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Three’s a Crowd (Part 12)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11.

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We’re Good

Request: You and Shawn are dating, but you don’t like Camila and you get jealous so you’re very lovey dovey whenever Camila is around––happy ending / “How long have you been standing there?”

a/n: thank you all for being so patient with these updates!! I’m really trying my best to crank them out and balance my school life + social life!! You all rock I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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Going to the studio and just sitting in on one of Shawn’s sessions was always one of your favorite things.  You didn’t want to have a career in the entertainment industry, but seeing the process of everything behind making an album captivated you since the first time you saw Shawn recording.

           You sat on the outside of the booth with a table full of snacks that Shawn requested.  Playing on your phone, or scrolling through social media, was what you did while you listened to him.  He was in the middle of recording some vocals for a piano ballad he wrote.  His voice was your favorite thing to listen to and it soothed every part of you.  You couldn’t hear the music he was singing along to, but from hearing the verse he was singing, you knew that this would be your favorite song off his next album.

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∆ One of the best days of my entire life ∆

Alright. So. I am going to do my very best at this. But here it finally is, in its entirety in post form: On Saturday May 6th, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina, I saw my favorite band, Bastille, again. And by some all-powerful grace of a god in the sky or the universe rewarding me for some reason, I got to meet them. Here is the story:

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RFA, V and Saeran going out to a pumpkin field with MC, picking a few pumpkins to carve or maybe bake into sweets- ( Oh how I love pumpkin carving tho cause after you can bake the seeds and have a nice snack- )

this is perfect for the day of Halloween so I’m gonna do it!! I hope you enjoy it~ I also LOVE going to pumpkin patches. I didn’t get to go to one this year though :(

~Admin MP

  • Everyone loves going to pumpkin patches okay?
  • It’s basically a rite of fall
  • So when MC suggests that they all go to one, they’re all on board
  • Even if Jumin acts like he’s too good for it he likes it as well and would love to carve a pumpkin since he never has before
  • Seven hasn’t either, or Saeran, so they’re also excited (Seven high key, Saeran low key)
  • Yoosung just hasn’t gone in years so he’s so ready
  • Jaehee went when she was little with her mother and hasn’t been since, so she’s very excited to go
  • This is Zen’s shit he loves fall shit like this
  • V loves the smell of the pumpkin fields and the feeling of a solid pumpkin underneath his hands so of course he’s gonna go
  • Jumin wears a dark blue sweater that’s very soft with the sleeves pushed up his forearms, a nice pair of black jeans and some casual boot like shoes (wtf do men wear on their feet lmAO)
  • Seven wears a red cable knit sweater, some old jeans and old sneakers since he feels like it will be muddy (it will. RIP Jumins expensive shoes)
  • Saeran wears a grey long sleeved henley with a black leather jacket over it, black jeans, a grey beanie and some black boots
  • Yoosung wears a soft, grey shirt underneath a red and black flannel shirt, jeans and some older boots 
  • Jaehee wears a light grey sweater dress, some black leggings and and black ankle boots 
  • Zen goes ham and wears a red plaid scarf with a white button up peacoat jacket, nice jeans and boots
  • V wears a button up white shirt underneath a grey sweater and dark jeans with nice shoes
  • MC is nice and comfy in their oversized crewneck sweater that says ‘RFA SQUAD’ on the front of it, black leggings, and knee high black boots
  • After they drive and get there, they spend some time looking around the stores and going to the petting zoo 
  • The goats try to eat Zen’s jacket and when he leans down to pull it away, one snatches his scarf
  • His scream can be heard by Jaehee and Seven who are buying homemade jam
  • Saeran is sitting in the corner surrounded by baby chicks and petting them all softly
  • Of course, Jumin wants to buy the whole place for Elizabeth 3rd
  • But he settles for just buying a shitload of apple cider and apple doughnuts
  • V and MC are standing to the side listening to a folk band playing
  • They start dancing like weirdos and Seven films the whole thing
  • Even though it’s cold, they all get pumpkin ice cream, some also getting apple cider
  • There are wild cats running around the place and Seven manages to befriend like ten of them
  • They all follow him around and Jumin is so jealous
  • When MC wants a cute sign from the store, everyone offers to buy it for them
  • Seven buys Saeran an apron that says ‘please don’t do anything to the cook’
  • Saeran is pleased with it
  • While laughing, Yoosung buys a sign for Jumin that says ‘home is where the cat hair sticks to everything…but the cat’
  • Jumin loves it of course
  • The place has a bunch of different cooking and baking shit and Jaehee buys a lot of pastry stuff to try out with her new jam
  • V really enjoys tea so he gets some homemade tea and a cute little tea defuser in the shape of an acorn
  • Zen keeps getting noticed by people and actually just wants to have a fun time with his friends, so Saeran lends him his beanie and Jumin gives him a pair of sunglasses
  • ~Instant Disguise~
  • They all pile on the hayrack ride to the pumkin patch, Zen complaining about the hay that’s getting into his boots
  • One of the cats made it on the hayrack ride?
  • After a few minutes of goofing around, they make it to the patch and they all split up, looking for the perfect pumpkin
  • Jumin stares down at his shoes, disgruntled at the fact that they got muddy so quickly
  • Seven laughs at him until he trips over a vine and falls in the mud
  • Saeran quietly finds a perfect pumpkin and picks up up, a tiny smile on his face
  • Snickering, Yoosung tries to throw some old gross pumpkin guts at Zen who screams and dodges (he almost hits V)
  • With his hand tucked into MC’s arm, the two of them go around feeling for the perfect pumpkins and end up finding two really good ones (”That’s why you go farther into the pumpkin patch, everyone!!”)
  • After everyone’s picked out their pumpkins, they grab the wagons provided and start wheeling them back instead of taking the hayrack ride
  • They pay for their pumpkins and go home to carve them
  • After scooping out the guts (Yoosung tries to throw some at Zen again and succeeds this time and Seven tries to stick his head inside one of the empty pumpkins and gets it stuck) they all start carving
  • Jumin carves Elizabeth 3rd
  • Jaehee carves a coffee cup with a delicate tendril of steam coming up
  • Zen carves himself
  • Seven carves a fucking meme (probably does an old one like ‘u mad’ just to piss everyone off)
  • MC carves a unicorn
  • Yoosung carves The Legend of Zelda symbol
  • Saeran carves a raven and it’s really good??
  • Jumin helps V carve something but it also ends up being Elizabeth 3rd
  • ”Did you just help me carve Elizabeth 3rd”
  • ”She deserves to be on every single one of these pumpkins.”
  • After they’re done carving, the pumpkins go outside and candles are placed inside to light them up
  • Then Jaehee and Yoosung clean the pumpkin guts and roast the pumpkin seeds to eat for later
  • Jumin heats up (with MC’s supervision) some of the apple cider he bought earlier
  • They all settle down for a nice night of playing Harry Potter Scene It 
  • (Jaehee turns into a savage and destroys everyone. The only person who can barely keep up with her is Yoosung.)
BTS reaction to younger sibling dating

So these ended up really really long. Sorry about that. But I am personally really happy with them and I hope you are too. Also, because I live in America and we just passed the equal rights for marriage law, I thought it would be nice to have at two of these about a homosexual sibling (one of each gender). Sorry if that bothers you at all. <3 I do not own any of these gifs.

-Admin Kat

(S/N)= sibling name

(B/N)/(G/N)= Boyfriend/ girlfriend name

Jin: This was the first chance Jin had to visit his family in a long time. With all the promotional event happening, his schedule didn’t allow him to see his younger sister in almost five months. The last time he saw her, she was wearing a BTS hoodie with his name on the back, and still had her hair in pigtails. Of course, she was already sixteen, but she was still his baby sister.

He came into the kitchen and was greeted by the smell of pork cooking on the stove and the sound of his sister screaming his name. “Oppa!” She screamed as she jumped into his arms. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he wrapped his arms around his little sister. He helped her finish cooking the dinner and set the table.

“You have to add another plate.” His sister said as her placed the plates on the dining room table. He looked up at her in confusion and she let out a sigh. She looked away from him as she explained, “My boyfriend is coming over for dinner. He is really excited to meet you.”

“Boyfriend!? How can you have a boyfriend? You mean a boy who is also just a friend, right?” Jin asked in shock. This couldn’t be. His baby sister couldn’t be dating. Before she could answer him, the doorbell rang and Jin could hear his mom greeting someone at the door. His mother’s voice was followed by an unfamiliar boy’s voice.

Dinner was a bit awkward as Jin watched his baby sister giggling and fawning over her boyfriend. After dinner, Jin decided it was a good time to pull his sister aside. “(S/N), I am not comfortable with the thought of you dating already.” He began. His sister tried to interject, but he quickly stuck his hand up to continue. “But I trust your judgment and so I assume this boy is a good guy if you are trusting him with your heart. But remember, if you ever need me or want to talk about something, please do not hesitate to call me. I have six other guys who are willing to hurt anyone for you.”

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Suga: Suga was sitting in his room with his little brother playing video games. It was nice to finally get to chill with his bro, but for some reason his brother seemed like he was nervous. Suga tried to ignore the feeling, assuming he was just being a worrier, but he really couldn’t keep pushing it back. He looked over at his brother. He looked a lot more mature than Suga remembered.

The last time he saw his brother was around two years ago. It wasn’t because of his schedule or anything. His brother had decided to go to a boarding school and his breaks just didn’t seem to work well with BTS promotion schedules. It was sad, but they talked on the phone everyday at least.  

“Okay (S/N), what is up? You look like you have something to say, so just say it.” Suga said as he put the controller down. His brother took a deep breath and looked at his older brother. “I-I am dating.” He said in a soft voice. Suga couldn’t help but scoff. “Okay, why were you so nervous to tell me? Is she a nice girl?”

His brother bite his lip and looked down at his hands. “That’s the thing. It’s not a girl. Yoongi, I’m dating a boy. He’s in my math class and he is really sweet and funny and I think if you give him a shot you will really like him.” His brother’s words were coming out a mile a minute. Suga simply waited for his brother to stop talking before taking him into a hug. “I still don’t get why you were scared to tell me. You are my brother, I don’t care if you are dating a boy or a girl. The only thing I care about is that whoever you are dating treats you well.”

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J-Hope: “I don’t get why I can’t give you a piggy back ride?” J-Hope whined as he looked at his younger sister. He standing in front of her and looking at her from over his shoulder. She couldn’t help but chuckle. They were out getting ice cream when her brother stopped her in the middle of the sidewalk to demand that she let him carry her home.

“You can’t carry me because I am already seventeen years old. I am practically an adult.” She said, emphasizing the ‘adult’ part. J-Hope gave her his famous puppy-dog-eyes. She let out a sigh and he knew he won. He smiled and lowered himself so that she could get on his back. All the training for the band really made him stronger because he was able to lift her as though she was as light as air.

“You can call me J-horse.” He announced as he began to neigh. She laughed even harder, feeling her face turn a dark red shade when she notice other people staring at them on the street. Her brother didn’t seem to care though. He started galloping down the sidewalk. “Oh, hey (S/N).” A voice called out from in front of them. J-Hope’s sister looked up and stopped laughing. She tapped on her brother’s shoulder to let her down. He reluctantly did and stared at her in confusion.

“Hey (B/N), this is my older brother, Hoseok. Hobi, this is my boyfriend.” She said as she went to give her boyfriend a hug. J-Hope looked at them for a long moment, but when he saw how bright his little sister’s smile was, he got an even bigger smile on his own face. “Hi, it is really nice to meet you. Please keep making my sister smile.” He told the boyfriend as he went to shake his hand.

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Rapmon: Rapmon was sitting in his room when he heard his little brother calling his name from the living room. His younger brother had come over to hang out with him, but ended up spending most of the day playing video games with the maknae line. He knew it was because they were closer to the same age as him, so he didn’t really mind it.

He dragged himself out of his bed and went to see what his brother wanted. His brother was sitting on the couch watching Jimin and V battle against each other in Wii fencing. His brother looked up at him and smiled brightly. It had been a while since he last saw him, but it was hard to think of him growing up so fast. “What’s up, (S/N)?” Rapmon asked.

“I was wondering if you could listen to this poem that I have been working on.” He said hesitantly. He was feeling a little nervous to get his brother’s professional opinion, but he knew he needed his help. Rapmon was happy to hear that his brother was following in his footsteps. He and his brother went to his room so that they wouldn’t have to worry about Jimin or V teasing him about his poem. Rapmon listened like a good brother as his brother read him his poem. It was good. It was a sweet poem about a boy falling hard for a girl and promising to take care of her forever. He looked at his brother with suspicious eyes. “Tell me the truth, (S/N), is this poem about or for anyone specifically?”

He noticed that his brother’s ears were starting to turn red from embarrassment. He slowly nodded his head, trying to keep a relaxed look on his face. “Okay, well the only thing I can say is to be smart. Use your head. And you better know which head I am talking about.” Rapmon said as he gave his brother a playful nudge.

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Jimin: Jimin watched as his little sister moved around the kitchen. She had promised to make him her famous beef stew for lunch. He was practically jumping out of his seat as he watched her add the ingredients into the boiling stew. It had been months since he had a meal from his sister. She was very excited to get the chance to spend some quality time with her older brother, even if it involved her having to cook.

“So, is there anything new going on with you?” Jimin asked as she started stirring the stew. She glanced at him with a small smile. “Um, no, nothing really new.” Her voice sounded strained and Jimin quickly noticed something was up. He may be four years older than him, but he was still close enough to know when she was lying to him.

“You know you can’t lie to your older brother. Tell me what is up.” He said in a stern voice. She laughed a little, trying to relax. When she realized he wasn’t going to let this go, she finally let out a sigh. “Okay, but you have to promise to not freak out.” She began as she turned the fire on low and faced her brother. He was looking at her with caring but worried eyes. “I met someone in my English class and I really like them.”

“Are you two dating?” He asked in a serious tone. She simply nodded her head, but didn’t say anything. “Well is he nice?” She took an even deep breath before speaking again. “He is actually a she.” She corrected him in a soft voice. “Okay, is she nice?” He asked without skipping a beat. She looked at him in shock at how relaxed he was, but smiled when she saw his adorable, loving face smiling back at her.

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V: V listened as his brother was telling him all about his new classes. It was his first day of high school and he seemed to be so excited to tell his older brother about every last detail. V couldn’t help but smile as he listened to his brother talk. This was the first time he got to see his brother in the past three months. He was sad that he had missed his brother’s summer vacation. It would have been really cool to go on vacation with him, but BTS had a tour that took them all over the world.

“Best of all, I have almost all my classes with (G/N).” V’s ears perked up as he heard his brother mention a girl’s name. His brother didn’t seem to realize what he was saying until he saw his older brother’s goofy, rectangular smile. “Back up a little (S/N), who is this girl you speak of?” He asked in a teasing voice.

His brother let out a groan as looked at his brother. V knew he was silently cursing himself for having mentioned the girl. “She’s just a girl who I hung out with over the summer.” His brother explained in a nonchalant tone. He hoped that his older brother would drop the topic, but he was wrong. V wiggled his finger at him. “No, no, no. This is much more. Is she your girlfriend?” His brother rolled his eyes but nodded his head. “Awe, my baby brother has a girlfriend! I bet she is pretty. Maybe that’s why you didn’t tell me about her. You must be scared that your big brother will steal her heart.” He teased his brother for the rest of the day.

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Jungkook: He may be the youngest in the BTS dorm, which he of course did not mind, but it did feel great when he when home to see his younger sister. Having someone looking up to him like she did made him feel really warm inside. His baby sister hugged him tightly the moment he walked into his parents’ home. He hugged her back just as tightly, but he was shocked at how mature she looked.

He had seen her just about a month ago, but he could have sworn she was still a baby when he left. Now he was staring at a young lady. His sister was wearing a short skirt and a tank top. He looked her up and down suspiciously. “And where do you think you are going dressed like that, (S/N).” He asked in a serious tone. His sister chuckled a little and slapped his arm. “I’m going on a date, oppa.” She told him with an innocent smile.

“Excuse me? You are not leaving the house dressed like that. And what do you mean you are going on a date? With who? Where are you going? What are the two of you doing?” He was throwing a thousand questions at him and not giving him a second to answer him.

She held up her hands and waited for him to stop talking. “I am going on a date with my boyfriend. We have been dating for almost a month now. He is taking me to the park and we are going to have a picnic. I am wearing this because it is almost 90 degrees outside.” She explained in a confident tone. She looked at her brother’s shocked face and tried her hardest to hold in a laugh.

“Nope, you are not going out like that. If I am still considered a baby, then you are still a fetus. I will fight any boy who comes near you.”

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And now it is time for my highkey spirit animal, the first half of the Daegu line, an actual sweetheart with a rea ll y relaxing voice like honestly just listening to Yoongi talk makes me feel so relaxed and it’s just so nice, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • Okay but I just need to talk about this s o fucking much like this is so necessary and I just need it
  • Visuals first bc I’m s o ready for this
  • The band member that changes his hair color every few months when he gets bored of the previous color
  • He starts out with black hair then he changes with brown then it’s blonde then it’s red for two seconds then it’s orange the list just goes on and on and on
  • He currently has the blonde hair bc did you see Agust D that was some good shit right there siGN ME UP (hi I’m still not over that shit and probably never will be)
  • Like he has this ability to make blonde hair look ethereal and soft but also just as badass as his black hair and it’s honestly so !!!
  • Bc sometimes there’s a pic of him with blonde hair and it’s like damn he’s pretty he’s so soft I wanna cuddle him and wrap him up into a blanket burrito and watch funny movies with him
  • But then also sometimes there’s a pic of him with blonde hair and it’s just FUCK
  • Okay but yoongi in all black is such a fucking nice look also yoongi in hoodies that’s a really fucking good look too 
  • He’s just one of those people who could walk around in pajamas and it’d just be like you know what that still looks fucking good bc his body is just ni cE and he has that laid back vibe to him so it helps when it comes to pulling off literally just a baggy hoodie and jeans I mean in Agust D he’s literally just in jeans and a jacket and a t-shirt and it still looked so fucking nice one of my favorite looks on him actually
  • He would be a guitarist
  • Just think about that for a second let it sink in
  • Yoongi has some of the most beautiful hands and thinking about that combined with a guitar is just wow
  • Idk why but Yoongi just sc reams guitarist to me it’s one of my biggest head canons about yoon, if he was in a band he’d be playing guitar
  • Like I can see it so well, his head down bc he’s so focused on playing, he’s bobbing a lil bit to the rhythm, he’s got that passion in his eyes bc Yoongi just loves music so much, it’s his everything
  • I also just think yoon would be one of those people that’s a ma zing at playing guitar and it’s just fascinating to watch him play bc he makes it look s o easy
  • Started playing when he was literally like 6 like super casual just kinda picked up a guitar and started figuring it out on his own until he eventually knew how to play it and then bc he plays piano too bc Yoongi can cASUALLY PLAY PIANO he’d be able to read music and figure out notes and chords and all of that fun stuff
  • Yoongi’s just one of those people that you know is meant to do things with music whether it’s just creating it or just playing it, it’s clear that it’s his passion in life
  • The more quiet member that’s actually really fucking funny and everyone has a lil soft spot for him bc he’s precious without even meaning to be
  • Some people are a bit wary of him bc he seems to be all tough and blunt but then they get to know him and see that he’s actually just smol cutie pie in black clothing
  • He’s always doing sweet things for the fans, like setting up free water bottles for them or even sometimes handing them out himself while they’re waiting in line
  • If it’s raining, he makes sure they have something to stand under and he tries to make sure they’re ushered in quickly so they don’t catch a cold bc he would h a t e for someone to have deal with an illness bc they were waiting in line
  • Gives fans really good advice whenever they ask, like it can be about how to create music, how to find your passion in life or it can just be how to get through stressful days
  • Genuinely appreciates each and every fan that comes to any show and totally remembers people if they come to multiple shows bc he’s just so thankful that not only did they come to a show once, they continue to come to them
  • He’s pretty quiet on social media bc if he isn’t performing, he’s writing, if he isn’t writing, he’s with you, if he’s not with you, he’s trying to catch up on sleep
  • But when he does post it’s golden like we all know how beautiful Yoongi’s seflies are they’re pure beauty
  • He jokes around with the fans a lot like he’ll have random sprees where he’s just on a various social media (typically it’s Twitter) and he’s on there for hou rs just talking to people
  • It’s rare to see him without his guitar, in a lot of the pictures the boys take of him, you can almost always guarantee you’ll see his guitar somewhere in the picture and it’s honestly become an inside joke in the fandom
  • He’s another person I could see having a significant other long before the band
  • He’s v v quiet about it, Yoongi just seems like someone who keeps his private life p r i v a t e
  • Some people don’t even know he’s in a relationship except for the people who hear/see the subtle hints he gives bc he doesn’t want to risk you getting hate but he also wants to make it clear that he isn’t interested in dating anyone else 
  • There are v v subtle hints like blink and you miss them type of shit but they’re there
  • Lowkey has a tattoo dedicated to you but it’s not like an obvious thing, it’d be of some inside joke or just the word “muse” written across his collarbone in your handwriting, just something small that says hey I love you without making it obvious about who he’s loving
  • He isn’t ashamed of the relationship or anything like that, he’s just v v protective and knows people can be mean and he doesn’t want you to go through that just bc you’re with him
  • Some people can kinda guess he’s at least in love with someone based on his lyrics like it’s obvious he’s singing to someone but they just don’t know who
  • There’s also this one sneaky picture the boys took of you two when you and Yoongi reunited after his tour, it’s of that first hug so both of your faces are hidden since your back is turned to the camera and his face is in your hair
  • You’re both just holding onto each other so tight and it’s such a cute moment, Tae just had to put it up onto the group’s Twitter and everyone lost their shit bc who a WHOA WHOA THE BBY IS IN LOVE ?!?!??!
  • Yoon lowkey doesn’t really address it besides one of those smirking emojis but that one lil face says it all
No Longer Best Friends

Nerdy Ashton, best friends smut, daddy kink…yeah… If you read I hope you enjoy :D

No Longer Best Friends

You sat in science class and stared blankly at the back of Ashton Irwin’s head. Ashton was the biggest nerd in the school. He flat ironed his hair everyday, wore thick rimmed glasses, and always over dressed. Ashton walked to school everyday, and on this particular day it rained relentlessly. Ashton’s clothes looked slightly damp even though it was the end of the day and his hair was curly. Instead of paying attention to your teacher you studied each and every curl on the back of Ashton’s head, his hair looked so soft.

“Y/N and Ashton,” the teacher said.

You looked nervously up at the teacher, but he wasn’t looking at you. When the bell rang Ashton turned around in his seat and looked at you and then his eyes moved to the desk.

“So when do you want to do this?” He asked quietly.

“Do what?” You asked baffled.

“The project,” Ashton knitted his eyebrows and looked at you through his thick rimmed glasses.


“You weren’t paying attention were you?” Ashton raised an eyebrow.

“No,” you smiled nervously.

“How about my house tonight? I can explain it to you then.”

“Sounds good to me. What time?”

“We could head there now if you want,” he said shyly as he shifted his gaze back to the desk.

“I can drive us,” you smiled at him as you stood up.

“That’s alright I-I can walk,” he said as he stood and jammed his hands into his pockets.

“It’s still raining,” you reached out and touched his bulky sweater, “and you’re still damp.”

“It’s ok, I’ll walk.”

“I won’t hurt you,” you said as you knitted your eyebrows and crossed your arms.

“I’m a nerd your popular, it would be better for you if I walk,” he whispered out.

“I’m driving you, I would feel horrible if you got sick,” you said as the two of you walked out of the room.

“Ok,” Ashton sighed out.

You told Ashton that you’d meet him by the doors when you were done at your locker. You heard some yelling but passed it off as some steroid pumped jocks experiencing some roid rage.

As you walked towards the doors you saw three foot ball players standing in each of the doorways. When you were closer to the doors you saw Ashton standing in the rain.

“Move it jackasses!” You yelled.

“Awe come on babe you don’t want to be in the rain! Especially with a fucking nerd!” One yelled as he slapped your ass.

“Hey! Get off!” You screamed as one picked you up from behind.

“Put her down!” Ashton screamed as he clocked the guy in the face causing him to let go of you.

The other one that slapped your ass punched Ashton square in the nose causing him to fall to the ground. Ashton held his nose and blood oozed out between his fingers.

“Let’s get outta here!” The jocks yelled.

“Oh Ash!” You said as you kneeled down.

You rummaged through your purse until you found a little pack of tissues and gently placed one against his hands.

“You shouldn’t have done that, I could have taken care of it,” you whispered.

“They would have hurt you,” he whispered back.

You picked his broken glasses off the ground and looked at them. You raised an eyebrow as you looked through them.

“They’re fake,” Ashton said looking at you as he clutched his nose.

“I thought so,” you said looking at him.

“So why were they messing with you?”

“Because they saw me talking to you,” he whispered so quietly that you almost couldn’t hear him.

“I’m sorry,” you said as you gently moved his wet hair from off his forehead.

He looked up at you as you smiled at him, “why are you being so nice to me?”

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

“Because I’m a nerd, nobody is nice to nerds,” Ashton said as he shifted his gaze to the ground.

“Nerds are usually nicer than everybody,” you said as you rubbed your thumb on the back of his hand.

“You’re nicer than all the nerds I know,” he whispered.

“My nose has stopped bleeding.”

“Ok come on, I’ll drive you home,” you stood and held your hand out.

Ashton took your hand and you helped him stand up. You didn’t let his hand go. You lead him to your car, and let go of his hand when you got to it. When you got in you both sighed in relief. You turned your car on and turned the heat on to try and warm up. Ashton took his bulky sweater off and threw it near his feet. The white shirt he was wearing under it clung to his body. He had a toned torso that flexed whenever he moved. He had defined abs and a prominent v-line.

“Y/N, you’re staring,” Ashton said as he ran his hand through his dripping hair.

“Oh, ah, sorry,” you smiled nervously.

After you got to Ashton’s house you cleaned his nose up for him. It miraculously wasn’t broken.

“When’s the project due?” You asked as you sat down to work on it.

“In exactly one week. The teacher isn’t giving us any class time to work on it,” Ashton sighed.

“Why don’t we work on it tomorrow? We’ve both had an interesting day.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashton smiled slightly.

“Um…ah…do…do you…” Ashton trailed off.

“Do I what?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Do you want to just hang out? Like you’re already here and ah yeah,” he said blushing.

“Sure,” you giggled.

“I can get you some clothes to change into, if you want.”

“Sure,” you smiled.

“Um, do you mind wearing my clothes? I completely understand if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t mind at all.”

“Ok, we can head up to my room if you want,” Ashton said shyly.

You followed Ashton upstairs to his room. When he opened his door your jaw dropped. His walls were covered in band posters and there was a drum set in the corner of his room. He walked in and started to dig through his drawers. He pulled out a pair of gray sweat pants and a gray shirt.

“Here ya go,” he smiled sheepishly.

“Thanks…so you play the drums?”

“Yeah,” he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Will you play for me, please,” you smiled.

“After we change,” Ashton nodded.

When you walked back into Ashton’s room he was sitting behind his drum set. He was wearing a band shirt that was mostly holes and black skinny jeans. He had toned biceps and a small tattoo on his arm.

“So this is your shirt?” You giggled as you motioned to the My Little Pony shirt you were wearing.

“Shit! I thought I gave you a different one!” Ashton said as he turned bright red.

You walked over and sat on his bed, “so you should play for me and then teach me,” you smiled.

Ashton’s smile spread from one ear to the other and his dimples appeared.

As Ashton started to play his drums you listened and watched him, mostly watching him. You watched how his arms flexed, how his hair moved, and mainly how he looked sexy. When he was finished he looked at you. His hair was messy and sweaty, and his skin was glistening with sweat.

“Well?” Ashton asked smiling.

“That was amazing!” You smiled and walked over to him.

“You need to teach me now,” you giggled as you sat on his lap.

Ashton placed the drum sticks in your hands and placed his hands over yours. His fingers were so long, you couldn’t help but to think about what he could do with them.

After about an hour of trying you still couldn’t get it.

“You do realize you suck at this,” Ashton giggled.

“So?” You giggled.

“Shit, I have to go. My mom will kill me if I’m late for supper.” You said looking at the time.

“Oh, ok,” Ashton said sadly as you lifted yourself off of him.

“So you need to help me with my mad drum skills tomorrow,” you giggled.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” he smiled.

After you turned your science project in you continued to hang out with the schools biggest nerd. You and Ashton had became best friends and were together constantly.

“Come on,” you said as you walked into Ashton’s house, “you need to help me with my epically bad drum skills.”

“Ok, ok,” Ashton laughed.

Once in Ashton’s room you sat on his lap like every other time. He took your hands in his and began to gently talk you through all the steps.

“I’m horrible,” you huffed out after awhile.

“Little bit,” Ashton said cheekily.

You giggled and turned your head to look at Ashton. You made eye contact and then you closed the space. Ashton was tense at first but he quickly relaxed. You stood up and then straddled him. Ashton locked your lips together. You ran your hands through his hair as he moved your hips against his growing bulge.

“Ash…” You moaned out as he kissed your sweet spot.

“You sound so damn sexy baby girl,” he whispered against your neck.

“Daddy…” You moaned.

Ashton stopped kissing your neck and looked into your eyes. They were darkened with lust.

“How did you know about that?” He asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“You called me baby girl so I just assumed,” you shrugged as you began to grind your hips into his.

Ashton nodded slightly and kissed your lips. He pulled at the hem of your shirt and took it off. He unclasped your bra. He kissed your lips and worked his way down to your nipples.

“Daddy…I need you daddy…please…” You moaned out.

Ashton picked you up and carried you over to his bed. He yanked his shirt and skinny jeans off. He gently pulled down your skinny jeans and kissed the inside of your thighs.

“Please daddy,” you begged.

Ashton pulled down your soaking panties and pulled down his boxers. His length sprang free and slapped his stomach.

“Daddy, you’re huge,” you whispered in shock.

Ashton smiled cockily and climbed back on top of you. He lined himself up with your entrance.

“Ready princess?” Ashton asked looking up at you.

“Yes daddy.”

Ashton gently slid his length into you and allowed you to adjust to his massive size. He pounded into you, hitting you in all the right places.

“Daddy…” You moaned as you ran your nails down his back.

Ashton picked up the pace and changed his angle slightly. He hit directly on your g-spot.

“Fuck! Daddy! Ashton!” You screamed as you came around his length.

“Holy shit! Y/N! Fuck!” Ashton screamed as he shot his hot fluids in you.

Ashton thrusted into you to ride out your highs and then collapsed onto you. When he caught his breath he pulled out and laid next to you. Ashton intently looked at you.

“What?” You said somewhat breathless.

“You’re so beautiful, and perfect.”

“No that’s you.”

“Oh yeah, that must be why I’m a nerd,” Ashton giggled.

“Hey, I’m a nerd too,” you said rolling onto your side.

“This is true,” Ashton smiled.

You got up and began to look for each other’s clothes. After you were both properly fully clothed Ashton crawled under the covers and lifted them up.

“Cuddle me,” he smiled.

You crawled under the covers and buried your face into his chest. Ashton wrapped his arms around you and laid his head on yours.

“Guess what,” he whispered.

“You smell good?” You giggled.

“Nooo, but thanks,” he laughed.

“What then?”

“I just had sex with the girl I love.”

You looked up at Ashton, “you love me?”

He nodded, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Ashton,” you smiled as you pecked the tip of his nose.

“So…no longer best friends?” He asked sheepishly.

“What do you mean?”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!” You said as you passionately kissed your boyfriends lips.

For You ~ pt. 9

| all parts up to date |

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~ Wishes ~

Yawning widely, I step into the bus our school had rented for the day and take a seat, Lee moving to sit next to me.

‘’Who is going to sit next to me?’’ Joon stops in front of us, blocking the other students.

‘’You can sit by yourself, big boy.’’

Knowing exactly that he’s bothering everyone else, he pouts at Lee and uses aegyo to get his way. ‘’Please, sit with me.’’

I grimace and wrinkle my nose in disgust. How is she able to handle that? “Just go before he causes any more trouble and tell him to stop using that voice, it’s scary.’’

She looks at me apologetically. Lee had wanted to stick with me the entire day, but once again Joon was being troublesome.
Reassuring her that she was actually doing me a big favor by keeping her boyfriend in check, she goes to sit in front of me.

I lean my head against the cool surface of the window and yawn once more. Joon turns around and looks at me through the gap between the seats. ‘’What has got you so tired?’’

‘’Work.’’ I mutter under my breath.

The past week I’ve been putting in as much work at the café as possible, I wanted to make the most of it before my brother’s plan of cutting his work short becomes reality.
Also, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleeping hours, because I was always occupied by late night phone calls with Jungkook.
His schedule has been jam packed and the only time he is able to contact me is usually when I should be sleeping.

The last two nights though he had send me a short message that he couldn’t call and that I shouldn’t wait up for him.
Till even now I haven’t heard a thing from him, and to be honest I was a little disappointed that he hadn’t contacted me or wished me a ‘Happy Birthday’.But I didn’t want to be so selfish, so I push the thought away.

‘’Ya, why did force me to wear this? What if it gets dirty?’’ Lee had actually come around my house early in the morning just to force me into wearing prettier clothing than I would choose for an amusement park.

My choice would have been a pair of jeans and a simple shirt. Done. But here I am wearing a loose fitted white blouse and a skirt. I’m wearing a skirt to an amusement park, how much more inconvenient can it get.

At least she let me choose my own shoes, I opted for my regular white sneakers.

‘’It’s your birthday and we are going to take lots of pictures, I wanted you to look pretty.’’
Oh, yeah, and she also made me bring my heavy camera that I was using for class.

I sigh, exhaustion weighting down on me. ‘’I feel like the third wheel.’’

Joon turns around again and gives me a look. ’‘You are the third wheel.’’

Lee gasps and hits him. ‘’Be nice!’’ The lovers’ quarrel begins and I ignore it as always by plugging in my ear phones and choose a song to listen to. Slowly I drift off with smooth voices in my head.

~ ~ ~

‘’No way,’’ I take a few steps back as soon as I see the big, looming, scary, haunted house that we were approaching. ’'I’m not going into this killer house.’’

‘’Aw, come on. I’ll be there for you.’’ Joon wiggles his eyebrows and offers me his arm.

I shake my head vigorously and make a big cross sign with my arms. ’'I don’t think I’ll feel safer with you by my side. You’ll probably push me to the monster or ‘accidentally’ leave me behind.”
A sheepish smile comes to his face as he shrugs his shoulders, I know him too well.
“You two go ahead, go get yourself traumatized.” I wave for them to go. ‘’I’ll wait here.’’

Hand in hand they walk into the haunted house and disappear from my sight.

With my camera in hand, I start strolling around taking a few shots of the colorful scenery.
We had already gone to half of the rides, but since this place is so big I don’t think we’ll be able to visit them all in a day.
As today is an actual school day, we didn’t have long waiting times in lines, it wasn’t crowded either which was very nice compared to the hectic seasons during holiday or even weekends.

Time passes. I slowly make my way back to the haunted house when I hear wailing voice crying. I look around to find a little girl standing in front of a fountain all by herself weeping sadly.
I jog towards her and slow down before I reach her as not to scare her any more than she probably already was.
Crouching down to her level, I put on a friendly smile. ‘’Hey, why are you crying?’’

The little girl looks at me with her swollen eyes and tears stained cheeks. ‘’E-Eomma, Eomma, I lost my Eomma.’’

Her sobbing intensifies, I crouch down to her level, one knee touching the ground. ‘’Don’t cry, Sweetie. We’ll find your Mommy. Together.’’

‘’Really?’’ She calms down a little bit at my words and looks at me with hope. Taking a tissue out of my bag, I gently dab away her tears and smooth back her hair.

“Yeah, really.” I embrace her in my arms as a comfort and soothingly rub her back, until she stops crying completely.
Pushing to my feet, I take her small hand in mine and brush away the gravel stuck on my knee and cringe when I see that it had actually cut skin. I’ll have to take care of that later.

On our way to the information center, she suddenly stops and tugs on my hand. ‘’Unni (older sister),“ I look at her and see her pointing at something with one hand. ‘’Look, a big bear.’’

My eyes follow her arm and indeed not far from us, a big mascot bear was standing there all by itself.
I bend down to her. ’'You want to go say ‘hello’?’’

‘’Yes!’’ She shouts out excitedly, forgetting about her worries.

As we get closer, the bear already starts waving at us, she drops my hand and runs full speed at the bear, hugging it tightly. The person inside, ruffles her hair and at once it all seems too familiar to me.

Of course. It’s just like in the MV, where he was inside a bear mascot, cutely doing his job.
Thinking of him, makes me miss him even more and wish he was here.

‘’Unni, Unni!’’ The little girl brings me back from my thoughts and points at the bear, which had began dancing.

Just like her, I giggle and clap along. ‘’Ah, that’s cute (gwiyowo-yo).’’

The bear’s hand reaches for the little girl’s one and motions for her to dance along. Happily she obliges and jumps with the bear.
I grab the camera that was hanging around my neck and take a few shots of them together.

‘’Gayeonie!’’ Someone yells from afar and we all stop to see who it is.

‘’Eomma!’’ The little girl, Gayeon, calls back and instantly runs into the arms of her mother.

Watching them, I smile. Gayeon points at me saying something to her mother and her mother bows at me, I bow back and wave at Gayeon.

Something taps me from behind and I jump startled, I had totally forgotten about the mascot. ‘’Oh, annyeonghase-yo.” Now with Gayeon gone, I suddenly feel shy around whoever is inside the mascot.

The bear waves at me and bows its head cutely, I grin feeling like a child again. Tilting my head, I analyze its head, curious. “Can you see inside this?’’
With big motions, it nods. ’'Are you a girl or a boy?’’

The bear lifts both of his arms and flexes its ‘muscles’.

I laugh amused and lift my camera to take a shot when I remember the way that old man had treated Jungkook in the music video. ‘’Can I take a picture?’’

He shows me both his thumps giving me the OK and flexes his muscles again.

When I lower the camera after taking a photo, he points at it and I cock my head in question. ‘’You want to see?’’

Impatient, he shakes his head and puts out his hand, palm upward. I remove the band from around my neck and place the camera into his awaiting hand.

His big feet step next to me and he places one arm around me, and suddenly I feel like this has happened before, the weight of his arm familiar.
Facing the lens in our direction, the feeling intensifies and my stomach starts to tingle. Not knowing when he will click the shutter, I get ready and make two ‘V’ signs.


Leaning closer, I move my head to take a look when I bump into the bear’s head. ’'Sorry.’’ I apologize while covering my mouth, snickering at him holding his head as if it is going to fall off.

His hands move over to the bear’s eyes and makes two fists, symbolizing that he was crying. I throw my head back unable to stop laughing.
His index finger taps the area I had bumped into, then the bear’s mouth and back to the ‘wound’.

I blink flustered at his request. ‘’For real?’’ The bear’s giant head moves up and down.

Timid, I push up onto my toes and brace myself by placing a hand on his shoulder but last minute decide against it and give him a finger kiss instead.
In response, he claps his hands in triumph and starts dancing his victory dance causing me to laugh again not minding it at all.

Once he stops dancing, he takes a step towards me and offers me a hand. I look at it confused, he already has my camera, what else would he be asking for?
When I still don’t understand, he moves even closer and takes my hand into his, making my heart skip a beat. I blink nervously and follow him as he gently pulls me along.

I was actually really comfortable around him, probably because I was almost certain that it was Jungkook but all of a sudden I was getting doubts. What if it isn’t Jungkook?

Before I can drown in my thoughts, he stops and softly pushes me down onto a bench. Reaching into his mascot’s big pocket, he takes out an envelope.

Confused but at the same time curious of what it might be, I open it and take out the sturdy card.
’'Happy birthday (saengil chukhahae).’’ I read out loud and gasp, only realizing after a few seconds that it is directed at me.

My mouth opens, I look at him in astonishment. ‘’How did you know?’’

His hand takes the card and flips it around in mine.

‘’You’re surprised, right?” I look back up at him to see him swaying back and forth, making my lips lift in a smile. ‘’Don’t be, I have a gift for you. Close your eyes for 3 seconds and think of the person you want to see right now. When you’re ready take my head off.’’

My heart stops and accelerates all at once at the words. It couldn’t be, could it?
I look up at him with an expression showing suspicion, but he was busy doing arm waves totally unconcerned by me.

Maybe this is Joon playing a joke on me. What if it isn’t Jungkook in there and I make a total fool out of myself? ‘’You’re not playing a prank on me, right?“

But just as before, he doesn’t utter a word and shrugs his shoulders cutely.

’'Ah, what do I do (eotteokhae)?’’ I whine and cradle my own head with both hands. He stops dancing and points at the card then at me, telling me to follow the instructions.

Groaning in frustration at the possibility of walking right into a setup, I sigh deeply but shut my eyes anyway and count to three. One, two, three.

Please let it be Jungkook.

Instead of opening my eyes I keep them that way, wishing really hard that it is Jungkook in there.
I breathe out nervously and my eyes open to find him waiting for me patiently. He takes my hand and helps me to my feet, then points his index finger towards the bear’s head.

Instead of putting my hands on the head, I put them on his shoulders and shake with all my might. ‘’Why do you always make me so nervous?’’

The person inside can’t help but chuckle at my sudden show of irritation and in response they just point at the bear’s head again. By now I’m pretty sure it’s him, his laugh is unmistakable. I hope my head wasn’t playing me.

‘’Aigoo.’’ Sighing, I lift my hand higher to place them on the bear’s cheeks and lift upward.
Rolling on to my toes, I don’t lift it off completely and peek at his chin and lips first. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure because I’ve never really only stared at his lips.

When he notices what I’m doing, he grins, showing his teeth and I immediately know that it’s him.

I let the head drop back and throw my arms around his waist and hug him tightly, all nervousness and uncertainty evaporating. His arms wrap around me, one caressing my head gently.

We stay like that for a while, swaying softly. ‘’You’re not going to take it off?’’

His voice, hearing it in person, makes my stomach all fluttery. ’'Nope, I like you like this more.”

Messing up my hair, the way he likes to do all the time, he then pulls away and takes the head off, placing it onto the bench.
I don’t know how long he’s been inside this mascot but his hair was flattened to his forehead from all the sweat.

I do a double-take, there was something different about his hair. ‘’Did you dye your hair?’’

‘’Yeah, it’s actually even lighter but because of the sweat, it’s not that noticeable, I think.“

Jungkook was patting his hair down, looking a little bit self conscious. He does that a lot, fix his hair and fumble with it. The words he had said that one night appear in my head. I hope he doesn’t think that I care about this. Whether he looked perfect or disheveled, that’s not important.

‘’I like it,… a lot (joah,… manhi).’’ I comment in a light encouraging tone

His movements stop and his gaze wavers doubting my words. ‘’Really? It doesn’t really look that good when it’s unstyled.’’

’'Aniya,’’ Disagreeing, I pout because it seems like he really has these worries. ‘’Styled or not styled, to me you’re just as good-looking. I mean it.’’

He drops his head, hiding a smile sheepishly, and I see that the sweat was still dripping down his temple and neck.
I raise my hand and touch my knuckles to his cheek and I frown when it’s warmer than it should be.

‘’How long have you been in there?’’ I reach into my bag and take out a tissue and the map I’d gotten when we first entered the park.

‘’Half an hour, I had trouble finding you.’’ My heart flutters as well as tightens. He went through all the trouble for me.

Once I have finished cleaning away his sweat, his unnerving eyes on me the whole time, I use the map to fan his face and he closes his eyes, enjoying the fresh breeze.
’'Hold on, I’ll buy you something to drink.” Before he can say anything, I’ve already turned around and begin rushing for the shop I had seen earlier. .

When I glance out the glass doors, I can see Jungkook fanning himself.
Wuah, he really is here.

~ ~ ~

After a good ten minutes, still in line to buy the water, it’s finally my turn and I quickly pay for it and run back to where I’d left him to find the place empty.
No Jungkook in sight.

Thoroughly confused, I spin around trying to spot him but to my avail he was nowhere to be seen. He probably went to return the mascot.

Pursing my lips, I see a big bulletin board containing a bigger version of the map that I had left with Jungkook.
I make my way over to it and search for a place that would make sense for him to go to. All I can find is the information center, but I doubt he went there.
Now, what do I do?

“Booh!’’ I shriek and jerk in surprise, my heartbeat roaring in my ears.

I spin and hit Jungkook’s arm when I see him laughing at me. ’'Ah, ya!”

Not inside the thick mascot’s clothing anymore, he was now in a white button up and some well fitted dark denims with suspenders attached.
He had put on a red beanie over his hair and it complemented his new hair color well. My camera, which I had totally forgotten about now hung around his neck.

There was a certain charm to his outfit, not only handsome he also looked cheeky. Or maybe that’s just him.

“Did you wear this to your schedule as well?” I tease, my eyes directed towards the beanie.
Smiling sheepishly, he goes to fix his beanie. “Everything looks fine, don’t worry.”

It wasn’t easy to see these news aspects of him, this more self conscious side. In my eyes he doesn’t need to feel like that and nothing about his appearance will make me think less of him.
I wonder if this is the negative side about his profession, always being conscious of how people perceived you.

I’m sure that people judge him for the most simplest of things and thinking of how young he started off, it makes me feel terrible.
I don’t want him to have to worry about how I perceived him, if I’m correct and he has to feel anxious over these things everyday then I would feel horrible if he thinks that I’d look at him that way.

Lips pressed together, sad for him, I look up at him to see him scanning my face. “What’s wrong?”

Should I tell him? Maybe I was thinking too much into this and nothing was wrong. Was I worrying for no reason?

A finger is placed under my chin, lifting my head as he steps closer and holds my face, his big hands almost covering my entire cheek. I was nervous already but his closeness intensifies that.
Seeing him with a serious face for the first time, eyebrows creased in concern, his eyes in contact with mine makes me cave in.

“It’s just, I need you to know that it doesn’t matter to me how you look like, what hair color you’ve dyed your hair to or how little make up you wear, or how messy your hair is. It doesn’t bother me. What is most important to me is what’s on the inside.” I was getting emotional.
“You’re really precious to me and I don’t want you to think that I judge you by these things, because I don’t.” I was rambling at this point and was looking down at my camera around his neck in embarrassment. “I just don’t want you to have to worry about anything when you’re around me.”

For the longest moment he doesn’t say a word. As curiosity starts getting to me, I finally look back up at him.

His expression unreadable, he was still holding my head in place, so he could easily read my face. “This is what you are worried about?”

Still embarrassed, I nod my head in response.

His eyes meet mine and I get mesmerized by them once more, my eyes flicker back and forth not knowing which eye to focus on.
From the corners of my eyes, I see his lips twitching. “Are you laughing at me?”

“No.” But contrary to his words, his eyes start to turn into a half moon shape.

My jaw drops, and I look at him in astonishment. “You are laughing at me!”

Slightly wounded, I push against his shoulder, my goal for him to release me. But instead of letting go Jungkook brings me even closer in an embrace.
Unwilling at first, I keep my arms trapped between us, but when he doesn’t give up, I do and wrap my arms around his waist.

Now that the thick fabric wasn’t in between us, the warmth of his body was easily seeping through his clothing and slowly engulfing me.
Snuggling deeper into his shoulder, he also tightens his arms around me. “You’re cute, you know that?”

I grimace, as much as I can with my face against his shoulder. “I don’t think so, I’m not trying to be.”

“That’s the thing, though. That’s what makes you so cute.” I don’t understand, sometimes I wish I could see myself through the eyes of someone else.

“I don’t see it.” I mutter into his shoulder stubbornly. His body starts to shake from laughter, and my body starts to tingle from all the warmth.

“Oh, are those two Joon and Lee?” Reluctantly, I pull away and a shiver works its way through my body from the loss of his heat.

Hand in hand, they were walking towards the end of a line of the water coaster. “Yeah, what friends they are. Didn’t even call me.”

He looks down at me and I turn my head. “Want to join them?”

“Race you to them?” It wasn’t that far, I could win him.

He arches one eyebrow and eyes my skirt doubtfully. “I don’t think you’ll beat me to them.”

Raising my own brow, I look at him challenging. “Want to bet?”

Jungkook rises to his full height and pulls his broad shoulders back impressively. “What do I get?”

“A bottle of water?” It was still inside my handbag. When he shakes his head cutely, I smile. “Alright what do you want?”

“A wish.”

I look at him in disbelief. “A wish.” He nods, smirking. “Any wish? What if you wish for me to do something embarrassing?”

“I promise no embarrassing wishes, OK?” Begrudgingly, I agree and we get ready on his count.

“Get ready, one, two,” Before he can count to three, I lift up and pull his beanie down his face and begin sprinting towards Lee.

Before I can reach them, strong arms band around my waist and hoist me up from the ground, making me squeal. The momentum causing my back to slam into him.
One arm on my back, he places another under my knees and lifts me up effortlessly.

I blush at once at the close contact and the butterflies flutter once again. Jungkook’s lips were openly smiling playfully and delighted at my cheating as he leisurely continues his way towards Lee and Joon, who were already looking at us.

One of my arms is draped behind his neck, his muscles flex and move underneath my touch as he carries me to our destination and then carefully places me on my feet.

“I win.” He whispers close to my ear before he lets go completely, the ticklish feeling making me squirm.

I smile to myself, feeling peaceful at heart for the first time in a long time. It’s been a while since I could truthfully smile and laugh during my birthday, I feel blessed.

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Woooh, I’m a roll these days haha… I’m trying to upload as much as I can while I have the time.

For once I don’t have a lot to say… Kobe concert was today aaaand of course they looked really good *dreamy sigh* Kookie with his peek of forehead and that outfit is my fav, can’t wait for the HDs

Btw while I was preparing the next chapters from my drafts, I realized that I wrote a lot of shit… like WOW… I feel like I have to cut some stuff out bc WOW is this story long… hihi can’t wait for you to read it ^^


Last night @peekabooitsmiko was tweeting some VALID QUESTIONS such as “where the hell was Saeran the whole time he was in V and Rika’s care??” which led to contemplating the possibility that Jumin or Yoosung met Saeran at some point without knowing it, which led to me drawing this and writing this lil drabble about Yoosung and Saeran meeting as teenagers and later probably forgetting.

It’s suuuper sloppy and not really shippy or anything, I just wanted to explore the idea and the characters at this age! Fic below the cut:

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Summer Skin

Just some Hemmings family stuff. Keeping it light. Mostly Miles-centric.

Yawning, Luke carried his guitar case in through the back door, half thinking about what the new producer they were collaborating with said earlier and half thinking he needed to ask one of the boys to mow the backyard lawn. His blue eyes were just thin slits as he felt the exhaustion that only a day of major creative productivity could bring. He fiddled with the unlocked door’s knob and leaned in, surprising himself by stabbing his toes into a hazard of items.

“Jesus, Penny…” He grumbled sourly under his breath before even checking down at what he almost landed on top of. Luke leaned his guitar case against the wooden bench and wall before bending over and picking up his daughter’s thoughtlessly discarded canvas sneakers, crochet satchel, and over-sized zip-up. She was visiting for the a week and a half this summer from school and had already fallen back into her old habits. Under his breath, Luke continued to curse out his eldest while placing all the items on top of the bench that had been purchased and placed where it was for the kids to leave their things. He didn’t know how exactly he had been blessed with such messy children, Miles being the most organized of them all.

Luke hadn’t even stood back up when the sound of March charging towards him sounded. He knew it was March over his twin as it sounded just like a elephant herding through the kitchen. March didn’t walk - he marched, true to his namesake. The kid was jetting out his bottom lip like a careless pout, his lip ring making him look even more like a younger version of his father, and leaning against the wall that separated the dining room for the kitchen as he played with his backwards snapback.

“Hey, can you mow the lawn? It’s a mess.” Luke sighed and began to step out of his black boots.

“Sure!” Unusually agreeable, March nodded and glanced out the window in the door behind his dad for a glimpse of their large backyard. “How much you going to pay me?” There was the kick that Luke was waiting for. He wrestled with his left boot in his right hand and stared with blank eyes at his son. “I want to take Daph to a movie.”

“How much do you need?” Once his shoe was off, not realizing he threw them in disarray like Penny had her trainers, Luke straightened up and asked, willing to barter with the youngest Hemmings. He had struck up a deal with March before and it almost always worked out in his favor.

“Like 40 bucks.”

“40 bucks?!” Luke reacted instantly, shaking his head with a short ‘fuck’.

“It’s expensive to have a happy girlfriend.” March simply shrugged as if 40 bucks was nothing. He had never done more than open up a birthday card and mow the lawn for income, he didn’t know the value of a buck. “And, you know, we usually get ice cream after.”

“Well, you have to mow the back lawn and the front…” Luke nodded at his mini-me, pointing his chin right at the center of his face as he clarified.

“No problem.” March pushed himself off the wall with ease, pulling on the bottom of his black Nirvana top and then reached forward to shake his Dad’s hand, waiting until their hands were clasped tightly to continue, “But can I get an advance? She’s picking me up soon so…I’ll have to do it tomorrow morning.”

Luke chewed around on his answer instead his mouth like it was a tough piece of steak, one of Penelope’s failed attempts at feeding their family when everyone was actually home for supper. If it wasn’t for the mental image of a disappointed Daphne Hood sitting in his living room and being told their plans were cancelled, Luke would have said 'no’.  Instead, he stuffed his hand into the pocket of his leather jacket and fished out his wallet, reluctantly handing over a fifty dollar bill.

“Tomorrow morning.” He pointed his finger right at March as he snatched the money and went right to wrestling his feet into his beloved skate shoes, “If you’re not out there when I’m leaving for the studio, you owe me fifty bucks.” Luke was firm and loud, but he knew March wasn’t listening. He imagined his son was busy planning what smooth move he would lay on Calum’s daughter once the cinema lights fell as well as picking out what ice cream flavor he wanted this time around. He left March along with his guitar case and traveled around the living room before turning back to go to the kitchen, muttering about how March didn’t even ask how his day was. In the kitchen, Luke could hear Miles laughing and assumed Penelope was there with him, recalling a story of something one stoned surfer said to another. Luke’s mind was focused on scolding her for leaving her things all over the floor for everyone to break their ankles on. When he was greeted by the bright room, every light fixture turned on and the sun vaguely glowing through the window above the sink, Luke was brought to stop. His daughter was nowhere to be seen, but instead a teenager the size of a man. A boy stood right in front of his closed fridge, observing the papers and photographs magnetically pinned to the door, standing around the same height as Miles did, a head taller than Luke (who most people already regarded as a giant).

Even from behind, Luke could identify that the stranger in his kitchen looked more like an off duty underwear model than anything else. His stomach fit compact at the waist, upper torso strong and rippling beneath his tight white deep v-neck. He wore his dark hair swept back like a charming Disney Prince and rocked back and forth on his heels with his thumbs tucked into the pocket of his very expensive looking teal chinos.

“Is this also you?” The stranger asked, his voice suggesting that he wasn’t born in Sydney, but somewhere North of it, a Queensland boy. He tapped beneath a small Polaroid and Miles leaned in from where he had been standing close by at the counter, typing on his phone, to look.

“No, that’s my dad when he was a baby.” He corrected. “Okay, Taylor, stop looking at my family photos…” Embarrassed, Miles made a sad attempt to cover the fridge door with his hands, one still holding the phone.

Luke’s eyes lit up, abandoning their former annoyance and exhaustion, as he realized exactly who the stranger was. Taylor Kirby. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized before since he had combed the beach a few times, somewhat discreetly, when driving home or picking up Penelope, and spied on the teenager up on his lifeguard post looking like the hunky lovechild of a Top Gun Tom Cruise and Flynn Rider.

“That’s crazy!” He laughed into a folded hand brought to his well-hydrated lips, his crack-up in a much higher register than Luke would have suspected. “He looks just like you and your twin.”

“Vice versa.” Luke interrupted and made himself known in the room, walking further to the island in the middle and feeling both sets of eyes on him instantly. “They look like me.” He smiled weakly and held a stare with Taylor, trying not to let his knees knock together due to the vortex of unquestionable sexiness that was pulling Luke in through his lemon shaped eyes, framed by a jaw that must have been chiseled by Michelangelo or someone just as talented with the tool.

“Mr. Hemmings, it’s so nice to meet you.” Taylor brought his hand out instantly, offering Luke a greeting much firmer than the one his youngest gave him a few minutes ago by the door. “Your house is amazing.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you too, Taylor.” He would have peppered in a 'finally’ except that Miles was sending him death rays from behind the lifeguard’s broad shoulder. Luke noted the dark chest hair poking out from underneath his neckline and wondered how a teenager could acquire such an even carpet, Luke felt like he grew chest hair around the same time Penelope was growing her baby teeth. “What are you guys doing?”

“Nothing.” Miles mumbled, coyly seeking refuge on the screen of his cell phone.

“We’re going to go see my friend’s band. They’re playing at The Horseshoe, we’re just trying to figure out the easiest route.” Taylor stepped back to the sink, gripping it as he nervously smiled at Miles’s father, not sure where to keep his eyes and worrying internally about saying the wrong thing.

“Oh, cool. What’s your friend’s band?” Luke slithered around the island to go to the fridge that Taylor had been studying before, taking a minute to admire the pictures of his life thus far before opening it up to get a cold Foster’s. “I know a lot of the local acts.” He prided himself on it, actually.

“Ruthless Smoke Ensemble.” Taylor answered as Miles knocked up against his side so they could observe the map on his phone together.

“Oh? Huh. I’ve never heard of them.” Sadly, Luke had to admit as he broke off the cap of his beer over the side of the island, the way his wife absolutely loathed as it ruined the finish. “What kind of music?”

“You know what? We got to go.” Miles slapped Taylor’s shoulder, folding his hand over the molded circle and tried to rush things along. He didn’t want his father to start grilling the guy he had been crushing on for what felt like eons. Miles didn’t even mean to bring Taylor into his house, but circumstance led them there.

“Uh…sludge metal?” Taylor’s brows groomed over his eyes lightly before he itched at his hairline with one finger.

“Wait. You’re taking Miles to a sludge metal show?” Luke nearly spat up his sip of beer before he could swallow, laughing inside at the idea of his son who had a mix on his iPod called 'Robyn & Friends" at a show which would probably breed some kind of moshing.

“I think they’re sludge metal.” Taylor explained over the glare Miles was sending his father while heading out to leave the kitchen, wishing Taylor would follow him like a shadow. “My sister is dating their drummer, so I don’t really know…” He confessed to Luke’s distant nod, watching his son and smiling to himself at the idea that was still dancing around in his head.

“Tay, I’m going to go get a sweater, you want one?” Throwing a thumb over his shoulder, the collar of his denim short sleeved barely unbuttoned to keep his lack of chest hair hidden.

“No, I’m okay. I have one in the car.” Taylor answered, but went largely unheard as Miles had his hands up in the air in front of him, slicing at the atmosphere and shaking his fingers at his squinting father.

“I don’t know what those hand gestures mean…” Misreading that Miles was trying to tell him to be cool through charade, Luke mumbled out loud only to earn a groan from his eldest boy as he walked away and left him alone with Taylor.

Luke nursed his beer longer, holding it at the base and letting his mind wander. As far as he knew Taylor was 'just a friend’ in Miles’s book, but he knew they had had something earlier that really shook up the teenager.

“So, Mrs. Hemmings said you guys have plans tonight…” Taylor began, leaning against the counter behind him again and sucking in his stomach that should have been displayed on the side of protein powder jaws.

“We’re just going to a friend’s.” Luke shrugged, circling the island in front of the teenager while massaging the corner of his mouth where his lip ring once sat.

“Cool. I was going to ask if you guys wanted to come to the show, I know you’re a big music guy, but Miles didn’t think it was a good idea…”

Luke chuckled into the neck of his bottle, knowing full well that Miles would rather be washed away to sea than have his parents follow him along to a packed concert especially one he was attending with the person he liked.

“It’s the thought that counts. Thanks.” Luke assured him as he opened up a cupboard to pull out a tall glass, pouring the rest of his beer in sideways. “So, you and Miles have been hanging out a lot lately?” The sound of Taylor swallowing over his protruding Adam’s apple brought small pleasure to Luke’s ears. He liked knowing that the kid was a bit scared of him, it meant that he really did like Miles, but also knew whose house he was standing in.

“Well, we work together, but yeah…” He mumbled, cracking his head to the one side of his neck. “I don’t really know how much you know…" Taylor admitted, releasing a weight from his gut. He knew that Luke’s wife was aware of the situation, but in his past experiences with guys, the fathers weren’t always on board or clued in.

"I know.” Luke nodded, looking up from the gold drink and assuring him casually. “And you might be taller than me,” A sentence he so rarely had to say in his life. “And you might be a lifeguard, but I will pulverize,” Luke clarified. “pulverize, if you fuck with my kid.” It was a speech he had mentally prepared from the day Penelope was born, but since she hadn’t any romantic prospects that she shared with him, Luke had only had a chance to be menacing to the people his sons brought around.

Taylor smirked at the comment, not at all the reaction Luke wanted or was expecting, before looking down at his bare feet and laughed with a light breath, “I’m not going to mess with Miles…” He looked up and over at Luke, polishing off his drink and leaving the streaked glass on the counter by his side. “But not because you’re threatening me, but because I’m a good guy and you’ll see that.” Confidently, the kid confirmed with one nod of his chin.

Luke tried to hold a glare, lifting a brow and biting down on the inside of his mouth, but he couldn’t help, but smile and he extended his hand out, leaning forward, to shake Taylor’s again. He didn’t know why, but he had a good feeling about the guy in his chest, but it could have been that Taylor had hypnotized him with his Scandinavian eyes.

As the men parted hands, smiles matching, Miles raced back in the room. He eyed the situation before speeding right by Taylor to wave him toward the backdoor.

“Have a good time!” Luke yelled when he really wanted to say 'be safe’ and 'don’t talk to strangers’, the kind of warnings he used to give his kids when they were rushing out the door to go play in the backyard of someone else’s house. He struggled with the letting go part even though it was constantly what his kids wanted from him.

As the two young men left, laughing with one another out the door, Luke was left alone to watch them wander through his uncut lawn toward the back gate. Right as Miles opened up the gate that led to their large back driveway, Taylor pressed his hand over his and helped himself to a quick kiss. It was enough for Luke to feel content that his son was being treated well as he wasn’t being manhandled or aggressively approached. It was just simple and sweet. Luke didn’t know where Taylor must have parked since he didn’t see a car when he pulled in, but he shrugged and carried on to go upstairs, looking forward to just chill before heading out. As he climbed up the stairs, he heard three voices he knew very well and remembered how he nearly died over Penelope’s shoes earlier.

“Penny,” He began before even approaching her open bedroom door. "How many times do I have to tell you to put your stuff away before you listen?“ He asked in monotone before turning into the door and spotting his daughter on the edge of her childhood bed, sitting between his mother and her’s.

"Sorry, I just forgot. I don’t live here anymore.” Penny answered back quickly, her hands and eyes focused on the iPad on her lap, swiping at it to continue showing her grandma pictures of what she had been up to in France so far. She had far more pictures of the country she was falling in love with than any of her actual schooling. “We went to Aix en Provence for an appreciation class,” She babbled on to her grandmother who looked just as excited as she did, both their eyes bobbing along with her words. “But I kind of broke away and took a bunch of pictures.” She laughed and handed her grandma the iPad, leaning in to add commentary on the historical buildings she had photographed.

“Can I interrupt?” Luke checked, biting down on his lip as he thought about snapping his own picture of the three women together. However, when they all raised their heads at once to observe him, he felt too intimidated to do so. “I just met Taylor.” Hissing with enthusiasm, he told them like he was passing a secret around in the girl’s bathroom during lunch break.

“We all just met Taylor.” His wife rattled off, nonchalantly taking a pin to his new balloon.

“Well, I met him a week ago.” Liz added with a shrug, going back to the photos in front of her. Miles had come over to see her and his Grandpa for lunch last week and she insisted that he bring over whoever it was that he was with because she could hear him smiling through the phone when he called to make lunch plans.

“How come I’m the last one?” Luke pouted, walking further into the room and finding Penelope’s large black roll away suitcase to sit down on, legs parted in black jeans before them while he wore a sad expression of distress.

“You can call him his boyfriend, by the way, they’re together now.”

Penny leaned back on her hands, belly button ring exposed as her t-shirt rode up.

“Together together?” Luke’s eyes just about exploded at the news, "Wow….he’s really good looking. I wish I’d looked like that when I was his age.“ He shared only to make his wife and daughter laugh.

"He’s older than Miles. He’s my age.” Penny shared again, Luke’s face losing color and cocking to the side at the fact. “But yeah, he’s dreamy.”
“That’s the perfect word.” Luke agreed, throwing his arms between his knees and vigorously nodding his head like a toy dog on the dashboard of a fast car. “He’s a dreamboat. I’ve never understood that word until now. His hair and his eyes…he looks like he should be immortalized in cartoon…”

“Dad, do you have a crush on Miles’s boyfriend?” Very seriously, Penny asked while tapping her toes together, feet crossed at the ankles. Her grandmother burst out laughing, shaking her head at her son who did sound like he was a bit infatuated with the boy he had just met.

Luke’s blue eyes ignored the other women in the room, going in straight for his daughter’s proud face as she rewarded her comment with a small giggle.

“I’m just appreciating that Miles has chosen someone who is nice to look at.”

“Well, my boyfriend is cute too.” She shrugged, throwing around her blond hair that she had cut to it’s shortest length, wearing it right above her tanned shoulders, and smiled down at the picture her grandma was on.

Luke wasn’t smiling though. The words out of her mouth had his eyes so wide that he looked as if he had just sucked on his finger and stuck it into an electrical socket. He ventured over to his wife, searching for some reassurance or comfort, but she didn’t offer him anything, but a shrug in return, a small gesture that said 'I don’t know’.

“I’m kidding, Dad.” Penny deadpanned while focusing on the iPad and Grandma Liz. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Luke found his heartbeat again and hung his head along with his arms, “That’s a mean joke, Penny.” He told the floor as he heard her high five her grandmother right in front of him. Sometimes he swore his kids were trying to give him a heart attack, “I think I will die if you ever bring someone home with you.” He had had nightmares about her hooking up with mimes and French men with thin mustaches that smelled of cod and finely aged Merlot ever since she left for school. It was a real fear for him that he would go down to visit her in a month and she would be introducing him to Pierre Saint Tropez-Fromage.

Fic: Blue Period (Kurt/Blaine)

Notes: almost 4000 words of Blaine POV set mostly early in episode 6.08. There’s more talking than kissing and some looking back, which is maybe a good step for these boys.

This fits in before A Blue Sky (tumblr/AO3). I’m still trying to make sense of the wedding episode.

Thanks: To chiasmuslovesme, dontbefanci and tchrgleek


The apartment’s quiet. Blaine sits at the breakfast bar, among boxes and between the rainbow striped wall and floor. He sips lavender and honey iced tea. He’s trying out some simple floral infusions in preparation for Summer. The silence still feels odd, like there’s a stranger in the room. This is the first time Blaine’s lived alone. He moved between his parents and Kurt and friends and Kurt and his parents and Dave. For a brief time he lived with Lara and Matteo from stage combat class. He didn’t know them well, but they had a spare room and no one can afford to pay New York City rent while spectacularly failing out of theater school.

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Well this is going to be more like a huge thank you note rather than a follow forever, I just didn’t know what to call it lmao. I never ever expected this to happen, I remember when I had 50 followers and I thought that would be the most I would ever have, like that’s more people than I can fit in my house? Honestly 2000 feels unreal to me, that’s so many people. I don’t see my follower count as numbers, but as friends (except for you random porn blogs who are you um) and I still get excited when I get a new one or I when I receive an ask. I’ve had people call me their “tumblr senpai” from time to time and that is just so weird to me, like I’m just a random girl with no life spending countless hours on the internet, lmao I’m no senpai. But thank you guys for thinking that I am, I appreciate every single one of you so much. I wish I could write a note for everyone but my fingers would probably fall off. Thank you again! 

- Nicole :)

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My Girlfriends Brother

Pairing: LouisxHarry - Larry Stylinson

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Smut.

Prompt: Harry is dating Eleanor and Eleanor brings him home to meet the family, including her twin brother Louis who is being a little slut, trying to steal his sister’s boyfriend. I just want Louis to grinds his ass into Harry and call him a slutty name.

A/N: Can you give me your feedback? Thank you .xx

You can read it here! on my AO3.

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a matter of semantics

Summary:  Rose is out for a run and, after tripping and spraining her ankle, is not having charitable thoughts about the activity. Luckily, a doctor happens to be nearby to help her out. (Ten/Rose AU)

Note:  A bit of fluff and a touch of hurt/comfort for the lovely @lastbluetardis on the occasion of her birthday! ♥ Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

Rating: all ages // Word Count: 1573


Rose jogged in place as she waited for the walk sign to light up. It was week two of her new routine that included going for a jog after work instead of collapsing on her sofa as soon as she walked through the door of her flat. Her mum was getting remarried in a couple of months and Rose was determined to look her best at the wedding even if getting back in shape after a few years of coasting on her good metabolism felt like hell most days.

The running at least was getting easier. It was getting close to feeling as energizing as people said it should and less like death.

The light changed and Rose resumed her run, weaving around the light foot traffic. Only two more blocks to go and she’d be back at her flat. She was daydreaming about a shower and bed when she hit a crack in the sidewalk and went tumbling forward with a small shout, ankle twisting as she fell.

Rose pressed her lips together as she tried to pull herself back up, using the pressure to distract herself from the stinging of her palms and knees and the throbbing of her ankle.

Takin’ back every good thing I’ve said about running, she thought as she hobbled to a nearby bench. She hissed in a breath as she probed at her already swelling ankle. This was very not good. Traversing the last block and half to her flat was going to be nigh on impossible by herself.

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anonymous asked:

could you do a blurb about them in high school maybe?

yaaas but omg sorry anon because this blurb is all over the place wow i am sorry

Luke would be that guy who was just really smart and v attractive but super quiet and he had a core group of friends and a lot of people knew him but he just kinda kept to himself, you know. So like you’d have maths, science and maybe history with him and because your teachers were just control freaks and all, you had a seating plan and you just so happened to be seated beside luke for maths and history and so one day, you’d be in maths and you would’ve been away for like two of the lessons because one you had a doctor’s appointment and then you weren’t feeling up to going to school at all so you’d be lost because your teacher was an asshole and expected you to already know things even though this new topic you were working on was new and you had never ever heard of it in your life. Luke would notice that you’d given up paying attention during the lesson and were now just aimlessly doodling all over you page so he’d toss you a note with something like ‘need help?’ written on it and you’d just look up to see him looking right at you with his beautiful blue eyes and you’d nod sheepishly and he’d shift a little closer to you and flick back a few pages to what you would’ve learnt if you hadn’t missed those two crucial lessons and so yeah, Luke would spend the entire remainder of the lesson explaining how to do this new work and honestly would not get back to doing his own work until you fully understand how to do it on you own but by the end of the lesson, you still didn’t have a proper grasp on it even though Luke had explained and showed you in the most simplest form. You’d sigh and eventually just start being negative saying stuff like ‘ugh I’m so dumb’ and ‘I’ll probably just end up almost failing maths again’ because maths wasn’t your strong suit but Luke would just shake his head and say ‘c’mon y/n, you’ll get it soon, you only just learnt it today. And if you still don’t get it, then I’ll tutor you myself and make sure you get an A this time.’ And he’d literally just be so sweet about trying to help you pass maths even though he didn’t have to and could be worrying about doing his own work and you two would have these little study dates – sometimes they’d be at his and sometimes you’d go back to yours and one after at some stage during your little study date, you two got a little close and may or may not’ve kissed more than a few times.

With Calum, you’d just so happened to be his partner for this science assignment (luckily you were given a fairly easy topic with a tonne of information about it but still) and you were kinda dreading having to do the assignment with his because he was basically the class clown but also this v v v sporty guy, basically a jock but way way way less douche-y in a sense. Like sure, you thought he was nice but you wonder whether you’d be the one stuck with the work load or did he even pay attention during science because you were sure you’d never seen him pick up his pen and scrawl notes in his book ever. So like your class had the library booked for that lesson and you’d be wandering down the aisles of books, picking out various ones that were related to your given topic when a guy in your class, a friend of Calum’s might I add, comes up to you and say ‘y/n, Calum’s looking for you’ and you’d just frown and nod a little but comply and ask where he was and the guy would point to this secluded part of the library so you’d grab your stuff, knowing that if he wanted to speak to you, he’d probably try to keep you there for a while, and headed over to find him. He’d be occupying almost the entirety of this moderately large desk and he’d actually have all these books and papers scattered everywhere and you’d be super shocked because you honestly thought he’d never do any work so when you cleared your throat, he’d look up and immediately shuffle around some books to make space and tap the spot beside him, so you’d take a seat and notice that the work he’s doing isn’t for science at all, it’s actually for history and you sigh loudly and point out to him that this was science and you two had to research and he’d nod and be like ‘I know, y/n, but I really have to get this in early so I can get out of class for training’ and you’d just roll your eyes a lil because he was so dedicated to his sporting life but by the end of period, he’d finally be finished with the history assignment and he’d turn to you and ask if you wanted to come over his house one afternoon and work on it together and you’d agree, provided that he did a solid part of the research and he then would only comply with your terms unless you said you’d watch his soccer match that Thursday night and maybe go out to eat afterwards and you kinda thought that maybe being partnered with Calum wasn’t so bad afterall.

Now Michael, he’d be that lil shit who was failing English because he never showed up and was actually smart as fuck and super poetic but he didn’t apply himself and would prefer to meet up around the back of the school to deal his dope and maybe smoke a lil while he was there. You’d be so annoyed when your English teacher told you that you had to tutor him and you only agreed because she’d given you a B+ for something and you’d argued that it was clearly A standard and she made a wager that if you tutored Michael, she’d bump your grade so you had to because your parents expected nothing less that A’s from you and you really didn’t want to be yelled at but the only problem was that you rarely saw Michael as it was seeing as you only had English with him and probably passed him in the halls at least once or twice a week. But one day, you saw him shadily make his way from around the back of the school and you’d pull him up and let him know how shit was going down and he wouldn’t look phased at all by it and you’d probably mention something like ‘you’re gonna keep failing unless you get my help’ and he’d just laugh and shake his head and you’d be really confused. But a few days later, you’d be talking to one of his friends – you don’t even know how you started talking with Luke but you’d always thought he was really nice, just v quiet and all and you’d mention your situation and Luke would laugh and say ‘Mike excels in English, he writes songs for out garage band and he’s pretty poetic when he wants to be’ and your jaw would just drop and then Luke would continue with ‘He just doesn’t apply himself, y/n. I tell him the same thing about how he should just go to class because he’s got a knack for writing but he just doesn’t want to. He’s stubborn so you can’t just tell him to do something, he’ll do the opposite.’ And you’d just sigh and complain about how you’d never get your grade bumped up but Luke must’ve said something to Michael that made him change his mind somehow because when you were walking home that day, he found you and pulled you up saying he’d let you ‘tutor’ him but you’d assure him that you weren’t stupid and knew that he was like a modern day shakespeare and that he didn’t need your help but then he’d explain that he was no idea what content you’re studying in English because he never goes so you’d just tug him along to your house and luckily your parents both work late otherwise they’d start questioning things and you’d spend the remainder of the afternoon in your bedroom explaining the content to him.

Ashton would be that guy that everyone loved, he’d be popular af because he’s just so nice and genuine and you’d just so happen to be his neighbour so sometimes you two would walk to and from school together and you grow to really really really like him because wowee this boy is a real catch and who wouldn’t like him and he’d just be really cool and chill about a lot of things but when shit got tough and there were fights, he’d be the one to break them up because he was against the whole idea of violence and yeah, he’d just be someone all the younger grades would look up to and he’d also be smart and he’d tutor a few students, especially females who just really wanted to get it on with him but he wasn’t the type to do that because he actually told everyone he was into someone but unsure of how they felt and so yeah but eventually, you two would start hanging out a little more and he’d invite you over his house and you got along really well with his mum, brother and sister and you’d also met his friends too and heard them play because they were a thriving band and you’d always watch Ashton while he’d played the drums because he just looked so good and all and at one point in time, he’d found out that you could play a little guitar and you two would just jam a little together and he’d just be so dorky and comfortable around you and wow you’d just absolutely love spending time with him and eventually, your friends and his friends would’ve merged together and you two would all sit together and talk and it was kinda crazy how that happened but neither of you minded because you were able to spend a lot more time together and that’s when finally one day, he pulled you up in the hallway and said he needed to talk and you’d say ‘yeah, I’m listening’ and he’d just be so confident and ask you on a date, and you’d just have to really hold back from screaming ‘yAAAS’ so instead you just bite your lip a little and say ‘drop by at six’ and he’d just grin so widely!!!

send me mo’ blurbs, yo.

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