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Mark (Got7) Skater!au

-          Okay, so first off, Mark is NOT one of the louder, more rambunctious skater boys

-          He’s very gentle, and soft. He’s quiet and a bit shy, and he loves dogs.

-          He’s got this Australian shepherd named Lincoln that’s trained well enough that it doesn’t need to be on a leash, so Mark brings him with when he goes to the skate park and most other places that you can take dogs without leashes legally

-          He spends a lot of his free time either throwing Frisbees with Lincoln while he skates around a loop at the park, or doing tricks in the half pipe at the skate park

-          He wears his hair fluffy and always dyed, usually some kind of reddish color

-          He has a collection of beanies and Vans, and he generally wears tank tops or occasionally soft loose v neck t-shirts and medium or dark jeans. If it’s hot then he’ll have a button up tied around his waste, and if its colder then he’ll have it on

-          He gives off a good vibe because while he doesn’t talk much with strangers, he’s always very kind and sweet when he does talk, and his smile can light up a room.

-          So one Saturday afternoon, he’s skating a loop at the park with Lincoln, and he throws the Frisbee kind of not quite where he meant to and it goes behind a bunch of trees towards another part of the loop up ahead, and Lincoln goes after it and then comes back with nothing, so Mark’s like hmmm.. that’s weird

-          So he keeps going around the loop towards where the Frisbee went, Lincoln in tow, and when he rounds a corner, he sees this girl a little ways away along the path, pulling the Frisbee out of her own dog’s mouth and kind of looking around, so he stops his skateboard and kind of holds it while he stands there for a second

-          You were about fifty feet away so he could kind of see you and you were wearing soccer shorts and a t-shirt with your hair back in a tight, high ponytail, and you had these really cute Vans on

-          And your face was all scrunched up at your dog with confusion because you were like “…whose Frisbee did you steal, now we have to return it” And it was really cute and your hair looked really soft and you had a cute nose and nice eyes and he was all just ‘hnnnghh wow’

-          You looked around to see if you could find the Frisbee owner, and he caught your eye (partly because he was looking at you and you were like ‘oh, it’s probably his frisbee’ and partly because he looked super cute, like he has such gentle, sweet eyes and nice lips and his hair is made of the harp strings of the angels and he has really nice arms I mean what, no, what was I saying, ANYWAY) (also because he has a doggy 😃)

-          So you two made eye contact for a second and he was like “OH NO she saw me what do I do” even though you literally have his Frisbee so of course it’s okay for him to be looking at you

-          And you don’t notice that he freaks out for a second and you smile really big and wave as you get up and start jogging over to him with your dog right behind, tongue lolling out

-          So Mark snaps out of it and starts skateboarding towards you and you two meet in the middle and you’re like “hi! I take it this is yours?” You held it out to him kind of shyly, and he giggles and smiles this adorable smile and he’s like “yeah, it is, sorry about that”

-          “Oh no, I’m sorry about that, she just ran off and then came back with this and I was worried we wouldn’t find the owner. Is this your dog?” And you proceed to reach down to pet Lincoln, and he’s super friendly so he just like sniffs your hand and then turns around and slams the side of his body into your legs, as big dogs do

-          And now Mark leans down to pet your dog, and now he’s really happy, not only because dogs are just fantastic but also because now you two have something in common that you can talk about and maybe just chill for a while and get to know each other and maybe one thing leads to another and he gets your number

-          So you two played with each other’s dogs, and you talked about the dogs, and laughed about the dogs for a while

-          And then that led into talking about yourselves, and you guys threw the Frisbee for Lincoln and your dog, and there was laughing, and it was really fun and sweet

-          And then you both started getting hungry because it was like 3 and you’d both eaten lunch at like 12, so he was a little unsure for a sec, but then he just went for it

-          “Sooo, do you wanna grab a snack? There’s a place with great corndogs like two minutes away.”

-          And you smiled and said sure, that sounds great

-          So you guys got a snack together, and you sat outside and kept talking and you shared a thing of mustard for dipping (because you can’t have a corndog without mustard, don’t argue with me) and it was really, really, fun

-          You guys finally got ready to leave at about four, but, just as you were leaving, he was like ‘hey listen, this has been fun. Can I get your number so we can do this again?” And he was nervous but also smiling hopefully.

-          So you smiled at him and took his phone to punch in your number

-          “text me, I’m free all tomorrow.”

-          So he did, he texted you at like 10 in the morning and asked you if you wanted to bring your dog to the skate park (because he wanted to show off his sweet, sweet, moves)

-          And you were all excited like yeah, that sounds like a blast! So you met him there, and it was busy till like 11, and you guys talked and played with the dogs, and he’d brought Arizona tea in cans for you guys

-          And you watched him skate a little, and he was good. Like really good. And when you told him, he got all blushy and giggly

-          When it got less busy, he offered to teach you, and you were hesitant at first, but he was so sweet and encouraging that you gave in pretty readily

-          So you got on it, and he held your hands and walked you along, talking you through everything while you got the feel for turning, and in not much time at all, you were kind of skating on your own, and he was all proud of himself and you could tell, so that was nice too

-          So you slowly got more and more used to it, and then he offered to take you to get pizza for lunch, and you were like heck yeah, who doesn’t like pizza, so you guys took turns skating there

-          It was one of those really small places with basically no seats, where you go in, buy a HUGE slice of pizza, and then eat it while you walk wherever you’re going, so you guys got pizza and he insisted on paying for yours and you didn’t want to make a scene so you let him

-          And then you were leaving, and as you were walking (he skateboarded next to you because he has better balance so he’ more okay to eat and skateboard at the same time) you were insistent about paying him back, and then in a streak of confidence, he looks you in the eyes and says “tell you what, How about you pay me back by having us call this a date.”

-          Granted, it was already a date, but no one had SAID it was a date so it was all :3 :3 :3

-          And you got all blushy and muttered out an okay

-          And he thought it was adorable, so he got off the skateboard, grabbed your hand to stop you, stood really close in front of you, and then gave you a quick kiss on the cheek and a smile before getting back on the skateboard and skating off giggling and dragging you along with him by your hand


This is a fantastic au for him, amiright? Of course I am. It’s great :P



Hey everyone, I’m doing a second printing of the T-Shirts I sold at Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo! All T shirts are individually screenprinted by hand by me and my buddy (who is rocking the Bite Me shirt above!) on soft and breathable, v-neck, unisex t shirts from Forever 21.

 Sizes run a little looser (from the photos featured, the middle is a size M, the shirts on the side are a size S). If you have any question on size suggestions hit me up!  

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‘DO IT FOR VITYA’ Women's Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt by elfoftheforest
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so i’ve seen a version of yuuri running around today and i decided to make my own of vitya with my favorite moments aaaaaaaaaaa


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Okay, but how cute was it that Sam and Dean traded undershirts for the concert in 12x07? Was there a rushed quickie happening right before and they accidentally grabbed each other’s clothing and there was no time to change? Or was Dean simply adamant that fake Oasis-type rock stars would wear v-necks and demanded one of Sam’s t-shirts? And then Sam demanded one of Dean’s in exchange just to be an adorably contrary little brother? Ahh, my precious, codependent lil dorks.

Toddler CC

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that it’s taken me a while to respond to your messages, but I wanted to take a moment to address a lot of similar questions that I have gotten and then answer some specific asks in more detail.

  • I do plan to make some CC for toddlers.
  • I do plan to convert at least some of my hairs for toddlers, but with most of them being on the long side, I’m not sure how many of them will actually look good on/work well for toddlers.

Numbered Asks:
1. I can certainly make skin-tight v-neck, long-sleeve, and turtleneck t-shirts! I will also try and make them accessories when I release them for those that like them as accessories.
2. Some people may have already de-poofed it, but if not I can certainly give it a try!
3. I was planning on converting the City Living overalls for toddlers before I even got your ask! ;)
4. I would love to convert the Chloe dress for toddlers–I believe that S4S Harmony was just updated to allow for meshing of clothing, so I’ll look into it soon!

Thank you!

Sudden Urge

Summary: Sometimes you just have no idea.

Characters: Suho x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 607 words

-Admins M & R

Originally posted by asstheticsuho

    “Jagi, are you home?” your boyfriend asked once you answered his phone call. His voice sounded deep and distant.

    “Yeah, babe. I just got here.” You responded, a part of you wondered if something was wrong.

    “I’ll be there in an hour. Is that okay?” He asks.

    “Of course it is, you don’t even have to ask, you know that Suho. Are you okay?” You responded.

    “I just want to see you.”

    After the phone call you figured you’d help your boyfriend through the long hour and turned your camera on to take a photo of yourself. You fixed up your hair and brushed it over your right shoulder. You then pulled your v neck t-shirt down revealing a little more cleavage than necessary and snapped a photo. “I want to see you too. I miss you daddy.” you wrote in the message, pressed send and waited for Suho’s arrival.

                                                     – – –

    “You’ve been a bad girl,” Suho whispered hotly in your ear as he came in, wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you into him. You were in the kitchen washing dishes and Suho was in the mood. Your eyes widened in shock at his hot words, a shiver going down your spine and straight to your core.

    “I’m sorry Daddy,” you said turning around to face him. “I’m sorry I’ve been a bad girl. You should punish me.” You looked up at im with an innocent look. His eyes turned dark and you could feel your insides melting. You raced to take off your clothes and when you were bare he picked you up and pushed you against the wall. Your head hit the wall hard but you didn’t care. You grabbed Suho’s hair and smashed your lips on his. He forced his tongue in your mouth and you melted into the kiss. He took you to your bedroom and threw you on the bed. He quickly undressed, you took in the sight of Suho’s body in front of you, treasuring the image in your memory. He hovered over you and without warning, slammed his hard cock into you. He gave you no time to adjust, thrusting into you harder and faster with each thrust. Breathless moans escaping your mouth as Suho groaned in your ear. “Say my name, Y/N.”

    You felt his hot breath against your ear as he spoke, your head was spinning from the pleasure. You screamed his name as he pounded into you. “That’s it, jagi.” he says with a smirk. He leaned up and grasped your hips, he was holding your hips so tight you knew there would be bruises the next day. “Suho…” he mutter, your insides were igniting a fire in you and your vision was becoming less clear. He was moaning your name as he went faster and faster, the sound of his panting filled your bedroom. You could tell he was about to cum as his thrusts were getting more ferocious and erratic. Your moans becoming consistent as your body began to shake, he brought his fingers to your clit and rubbed it quickly, making you gasp. Your boyfriend brought his lips to yours and sloppily kissed you as you both finally reached your highs. Moaning into each others mouths, ecstasy washed over you. His cum filled you up as your walls clenched around him. He pulled out and crashed next to you on the bed, bringing you to face him while he held you.

    You both lay there for a moment, coming back to normalcy.

    “What was that?” you asked when he finally caught your breath.

    “I have no idea,” he replied.

    “Well, let’s not have any ideas more often.” You say jokingly and gave him a soft kiss.

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The Many Looks of Dr. Harrison Wells - Part 4!

Riiiiight, so we’re about 2 months away from the premiere of season 3 so I figured this was the perfect time to post my next round of pictures!!! The second half of s2 didn’t give us too much to work with what with Harry’s black-on-black outfits all the time, but we did get a few new variations so let’s take a look shall we? 

(Part 3: http://missmendelsohn.tumblr.com/post/137027312730/the-many-looks-of-dr-harrison-wells-part-3)

Long Sleeves Rolled Down - 

Long Sleeves Rolled Up -

Black Jacket… #5? 

Black V-neck sweater (bonus grey t-shirt underneath) -

Hoodie Sweatshirt -

Poofy Rain Jacket - 

Black Suit - 

Blue Jeans -

Aaaaaaaand black pants!!!! 

thank you to @maggiedens for most of the screencaps!!! and now we just have to wait for season 3 to see what version of TomCav we’ll get (apart from Harry’s return) and hopefully new black t-shirt combo’s!!! until next time!!! ^___^

p.s - if I’ve forgotten any of his outfits or mis-labeled something in the list, feel free to let me know!

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Hi tumblr! After getting some encouragement from a friend ( @rotatingowls ), I’ve decided to open up a shop with Society6 to sell my art!

If you visit at my shop at https://society6.com/gabrielernie you can see everything I have available.

I’m currently selling t-shirts and v-necks (men’s and women’s), as well as iphone cases and prints of various sizes.

Pricing for my items:

•T-shirts and V-necks: $24.00
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10% of every sale goes directly to me and helps in supporting me to continue making art. Spread the word!

Saiyuki: Hakkai - High Street Style

Stand alone version of the art Minekura-sensei created for items to be sold at AGF 2014 and later used for a school calendar. These previous versions cut off some part of the full image since they were also combined, but luckily in Salty Dog IX, these stand alone versions let you see them in full glory. Hakkai doesn’t usually wear many open neck shirts or v-cut shirts. Very  nice for a change ^^

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Spring Pushes In

Spring sweeps in
Pushing the cool blue of
Winter to the ground
Leafless and colorless
Trees and bushes
Once empty
And sidewalks
All shake open
With the warm beat
Of now
Erasing the problems
Of yesterday
As a once broken man
In a blue shirt
And red baseball cap
Sits at a sidewalk table
Next to an Ethiopian
With a gorgeous
red head
In a black V-neck t shirt
And artsy white sunglasses
With swirling curvy frames
Who’s calm love
Gives him
To be him
And this almost
Spring day
Gives him pause
To think forward
And smile

sunshine51879  asked:

Michelle, Peter, Robbie

Michelle makes me think of dark, tight dresses and high heels, crop tops and short shorts, short, jet-black hair, winks and smirks, parties, late night drives and hanging out with friends

Peter makes me think of sarcasm, friendly competition (turned not-so-friendly competition), jeans and v necked t-shirts, smirks and scowls, hatred, moral ambiguity and redemption

Robbie makes me think of polo shirts and khaki shorts, loafers, perfectly groomed hair, practiced smiles, valedictorian, ambition, hardwork, and friendship