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Just look at Jimins face when Jin is making fun of him, i can’t XDDDD

Our smol ChimChim is… so smol :3

For the dozen-ish people asking for human Tanner!

He’s tol, strong and soft and he rarely wears anything but a v-neck tshirt and old worn down pajama pants! His pajama pants collection is legendary and adorable.

“My parents sent me to an all girls boarding school, where we usually had to wear a uniform. One day, we had a own clothes day for charity. I barely sat down to breakfast before one of the female teachers came over and told me i had to go and change as i was distracting the male members of staff. I couldn’t wear what i wanted in a GIRLS ONLY SCHOOL because i was distracting the 5 male staff members who had come to breakfast, all who over the age of 35. I was wearing a v-neck minnie mouse tshirt and black jeans. I was also 14.” 

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“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street and sexual harassment actually looks like. Submit your own!


#MOVEMOJITO merchandise coming soon😍😍😍
-all sizes available(kids, women and men)
-black or white (for now)
-Tshirts, V-necks and tanks(for now)

$15 for #MoveMojito
$20 for detailed #MoveMojito

We will be doing this through PayPal, and hopefully will be able to move to shipping internationally.

If you’re in Las Vegas, PLEASE let me know. We will definitely try to save you money on shipping costs.

Some kind stranger already bought me the domain MoveMojito.com.
We’re going to try and knock a lot out today so that maybe y'all can just order through there.
I will most definitely keep you all posted and thank you for your patience😍✊🏾


Very tempted to go back and get this shirt.

clackofimagination  asked:

Hi! Heres whats troubling me. I never ever wear a bra, because I dont feel like I need to wear one. But because of that, I get comments like this morning: I decided to wear a basic white v-neck tshirt, and my sister said that my nipples were showing. I was like "So what?" I told her everyone has nipples, why is it such a problem if they're showing? She said I might get arrested. And I was like "I dare them to". My question is: What is the perfect answer to those kinds of comments? thank you :)

When people say that I usually just comment that men don’t get arrested for revealing their nipples, and that nipples are nipples regardless of who they are attached to. Good luck, and don’t let people make you think you have to change or anything like that! 

-The Daily Feminist