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BTS Reaction | Touching yourself beside them

Request; Bts reaction to you masturbating next to them and you think that they’re asleep

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon knew by the way your breathing became more shallow and the small whimpers that you were touching yourself. He had heard those sounds many times before. Rolling over to face you he’d have a smile plastered across his face, playfully teasing you.

Slowly he’d move so that he was on top of you, pinning your arms down either side of your head with a smirk.

“Having all the fun without me? I don’t think so”

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin would think he was seeing things at first, that was until he heard an ever so quiet strangled moan of his name leave your lips. Placing a hand on your hip he’d let you know he was awake, you stopped your movements, face turning bright red.

When you removed your hand, Seokjin’s swiftly replaced your own, fingers finding your clit.

“Princess,  you don’t need to stop, I love hearing you moan for me”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi would reach for your wrist the moment he caught on to what you were doing. He would feel somewhat offended that you would rather pleasure yourself than wake him up, even though he knew you probably did it because of his long work hours and lack of sleep.

Moving so that he was hovering over you, he’d lean down, connecting his lips with your neck.

“I may be busy baby girl, but you know how much I like pleasuring you”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would watch you with a small smirk, biting down on his lower lip as his hand slipped beneath the fabric of his boxers, wrapping around his semi-hard length. His eyes never left your body as he watched you pleasure yourself beside him, your eyes clenched shut in pleasure.

Unable to hold back any longer, he’d reach over, tugging your hand from your panties.

“Baby, why don’t we help each other?”

Park Jimin

Jimin would just lay beside you, remaining silent as he watched you. His own hand would move down his body to palm himself through the thin black fabric of his sweatpants.  His breath hitching the moment your eyes landed on his, hurriedly he’d pull his hand away from his growing erection.

Covering his face in embarrassment he’d begin to laugh, going shy after being caught watching you.

“I promise I wasn’t watching you, princess”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would be on the verge of falling asleep at first but the soft sounds leaving your lips would catch his attention. At first, he’d think you were having a nightmare. Opening his eyes only slightly to look at you, he’d notice the way your hand was slipped beneath the waistband of your panties.

Sitting up rather quickly he would startle you, making you stop touching yourself in an instant.

“Princess don’t stop, let me watch, I like watching you touch yourself”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would remain quiet as he watched you beside him, despite you thinking Jungkook was asleep he had been awake the whole time.  A small smirk would tug either end of his lips at ever so small whimper of his name that fell from your mouth.

When he knew you were close to your orgasm he’d move to grab your wrist, stopping your movements completely.

“I think my baby girl needs a little help, hm?”


Become JHOPE: He will scream your name and hold you dear like no other

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You can’t? then be Holly: He will show you a side he shows no one

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You can’t? Then just be any dog: He will even initiate a kiss

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You can’t turn yourself to any living creature? Then be a pillow: He will bring you with him everywhere!

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If you want to be a supporive existance that keeps him going through the day, then be a cup of coffee. He will be ADDICTED to you!

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If you want to play it ‘hard to get’ you can be a trophy. He will get you though no matter what and even BTS and ARMY will like you

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You can also be his first love if you become a piano: He will write songs with YOU and for YOU

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Another way to be mentioned in his song is to turn into a Rolex.

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And if you want him to think of you all day and even when he is with you he never wants to leave you, then be a bed

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The only downside of the bed is that he will cheat on you with every sofa, chair, floor … he finds 

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AND if unfortunately, you can’t be any of the above, well …

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start praying you land on one of them for your next life. Unless you are an ARMY then he likes you A LOT already ;) 

By @mimibtsghost


This is so cutee! ~😄💖

season 13 Dean is season 1 Sam

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I wrote after 12x23 aired that it was subverting and reverse-mirroring season 1 in many ways (Mary/John etc) but damnnnn the Sam/Dean reversal has been absolutely thrown in our faces already and I love it.

There are so many recurring instances of Sam having nightmares / not being able to sleep because he’s seeing Jess dying over and over again in season 1.

Now call me crazy but I expect to see the same for Dean in season 13 for Cas and Mary even more after 13x01.

I also hope and expect to see Sam supporting Dean through this just as Dean did for him in season 1, however with the extra added bonus of Sam’s own grief as he cares for Cas and Mary too, but this time showing the difference nature of their grief.

Both Cas and Mary are linked to Jess now after 12x23 and 13x01.

Cas is the lost lover (I don’t make the rules). Dean drops to his knees just as Sam did in front of Jess’ grave. Sam then tells Jess in death, similarly to a prayer, that he wishes he had told her the truth… well we can always hope I guess but even this feels fanfic to another level that perhaps even Dabb won’t go to for Dean :p

Mary is Jess again too after 13x01 purposefully and unnecessarily linked them through Dean’s dream of her burning on the ceiling just like Jess did. Even though that’s not how she was lost to them this time, it feels to me like it’s just here to hammer home this reminder… for reasons.

Plus 1x05: Dean to Sam “This is about Jessica isn’t it. You think she’s your dirty little secret, that you killed her somehow…” *insert Miriam telling Dean he got Cas killed* “…Sam this has gotta stop man, I mean the nightmares and calling her name out in the middle of the night, it’s gonna kill you. Listen to me, it wasn’t your fault, if you want to blame something blame the thing that killed her, hell, if you want to swing at me, I’m the one that dragged you away from her in the first place

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*Tink stares into the camera*

TL;DR it makes zero sense to me if the next few episodes don’t have at least one instance or a reference to Dean having nightmares about Cas and Mary.

One morning, I opened my eyes
And wished I was dead
I want someone to kill me
In this loud silence
I live to understand the world
But the world has never understood me, why
No, that half is missing
It’s trying to hurt me
I miss me miss me, baby
I wish me I wish me, baby
Wish I could choose me

RM (BTS’ Namjoon) - Always

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bts// face riding


he loved your thighs and pussy. so when you asked him about face riding, he happily complied. he wanted nothing more but to make you feel amazing. 

when you sat down, thighs over his head, he started kissing the insides of your thighs- adding more to the pool that was already between your legs. his rough hands grabbed your thighs, massaging the flesh that he adored so much, and got to work. your hands immediately gripped the headboard of your shared bed, not being able to stand the amount of pleasure already.

“mmh baby, you taste as sweet as always.” you heard his muffled voice from underneath you. 

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you were shaking above him, the amount of pleasure he was giving you was mind blowing. one of your hands held onto the wall while the other was down inbetween your legs gripping yoongi’s hair. his fingers were gripping into your thighs, most likely leaving marks. his nose was digging into the perfect place on your clit, pushing you further to your orgasm. 

“god kitten, you’re amazing.”

his praising made you even more turned on in this scenario. you moved your hands up your body and held onto your boobs, massaging them since they were highly sensitive at this time. yoongi noticed and groanded at the siht, obviously loving what was happening.

“you’re so hot kitten.”

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you were extremely nervous when he asked you to get onto his face- that he wanted to try something. you were quite insecure about your weight, so literally sitting on him was not something you were 100% positive about. hoseok would notice your hesitation and instantly reassure you.

“baby, please. i just want to make you feel good. let me make you feel good.” he spoke softly as he lied down. he gently grabbed you by the thighs and pulling you onto his face. you smiled down at him and took your position. you saw him give you smirk before diving right in and making you moan instantly, making you wish that you weren’t so insecure before and did it sooner. 

one of hands stayed on your hip as the other one reached up and played with your nipple, making you throw your head back. his tongue and hands felt amazing all over your body,

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rap monster

you were a moaning, screaming mess above namjoon. the name “daddy” filled the entire room because of you. the entire bed shook from you squirming above him. his hands tightening around your thighs to try to get you from moving so much. 

with each moan of yours, you could feel his smirk and ego grow rapidly. 

“kitten, if i knew you were going to be like this we shouldve done it a lot sooner” he spoke with his raspby, muffled voice. 

tongue dove quickly in and out of you, making your body shake even more when you finally oragsmed. 

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“thats it baby, grind you pussy down onto my face.” he groaned from underneath you, leaving you to wonder if he was enjoying this more than you. 

your hands rested on the wall as you fucked his mouth with your entire body. you could feel his eyes on you as you closed your own and looked up at the ceiling, trying to get the amazing moment scarred in your brain forever. you had never felt this good in your entire life before. 

his hands slid up your hips and around your ass, giving you some kind of stability. he gave your ass little slaps every once in a while, loving the way it made your face scrunch up in pain and pleasure. 

when you finally orgasmed, you were completely tired out, leaving a proud, smug, look on jimins face. 

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you were on the couch when taehyung came home from practice abruptly, literally throwing his bag and shoes off. 

“tae, are you o-” you tried to ask him but was cutoff by him smashing his lips on yours. he picked you a bit, just enough for him to slid underneath you, so you were straddling him. his hands roamed your entire body.

“the boys were talking about something at practice today.” he said against your lips, his hands finally stopping on your ass. 

“and what was that?” you asked, grinding your hips against his obvious hard on. 

“i want you to ride my face.” he stated, pulling away fully to see your reaction. a smirk was on your face, already loving it and you havent even done it yet.

you pushed him down and stood up quickly to strip off your clothing, his eyes never leaving you. you both smirked at eachother finally as you took your position over his head. 

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you dont know how it happened, but jungkook had convinced you to watch porn with him. 

so now, both of you, him with a hard on, and you with soaked panties, sat on your bed watching the video that played on your laptop. 

it got to a scene where the girl with the very loud moans was sitting on top of the man, riding his face. this scene made you close your legs to get some friction where you needed it most. jungkook noticed your action and smirked,”you want to try that?” he asked.

you nodded in reply and was suddenly attacked by jungkook hungrily kissing your lips and neck while taking your panties and shirt off at the same time. “this is going to be so fun princess.” he groaned as he flippe dyou over to sit on top of him.\you moved up a little and sat down on his face, already getting use to the incredible feeling. 

his tongue circled your entire pussy, tasting all of your juices,” god, you taste even better from this angle if thats even possible.” he moaned into your flesh. 

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BTS Reaction To: Kitten Kink.

-Request: Can you do a BTS reaction of you having a kitten kink?-

Thanks for requesting! (Okay, this highkey turned into just a pure smut reaction with them calling you ‘kitten’, rather them reacting to you having a kitten kink.. i’m sorry dhhwdb)


Jin loved calling you Kitten in the bedroom, absolutely loving how it made him feel powerful. He was your master - praising you when he felt you needed to be rewarded, yet punishing you when you couldn’t follow his rules. 

“Hm, who do you belong to, Kitten? Who makes you feel this good?”

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Yoongi addressed you as “Kitten” most of the time, liking how it made him feel superior. Often, Yoongi would make you wear a collar during sexual intercourse, loving the way the little bell attached to it would jingle as he pounded into you.

“Kitten, you’re so fucking tight.” “I could pound into this pretty pussy of yours all day, and you’d still be this tight.”

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Namjoon always bought you new attire, buying you a whole new lingerie set with a collar, and even some kitten ears. He found the very sight of you dressed in the clothing extremely arousing. Namjoon always preferred being dominant, treating you as his pet, and taking care of you. You would always submit to him, obeying to his rules, like a good kitten would.

“Good Kitten.. Always taking my cock so well.”

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Lowering your mouth onto Hoseok’s cock, trying to take as much of him as you could, he bucked his hips upwards. Hoseok had always loved the feeling of your  lips wrapped around him. As you were Hoseok’s ‘pet’, he most of the time told you what to do, rewarding you afterwards if you complied. Pulling your mouth away from his length, you wrapped your hand around his member, jerking him off until he finally reached his climax. 

“Lick it all up for me, Kitten.” He said breathlessly once he released his load.

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Taehyung loved your kitten kink, liking the way it almost humiliated you, separating you from humanity in addressing you that way.

In times of punishment for being a ‘bad kitten’, Taehyung would often spank you, letting his hand slam down onto the soft flesh of your ass. As you were not following his rules, he decided to punish you, his hand coming into contact with your skin. You cried out his name, earning a “tut” from him.

“I told you not to make a sound, Kitten..” Taehyung spoke in a deep voice. 

You huffed aloud, “not my fault when you’re being too rough.”

Not liking your attitude, Taehyung spanked you again, making sure this time it was a lot more powerful. “I can do whatever I want with you. If I tell you to be quiet, you’re quiet.”

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Jimin found your kitten kink adorable, absolutely adoring the sight of you dressed in pink, lacy lingerie, with a black collar around your neck, obeying to him as your master. He was extra caring with you after the both of you had rough sex, even rewarding you for taking him so well. 

“I don’t deserve you, Kitten.. You’re so goddamn perfect.”

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Jungkook made it his mission to treat you like a princess in times of praise, caring for you, peppering you with kisses, holding you till you fell asleep. But when it came to punishing you, he didn’t hesitate to make sure you knew you were behaving like a bad kitten. 

“Take my punishment like a good kitten.”

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