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Prominence ➣ Daryl Dixon

Request: Have you seen the Into You music video?? If so could you write a modern AU with daryl and a fem!reader kinda like that?  I cant get the idea out of my head and I love your writing! -Anonymous

A/N: This was super fun to write and I’m thinking about doing a part two so let me know if you’d be interested in that! I’m currently listening to this song on repeat, so thanks nonnie ;) There will be a P.O.V shift in the beginning just so that I can set the scene!

Warning: cursing, domestic violence (not too graphic)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I write about nor do I own the gif(s) below. If you would like it removed/given credit please message me & I will do just that!

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kingxfmischief  asked:

If you save the world, we can do it in the asshole. (NO REGRETS)

@kingxfmischief | Kingsmen: The Secret Service Meme

                “And if I fail?”

So her twin could be COY if needed. It surprised her, and she couldn’t resist the urge to run the tip of her finger around the rim of her wineglass. Suggestive, maybe, if he took it THAT way. Then again, he started it. 

                  “Would you concoct some other…PUNISHMENT suitable
                    for your favorite twin? DO tell, Loki. I am dying of curiosity.”

I thought I made a post about this earlier but apparently I didn’t wth

Thank you for the feedback about the medium preferences everyone!! It looks like you guys have a preference for my watercolor stuff, so I might lean more in that direction! (Plus it’s easier on my wrist and I can watercolor at school too!) 

I’m still going to do digital stuff of course but it might be less frequent(?) Idk it depends on my mood lolllll


“You’re down by one vote.” / “I…I count myself up by one.” / “No, you lost a Republican.” / “Who?” / “Chuck Hodges.” / “The war hero? No. No, he’ll never vote for torture.” / “No, he had to leave. He’s not there.” / “Wait, what? What happened?” / “I don’t know.”

BrainDead 1.07: I Knew He was Trouble the Minute I Walked In


;; Kieran Amell in med school basically

Too Cute

Yoosung fluff fic! 
Spoliers BTW! Almost forgot this.

Rating: Fluffy 

“Okay, so if I press SHIFT then V I can do a special attack yes?”


I took in a deep breath and pressed the two keys. The character in the game raised her staff and a beam of gold light annihilated the enemies. “WHOOHOOHOOOO!” I threw my hands in the air. “I did it!”

Yoosung laughed as he ruffled my hair. “You did. But uh… remember this is only level 10.”

“It’s the small victories in life Yoosung.” I pouted as I returned my hands to the keyboard. We finally had the chance to hang out with each other now that the party was over. Although even after that Yoosung’s schedule was busy with trips to the hospital and optometrist. This morning we had enjoyed a visit to the park and did some light window shopping. Yoosung was still trying to adapt to his hurt right eye. It pained him to look at bright lights and sometimes his eye would dry out and feel irritated and itchy. So here we were, me learning how to play LOLOL and him playing with my hair and looking at me like I was the only person in his world.

“Maybe we should have lunch first.” Yoosung glanced at his phone.

I checked mine as well. “WHOAH! Damn I didn’t even realize how fast the time went by.”

Yoosung chuckled as he made his way to the kitchen. “Yeah LOLOL does that to you.”

I stood up to stretch, my muscles cramping and popping. “Yeah. Time flies when you’re with the one you love.”

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Set Asunder: Chapter 13

Chapters of Set Asunder will post every Friday here on my tumblr and on my Ao3 account. You can find all the chapters under my Set Asunder tag.

Please note, this is a first person p.o.v. fic with shifting p.o.v.s. The p.o.v. of each chapter will be noted at the beginning of the chapter.

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ok i gotta talk abt this

something i lo v e about size shifting or growth is when its affected by emotions but especially anger like cmon y’all know the trope thats like

the persons talking and they’re really really angry and you can see them slowly growing larger and larger, their voice getting rougher and louder and the people theyre upset with cant do anything besides step back and almost cower at their growing, angry friend who towers over them now 

(and then when the shifter realizes whats happening they go back into their regular size and try to apologize for getting so upset and scaring their friends)

captainusofa  asked:

Will the Warden be accepting questions again soon?? ;3;

I’m really sorry to getting to this late, but as of now, it’s indefinite! I’m not planning to close the blog though, it’s mostly because of a number of things, mainly my job and messed up sleep schedule being two of them (I work the graveyard shift T v T).

That being said, I am hoping to get some time and motivation to open it up again. Just not right now :0


jk jk. but yes hello my dear followers!! it’s been a while. i’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now and i’m so hecking sorry. i’ve dedicated my time to f/allo/ut 4 lately, building things, joining all the factions, blowing up the i/nstit/ute, marking down settlements that need my help on my map………………. look it’s all important i swear i’ve been doing good i’m a goody lil two shoes in this game

in any case, i’ve been kinda drifting from the o/v/w fandom and shifting over to the f/allo/ut fandom. not really tho, i’ve just been playing the game a lot. i’ve already put in like 50-60+ hours gameplay. and i’ve also been considering another soldier boy to add to my collection… stares at j/ack and w/ashingt/on

i promise to try and improve my activity on this blog though. i feel bad for kind of dropping everything and vanishing off tumblr, but i think it was a kind of needed refreshment. i might be dropping threads and clearing my inbox/drafts too, try and clean up a little and put up a new starter call too. i’ll see if i can get things moving on here again, and hopefully i will be able to, as well as going onto my other blogs rather than neglect them. again. this is becoming a habit

i’ll also possibly revamp my blog, with a new theme, so that’s something to look forward to


Jimin hadn’t been on stage in a while. His friend set him up with a job at the local strip club, and he was happy to be off the streets for a while. Prostituting made good money; but it wasn’t enough. At least with dancing, he could live off tips from hundreds of people a night.

When his set came up, he was told that it was another birthday party. He was pretty popular for them– friends of the birthday guy or gal liked to see their friend being grounded on apparently.


Phone beeping woke me up at 5:40 am. I had fallen asleep at the patio. Again.

Text from Gavin: Hey, Mr. V for Vodka, your shift started 10 minutes ago. Get your alcoholic ass here, before Bigbeardson goes supernova.

Joseph Bigbeardson was a Hospital Administrator. Did I have a shift that day? What day it was again?.. God, something was really wrong with my life.