Jinyoung when got7 goes back to LA and sees Mark’s friends


Characters:  Demon!Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary:  Dean comes looking for the reader. 

Word Count:   2241

Warnings:  ANGST, Language, Smut, (I will be posting a final warning in the tags, I don’t want to give anything away.  If you are worried, be warned that this is hella fucking angsty and check the notes.)

A/N:  This is my submission for the angst challenge I’m hosting, Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge.  I chose the prompt, “The devil follows me day and night because he is afraid to be alone.”  

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Ever had that feeling that someone is watching you? Your skin prickles, goosebumps fanning over your skin, even though it there’s no cool breeze. You shiver, the hair on the nape of your neck standing up. Imagine that feeling. I know you’ve felt it. Everyone has. Now imagine it’s not just a feeling.

Imagine it’s real.

The devil follows me day and night because he’s afraid to be alone. Or at least that’s my suspicion. I know he’s tracking me. When the hunter becomes the hunted, it’s time to change all your habits. Don’t be predictable. Do the unexpected.

But when the one who trained you to hunt is the one that is hunting you, that changes the things. It’s a whole new game, more complex and ultimately more dangerous. The rules are simple - there are none.

I’m not sure what he wants from me. I’m just damaged enough to think it’s because he still loves me. I’m not afraid of those black eyes. I’m not afraid of him. I’m afraid of my own treacherous heart. I know deep down that I can’t resist him. I won’t be able to deny him.

So instead of facing him, I run. As fast and as far as I can.

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Peaches n’ Cream Pt. 2 // Jimin

Pt. 1

Pairing: Jimin x Reader ft. Jungkook

Summary: You’re vampire Jimin’s donor, but he doesn’t feed like other vampires, he needs something first.

Genre: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 2226

Warning: Oral, unprotected sex, virgin

A/N: It took me awhile, but it’s finally finished and oh my God, I need some Jesus in my life!


You had spent most of your time at school, taking care of your basic needs, and the rest of the time belonged to Jimin. Thinking about him, texting and calling him, going over to feed him. You even found yourself staying with him long after he was done just so you could talk to him. There was no one you were closer to, trusted more. And you had fallen in love with him. But nearly a year had passed and your contract was almost over.

You know he doesn’t love you back, to him you were just his friend that he needed so he could survive and your time with him was coming to close. I don’t want to lose him, but would he even want to renew the contract? You were thinking as you left Jimin’s apartment after his last feeding. Sure, the contract didn’t end until after tomorrow, but this was the last time you would see him.

Tears started to fall from your eyes as you thought about how much you would miss him and how you didn’t want to end your relationship with him, but you knew holding on to him would only make things worse for you. You were gonna end your contract. This way you could move on, get a boyfriend, someone who would love you back.

You turned right around and walked straight back into BigHit to end this contract. Which of course ended in another contract to make it officially over, again, making sure that you wouldn’t be telling anyone about how you were associated with Jimin and BigHit. Silent tears fell from your eyes and onto the paper as you signed. It’s really over now.


Your days went by as usual. You went to school and took care of yourself, but without Jimin, your life was tainted with loneliness and despair. You missed him desperately and it had only been a week. You couldn’t remember a time when you had gone this long without talking to him since you met him. Maybe you never had. But he hadn’t even bothered to call. Not that you thought he would, but you hoped.

It was foolish. So you made yourself a cup of tea and flicked on the newest episode of your favourite drama to distract yourself. But it couldn’t be done, you kept thinking about him. And the more you thought, the angrier you got. So sat there, arms cross, boiling with anger. Why shouldn’t he call me? He should have at least texted to say goodbye! He’s an asshole and he wasn’t worth thinking about, you decided.

You go up and stormed out the door. You weren’t about to sit around and waste your time thinking about him, so you went straight to the convenience store to eat some ramen. Which apparently didn’t work because on your way out, you thought you saw a glimpse of Jimin’s lean back and thick blonde hair. You heart started to pound like crazy, like it always did when you saw him. Then he vanished, so you pinned it as your imagination and headed home, back to your drama and your same old distractions.

You phone started ringing, startling you out of your musing. It was a call from Jimin. Weird. Must just be a butt- dial. Even if it wasn’t I refuse to talk to that asshole. You pressed ignore and tried your hardest to let it go, slamming the remote onto the couch.

You stomped off to bed where you had a pleasant dream about Jimin. You were walking down the street and he came up behind you, wrapping his arms around you, kissing your cheek and whispering softly about how beautiful you are and let him in… Wait. Let him in? You sat upright in bed and rubbed your eyes. Then you realized. Someone was pounding on your door yelling to let them in. So it wasn’t from your dream.

You stumbled up and went to the door, unlatching and opening it, only to come face- to- face with Jungkook.

His face was etched in concern and he breathed a sigh of relief, “thank, god. Y/N.

“What is it?” You questioned, then you noticed the hunched over form of Jimin on the ground he was facing away from you, but at the sound of your voice, he peaked up. He was sickly pale with deep purple bags under his eyes. He looked absolutely terrible. You looked back up at Jungkook.

“He’s been inconsolable for days. And we would have just left him to come back to you, but he refuses to drink from anyone else. He just keeps asking for you. You have to help him, Y/N.”

You sighed deeply. You wanted to help, but you were unsure. “Why should I?”

“I understand why you’re angry, but he will die without you!”

“Okay, bring him in.” You squeezed your eyes shut and rubbed your temples as he grabbed Jimin and dragged him onto your couch, turning and bowing to you before going to leave.

“Wait! You’re leaving me alone with him?” You asked desperately.

“Yeah… Feeding is really personal and intimate, I don’t want to see Jimin like that and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me watching. He’ll be fine after he feeds. So, I’m off.” With that, the door closed and you were alone with the very person you thought you’d never seen again.

“Y/N…” He whispered and it sounded raspy. Not in a good way.

You walked quickly over to him, exposing one of your shoulders as you sat next to him.

“You’re an idiot, Jimin!” You lifted him up and immediately his eyes darkened with hunger and lust, there was something else there too, but you couldn’t tell what it was.

His canines sharpened and he pushed you gently to lie on the couch. Even like this he was still gentle with you.

“God, I missed you so much.” He grinded his hips mercilessly against you as you tried your best to resist the urge, then he sank his teeth into you and began to suck, filling your body with an unbearable ache. You were turned on so much you wanted to fuck him right then and there, but you held yourself back.

“Do what you need to do then leave,” you said sternly. “The contract is over Jimin! You’re lucky I’m even gonna do this for you. Next time feed off someone else,” you said when he still go to move or even say anything.

He laid on top of you, studying your face like he hadn’t seen you in years. Then he smiled, and his whole face went with it. “No, Y/N. You see, when I told you that you were mine, I meant it. You’re not leaving me.”

Scoffing, you said, “I’ve already left you, Jimin and you had seemed to handle it very well before now. You didn’t contact me at all.”

“That was the worst time of my life. I felt like I would have died without you, Y/N,” he whispered, his smiling disappearing and his face turning serious.

“Yeah because you actually would have! You had to go and starve yourself! That’s just like you, you don’t even care about me do you!?”

A tear slipped from his eye, landing on your cheek.


“Why’d you go and leave me?”

“I thought that was what you wanted,” you murmured.

“How could you think that!? All I want is you! Don’t ever leave me. I love you! I can’t breathe without you.”

You stared up at him in shock. “What did you just say?”

“I said I love you, Y/N. I’ve always loved you.”

A wide smile spread across your face and you reached up to wipe the tears off his chubby cheeks, “I love you too, Jimin.”

He leaned down and kissed you passionately, putting in all the emotions and everything he felt into that kiss. Sweeping his tongue into your mouth and dominating you. You couldn’t take it anymore, you started to grind your hips up against his, moaning into his kiss.

He stroked your soft skin at the edge of your waistband then grabbed your shirt and pulled it off you. You weren’t wearing a bra. He leaned back to admire your exposed breasts for an agonizingly long time.

“Jimin, please,” you begged.

He smirked then attached his lips to your nipple, sucking on it and flicking it with his tongue until your were a whimpering mess underneath him. Then slowly kissing and sucking his way down to the waistband of your pajama shorts, peeling them off you.

He leaned in close to your heat and starts to leisurely kiss his way up your thigh, inching closer to where you wanted him most, then he turned to repeat the process with the other thigh.

Jimin,” you groaned out, rolling your hips out of frustration.

He chuckled against your hot skin, “this is your punishment for leaving me, Y/N,” he murmured.


Finally giving in to your desperate pleas, he slid a finger between your lips, pausing to rub your clit, you arched your back against his movements. His finger slowly entering you, curling the deeper he goes. Jimin grins wickedly at you, fingers pumping in and out of you with speed.

Then he added another finger into your folds, curling them to hit you in just the right spot and picking up his pace causing you to moan his name over and over again.

God, I love to watch you like this, Y/N,” he rasped out.

Pressing his tongue flat to your sensitive clit before his tongue starts circling against you, you gripped the fabric of the couch tightly. Then wrapping his lips around your sensitive bud, sucking hard until he had you screaming out his name. You weaved your hands into his soft hair, tugging roughly as you started rocking your hips up into his face, feeling the fire pooling in your belly, signally your oncoming orgasm.

With one last flick of his tongue and pump of his finger he had you dissolving into pleasure, shuddering underneath him and screaming out his name. Jimin growled loudly and began to lap up your juices that leaked from your over sensitive folds.

He quickly ripped his shirt off revealing his toned abs, making you lick your lips in desire, wanting to rub your hands all over him. Then he pulled his pants off along with his boxes and his dick sprang free of its constraints. You gaped in shock and awe at Jimin’s impressive size as another rush of heat spread through you.

He hovered over you and licked a long stripe up your neck as he rubbed the tip of his dick against your glistening folds, teasing you and causing you to shudder in anticipation.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Then he nipped at your flesh and began to suck, while sinking his cock into you slowly. He groaned.

The euphoria of his feeding on you drowning out the pain of his huge cock stretching and filling you up.

Jesus, fuck, Y/N. You’re so tight,” he breathed out. He paused for a minute to let you get used to feel of his inside you, the sensation of his bare skin against yours was intoxicating. But he stayed completely still until you were pleading for him to fuck you.

He pulled out of you, you whimpered at the empty feeling without him. Then he snapped his hips, burying himself inside you to the hilt once again, groaning loudly in pleasure. You hooked your legs around his waist, as he pounded into you, setting his pace. You were overcome with new sensations and you felt a sweet, hot burn that made you tingle all the way to the tips of your toes that made you throb against him.

Oh Jesus, fuck yes,” you choked out, every part of you he touched felt unbearably amazing.

Each time he thrust into you he swivelled his hips, rubbing your walls making you dizzy in ecstasy. Then he gripped your hips and angled them so he could penetrate you deeper. Pounding his hips into you, repeatedly hitting your g-spot.

Yes, there, just like that, fucking christ,” you cried out.

Your vision went black as the waves of pleasure overcame you and you pulsed around Jimin , dragging him closer to his own orgasm. His cock twitched inside you as his hips lost it’s rhythm, sloppily slamming into you.

You feel so fucking amazing,” he grunted.

Suddenly, he paused, pulling his lips of your neck with a pop as he shuddered and released his hot seed inside you.

He pulled out of you, collapsing on top of you. Then he rolled over, pulling you to him as he smiled, going back to mochi mode.

“My squishy little ChimChim,” you cooed, squishing his face between your hands.

“If you ever call me that again I’ll sink my cock into you and pound you so hard, the only thing you’ll remember is my name,” he warned, straight back to sexy Jimin.

“What name? You mean ChimChim?” You laughed.

He smirked and rolled back on top of you. You were gonna be sore tomorrow.


What Do You Say?

Summary: A regular game night at Y/N’s parents house takes a shocking turn. Both of them are bombarded with questions of when they’re going to get married. How the hell do they expect the two of them to settle down when they’re constantly at death’s door? 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), OFC’s, Reader 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M 

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex, language, NSFW 

Word Count: 4,720

A/N: Thanks again at @impala-dreamer for beta reading my stuff! I hope you enjoy, feedback is always welcomed!

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“Y/N, Dean we’re so glad the two of you were able to make it!” Your mother smiled, opening the door to your childhood home. “Everyone is in the kitchen chatting amongst themselves if you want to head in there.” You and your boyfriend stepped inside as your mother shut the door. “Make yourselves at home, Dean dear, do you need anything?” She asked, heading further inside the house as the two of you took your shoes off.

“No Mrs. Y/L/N I’m good for right now.” Dean yelled after her as he added his boots to the growing pile of shoes by the front door. “Thanks for the offer though!”

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A Turkish man stole the instrumental for Dynamite. He is claiming it is his and is not acknowledging VIXX. Go on the hashtag on Twitter for more info.

his performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CupeQkQoXng

vixx’s song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bnIb1JJHdA

Even if you do not stan VIXX, as a kpop fan I ask you to please support VIXX. Not long ago a Russian woman did the same to Taeyang from Big Bang (some of her other songs are ripped off to e.g. one song copies an Avril Lavigne song). 

the man’s twitter https://twitter.com/kursunofficial 

It might be considered mean, but I think people should @ his fans too to let them know he has fucked up.



This Turkish contestant is apparently plagiarising VIXX by treating DYNAMITE as his own creation. He was caught tweeting “This isn’t stealing, it’s creativity” AND IS DENYING THE FACT THAT HE STOLE DYNAMITE.


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