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“The parties were bigger. The pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

SET THE STAGE ON CORUSCANT. it’s always been a bright, shining example of a city, with a rich culture and history, and elegant women and handsome men. maybe the poorer parts of the city are seedy and dangerous, maybe they swallow people whole, but the wealthy and happy have never bothered to take a gander that way. no, their biggest concern nowadays is PROHIBITION, and the seedy and shady business it’s brought upon the city. ( never mind that the seedy and shady men and women were always there to begin with. ) SPEAKEASIES have popped up where there used to be restaurant stockrooms. women are CUTTING THEIR HAIR and demanding a little more revolution in their lives. men are digging tunnels and CARRYING GUNS in holsters. the party’s hoppin’, if you can find it, the liquor’s flowin’, if you’re in on it, and it’s time to live a little. it’s 1925, baby, let’s have some fun !!


1. this verse is open to mutuals only, and there will be a cap at around thirty members, because i don’t want it to get too out of hand. that said, if this gets more popular, i’ll consider removing the cap.
2. ic drama is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, but ooc drama won’t be tolerated.
3. duplicates MUST be discussed beforehand, and will be allowed only as twins.
4. yes, this is star wars based, no, you don’t have to be a star wars muse to join the verse. that said, i’m gonna be requiring everyone to have a human fc, due to coruscant being the stand in for chicago.
5. this is meant to be a really laid back verse, hence the whole ‘mutuals only’ aspect of it. i won’t be checking activity with militant regularity, but because of the cap, if you go completely inactive for a while without warning i may pull you from the verse temporarily. i’ll always check in with you first, though.
6. i’ll probably make a group chat at some point for plotting but only if that’s something everyone’s interested in !!
7. submit all applications ( found under the cut ) to ME here at @libertinedeath!!
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V: Aren’t you a little too short? You can barely see the top

Yoosung: Aren’t you a little too blind to see

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says v. 3


Jaebum: ‘I saranghate this’

Jackson: ‘I can literally make a new language with all my typos’

Jinyoung: ‘i s2g if any of you recognize a mom that’s not me i will disown u’

Youngjae: ‘got7 who? I only know coco’

BamBam: ‘someone roast me’

Yugyeom: ‘aims for your ass gets your hair instead’


a series of unlikely crossovers:

anonymous asked:

RFA + V/Saeran where MC is an actress and she has a play with Zen where she has a heavy makeout scene and/or a sex scene?

We gonna keep this……. sfw…………. bc i am not yet (and maybe just won’t be??) comfortable posting nsfw that ive written sorry my dudes!!


-oh man he’s so excited!!
-but also
-nervous af
-he is a Professional
-and so is MC
-but okay at home he def uses the makeout scene as an excuse to canoodle for “practice”
-okay back to Nervous Boy tho
-there are ways to make it look like they’re kissing on stage
-and that’s what Zen thinks they should do bc….
-oh my god he’s afraid that if he Actually kisses MC on stage like that that he’ll forget all his lines and cues


-oh man so jelly
-this poor cutie
-not that he doesn’t trust MC, because he absolutely does!!
-but Zen…………..
-Zen obviously has had feelings for MC
-as if all the flirting in the chat room when MC came first into their lives wasn’t clue enough
-winds up confronting Zen
-like plEASe do not make a move on my SO, Zen pls omg
-and Zen is p accommodating and low key upset bc he absolutely doesn’t want to mess with their relationship
-he might still have feelings for MC but…….. Yoosung pls
-Zen suggests they talk all this out w MC


-jealous of like…….. five things
-MC gets to act with Zen
-Zen gets to act with MC
-they get to sing a duet
-they r spending a lot of time together for rehearsal
-MC and Zen r going to kiss???? On stage???
-emotional turmoil is thy name ughhgh
-she talks to MC about it tho!!
-like p soon after hearing about the kiss scene (she did not last v long……..)
-MC reassures Jaehee that they r both professionals, and that they have talked to Zen about this
-and they can absolutely talk about this with him together if she wants


-upset upset
-doesn’t know quite how to deal with this
-he’s being especially petty w Zen in the chatroom rude
-MC takes notice (and got a couple texts from Jaehee…..)
-at home after rehearsals one day MC approaches Jumin
-“hey, I wanna show u something”
-????? curious Jumin Han
-MC shows him Exactly How they make it look like actors are making out on stage
-zero actual kisses
-Jumin is surprised?? but also pleased and reassured
-“thank you, MC..”
-they proceed to share actual kisses


-a lil insecure
-researches stage kisses
-only a little bit relieved by the results??
-feels guilty about feeling like this
-oh my god this poor boy and his compounded feelings
-nervously confronts MC
-they Understand
-MC and Saeyoung talk about this for a long while… . . and get Zen on speakerphone
-somehow this talk ends with Saeyoung and MC making out???
-Zen is still on speaker
-he is YELLING
-he is also.. ignored
-Zen hangs up


-vocal about being jealous
-requires repeated reassurances
-ends up going with MC to rehearsal so they can prove once and for all….
-that it’s just a scene in the play
-just one scene
-and that Zen and MC never actually kiss in the play and especially not during rehearsal
-Zen also wants to reassure Saeran!!
-Zen and Saeran talk privately for a while after rehearsal
-when Saeran and MC go home later, Saeran is a lot more settled
-but still feeling a lil possessive


-low key jelly
-somehow becomes more affectionate??
-he is very supportive of MC and Zen as actors and wants them to do their best on stage
-and if that means they actually make out on stage then he tells them to go for it
-the only scenario where MC and Zen make out on stage omg
-as an artist he gets it
-doesn’t mean he’s not still jealous
-he does talk it out with MC
-but is also very glad when the play is finally done showing
-and so goes about showing MC how much they mean to him


★ the half life trilogy + PANTONE palette + pastel 

↳ gabriel // van // nathan // rose