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I kind of feel sorry for Sebastian because of Francis

Hmm, I think it’s funny… mostly because Sebastian is at a total loss how she sees him as not just unattractive but indecent/lecherous (and how she can pick him out from the crowd and catch him at Weston), but I also see it (and other details about her) as evidence that Frances isn’t 100% human. Part reaper is my best guess (Undertaker as Cedric theory), since they naturally despise demons. The other funny thing about it is that even Frances probably has no idea how/why she sees Sebastian the way she does.


I spent an hour doing this video, ‘cos it’s so friggin funny, and someone decided TO ADD COMMENTS TO MY SUBTITLES. These are only a few. I’m going to go back and fix them now.

How do people think this is okay!? They’re not for inside jokes. I just. Can’t fathom. They’re for HoH people!

@therealjacksepticeye is there any way that some people could be sanctioned off if they repeatedly do this? Or if only a certain group could be put in? I know the whole reason you have community subtitles is because it’s too much work for you to handle, but it’s really making the subtitles suffer when people like this come along.

But since it’s a long shot for him to see this, would anyone seeing this please keep this in mind? I seriously doubt anyone on here are the ones responsible, but just in terms of approving subtitles. Watch out for extra comments and faces and such. It may be funny to someone who can hear and read them, but it’s not to people who cannot hear him/ barely hear him. It’s frustrating and confusing.

Dear Charlie,

I thought i didn’t have feelings for him anymore. i thought it was just a crush. which i think still is but God when i look at him i feel like I’ll melt. his eyes are so damn brown. i hate it. i hate him. i hate myself.

Love always,