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Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

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The Blade of Marmora. When Lance is saying Keith is hothead... Is it me, or Keith looks sad while Lance is talking about him like that?

In this scene??

Kind of, yeah^^’ But I always interpreted that as Keith being like “well yeah he’s actually kind of right, I am a hothead” just like in the Balmera:

His expression is pretty similar, his eyebrows are raised, his eyes narrowed, he is pouting, in neither of the scenes he’s facing Lance directly. It’s his “guilty as charged” face:

Keith knows who he is. He knows that he has a temper, so hearing Lance talk bad about it is something he can on some level actually agree with. When people talk bad about him without any foundation to their talk his first instinct is to defend himself or ignore them, as we have learned from his other interactions with Lance :P He doesn’t really get sad about it.

Keith does, however, get sad when people he considers important imply that they don’t trust him. Trust and friendship are two things that he values highly and that affect him deeply - just look at his faces throughout his conflict with Allura and when Shiro didn’t immediately back him up in the BOM episode:

Lance, for all his fighting with Keith, has never once implied that he doesn’t trust him or acted in a way that might make him believe such. The closest he came to that was denying that the bonding moment ever happened and while Keith was clearly affected by it, he wasn’t exactly sad about it. Shocked, outraged and disappointed? Yep yep. But he knew that Lance was still his friend and was secure enough in that knowledge to tease him back about the same thing in the same episode still.

So no, I don’t really think that Keith was sad in that episode. The only time Lance ever made Keith sad was when he almost died and I think that speaks a lot about their dynamic ♥

burnout; or at least how it feels like to me: a half-finished doodle, messy and chaotic, only the face is intact, because that’s what people focus on the most, not the incompleteness, or the exhaustion bubbling inside, but the face. 

because someone who looks put together has their life in order, right?



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I went to California Adventure and met Groot exactly two months ago. 

I’m still not over it. ^_^V

  • I’m not bald! You can see my ponytail draped over my shoulder. I wore the leopard print bandana to prevent sunburn on my scalp where my hair parts and to keep my bangs (fringe) from dripping sweat in my eyes. 

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Keith. That was all he could think about as he ran though the prison halls-ready to strike at a moment’s notice. He had to find him- There was no way he’d leave without him. He was in here because of him, He had gotten them both captured, and now he was going to get them both out. He was checking doors here and there- Hoping be wasn’t in any already occupied room.

His body was screaming at him to rest- Slow down, his injuies were already enough and he needed to rest. When he found Keith- He’d relax. He opened a door, maybe he had some good luck! Keith was there- unharmed…? Something didn’t add up- His mind caught on to quickly, a magic blast striking him from behind, sending him tumbling to the floor. “Fool. You wish to see him so bad, then die with him.” The door closed behind him. He needed to stand- Keith needed him to get back on his feet.


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