véi.. amo * *'

WORDS are important

I have an important question that just came to my mind.

In Italian we have

TI AMO (I love you)


SONO INNAMORATO DI TE (I’m in love with you)   ???

At this point I don’t know if what I always thought is right.

Because for me INNAMORATO is a feeling like dizziness -the dull ache- that you experience the first times with your crush; butterflies in your stomach, lack of appetite, dumbness. Well, at least that’s my description and that’s also why I don’t like this part very much.

And then there’s TI AMO, the real thing, that thing that could last forever if you’re lucky, the thing you experience once in a lifetime. I’m very dreamy about it because I never felt love in my life, so I probably put the feeling on a pedestal. But this is just for giving you the general idea.

In English, is I’m in love with you more than I love you? Or is it the other way around?

I always thought that I love you was the maximum expression.

I know it’s a strange question but in Italian I’m convinced of the difference, for me is HUGE.

TI AMO is way more than SONO INNAMORATO and I don’t know if that difference is so marked in English too, or if there’s even a difference. My world is falling apart…   :-)