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tyte pants and sexy shoes all the way for this guy right ‘ere,



(not au LOL)

think of it as parrarel universe of gsans universe(s)

besides, this ended up happening eventually:

Charcoal- Jungkook(m)

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(m)- mature (f)- fluff (a)- angst

A little experimentation is always good for the mind… and the body

Req: hii, please could i request kinky jungkook smut? hehe thankyou! ^^

Req: Can I request a smut with Kinky sex with any of the members. Handcuffs, toys, the works. Thank you:)

He circles me like a hungry predator, my naked, twitching form fully displayed for his attentive eyes, dilated with power and raw with lust. “Tell me what you did.” His voice is deep and rough, reverberating somewhere deep inside of my ribcage.

Looking at the floor, I take my lip between my teeth, my hair falling to cover my red cheeks and downcast glance as I whisper: “I wasn’t listening…”

“Wasn’t listening to who?” Jungkook seethes, taking immense pleasure in watching me shift on my feet, rubbing my thighs together. I toe my shed clothes carefully, taking the lace of my panties in their grip and feeling the thin fabric rub between my feet as I swallow. Jungkook stops in my front peripheral, eyeing me with utmost interest and cocking his head, waiting for an answer.

I avert his gaze entirely when he bends down, getting right below me and chasing my vision with his until I am forced to make eye contact. “You.” I squeak, the black in his eyes swallowing me whole.

“Who am I?”

Who is he

He’s Jeon Jungkook. The boy who’s laughing one minute and pinning me on my back in the next. The guy who doesn’t do the dishes like he’s supposed to but finds ways to ‘make up for it later.’ That one person you pass on the street that looks like he has more swag in one toenail than you’ve had in your life. The man that drives me crazy. The man that gets me wetter than a slip’n’slide. The guy that is so undeniably attractive that he’s better at turning boys than he is pancakes.

“Mine.” I say firmly. “You are mine.”

He clucks his tongue and shakes his head at me sadly, as if I didn’t give him the correct answer to an elementary question. “Oh, Kitten.” He wets his lips, the pink of his tongue sending a hot flash through me. He slowly rises from his squatting position, the muscle in his thigh bulging through the material of his joggers. “Let’s get one thing straight: You are mine and you should know by now that if I tell you to do something,” he gets closer until there is barely an inch of space to measure between us, taking my chin roughly between his very capable hands and forcing me to look at him. “That means you do it or there will be consequences and you’ll get punished.”

I release a short puff of breath, eyes wandering from his lips to his nose and finally back to his dark eyes as I work up the courage to ask: “What if I want to be punished?”

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assassins creed

me: *climbs a ladder*
passerby: What would ever inspire a man to do such a crazy thing?
me: *falls off a 5 story building into a haystack, climbs out and stabs a guard*
passerby: :/