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“Fantastic Beasts” pun on a v-neck tee #whatthelibrarianwore #submission via @pleasantvalleylibrary on Instagram

“Ironic people always dissolve when confronted with earnestness, it’s their kryptonite.” –Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

Forged in Fire (1/?)

A CS Bladesmithing AU for @thesschesthair

Here’s to kilts, damascus and banging it out! (Eventually, so this one will get an E rating.)


She took everything the show threw at her.

Forging her signature blade – a mirror-shined bowie with an antler handle – out of reclaimed lawnmower blades.

The producer who seemed to want nothing more than to test the mettle of the rare female contestant and added the canister Damascus angle to the first round – a feat not only for the amateur home forge bladesmith, but some professionals as well.

A tough final challenge that had the semi-finalists returning to their home forges with five days to return with a weapon worthy of a win.

And this was all under the umbrella of a male-dominated profession. To hear the vast majority of her fellow smithers tell it, women were rarely up to the task. The working conditions were too hard, the women too physically weak to hammer out their steel.

When they were backstage during the meet and greet before filming started, he knew in a split second she was tough as nails. Chin held high, back ramrod-straight, arms strong, and a schooled expression that had just a hint of “fuck you” thrown in for good measure. He could tell she was used to glances and whispers, probably as much for her looks as for her chosen profession, or maybe a bit of both since she was beautiful; lithe and blonde with high cheekbones and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

Her three male counterparts all but confirmed his suspicions as they huddled together talking quietly amongst themselves, their interest in her as a specimen coming through loud and clear as their eyes raked over her body. When one caught his eye and winked conspiratorially, inviting them into their douchebag fraternity, he looked back at the man with a steely gaze.

He had a reputation as a hardass to live up to after all, plus he didn’t give a damn what was between a bladesmith’s legs as long as they produced quality work. And she did.

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Inquisition in Suits, Modern Aesthetic Headcannon

So yesterday it was Solas in a suit by @itskabe and today @warriormaggie is doing Suits Friday, so now I have a need for everyone in DA:I to be in a suit. 

Varric: He pairs a rough looking pair of jean with a tailored suit jacket over a crisp v-neck tee shirt. He has the tee-shirts specially made to have a wide v-neck

Cassandra: tailored men’s suits, in pinstripe or houndstooth

Solas: has suits from just about every era of modern fashion, prefers the simple lines of modern suits, has been known to wear a three-piece set on occasion

Sera: thrift-store finds, doesn’t get the suit thing really, ends up giving off a 1980s New Wave or Punk vibe in whatever she’s put together

Vivienne: haute couture pant suits designed by the finest fashion houses in Thedas

Dorian: bespoke suits, really depends on occasion, has been known to wear everything from a formal three piece to a pair of dark jeans with waistcoat and bow-tie

Cole: dress shirt, dress pants, and tie, possibly a bow-tie

Iron Bull: three-piece suits, though he’s been known to forgo the jacket. Never wears a tie, but always has a pocket square, either in his jacket or in his waistcoat

Blackwall: classic 1950′s style suits, very Dean Martin 

Josephine: modern sheath dress, or something that looks like a modern update of a1950s day dress with jacket

Cullen: simple black suit, skinny tie

Lelianna: military cut pants suit with victorian elements, very steampunk chic, made by an up and coming designer who she will rave about, has coordinating footwear


Hello my lovelies!! SO sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I was finishing up the semester at university and had a lot of papers to write but now I am done school and have moved home and have started a new job so I am BACK! And I am usually bored out of my mind at work which gives me LOTS of time to write :) So please send me prompts ANY time! <3 I love you all and to celebrate you and the fact that I have time to write, I wrote ya’ll this drabble. ENJOY <3 

WARNINGS: fluff; heavy kissing.

You: Remus, shouldn’t we be getting back?

With the stress and busyness of preparing for the upcoming exams, you and Remus hadn’t had much time alone together in the past few weeks and he had demanded a date night. Agreeing, you had allowed him to treat you to a moonlit walk around the lake, ending up lying in a heap of blankets under “your tree” to star gaze. But it was getting late and you felt obligated to go inside and study for your upcoming exams. 

Remus: What for? 

You: Well, we have exams next week and I thought we were going to study.

Remus: *shakes his head* You’ve been studying too much, you’re going to wear yourself out. Date night isn’t over. 

He pulls your body closer to his and wraps both of his arms around you but hesitates when he feels you shiver. 

Remus: Cold love? 

You: Only a little. I’m fine. 

Ignoring your claim, Remus sits up tugs his jumper up and over his head. You sit up as well and smile as he takes your hands and threads them through the sleeves and shimmies the sweater onto your body for you. It’s too big on him and so drowns you but it’s warm and smells like him so you pull your arms against your chest and let him lay you both down again, him holding you close. 

Remus: Better? 

You: Better. Except we really shouldn’t bail on our homework. You know we need to study. 

Remus: No. What you need is sleep, and time alone with your doting boyfriend. Both of which you are going to get tonight if I’ve got anything to do with it. 

You look up at him, a frown settling onto your face, and he smiles widely at you. 

Remus: You and I both know that you’ll crash hard if you don’t get some proper sleep. I’ve been worried and just waiting for it but then I figured, instead of waiting to catch you when you fall, we could do something to prevent the fall in the first place. Tonight, you and I are staying away from homework and basically the world and just relaxing and resting. Together.

You: But—

Remus: No buts! You are taking the night off. End of discussion.

You raise your eyebrows at him but he just grins down at you and you wonder why you’re even surprised. This man is so wonderful and caring of course he would take you on a date just to get you to relax and not work yourself to death stressing over the exams that are a whole week away. You marvel at your boyfriend’s selflessness and nuzzle your face into his chest as he places a kiss to the top of your head. 

As you snuggle closer to him, though, you pause and he hums questioningly at you. You pull away slightly and raise yourself up on one elbow as his brow crinkles in confusion, but you don’t notice because you are staring at his chest. He was wearing a loose, deep V-neck tee shirt that had to be Sirius’ for how baggy it was on Remus. But that’s not what you had suddenly become distracted by.

Because it is too big on him, the neckline had fallen quite a bit to the side, revealing his collarbone and a bit of his shoulder. In the moonlight, you noticed something that you’d somehow never noticed before. 

Remus, whose heart is racing and eyes are darkening from the way you are looking at his collarbone and neck, clears his throat and speaks in a hoarse whisper. 

Remus: Sweetheart? 

Your eyes dart up to meet his, a small smirk playing at the corner of your mouth, before lowering your face down to his collarbone. You place a tender, but lingering kiss there, and then whisper against his skin. 

You: You have freckles. 

Remus shudders at the feeling of your lips on his skin as you place a trail of kisses up his collarbone and across his shoulder, following the splatter of freckles you have found there. When your tongue darts out against a cluster you find particularly endearing, he growls and rolls the both of you over so that he is hovering above you. 

Remus: S'not nice, love. Picking on my freckles like that. 

You smirk at the effect you had on him and reach a hand up, gently dragging you finger tips across the freckles you had just been admiring. His eyes roll back for a minute and his arms almost give out but then he dives forward, crashing his lips against yours. You grin at his reaction and let his tongue invade your mouth, attempting to establish domination in the kiss. His hands trail down to explore your body, mapping out the all-too-familiar terrain, while his teeth pull on your lip. You aren’t quite ready to give up control, though, and so expertly grind your hips up against his in just the right way. He shivers and whines loudly into your mouth and you take advantage of his weak moment to take control back. You push against his chest and use his surprise to roll the two of you over so that you’re laying above him. 

His eyebrows shoot up but before he can say anything you cut him off with your lips pressed against his harshly. He welcomes you and parts his lips immediately to admit your tongue. Your hips begin to move again but he anticipates it this time and his hands fly to your upper thighs and grip them in a desperate attempt to hold you still. You smile into the kiss, allowing him control over that, and remove your lips from his, eliciting a whimper from him that quickly turns into a moan as you latch on to his neck. His Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows hard while your mouth trails across his neck down to his collarbone once again. You suck on where his pulse point meets his neck and his hands slide up and under your shirt to hold onto your hips as his breath hitches.

You don’t really know what’s come over you but you just want more of him. His freckles are driving you crazy and you can’t help it as you continue to lick and suck on that particular spot, knowing that it would leave a mark. When you can feel the little patch of skin under your tongue get hot you know that you’ve marked him as yours and a smug grin graces your face. You nuzzle your nose just under his chin before beginning to nibble along his jawline, especially at the groups of freckles you already had known were there and loved so much. 

Remus’ breathing is shallow and he hisses when you nip at the bottom of his jaw near his ear, his grasp on your hips definitely bruising you. Finally, he manages to get a few breathy words out. 

Remus: Don’t you think….the one on my neck s'enough, love? 

You smile and place a gentle kiss against his cheek before moving to rest your chin on his chest, looking up at him. 

You: Personally, no not really. Can’t get enough. 

He chuckles and the vibrations in his chest make you tingle all over. You move your left hand to gently comb through his hair and the other to soothingly trace over the newly discovered freckles with your finger while he struggles to get his breathing back to normal. Once he’s finally calmed down, he smiles at you lovingly.

Remus: What was that, huh? 

You: *grins* I found some freckles…. 

Remus: *laughs* Ya I noticed. Guess you like em, then? 

You: *shrugs nonchalantly* Meh. They’re alright I suppose. 

Remus rolls his eyes and slides his arms around your back before rolling the both of you to the side so you can curl up into his chest again.

You: We should get back…..it’s late….

Remus: Not late enough. You in a hurry to get somewhere, love?

You: *sighs contently* Don’t need to be anywhere but right here. 

Remus presses a kiss to your forehead and pulls the blankets up around the both of you. 

Remus: *whispers* Me either….

Some time later, you wake with a start but relax into Remus’ arms as you remember where you are. You glance over his shoulder and can see a faint blueish-pink haze on the horizon and your eyes spring open when you realize that it’s nearly morning. You smile as a soft puff of air from Remus’ lips graces your cheek and you notice the dark reddish purple mark on his neck. Grinning triumphantly, you gently nudge him awake. Groggily, he gives you a boyish grin before mumbling something incoherent and helping you to stand. His arm snakes around your waist and he starts towards the castle but you try to stop him. 

You: The blankets…

Remus: *murmuring tiredly* M'gonna get’m tom'rr'ow…..

You smile as he again begins making his way to the castle, holding you close the whole time and unable to stop smiling. He makes sure you get to bed before dragging himself to his dorm and flopping on to his bed, sighing happily into a few more hours of sleep. 

Guys I came up with a new sport named "Lacrockey"


  •  Uniform
  1. Crocs (all team members must have the same colored croc) 
  2. Parkas (the parka must be the same color as the crocs) 
  3. Jean short shorts 
  4. Camo deep v-neck tee shirt 
  5. A bucket hat with the team name on it 
  6. A fresh flower tucked behind each player’s ear 

  • How the game is played
  1. There are seven players per team 
  2. Played on ice, in a typical Lacrockey game players are given a lacrosse stick and a wiffle ball their main objective is to get the ball into the opposing sides net (a basketball hoop that is closed off on the bottom). One goal is seven points each. 
  3. If given a penalty, a player must sit out in the Box of Shame (from any time varying from seven seconds to seventy minutes). 
  4. There are seven periods, each one twenty eight minutes long. 
  5. Coaches are allowed to call time outs, no time out can exceed seven seconds long. Each team is granted seventy time outs per game, but they are not allowed to call them within seven minutes of the previous time out. They also aren’t allowed to call one if one of their players got a penalty and seven minutes hadn’t passed since the penalty was given.
  6.  Players aren’t allowed to make eye contact with anyone on their team or on the apposing team. 
  7.  Players aren’t allowed to throw the ball with their eyes open. 
  8.  If a flower behind the ear falls of a player falls to the ground their team automatically loses the game, and they can’t adhere the flower to their head.
  9. If a player loses their crocs then the game goes into a sudden death match in which the opposing team has a chance to take seven shots on the goal with only the goalie defending it. The goalie must be wearing a funny hat on top of their bucket hat, the funny hat can not fall off or else they’ll go into double death match in which the opposing side gets fourteen shots and the goalie has to balance on one leg with the funny hat on, if they fall over or if the hat falls off again it’s an automatic forfeit from their team.
  10. Coaches can not speak to their players in English during time outs, and during time outs players can only respond in English.
  11. Nonverbal communication, including interpretative dance, is heavily encouraged.
  12. This is a no contact sport, if you touch someone at all it results in an automatic penalty.
  13. Players also can not go in the very center (within a circle with a ten foot diameter) of the ice because fuck you.
  14. If one team has a lead of more than seventy seven points a bunch of dogs are thrown on the ice so have to play both Lacrockey and fetch with the pups
  15. The dogs are also automatically team captain, what they say goes
What the Heck I Gotta Do

* Anthony x Reader

* Request: Can you do something with Anthony maybe like you are in the cast too idk

* Modern rpf

A/N: So uh…I suck at real person fiction so please keep that in mind while reading this. I hope I kept people’s personalities as believable as possible. And a crappy ending because I couldn’t think of a good one…

Word Count: 2,013


You scrambled through your house when a knock sounded. You flung the door open. Anthony Ramos stood there and raised an eyebrow at your appearance. You were donned in sweatpants and a tee shirt. Not to mention a little breathless from scrambling to the door.

“You ok?” He asked. You took in his appearance. He had taken an effort to put on jeans and a white v-neck tee shirt. His curls hung limply around his freckled face. He had a backpack hanging off of one shoulder.

“Define ok.” You huffed and stepped aside to let Anthony in. He was holding two to-go cups if coffee, one of which was yours. You headed back to your room and emerged with a duffle bag. “Ready?” You asked with a nervous grin.

“If you are.” He responded with a much more relaxed smile. He handed you your coffee and the two of you left together. Opening night. At the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway. You and Anthony rode in a cab and you nervously tapped your foot.

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My Scented Candle (Part 1/??) (trixya)- Maureen

AN: Hey guys! This took me 2 and a half days to write this, and I’m somewhat proud of it. I enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy reading this! Constructive criticism is appreciated, too!

Summary: Trixie and Kim are going to there first session of a yoga class, and she seems more interested in the yoga teacher than she is with actually doing yoga.

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Joe had invited everyone to dinner, this happened often, but that didn’t mean you treathed them like they were normal, you looked forward to these days. Now since Wally became an honorary member of Team Flash, we didn’t have to walk on eggshells around him with the metahuman talk. It was actually a good time to get together like a family, and maybe, sometime soon, Joe would have to get a bigger dining table because of how big your Flash Family has been getting.

To be frank, you were incredibly happy that Wally had joined everyone in knowing Barry was the Flash. You had been the youngest member of the team for the longest time, and then you passed the torch to Jesse when she came her from Earth-Two. When she left, you passed the torch onto Wally, who was only a couple months younger than you.

In reality, you and Wally had became very good friends, and a few weeks ago, you two took that friendship to a new level and you couldn’t have been happier. You guys haven’t told anyone about the relationship yet in the fear that this new romantic relationship would fizzle and you and Wally would go back to being friends. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet and you hoped it wouldn’t.

You helped Joe set the table for the seven of us with all the plates, cups, and all the food dishes. Everyone else was in the living room watching TV and talking with each other. As you sat down to join them, Wally walked in through the front door.

“Have we started eating yet?” Wally asked, letting his body into one of the side chairs. Wally began pulling off his hoodie as Iris told him we hadn’t. He was left in a black v-neck tee shirt and it was then you noticed, your eyes going wide. To your embarrassment, Iris noticed too.

“Wally, what’s that on your neck?” Iris questioned, pointing to her own neck to reflect where the dark purple and reddish bruises were on neck. Wally, shot up to feel his neck, then subtly glanced at you. “Are those hickeys?”

“N-No,” Wally stuttered out, moving to put his hoodie back on. “I hit my neck on a-a c-car door.” His stuttering really didn’t help sell his story, but Iris asking brought everyone’s attention to his hickeys do everyone else (Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco; Joe was still preparing food in the kitchen) began looking closely at his neck.

“Yo, he’s totally got hickeys,” Cisco said, going to Wally and patting him on the back. “He’s become a man.”

Everyone laughed and Wally looked like he wanted to kill someone. You decided to help Wally out. “Aw, Cisco ease up on him. He’s obviously getting more than you are.”

Cisco narrowed his eyes at you while everyone turned their laughter to him. You slyly turned to Wally and sent him a wink. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and quickly typed a message to Wally.

I should say I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry, you texted subtly, putting the phone back to your pocket.

“I don’t think Dad needs to know about this.” Wally said, with his hoodie back on.

“Dad doesn’t need to know what?” Joe asked, walking into the living room for the first time. “Nevermind, we can talk about it over dinner.”

As everyone eagerly gathered into the dining room to eat, you walked a little slower to talk with Wally.

“I hate you sometimes,” he whispered, walking beside you.

“Apparently you like me a little or I wouldn’t have been able to give you those hickeys,” you whispered back, smirking at him. Wally rolled his eyes and went with me into the dining room for dinner.

You woke up in your apartment the next morning after dinner. You and Wally had decided to go out for a little bit and he had ended up staying the night at your place. It was all well and fine when he left for classes this morning, but then you had decided to take a shower, but in looking at yourself in your bathroom mirror, you wish he was here so you could tell him off.

On your neck were purple bruises, multiple ones. You sighed and grabbed your phone texting Wally.

Care to explain why you left hickeys after the dinner and humiliation you experienced last night? You put your phone down and looked at your neck in the mirror. It was too warm outside to wear a scarf and you were almost positive that throughout the day, carefully placed makeup would rub off. Your phone vibrated, and you picked it up, opening up the text message from Wally.


requested by: anonymous

anonymous asked:

what kind of style do each of them like, as in clothing? who's more casual, who's more down to earth, etc?

-Virgil’s style is the most casual. he always wears baggy sweatpants, oversized hoodies & sweatshirts (mainly ones he “borrowed” from Logan & Roman), band tees, Disney tees (he may or may not have “borrowed” one or two from Roman), beanies, and different colors of vans sneakers. he occasionally wears black skinny jeans with ripped knees, and combat boots. he also very very occasionally wears flower crowns & oversized pastel sweaters (with the skinny jeans & vans)

-Patton’s style is vibrant & childlike. he wears a lot of sky blues, sunshine yellows, pastel pinks, and mint greens. he wears polos, cardigans, silly graphic tee shirts, ugly sweaters, sweatpants, dad jeans, khakis, pastel/bright vans, converse, and of course his glasses.

-Logan is the most professional/down to earth. when he’s teaching or volunteering at the library he wears his usual glasses/polo/tie/dark jeans/black dress shoes. when he’s at home or out with the others he’ll wear something a little more laid back. glasses of course, polos, nerdy graphic tee shirts, sweatshirts, dark skinny jeans, sweatpants sometimes, and slip on sneakers.

-Roman’s style is extra af. he wears sunglasses sometimes, colorful bomber jackets (his red one & rose gold one are his favorites), white & black v neck tee shirts, Disney tee shirts & sweatshirts, skinny jeans of every color you can think of, sweatpants sometimes, vans sneakers of every color you can think of, and red converse.

((this is gonna be their styles in my high school au too))

Rocket Angel Week - Day 5: Private Work Affair/Public Scandal

[Background: 5 years later. World’s less messed up. Overwatch now legit and are celebrity heroes. Yeah. Don’t take this one too seriously ok.]

Fareeha kept her face buried in her hands, wishing the snickering would stop. The blush had burnt across her cheeks the moment Jack dropped the literal news on them. She peeked through her fingers at the screen in front of the briefing room, groaning again when she saw the stupid photo still displayed for everyone to see. It was of Fareeha and Hana walking through the streets of London, from the little vacation they took with a few others. The moment captured was just after Fareeha offered to buy the latest gaming rig for Hana’s birthday. Hana, thoroughly overjoyed, flung her arms around the soldier and gave her a kiss on the cheek. An innocent, friendly peck. Captured by some stupid paparazzi’s camera. Obviously, it had been blown out of proportion.

She was utterly mortified when Jack flashed the tabloid article on the screen. But Hana laughed so hard she almost knocked herself out on the table. Her reaction set off a chain of laughter that still had not subsided. Ten minutes passed, and they were still bent over in their chairs. Hana’s hand slapped repeatedly against the table as she cackled breathlessly. She lifted her head to read the title out loud.

Hana Song Dates Fellow Agent Fareeha Amari

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anonymous asked:

Yuzu in V-neck shirts makes me very much uncomfortable

I know how you feel, t-shirts don’t always go well for him depending on how it sits on his shoulders and waist.

He has a long neck so he needs tops that detracts from his neckline, or covers it up like loose turtlenecks or a nice collar shirt. 

V-neck tees tend to emphasis a person’s neck and collar bone, so it works against him (though I guess it could be personal preferences as well, cause there are some who like seeing his neck.)

But yeah, He doesn’t think fashionably so….
He kind of just wears whatever is comfortable or his mom gets him, hahahaha.

But sometimes, the v-neck is fine:

When he wears a shirt that’s slightly looser, the looseness makes his neck look normal due to the proportioning. 

For The Long Run - Part 23


And You and Tig finally make it to Indian Hills.

(GIF isn’t mine)


7:00am the next morning came quickly as your alarm woke you and Tig up. You were about 3-4 hours away from Indian Hills depending on what speed Tig felt like driving today, so you hopped in the shower while Tig snoozed a little longer. When you stepped out of the shower you pulled on a black lace thong and matching bra, then stepped into a pair of black skinny jeans and pulled on a v-neck tee shirt. You chose to skip on blow-drying your hair, deciding you would braid it when it had a little more time to air dry.

When you stepped out into the room, Tig was sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing his eyes.

“Good morning, handsome,” you smiled, leaning against the wall while you took in the sight of your man in nothing but his boxers, sitting there staring back at you with that cute smile on his face. His smile remained as he spoke through his teeth, “come here,” he ordered and you did as he commanded, sauntering up to him and standing between his legs, his face pressing into your torso right below your breasts. He wrapped his arms around you, his hands gripping your back as he breathed in your scent. You placed your hands on his shoulders, running your hands down his back and then up again, landing on the back of his head as you entwined your fingers in his hair. He looked up, his chin resting right where your sternum ended, his jaw was clenched and his eyes were full of lust. He moved his hands from your back down to your ass, lifting you and pulling you to sit in his lap before burying his face in between your still-clothed breasts. You sucked in a rigid breath and rotated your hips into him as he pulled your shirt over your head and yanked your bra down, releasing your breasts and sucking one into his mouth, swirling his tongue around your nipple. You tossed your head back and moaned, his grip tightening on your ass, assisting you grinding on him while he continued his assault on your chest. Your hands moved from the back of his head to the sides as your pressed yourself closer to him and lowered your face to the top of his head, clenching your teeth and taking deep breaths while you pressed your lips into his hair.

Tig must’ve been feeling as if he was wasting too much time, or maybe the dry humping had finally gotten to be too much for him, because as soon as you let out the breath you took against his head, he scooped you up and turned around to the bed, tossing you on it. He yanked down your jeans and panties, pulling his boxers down just enough to expose himself and pushed into you viciously and urgently. You yelped as your hands found his back, your fingers digging into his skin and your lips finding his neck, sucking and biting on his throat hungrily as he pounded into you. He growled at the feeling of your mouth on him as he shoved his right hand under you to lift your butt, giving him a better angle to pound into you.
“Oh god,” he grunted, “oh (Y/N)! Baby! I’m ‘bout to–” he wailed. With one last furious thrust that punched the breath out of you, he released his seed inside of you and collapsed on top of you, breathing heavily trying to slow his heartbeat.

Trying to catch your breath as you stroked his hair and his back. You sighed deeply, relaxing your body while he remained limp on top of you.
“I swear I love everything about you,” you smiled.
Suddenly, Tig’s body went rigid and he twitched a bit. You realized just a little too late that you almost dropped the ‘L’ bomb, and to him, you might as well have, because he would take it the same way. You cursed yourself, knowing if nothing else, stuff like that too soon would scare him away. He didn’t say anything back and you stayed quiet as well, while he proceeded to pull himself out of you and prop himself up on his hands, leaning down and kissing you on the forehead, avoiding eye contact, not uttering a word, and getting up to get dressed. You tossed your head back on the mattress frustratedly but Tig didn’t notice as he had your words to him only moments prior on his mind. You got dressed as well, packing all your things alongside Tig in silence and headed out.

You pulled up to the former Devil’s Tribe clubhouse now turned Sons of Anarchy Indian Hills Chapter clubhouse just after 11am. Tig had driven much faster than usual and you knew he was tormented by what you said to him, even though you didn’t outright say 'I love you’ it didn’t matter, the word 'love’ tore him apart and you knew it. You felt bad, trying the entire drive in, to think of what you could say to make him feel better but you knew the only way was to take it back and to be honest, you would’ve rather said you loved him and got it over with.

You saw the van so you knew the guys had made it there before you. When you pulled up outside the clubhouse, which fronted as a tavern, Chibs and Juice were outside having a smoke.
You both stepped off the bike and Chibs whistled to you, “'ere’s the two lovebirds!” he shouted as he and Juice started walking to meet you in the dirt parking lot. Juice had his big bashful smile on his face as they got close, Chibs grabbed Tig up in a hug as Juice did the same to you, holding you firmly and rubbing his hands up and down your back as he did.
Chibs then interrupted your reunion with your friend, “How was yer trip, lass? How’re your folks?” Chibs asked looking at you and pulling you into a hug as Juice greeted Tig, receiving a glare from him for being too handsy with you.

“It was good, my folks and my sister are doing great,” you nodded pulling out of his embrace. Juice smiled, “I’m glad you two enjoyed your trip.”

You smiled back and him as you all began walking towards the entrance to the bar.

“'Ey, Tiggy,” Chibs interrupted as you reached the front door, “Can I 'ave a word before we go in?“

Tig looked at him questioningly, furrowing his brow in confusion but Chibs’ expression gave nothing away, "Sure brother, what’s up?” he asked.

Chibs turned and looked over to you, placing his hand on Tig’s shoulder and steering him away from where you and Juice stood about twenty feet before stopping and turning his back to you.

“Linda is in there,” he said matter-of-factly.

Tig’s expression turned grim, with everything going on and the newness of his relationship with you, he hadn’t even thought twice about the fact that Indian Hills was the home to Jury’s prostitute, Linda. Linda was for all intents and purposes just a whore, but she was a whore who he routinely banged whenever he was in town. The one and only female in a 50 mile radius of there that he had slept with because if he was within 50 miles of there he would make plans to visit her. She never charged him, which was the closest thing to having a girlfriend that Tig had had in a very long time.

Until you.

Shit.” he cursed, his hand finding its way to run through his hair. He took a deep breath and exhaled, looking at Chibs who was giving him his best, ’sucks to be you’ look. “No chance you broke the news to Linda for me huh Chibby?” he said, a somber look in his eyes.
Chibs reached up and patted him on the back, “Not a chance, brotha’,” Chibs chuckled, “we’ll keep 'er occupied while you tear off 'at bandaid. Make it quick, we got business.”

Chibs and Tig walked back over and Tig looked at you, pulling you to him and kissing you, “I gotta make sure its cool that you come inside,” he looked at you, “Just a courtesy. Not good to bring in an outsider without the Prez’s permission. Juice and Chibs will sit out here with you while I talk to Jury,” he stated. “Aye,” Chibs pitched in, raising his eyebrows at Tig in response to his lie, “Come on love, tell us about yer vacation.” He put his arm around your shoulders and walked you over to a bench that sat right outside the doors and you all sat down.

After about 10 minutes of talking with Chibs and Juice there was an awkward silence. You had pretty much told them everything about your trip. They were intrigued by the bar fight that Tig got in so you gave them all the details and their eyes lit up like children on Christmas hearing about the fight. You were getting restless and you stood up, so Chibs and Juice stood up too. “What’s wrong, lass?” Chibs asked reaching out to touch your arm.  You sighed, “It’s taking him a while,” you complained, “I’m gonna go see what the hold up is,” you stated walking towards the double doors, pulling open the left one just in time for Juice to rush in front of it blocking your entrance into the bar. “You can’t go in yet, (Y/N).”
You huffed with attitude and put your hands on your hips, “If he tells me to get out then he tells me to get out, I’m not worried about that I just want to know what’s taking Tig so lo–” you stopped speaking before you could finish your sentence as Chibs reached out grabbing your arm to pull you away from the door.

You didn’t stop talking because you were pulled, though.

You stopped talking because just before Chibs yanked you away from the door you caught sight of Tig inside the bar…

You caught sight of Tig walking towards a back hallway directly across from the door you were standing at…

You caught sight of Tig following a thin blonde in a tight skirt that barely covered her ass…

You caught sight of much more than you expected to see…