The great Swedish Vallhund gathering 2013 in Russia. This is all we have. Only two dogs.
It’s actually hard to find a mate for playing with same energy level as Xiu Xiu has. So she quickly became friends with Deri and they were running circles together for 2 hours. I must admit two vallhunds are unstoppable force. And it’s better than one.

Наконец-то встреча произошла. Сегодня гуляли с другим настоящим вальхундом Дери. Собаки очень быстро подружились и носильсь 2 часа к ряду. Мы крепко задумались об еще одном вальхунде, потому что с нашей кипучей энергией найти партнера для игр непросто.
Кроме этих двоих заек пока вальхундов в России не наблюдается.

See his ball? Yes, this ordinary green dog’s toy ball. Everything alright with it except we don’t know where did Xiu Xiu get it and how did she manage to get it into our apartment unnoticed. Our friends didn’t give it to her either.
Feels like there’s something I don’t know about my dog, I now think she’s probably a Finnish spy. >_<

Morning. I entered the bedroom and saw this: my vall shamelessly sits on the face of my sleeping husband and smiling at me. Pity I didn’t have any camera with me.