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Namjoon : All right. I’ll tell you what. When we’re 40, if neither one of us are married, what do you say you and I get together and adopt a baby?

Seokjin : Why won’t I be married when I’m 40?

Namjoon : Oh, no, no. I just meant hypothetically.

Seokjin : Okay, hypothetically, why won’t I be married when I’m 40?

Namjoon : No, no, no.

Seokjin : What is it? Is there something fundamentally unmarriable about me?

Namjoon : Uh, uh.

Seokjin : Well?

Namjoon : Dear God! This parachute is a knapsack!

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Okay so ya byeeeee

Yes, dear

Jungkook : i’m gonna use the bathroom.

Taehyung : make sure you put down the toilet seat!

Jungkook : yes, dear.

Seokjin : aw, is that a thing you guys do?

Taehyung : yeah, we’re pretending to be you two.

Seokjin : what?! we don’t do that! Namjoon, tell him we don’t do that!

Namjoon : yes, dear.


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[#오늘의방탄] <THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL> 1회 공연 끝!🤘🏻 사랑이자 벗, 천국이자 자랑인 우리 아미들 조심히 들어가세요💜

[Today’sBangtan] <THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL> First concert, finished!🤘🏻 our ARMYs that are *our love and friend, Heaven and pride get home safely💜

[T/N: That is a quote based on lyrics from Outro: Her]

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