly damp and darker than usual, dangling into his soulful eyes when he looks back at the screen.  

“How’s everything going over there?  How are you?” you ask eagerly, folding your hands in front of you and resting your chin on them, eyes fixed on his image, greedily drinking him in.  

“Yeah, it’s good, it’s going great,” he answers, his gaze drifting everywhere but directly a the screen.  It’s not that unusual - Taehyung often gets distracted and dreamy at the best of times - but still, there’s something that seems a little off with him tonight.  Maybe it’s just because it’s been a while, but you swear the last time you saw him he didn’t look quite so tired as this, the set of his mouth not quite so straight and sad.  

“You look really tired baby,” you observe, chewing on your bottom lip but making sure to smile encouragingly when he does eventually look back at you, “Are you taking care of yourself?  Getting enough sleep?”  

“I’m trying,” he shrugs, lapsing into silence again.  This really isn’t like him.  Usually Tae is bursting with energy whenever the two of you get to talk, excited and animated when it comes to telling you about his day, but now he’s just sitting there looking blank and uncomfortable - like he’s run out of things to say in two minutes flat.  

“What’s wrong Taehyungie?” you ask softly, “You don’t seem like yourself tonight.”  He pauses, silent as his eyes fix on the image of you on the screen.  He visibly deflates after one long, painful minute, his shoulders slumping as he looks away again.  

“I didn’t want to do it like this, but…” he begins, his deep voice catching in his throat so he has to pause to clear it.

Do what?  What’s he talking about?  It’s panic that’s making your chest feel tight now, not longing, anxiousness churning the contents of your stomach.  

“I don’t think it’s fair to keep dragging it out any longer.”  He drags a hand through his hair, a fingernail finding its way into his mouth as he carries on, speaking around it. “I can’t… I can’t do this anymore.”

“Can’t do what?” you ask, voice straining as you scramble to sit yourself up, dragging your laptop onto your lap.  

“The long distance.  Us.”  Your mind whirrs as you think of something to say, looking for the right words to reassure and soothe him so that this conversation goes no further down this road.  

“I know it’s hard, baby, but it’s not long till this tours over,” you tell him, trying to sound upbeat, your smile pulling uncomfortably at your lips, “I can’t wait to see you so I can show you how much I’ve missed you.  It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.”  Taehyung looks unconvinced, smiling half-heartedly before looking down at his lap.  

“It doesn’t feel the same anymore,” you hear him mumble, “Being away from you all the time… I can’t remember what loving you feels like.”  

There’s a sharp pain in your chest when you hear those words, an agony so sharp that it takes your breath away, your expression crumpling.  

“What do you mean?” you whisper, repeating it when he looks up and you realise he hasn’t heard you, trying to keep your voice from shaking, “What do you mean, Taehyung?”

“I mean,” he starts, taking a breath, “… I don’t think I love you anymore.”  


Hey stranger!  It feels like forever since I last saw you - I’m starting to wonder whether or not I made you up.  Are you some figment of my imagination, dream boy?  Is that why I never get any replies?  Ahaha.  Miss you, love you, call me soon ok?  

You hit send, looking down at your phone with the hint of a smile in spite of the worry that’s been unsettling your stomach so much of late.  

You’re not sure why exactly Jungkook’s lack of communication is worrying you so much.  He’s always been bad at replying to text messages - and not just yours.  He’ll frequently ignore his hyungs for days on end, too, so it shouldn’t strike you as anything out of the ordinary.  Still, it’s never been for quite this long before.  Usually you would’ve at least gotten a few emojis of acknowledgement by now.  

He did mention something about an Overwatch tournament a few weeks back.  Maybe it’s got something to do with that?

You’re agonising over your last message as you walk down the supermarket aisle, basket slung over the crook of your arm, paying little to no attention to your surroundings.  Reading it back you’re not sure it sounded as light hearted as you intended.  Are you coming across as clingy and desperate?  

You’re frowning at your screen, chewing your bottom lip with worry as you suddenly collide into someone, phone flying from your hand and a box of cereal from your basket clattering noisily to the floor.

“Oh gosh, sorry!” you exclaim, red-faced and flustered as you scramble to pick everything up, “I should’ve been looking where I was going, sorry.”  A man’s long-fingered hand picks up your phone before you can get to it, and when you lift your head to look at them your eyebrows rise in surprise when you see someone familiar stood above you, a soft smile on his face.  

“You’re almost as clumsy as me,” Namjoon chuckles good naturedly as you straighten up, brushing your hand against your skirt and then taking your phone back.  

“Not clumsy, just distracted,” you blush, smiling shyly at Jungkook’s friend, briefly checking for a reply before slotting your phone back into your pocket.  

You’ve only met Namjoon once, and though you might’ve been fairly drunk at the time you seem to remember him being a pretty decent guy.  

“I’ll take your word for it,” he grins, a full basket hanging by side, knocking intermittently against his leg.  “How’ve you been?  You look well.”  Oh, here comes the awkward small-talk. Thank goodness Namjoon is at least nice to look at, otherwise this’d be your ideal of hell on earth.

“Yeah, not bad thanks,” you reply, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.  You’re about to return the question before Namjoon speaks again, his eyebrows creasing into a sympathetic frown.

“I heard about what happened with you and Jungkook.  It’s a shame; you guys seemed really good together.”  

Now it’s your turn to frown, confusion twisting all your features, head tilting slightly to the side.  

“Wait… what’s supposed to have happened with me and Jungkook?” you ask curiously, your silent phone suddenly heavy inside your pocket.  Namjoon looks nervous now, his eyes widening and looking away as his tongue wets his lips, cheeks turning pink.  

“He… uh…” He shuffles a little on the spot, clearly struggling for what to say now he’s realised he’s put his foot right in it.  You feel sick as you wait for his reply, despite already having a good idea of what he’s about to say.  “He told us you guys had broken up like… three weeks ago,” Namjoon finally admits, rubbing the flush on his neck, “I’m really sorry, I never thought-”  

“Hey, it’s not your fault,” you interrupt, swallowing hard against the lump in your throat and flashing him a tight smile, “At least I know now, right?”  

Small talk is an impossibility after that.  Namjoon apologises again before hurrying away, his head dipped low, and before you know it you’re yanking your phone from your pocket once more, tears streaming down your face as you furiously type.  

Fuck you, Jungkook.  I’d tell you to delete my number, but apparently you already did that three weeks ago.  Fucking coward..  

Credit goes to the rightful owners of these gifs - none of which belong to me. 

Just Taehyung Things

Just some random things we all love about this boy!

1| The V pose

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2| Loves the maknae

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3| His acting is to good!!!

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4| Model boy

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5| Tae in glasses appriciation

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6| Uhm sorry not sorry

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7| Yeontan

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8| Duality

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9| The boxy smile

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10| Gucci love

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Older brother Namjooon+ rest of BTS scolds you PT.7

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

[PT.1] [PT.2] [PT.3][PT.4] [PT.5] [PT.6] [PT.7] [PT.8] [PT.9] [PT.10] [PT.11] [PT.12] [PT.13] [PT.14:END] [PT.14 Alternative]

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I reached the cafe that Taehyung told me to meet him at, and I looked for him through the glass windows before wanting to go in. When his soft brown hair caught my eye, I noticed he wasn’t alone. He brought them along. Every member, including my brother. Someone I wanted to see the least right now. He brought them along even after he had promised me that he wouldn’t. I stood there looking at him as tears welled up in my eyes. I thought he cared about me, I thought I could trust his word, I feel so betrayed. Why was everyone against me? 

I saw him look up at me and guilt washed over his face, I assume it was because I was stood here silently staring whilst tears fell down my face. Before he could even stand up from his seat, I took off - I ran until I got far enough away from the cafe, when I realised that I to Joonie and I’s favourite spot, a quiet park that rarely anyone ever went to. Joonie would usually write music here whilst I played with RapMon. I missed my brother, it’s been over a year since I got to come here with him. I took a seat on the bench and dropped my head, still crying and wanting the ground to swallow me whole because I didn’t want anyone to see me crying right now.

“Y/N” I heard a breathy voice call my name, it was a voice I knew all too well, did he run here? “Y/N” he called out to me again. “I’m sorry! I didn’t want to bring the guys with me, but I had to because I thought it would have been a good idea for you guys to make amends, and it would be better if you did it in person.” he continued to speak as he stood in front of me, but my head still hung low. I didn’t want to see him right now, I’m a crying mess, I don’t want him to see me like this. I felt him kneel in front of be, using his index and middle finger to lift my chin, making me automatically locking eyes with him.
“Raindrop” I didn’t reply. “Why are you crying?” I let out a sarcastic laugh.
“You promised me, but you lied. I trusted you and you betrayed me. I’m not crying because I saw them there today. I’m crying because of you Taehyung, because now I know I really can’t trust anybody. Not even you.“ 

When You Least Expect It | 09

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Word count: 11,554

Warnings: depression, anxiety, a very vague allusion to self-harm, graphic, penetrative sex, vulgar language etc.

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long to edit!!

You’re in love with your childhood friend, Taehyung. The problem is, you treasure your friendship with him far too much to ever risk losing it. Oh, and he’s quite the Casanova. At your wits’ end with feelings you can no longer hide as diligently as you once did, you ask him to set you up with someone, anyone, in a last-ditch attempt to avoid a heartbreaking conversation.

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The foxes as shit my friends‘ve done

Neil: didn’t show up to school for four days and when they did show up again had a new hair color & cut and acted like they were a new person entirely

(Also: showed up to school with a 103 degree fever and refused to go home because they were ‘fine’.)

Andrew: punched a kid in the gut for getting the wrong ice cream at a party. Proceeded to eat the entire pint.

Renee: said “I support you in dating him. But if literally anything bad happens I will chop of his dick and UPS it to his mom. Love ya!”

Aaron: stared a kid dead in the face after they said “wakey wakey bitch” as a method of waking them up

Seth: told the scariest guy in our friend group to “stop being a ball of angst and gay and get your fucking shit together”

Nicky: stole a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and took out the embroidery that said ‘great’ and self-stitched ‘GAY’ with rainbow embroidery thread

Dan: hit another kid with a baseball bat (wood) after he told her “go back to the kitchen where you belong!”

Matt: cried when their friend stubbed their toe

Allison: looked a kid dead in the face and said ‘honey I could pay for a better insult’

Kevin: made a game called ‘take a shot whenever you think “I wanna fuckin die”!’ And was shitfaced in less than ten minutes