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What are your head canons for how everyone kisses? Including V and the amgry strawberry man (love this blog!!!♡♡♡)


- he likes to fuck make out against the wall

- he’s SO handsy. you have no idea. his s/o is constantly getting felt up under the table and they both love it

- nothing turns zen on more than when his s/o moans into his mouth


- his kisses are playful!

- lots and lots of tongue

- he likes the excitement of making out in really public places, like at school

jaehee kang

- she likes to play with her s/o’s hair when they kiss

- contrary to her personality, she loves giving hickeys

- she’ll be embarrassed about it later but secretly she likes knowing that everyone can see who her s/o belongs to

jumin han

- his kisses are always passionate

- even in front of important officials he can’t help but kiss his s/o deeply. there is no soft peck on the cheek from him

- he goes 0 to 100 in private 


 - seven is either really really intense or really really gentle

 - if he’s being gentle he’ll pull his s/o into his lap and kiss them slowly, and deeply

 - if he’s feeling intense he kisses like his s/o is water and he’s dying of thirst. It gets messy.

 - he likes to do that thing where you knock everything off a table and make out on it but it never ends well


- his kisses are soft and gentle

 - not a lot of tongue 

- he just likes to hold his s/o in his arms while they kiss and feel it every time they moan


- Saeran only has has one level and it’s 100%.

- His kisses are always deep and meaningful and so passionate

- he likes to do a kabe don sort of thing but he always ends up blushing because he’s worried it makes the MC nervous