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Tantalizing: 01 02 03
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Cumplay, Degrading Names, Angst, Intercourse, Oral, Orgasm Denial, Thigh Riding
Word Count: 5,965

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Out of the Blue 03

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk.

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: finally part 3 is here!! this one was really tricky. i edited it so much in terms of adding parts, then turning around and taking them back out and just completely removing an entire scene and replacing it with something that flowed better. ugh. i have mixed feelings on this, but it is what it is lmfao i mean all it is is smut so i guess it really doesnt matter. enjoys babes <3

Words: 6.3k

01 | 02 | 03

It was odd, Namjoon thought, at how comfortable you and Jungkook seemed to be around each other, having only known each other for a little over a day. He couldn’t even begin wrap his head around the way ‘natural instincts’ and 'pheromones’ worked between you two, but then again, he was merely just a human. Last night was weird and he couldn’t exactly say he liked it, as he slept alone again for the first time in a very long while, having to keep himself warm without you there being his little heater. 

The first night here was hard, but there was something about last night that was almost unbearable. 

He got little sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about you, and how you were dealing with sleeping without him these past two nights since you had never done so before, but then he realized you were probably perfectly fine - curled up beside Jungkook, sleeping peacefully with the other’s arms tightly around you. His arms were probably so tight because he was probably afraid someone would try to take you away from him in the middle of the night while you two slept.

Well, that was if you even got any sleep, did your fevers subside long enough for you to get some shut-eye? Or were you two at it all night?

Namjoon shook his head in mild disgust, trying to clear his mind of the unwanted images that started popping up and he looked out of the window, down at the pool where you and Jungkook were playing in the water together. He watched on, a strange sort of jealousy planted in his chest. Could he really not even get one moment alone with you? He just didn’t quite know how to cope with that - didn’t understand how Jungkook could be that possessive.

But again, he was just a human. How could he possibly understand?

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Know It All

by kikikryslee

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson 

(3.3K words)

“Are you watching Jeopardy?” Niall asked.
“Shhhh!” Louis hissed. “Niall, come on. I just missed the question.”
“Since when do you watch Jeopardy? Is this about the guy from trivia? What do you call him? T-Shirt?”
“V-Neck,” Louis corrected.
“Oh, right. V-Neck. Is this about him?”
“You’re a terrible liar. You know that trivia is supposed to be fun, right?”
“I am having fun! Now leave me alone! I need to learn more about the people who signed the Declaration of Independence.”

Or, the one where Louis just wants to win Trivia Night so he can get some free food, but he can’t because a certain guy with fluffy hair takes home the prize every week - except for one.

Written as part of the 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names challenge!

Beside You- Luke Hemmings Imagine

Summary: Luke and (Y/N) have always had feelings for one another, but were always to blind to see it. Thanks to some help from the other boys, and the music video producer for the boy’s latest song, the feelings between the two are easily discovered.

A/N: This is one of my longest imagines I have done, but I wanted to say thank you to all of those who have followed me, I have now reached over 100 in the short time that I have started this blog. It would really mean a lot if I could get some comments about my writings, so if you have a quick second, leave me a little note! 

P.S. Possible part 2?

“You want me to what” you asked incredulously.

“We want you to be in our new music video” Ashton said with a large grin.

“But aren’t you supposed to get super hot models for these sorts of things? Even with a make-up crew I won’t look half as good as those type of girls” you said with a frown.

“Will you stop (Y/n), you are one of the most beautiful girls we know.” It was Luke who spoke this time, his voice was soft, sincere, and possibly one of the most serious tones you have ever heard him use.

You tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear as you break your eye contact with the boys and look to the floor. The boys can tell that you’re thinking of other reasons why you shouldn’t do the music video, but for once your mind was blank.

“Fine, I’ll do it. I mean it’s mainly going to feature you guys anyways, right?” you said, mainly trying to convince yourself. “What song is it for anyways?”

“Now that’s a surprise. But don’t worry you’ll see tomorrow when we start filming.” Calum chimed in. Your mouth opens in protest but closes shortly after realizing there is no way the boys would give it up.

The rest of the day consisted or you just hanging out with the boys as they talked about how great their tour was. You watched carefully as each of their eyes lit up while talking about some of their favorite memories. As it grew darker, the boys started leaving one by one until it was just you and Luke.

Luke was undoubtedly your best friend. He has been there for you for every hard time. Whether it was when your dog died when you were 13, or when you were being bullied in high school. He was your rock, and dare you say, your knight in shining armor. However, you never told him how you felt, for fear that he doesn’t feel the same. Of course, all the guys knew, but they also knew something you didn’t: Luke felt the same.

Once all the guys were gone, you and Luke just sat next to one another in a comfortable silence. The warm summer breeze touched your skin as you gazed into the night sky.

“Hey Luke, since it’s almost tomorrow anyways, can you tell me what song the music video is for, or at least what we will be filming?” you ask giving the puppy dog eyes.

“You are so stubborn, you know that right?” he says through breathy laughs.

“Come on, pleaseeeeeee” you ask.

“Honestly I don’t know that much myself. I do know what song it is, but that’s about it.”

“Oh come on, you are totally holding out on me!” you insist. You sit so that you are facing Luke, each of your small hands on his shoulders so he can’t turn away from your gaze. “Just give me something to go off of.”

“Alright, well it’s for our new song called Beside You, and I think there are other three more females joining us on set. But that is about all I know” he confessed.

Your hands leave his shoulders as you try and think as to what you will be filming tomorrow. Unfortunately, you haven’t gotten to listen to all of the boy’s new album so you didn’t know the meaning behind Beside You.

“I can see the wheels turning, but I guarantee you it’s nothing to worry about. You’ll have a blast. Promise” he mentions while holding out his pinky. You intertwine your pinky with his and shake them, something you have always done ever since you were little.

“Okay Lucas, if you insist” you say with a laugh. “Well it’s getting late so I’m going to head off to bed, got to get my beauty sleep for my filming debut tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I should probably head out too. Don’t want the star of the video to look like crap” he says giving a wink.

Before even thinking, words left your lips that you wouldn’t usually say.

“Why don’t you just spend the night” you say quickly and quietly, hoping that Luke may not have heard you. But when your gaze met his, you can tell he heard your question. “I mean, it will just be like when we were younger. Just don’t hog all the blankets this time.”

“Alright, yeah if that’s alright with you. It would be nice to not have to wait for a cab to get here, and that way you and I can just drive to the studio together in the morning.”

The two of you walk up to your bed room, laughing and reminiscing in old times the whole way up. Sure, at first you’d be nervous that this would be awkward, but the moment you both were laying in your bed it felt like old times. You two stayed up for a few more hours just talking about everything that came to your minds. As your eyes grew heavy, you snuggled into Luke’s chest, while soft hums escaped his lips as you drifted off to sleep.

“She sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you” he lightly sings. This is exactly where Luke had longed to be, with you fast asleep in his arms. He never thought you looked more beautiful, even with a bit of eyeliner left on from earlier in the night, your hair fallen onto your face, and soft snores escaping your lips. All Luke wanted, was to be beside you.


The loud beeping of your alarm woke you up. Bright light was shining through your curtains as you notice that your head is still on top of Luke’s chest. His eyes were still closed, typical Luke, not waking up easily.

“Hey, butt face, wake up.” You say while poking his nose. His face scrunches as his eyes flutter open trying to adjust to the brightness. “Come on sleepy head, get up!” A groan escapes Luke’s lips as he is adamant about staying in bed. “Alright you asked for it” you begin as you take a pillow and smack it onto his face.

“That’s not even fair!” he protests.

“Then get up sleeping beauty” you say while landing another hit on him.

The rest of the morning was pretty quiet between the two of you. You each quickly showered and then drove off to the studio. The entire ride over you kept insisting that Luke play the song for you, so you have an idea of what to expect, but the stubborn boy kept refusing.

As you walked into the studio you saw the other three boys standing next to three gorgeous girls. You immediately felt insecure and Luke could sense the shift in your attitude. His arm ran across your shoulder as he guided you to where the group was standing.

“There you guys are, you were supposed to be here nearly a half an hour ago” Ashton said.

“Sorry but princess Luke takes forever to wake up” you said while rubbing your hand through Luke’s hair. He playfully swats your hand away, all while still keeping his arm around your shoulder.

“Well since you guys are late, the director already assigned parts.” Michael mentioned.

“What do you mean” you question.

“Well, if you can’t tell there are four girls and four guys, so we are being divided into pairs. Calum is with Shelly, Michael is with Kristen, I’m with Morgan, and so Luke and (Y/n) you’re obviously together.” Ashton answered.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be filled in more while they are doing your hair and make-up” Michael said.

Shortly after talking with the boys, a crew came to take you and the other girls to hair and make-up. You got to know the other girls better and it turns out they weren’t uptight models and actresses that you expected them to be. All the girls were very down to earth and had their own hobbies and interesting life stories.

“Okay ladies, so here’s how today is going to work” the direct said as he entered the room. “You are going to hear the song a few times right now before we start filming, just so you can get a better feel for the song, and then you each will be taken to your own set with the boys and film your stuff there.” As he left the room music began to play. The lyrics were beautiful and you could tell they came for the heart.

“Miss (Y/n), are you alright?” the makeup technician asked you. You hadn’t even realized that the song has played 3 times already, and now here you were with tears falling down your cheeks.

“Oh yeah, sorry, the song just means a lot” you say with a weak smile.

After you were finally done getting ready for filming you were lead to a set of a kitchen. When you walked in you saw Luke in a similar outfit to you which consisted of plaid pajama pants and a black V-neck. Your outfit consisted of pajama shorts and a grey t-shirt.

“Wow (y/n) you look amazing” Luke says as he pulls you into a hug.

“Thanks” you answer shyly.

“Alright, Luke and (Y/n), so here’s what I’m thinking. So, all of you guys have your girlfriends and each pair has their own thing going on. Your scene is that you guys just woke up to make some breakfast with one another. But don’t just be boring and go through the motions, you aren’t just cooking. Basically, we are showing how each of the couples are before the life of fame and touring takes the guys away. So you two are supposed to be in love so that’s what we need to see. There’s going to be more to the video, but let’s just focus on the emotions in this part first. And just remember the cameras aren’t here, just be how you two normally are together, okay?”

“Sounds good” Luke chimed in.

To say everything felt awkward was an understatement. Neither of you two were entirely sure what to do, and it didn’t help that there was a crew of at least 10 people focused on you. Once the director said action, you each tried to act as naturally as possible. You went and grabbed a box of pancake mix and asked Luke to grab out a pan. You start reading the instructions and pay no attention to Luke who is standing right next to you.

“Alright umm let’s cut for a moment” the director said. “Luke, (Y/n), you guys are best friends, just act like you normally would, okay? Don’t be so dry and pretend none of us are here.” The two of you nod your heads in understanding. You don’t know why this was so hard for you and so awkward. You’ve literally known Luke your whole life and are best friends, so why can’t you just have fun with this scene.

“And action” the director says.

An awkward silence fills the room as you and Luke go through the motions for making breakfast for the two of you once again. You try and reach for a bowl on a shelf but come up just too short. Looking to Luke for assistance, he comes over with a small laugh, and is easily able to grab the bowl. When he sets it down on the counter in front of you, you become fully aware of how close he is to you now. His breath is hitting your neck as you stand there for what feels like an eternity.

“Cut” the director yells. “Alright team here’s what we are going to do. Let’s set up two cameras on tripods in separate corners, and then let’s place two more in other locations. Then we will step out, and you two can just be alone and do what you do best. I just feel like we aren’t getting anything from you guys and so I’m hoping this will help.” The camera team quickly moves around the room setting up multiple cameras in various locations.

“I’m sorry I suck” you say softly to Luke.

“You don’t suck. Trust me, my first music video was super awkward too. Don’t worry, by the end of filming it will look great, and soon every director will want to star you in their video” he says with a wink. The rest of the camera crew clears out so now it is just you and Luke on set. Before they left, the crew turned on some music to play softly in the back ground.

“Okay so I’m totally going to try and make pancakes, and so you better help me” you say with a smile.

“Sure just direct me around and we will make the best damn pancakes you’ve ever had” Luke replies.

“Okay so first we need two cups of flour” you say as you read the directions. Luke listens and scoops out two cups of flour and pours them into the bowl.

“Hey (y/n)” he asks.

“Yeah?” You turn around to face Luke only to be met with flour being sprinkled on your head.

“Oh, you are so dead” you say with fake anger. Taking your hand, you reach into the bag of flour only to smack your white hand across his clean black shirt. Luke let’s out a gasp of fake hurt as his face lights up with a smile.

To stop you from doing more damage he grabs each of your wrists and raises them above your head. You two just stand there for a moment, the only sound coming from the music the crew turned on. Before you had a chance to fight back, Luke’s lips crash to yours.  As the kiss grows deeper he removes his hands from your wrists and moves them to your waist. He carefully picks you up and places you on the counter, placing his body in between your legs. Your hands make their way through his hair as you two have yet to stop for air. A soft chuckle escapes from you as Luke’s fingers unknowingly tickled your side.

“We should still try and make some pancakes too” you say through kisses. This time it was Luke who laughed at your comment. After he nods his head in agreement he helps you off the counter, keeping his hands on your waist.

The two of you continue to make pancakes, sneaking kisses in every chance you get. Luke follows each of the instructions you give him, and is surprised when he sees that the finished result actually looks delicious. As you two sit and eat, Luke tells more embarrassing jokes of the boys from tour. Everything is perfect until you hear a loud voice that you didn’t expect to hear back so soon.

“There’s my two favorite love birds” the director jokes. “Well we definitely got the footage we needed from the two of you together, so now there is just a couple of individual things we need to get today, and then it should be all done. So (Y/n) why don’t you head back to hair and make-up so they can clean you up a bit. Luke you’re going to meet up with the guys. Once again great job, and Luke I had no idea you were such a great actor.”

“Thanks” Luke says with a laugh. “That’s what happens when you’re a Rockstar I guess.” The moment Luke finishes speaking you feel your heart break a little bit. Of course, Luke was just acting, he’d never be into you like that. You walk away, trying to contain yourself from crying, until you hear Luke call your name. You take a moment to compose yourself and put on a happy façade for when you speak to him.

“Hey (y/n) I just wanted to say you did a really great job.” Luke says while flashing a smile.

“Thanks, looks like you should consider acting more yourself” you say with a weak smile. Before either of you could say anything else a crew member comes and pulls on your arm to get you back into the dressing area. A small sigh escapes Luke’s lips as you leave, wishing he could have gotten to tell you what he has been trying to say.


After you finished filming you went straight home, not bothering to talk to any of the guys. Today had been a long and trying day and all you wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. When you go and check your phone you see 8 missed calls from Luke and a handful of messages.

“Great” you mumble. What could he possibly want? Sure, you didn’t directly let him know that you were leaving, but you told Ashton to pass the word. You were drowning in your thoughts of the day’s actions until you heard a light knock on your door.

“Shit” you mutter. You didn’t really feel like answering the door, and had silently prayed that whoever was on the other end would just go away. But to your dismay, the knocks got increasingly louder and more adamant, as if that person needed to get inside right now. With shaky hands, you take a deep breath and open the door.

“Luke” his name comes out as more of a question from your lips as you’re surprised at his arrival.

“I’m really sorry” his shaky voice says. You make room for him to come inside but he just stays where he is. Your gaze keeps to the ground because you know if you look into his eyes your walls will come crumbling down. “(Y/N) I wasn’t acting” he stated plainly.


“I wasn’t acting” he said. And with that said Luke closes the gap between your bodies and places his lips onto yours….


Part 2?

Thanks, Mom

Summary: You go to visit your mom at her new house and find a handsome man mowing her yard.

warnings: none, just fluff! (minor fantasies about Dean, but who hasn’t had those, right?)

word count: ~2600

You turned onto your mom’s street, eager to see her new house all finally put together.  She had moved about a month ago, but you had been so busy with your job that you hadn’t had a chance to come by and see the place, let alone help her unpack.

She didn’t seem to mind, as she quite enjoyed organizing and arranging things.  You had talked to her on the phone many times and she told you all the new ideas she had for the house… It felt like you had been there a thousand times with all the details she had shared, but you were just now getting to see it.

You pulled into the driveway, eyes scrunched in confusion when you saw a man pushing a lawnmower in her yard. Your mom had always done her own yard work, saying that it was the best work out she would get and not liking to work out in any other ways.

The man looked your way and waved, before quickly turning back to his task.  You reached for your purse after you turned off your car, getting out slowly.  You looked at the man again, taking him in.  He was wearing jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, hair short with scruff on his face. His face – that was a handsome face.  Plump lips and a light brush of freckles under piercing green eyes that you could see all the way across the yard.  He turned the lawnmower so that he was now facing away from you, and you couldn’t help but admire his back muscles that flexed under his thin t-shirt and the curve of his ass –

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I Got You a Little Something

by: mldrgrl
rating: PG
summary: post-ep for How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - a little something for my t-shirt anon, whose prompt I’m still not posting lest I spoil the story.

Christmas Eve didn’t really go as planned for Mulder, but they did get to see some ghosts, and that was pretty cool.  He never expected the ghosts to be such assholes, though.  Two people who died in the name of love should never be so rude.  Anyway, he thought he just might lure Scully out to the house, tell her a scary story and maybe creep her out a little before offering to take her out for hot cocoa or cider or something and give her a present he’d been harboring for awhile.

So, even though he met not one ghost, but two, he was still disappointed.  He kind of felt like a jerk about it, too.  Plenty of people would give their left arm to meet a ghost and he’d just wanted to take Scully out for a drink.  Maybe even some roasted chestnuts or something.

He was zoning out to A Christmas Carol when Scully knocked on his door.  He was surprised, but not surprised to see her.  Of course she’d want to come over at midnight and argue about what they saw that night.  Except, he remembered he had a present to give her and distracted her with that instead.

“Mulder,” she said, a bashful smile on her face.  She became positively giddy as she pulled her own present for him out of her pocket and they exchanged packages.

“This feels like a video tape,” he said, rattling his package by his ear as they sat next to each other on his couch.

Scully chuckled as she scratched at the wrapping paper on her gift.  Mulder hastily tore the paper off his in one long strip.  It wasn’t a VHS tape at all, it was a book of the best illustrations for science fiction novels of the 50s and 60s.  On the cover was a pair of astronauts in silver space suits standing outside of a rocket in a red desert he assumed was Mars.

“Cool,” he said, flipping through the first few pages.  “Hey, Attack of the 50Ft Woman!  I loved that movie.”

“Does not surprise me,” Scully answered, finally sliding the wrapping paper off the poster tube her gift was in.  She wiggled one of the plastic stoppers off from the top and shook out a rolled up t-shirt into her lap.

Mulder actually found the shirt that summer when they were in Arizona, not too long after the whole Antarctica expedition.  It had made him laugh and it felt like it had been a long time since he’d laughed.  He bought it for Scully on impulse, and then waited for an appropriate time to give it to her.  What better time than Christmas?

Scully unrolled the shirt and rolled her eyes, but laughed.  “Mulder,” she scolded.  “Really?”

“Oh, come on, Scully, it’s so you.”

“Me, Mulder?  You must have me mistaken for your other partner that is pro-existence of extraterrestrial life on other planets.”

He bumped her shoulder with his and then took the shirt from her hands and held it up.  It was a heather grey t-shirt, v-necked, made of some of the softest cotton Mulder had ever felt.  On the chest was an image of a tiny grey alien with a frown on its face and crossed arms.  Just below it was the phrase ‘You’re invading my space.’  So Scully.

Scully snatched the t-shirt back and folded it neatly in her lap.  She took a few glances at the TV and then out the window.  “It’s snowing,” she commented.

“Guess we’ll have a white Christmas this year after all.”

“Mulder, why do you have a stocking hanging your bookshelf?”

“It’s for the fish.  Santa brings them a new bottle of flakes every year, but they’re still surprised.”

Scully chuckled and stroked the collar of the t-shirt in her lap between two fingers.  “I should get going,” she said with a yawn.  “I’m due at my mom’s at 6am.”

“You can stay,” he said, quickly.  “Get a little more sleep.  I can set my alarm.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Please, I insist.  No need to go all the way home and then have to turn around and drive out to your mom’s.  I’ve got a new bed and everything.”

Scully raised her brow.  

“For you,” he clarified.  “And you alone.  I’m quite satisfied with the couch.  Unless you insist,” he added, bumping his shoulder into hers again.

Scully yawned behind a fist and then sighed.  “I think I will stay,” she said.

“Great!”  Mulder hopped up to his feet and gathered the discarded wrapping paper while Scully pushed herself up from the couch.  He crushed it into a ball and then dropped it on the table before ushering Scully into his bedroom.

“You know where everything is,” he said.  “So, let me just grab a few things and I’ll get out of your way.”

Quickly, Mulder opened his drawer and grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.  He changed in the living room, closing the blinds first and draping his clothes wherever he found room on his desk.  He turned out the light and settled on the couch, the ghost of Christmas present just making his entrance on TV as he pulled his blanket up to his chin.  There was a knock on the other side of his bedroom door and he grinned.

“Come out!” he called.

Scully padded out into the living room and Mulder sat up, but she waved her hand at him to indicate it wasn’t necessary.  

“Find everything okay?” he asked.

“Fine,” she answered.  “I just wanted to say, Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“Merry Christmas, Scully.”

She smiled shyly and tucked her hair back over her ears before she bent down and kissed him softly on the cheek.  She retreated to his bedroom and quietly closed the door behind her.  Mulder lay back down with a stupid grin on his face.  Not only was she wearing a pair of his running shorts, cinched to the maximum capability the drawstrings could offer, she was wearing her new t-shirt.  He knew she would like it.

The End

PJO Headcannons

Nico and clothes.

Nico dressed in mostly black as a way to blend in with the shadows easier, originally anyway. He discovered quickly that he liked the style and kept it even after the war with Gaea was over. However he also developed a strange habit.

Nico is a clothes theif. He will steal clothes from pretty much everyone he likes. If he has an article of your clothing in his possession you are officially his friend.

He stole Jason’s Camp Jupiter hoodie. It’s about two sizes too big but he loves it cause it’s warm and he can hit people with the overly large arms if they irritate him.

He stole one of Reyna’s Camp Jupiter t shirts. It’s a v neck and fits him pretty well. He works out in it most days. She’s never getting it back but she’s ok with that.

He stole one of Hazels hats. More accurately she stuck it on his head one winter when he didn’t have one. It’s bright blue with a big Pom Pom on the top but he still wears it.

He stole a jacket from Frank. It’s way too big on him but it’s comfy and again warm. Frank is too scared of Nico to ask for t back.

He stole a white button up from Leo. It’s was one of the only clean shirts the mechanic owned but Nico didn’t have a dress shirt to wear to Sally and Paul’s wedding. It hasn’t been seen since but Nico still has it.

He’s stolen many a tank top from Piper. He wears them to work out. She doesn’t mind and has caught several pictures of him in multicolored tank tops fighting the undead when he thinks no one is watching.

He steals hair ties from Annabeth because his hair is getting way too long and keeps getting in his way so he’ll put it up in a small ponytail with her hair ties.

He somehow managed to steal a Camp shirt from Cecil. It’s clear it’s Cecil’s because it has the number of the Hermes cabin on the sleeve.

He stole a pair of fingerless gloves from Lou Ellen. He wears them constantly claiming they help protect his hands from his sword.

He’s stolen so many articles of clothing from Will both of them have lost track. All they know is that half Nico’s wardrobe is too big and mostly yellow and Wills been wearing a lot of black too small shirts lately. His favorite thing of wills is his “Surf Cabo” shirt. Mostly cause it annoys Percy

A Place to Call Home pt 6


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 7,328

Warnings: Language, mentions of assault, SMUT

A/N: Here is the next part of A Place to Call Home, I hope you all like it! There’s finally some more smut! YAY! hahah. Huge thank you to @rememberstilinski and @writing-obrien for proof reading and giving me their input! As always, let me know what you think! :)

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Stuck In Paradise (FEDA Day 7)

I unfortunately couldn’t post for a few days because of technical difficulties. This one is a bit longer than most of my oneshots, 1772 word count. Simon and Baz get stuck together for Spring Break, hope you enjoy! @snowbaz-feda


Spring holidays were never Simon’s favorite but they’d never been that bad either. Agatha would have him over for the week and they would usually have a fancy brunch with pastel table settings on Easter Day. Overall it was too short and a tad boring.

But now that Agatha had broken up with Simon he was stuck spending the week in Watford. Baz had left two days ago, which he’d thought would make him happy. Now Simon was wishing he had someone to yell at, it would be better than staring at a wall all day until he fell asleep. 

He was about to start throwing spitballs on Baz’s bed when he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the stairwell to their room. Simon sat up, excited for the commotion, and waited to greet his visitor.

Baz walked in, looking pissed off as he carried all his luggage into the room. Simon frowned. Even though Baz was better than nothing, he still had been hoping for someone like Penny. 

“Why are you back so early?” He asked.

Baz threw his bags down.

“Why do you think that’s any of your business?”

Simon sighed.

“So we’re right back to normal?”

Baz glanced at him, eyebrows raised.

“Oh, did you expect us to take a break from our being sworn enemies to go on a holiday retreat? Maybe we could go camping in the Wavering Wood or swimming with the merwolves.” 

Simon rolled his eyes.

“Ha-ha, you’re so clever. I just meant, maybe we could take it a little easier since we’re the only two on campus.”

Baz shook his head and turned back to putting his things away.

“The Mage is here too isn’t he? Why don’t you spend the afternoon with him?”

Simon groaned and fell back on his bed.

“No, he’s not actually. Not even Ebb is here. She left yesterday to visit her family. I’ve been so bored,” He said.

“I don’t think that’s really my problem Snow,” Baz replied.

Simon rolled onto his stomach to watch Baz pack the rest of his things. He wasn’t in uniform. Instead he was wearing jeans and a V-neck t-shirt. Simon couldn’t stop staring at his jeans. It was too weird, Baz in such casual clothing. In fact, what was weirder was that he looked good in them, like it was natural. But, Simon reasoned, everything was natural for Baz, the tosser. 

“C’mon, it’s not like you have anything better to do,” Simon said.

Baz turned to stare at him in disbelief.

“Are you seriously suggesting we spend time together?”

Simon shrugged.

“Sure, just for the week anyways. There’s nobody else to hang out with.”

Simon stood and walked over to their bedroom door and opened it. Slouching against the wall, he glanced back over at Baz. Carelessly, he gestured to the open doorway.

“Besides, “ Simon said, playfully, “It might be illuminating.” 

Baz glared at him for a moment, his shoulders rigid. Finally he sighed and grabbed a jacket. With an angry grunt he pushed his way out of the room. Simon followed behind him excitedly.

“Fine,” Baz muttered, “But we’re playing football. If I have to spend time with you I might as well kick your ass on the field.”


Things were getting dangerous. It was day two of spending time with Snow and already Baz was imagining ridiculous scenarios. When they played football he imagined tackling Snow to the ground and making it on the Pitch. When they snuck into the kitchen he thought about licking the butter off the corner of Snow’s mouth (which was truly disturbing but nevertheless enticing).  It was worse now, while they sat and ate lunch on the Great Lawn together, like a picnic date out of some movie.

“This is weird,” Baz mumbled.

“What? Us getting along?” Snow asked.

Baz thought back on all his useless fantasies.

“If that’s what you want to call it,” Baz said.

Snow snorted and lay back on the grass behind them

“You’re so set on being enemies that you can’t even let yourself enjoy a nice afternoon.”

Baz lay back too, wishing he could relax into Snow but settling for laying inches away from him.

“You make it sound so easy, forgetting about everything. We’re enemies for a reason Snow.”

“Are we really though?” Snow asked, “Enemies, I mean.”

Baz laughed.

“Um, yes? I’ve tried to kill you at least once before.”

Snow turned and Baz felt his heart run rampant.

“No you didn’t. You tried to destroy me, not exactly the same thing.”

Baz turned and wished he could close the distance between them, mere inches of grass separated their lips.

“Isn’t it though? I guess it might be worse,” Baz said.

“Maybe,” Snow agreed softly.

“And it doesn’t matter?” Baz asked, with a tiny glimmer of hope in his chest.

Snow studied his face for a moment and then turned away.

“Of course it matters. But it doesn’t mean that we have to hate each other or that we can’t…move forward.”

“Hm,” Baz said.

So then, it mattered. But not in a way that meant Baz would always be the villain. He could try, if he wanted to. He could give Snow’s suggestion a chance.


Baz was following close behind Simon, howling with laughter. Simon ignored him and stormed back towards their room. His shoes squelched uncomfortably as he walked and he felt a shiver crawl up his back from the wind.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Baz gasped out.

“I am not talking to you,” Simon snapped.

“You actually ran, I mean ran, into the moat. And all because I told you there was a wasp on your shoulder.”

Simon growled.

“I don’t like them and you shouldn’t have messed with me like that.”

“Snow, you do realize there are real, live merwolves in the moat right? And you ran to them, willingly, to escape a wasp of all things.”

Simon stomped up the stairs to their room and ignored the sound of Baz’s laughter. In truth, it was pretty funny. But Simon was embarrassed and didn’t want it to show.

When they got in the room Simon began to take off his wet clothes. As he kicked off his pants, he noticed Baz was eyeing him with an expression that screamed what do you think you’re doing, you git?? It took him a moment to figure out why Baz was so uncomfortable. Then he remembered that they usually didn’t change in front of each other, out of some kind of fear of being vulnerable to one another. Simon was surprised to realize he no longer felt that fear.

“I think, given certain events from today, it’s safe for us to change in front of one another. After all, you already know my true weakness,” Simon said, attempting to cut through the tension.

“I’ll keep wasps in mind,” Baz muttered, avoiding Simon’s gaze.

Simon picked up his wet clothes and threw them in the bathtub then he grabbed his clean clothes. He was about to ask Baz if it was okay to take a shower when he realized that he still wouldn’t look at him. 

“What’s wrong?” Simon asked.

Baz shook his head.

“Nothing. I just…”

Simon waited.
“I think I’ll get us food, while you clean up.”

Baz stood and left the room.

Simon walked back into the bathroom slowly, his thoughts in a jumble. Sometimes Baz got awkward like that, especially when Simon stood just a little too close to him. He used to think it was because Baz hated him. Now though, he wasn’t so sure.


Baz waited impatiently for Snow to come out of the shower. Images from earlier kept playing through his head and spinning out of control. He just wanted to go back to the easy dynamic of the earlier part of the day and forget Snow’s almost naked body. As if he could forget. Baz groaned internally at the thought of spending the rest of break pretending he was satisfied with just being friends.

Snow walked out of the bathroom wearing pants but no shirt. When he saw Baz he smiled widely. Baz wondered if it was possible for his heart to physically jump from his chest.

“You’re the best,” Snow said.

Baz watched as Snow stuffed his face with food. 

“Hardly,” Baz murmured.

Snow sucked on his thumbs after he scarfed down the rest of his meal. Baz had allowed Snow to watch him eat but under the condition that Snow didn’t ask why Baz covered his mouth. It seemed like he might ask though, with the way he was looking at his mouth.

“Baz, how do you feel about me?”

Baz looked away.

“You’re surprisingly tolerable.”

Snow pushed forward a bit, putting his hands on either side of Baz’s thighs. He looked up in surprise and found that once again Snow’s eyes were focused on his mouth. Was this happening? Probably not. But Merlin, did he want it to be happening. 

“Just tolerable?”

“Well,” Baz conceded, “Maybe more than tolerable…”

Snow smiled briefly and then he was pressing his lips against Baz’s. He felt himself sigh against Simon, surrendered to the feel of the kiss. He wasn’t really sure what to do with his mouth, or where to put his tongue, but he felt happier than he’d ever remembered feeling before. Snow opened his mouth and waited, waited to see if Baz would allow him to deepen the kiss. He opened his mouth carefully, not sure if he was even doing it right. But then Snow was kissing him deep and Baz let his brain shut off and just kissed him back. 

Dizzily, Baz broke the kiss and stared at Snow. There was warmth in his eyes and blood in his cheeks.

“You want this…with me?” Baz asked.

“Yes,” Snow said.

“But after everything else are you sure that you can-“

Snow leaned forward and kissed Baz’s cheek. The gesture was somehow more intimate than the kissing had been, more personal than anything Snow could have said.

“Kiss me,” Snow whispered.

And so he did. 

After an hour or so of kissing they eventually tired out and rested in each other’s arms. 

“Does this mean we’re going out?” Baz asked.

“Yes,” Snow said.

“Bet we make for the best spring holidays gossip?” Baz asked.

“Oh,” Simon replied, “We’ll make for the best gossip for the entire year.”

He smiled. 

Baz knew that even though holidays were ending in a day or so that he could face the rest of term. In fact, he was pretty sure he could face anything.

rogue one || hollywood dreams AU

Inspired by a comment by @ta-dala and by Mark Hamill’s atrocious fashion taste, which I love.

Bodhi Rook is an Empire Airlines pilot with Hollywood dreams and killer personal style, but he’s had trouble breaking into the industry that has few roles for aspiring actors who look like him. Discouraged of ever becoming a working actor, he is almost resigned to work the rest of his life as a pilot until one day in the cafeteria, one of the engineers, Galen, befriends him and begins to tell him about his friend Saw who’s a director. It just so happens that this “Saw” is the very same Saw Gerrera, esteemed auteur indie director of films such as The Partisan. Galen helps to get Bodhi an introduction, and on his day off, he heads to Jedha Studios in Los Angeles to meet with Saw.

But when he gets there, Bodhi finds out that Saw, already known for being tempermental, is refusing to see anyone, and Bodhi is thrown off the lot by the rent-a-cops at Bor Gullet security. Discouraged and heartbroken, Bodhi is ready to leave the lot when he finds himself dragged by the arm by one small ball of fury, producer Leia Organa, who has mistaken the debonair pilot for a personal stylist.

“I need you,” she command more than asks. “My brother is a fashion disaster and he needs help immediately.”

And before he can complete his protest to Leia, he’s introduced to Luke Skywalker in his low-cut v-neck t-shirt and suspenders, and hell, Bodhi can’t bare to let this crime against fashion continue on unchecked. Before long, Luke Skywalker goes from fashion do not to fashion do, and other actors start to take notice and Bodhi’s phone starts ringing off the hook.

But Bodhi is not a stylist: he’s still a pilot who wants to be in front of the camera and not behind. But it turns out that maybe this was always going to be the way he got his foot in the door, because when decides to take one last side job as a stylist, it just happens that the person calling him on the other line is actor/director Cassian Andor, one half of Andor and Erso, Hollywood’s biggest and most beloved power couple. Because when they meet Bodhi, they see beyond the suits and the meticulously groomed facial hair, and tell him that they think they have just found the missing piece to their latest project: him.

17| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3888

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“So what have I missed?” You asked Yuna as the two of you went in to the Pas de Deux class. You gave Eungkwan a wave. He stood in his usual corner by the piano, doing fast piques. He gave you a quick smile back and then returned to his blank concentration.

“Not much.” Yuna told you. “Jimin’s still going on about standards. And he won’t let us do any lifts except straight up and down.”

You sat down on the floor. “After what happened with Jiwoo, I can see why.” You said, pulling your heels in and pushing your knees down.

Yuna gave you a pained look. “Seriously, we’re going to have to get into the more complex stuff sometime, it might as well be now. We don’t need to do overheads, but just something.”

You frowned, looking down at your pointe shoe. The sports tape was already beginning to come off. You sighed, trying to push it back down onto the blue-stained satin. Yuna passed you a roll of her toe tape. It was bright yellow with smiley faces on it.

“Shoe problems, (Name)?” Minjee smirked at you from across the room. Everyone turned to listen.

“Don’t concern yourself, Minjee I’ll still be able to dance. Shoes are a minor issue.” You fake smiled while ripping off a piece of tape and stuck it over the old one. Your shoes already looked awful smiley faces couldn’t make it that much worse.

She snorted, leaning back against the barre. “Yeah, let’s not get into the major issues. Like how you keep knocking everyone else over in your tutu.” A few of the girls glanced at each other, silently agreeing. You kept your face confident, but inside your nerves stirred. It hadn’t been knocking exactly, but you knew you’d misjudged a lot of distances. It had made a lot of the others lose their balance. “Your own dance isn’t so great anyway, but do you have to screw all of us up as well?”

You glared at her, not knowing how to answer. You couldn’t deny it.

But then Yuna spoke up. “She’s doing a damn good job considering she’s had a concussion for the past few days, or has everyone forgotten that?”

Minjee turned her toxic gaze to her. “The judges don’t know that now, do they?” She looked around the class. “All they’ll see is a little bitch who has no connection to her class and dances round sloppily in a tutu which she doesn’t deserve. It doesn’t matter if poor baby (Name) hit her head. There aren’t any excuses in ballet, are there, (Name)?”

You bit the inside of your cheek, anger rising in you.

The door opened. Everyone snapped around.

“Good Morning, class!” Jimin strode into the room, followed by Mrs Shin. A thrill shot up your body. He wore the usual black shoes, trackpants and a fitted v-neck t-shirt which gave a small glimpse of his muscular chest. He seemed oblivious to the tension which was slowly leaving the room. Minjee gave you one last snide look as everyone stood up.

“Good Morning, sir.”

Jimin looked darkly around your class, his gaze brushing over you. Eventually he settled on Kihyun, who’d been sitting against the wall with Jongsoo and Dongwon. “Mister Lee Kihyun.” Jimin said. “You’ve been given permission to join back into my classes.”

You looked up sharply. What? Would he be your partner? Horrible flashes came back to you, no air, not breathing, suffocated by his arm, his body too close, the heat, his nails digging into you. You gulped. No, no Kihyun couldn’t dance with you, but surely he would have learnt his lesson? Surely he knew now how to hold someone, but you were happy with Eungkwan or comfortable, at least. Jimin surely wouldn’t let him dance with right? He had seemed so angry at him.

But Jimin’s expression was neither worried nor displeased. In fact, his business-like face was almost happy. “Dongwon, you will be partnered with Jongsoo. Kwangsik will be dancing with Yuna and Minjee, you will be partnered with Kihyun.” Wow you gaped at him with wide eyes along with the rest of the class, he had just skipped their surnames.

“What?” Exclaimed Minjee.

Dongwon and Jongsoo were looking at each other in horror.

You were worried for Kwangsik though, who’d been standing alone at the back, he looked petrified. You knew he had only been watching classes, much like Kihyun, because of the accident. But Yuna was surely the best person for him to get back into Pas de Deux with. She would understand his fears. You looked back to Jongsoo and Dongwon.

“But we’re both guys.” Jongsoo was complaining very fiercely.

“Yes, Jongsoo.” Jimin nodded. “I realize that. There is a lot to be learnt from reversing roles. If you want proper understanding of your partner then you need to understand what it feels like to be the person being held. You’ll stay partners for a few days and then I will change it again.”

“Wait, he’s my partner.” Minjee said incredulously, her hands on her hips. “I’m not swapping for Kihyun.”

Jimin raised his eyebrows. “Why not?”

“Because Jongsoo is my partner! Why me? Why not someone else? Why not (Name)? She was Kihyun’s old partner! That guy.” She pointed nastily at Eungkwan. “Isn’t even in our class.” Eungkwan’s face remained blank. You wondered if it mattered to him if he wasn’t needed here anymore. He could go back to Ballet History. He wouldn’t have to put up with your class and your own inexperienced dancing…

“I want to go with Kihyun!” Seohyun spoke up, sounding like a little kid demanding a toy someone else was playing with.

Jimin shook his head. “Mister Kyo and Miss Gyeon, this is not up for discussion. And neither is your partnership, Miss Gwan. I have chosen you for a good reason.”

“What reason?” Demanded Minjee.

He smiled at her politely, although you caught the devious glint in his eyes. Your curiosity sparked, but he quickly clapped his hands. “Positions, please! Everyone begin with promenades in retiré. Mrs Shin.”

Mrs Shin began the first opening bars, and Jimin went to talk to Yuna and Kwangsik quickly. Hopefully to reassure him. You went to Eungkwan, for once grateful to be back in his hands, and not in Kihyun’s.

“I am not going to be the girl, dude.” You heard Jongsoo say to Dongwon behind Eungkwan and you. You looked in the mirror.

Eungkwan gave a tiny laugh behind you and you couldn’t help but smile a little as you watched Jongsoo tentatively put his hands on Dongwon’s hips. Dongwon looked like he was about to barf. Minjee and Kihyun stood right next to you, she was grumpily letting Kihyun prepare. You were happy that you weren’t his partner, however you felt a little sympathetic towards him. His hands were rested ever so lightly on Minjee’s waist, and he swallowed, his eyes fixed on what he was doing.

“Alright and five six seven eight and ladies to retiré.” You went onto pointe and lifted one foot sideways to your knee.

“And turn five six seven.” Eungkwan walked gently around you, turning you as he went. “Add arms from second to fifth.” Your arms came above your head and floated back out to the sides. You breathed in the music. It was slow and sensual, unlike the fast-paced review piece.

“More fluid, Miss Gwan!” Jimin ordered as he walked down the rows, scrutinizing every couple. “And into front attitude.” You stretched your leg out in front of you, leaning back against Eungkwan. The back of your head rested against his shoulder.

You had a sudden yearning, almost painful. You wished it was Jimin’s shoulder, because it wouldn’t be a position, it would be a comfort. A girl resting her head against her love’s shoulder, taking solace in his warmth. You straightened ungracefully. What? What were you thinking? Jimin was your teacher nothing more than that.

And besides, the man himself now walked around the class, correcting people, taking no notice of you. “Into full promenades!” You stretched your leg all the way out behind you and you caught sight of  Dongwon and Jongsoo in the mirror. “Stop freaking moving!” Jongsoo demanded as Dongwon tried to do the normal, unpartnered promenade.

“I can’t balance with you jostling me.” Dongwon muttered.

“Gentlemen, stop bickering.” Ordered Jimin, not bothering to look at them as he helped Seohyun with her turnout.

“Work as a unit! And final turn six seven eight. Miss Gwan keep your leg up. Alright change to the arm.” It was difficult, since Eungkwan let go of your waist altogether, leaving you en pointe on one foot, and came a round to take your hand and arm.

“For God’s sake!” Minjee cursed beside you for the hundredth time. She’d lost her balance without Kihyun.

“Engage your core, Miss Gwan, and you won’t lose balance!” Jimin strode over to the two of them.

“You have to keep me on centre.” She snapped at Kihyun and went back up again. “And get your feet out of the way.” She added and Kihyun nodded and swallowed, now watching his feet steps carefully around her.

During fouettes, Minjee managed to kick Kihyun in the groin. He grunted and let go of her. “You should be holding me further away!” She exclaimed as he crumpled over.

“You kicked on the wrong freaking side!” He groaned into his knees.

The class had already broken out into sniggers.

“Aren’t you wearing a freaking groin belt?” Minjee snapped back, when he still hadn’t recovered.

“Miss Gwan.” Jimin said calmly. “Calculate your fouettes next time. Mister Lee, do join in as soon as you can. Mrs Shin, if you please.”

There wasn’t an exercise where Minjee and Kihyun didn’t have some sort of argument.

By the time you got to combinations, both of them had battered each other to a pulp, though no one really understood how. Even Dongwon and Jongsoo seemed to have managed better, though they’d spent a lot of their time swearing at each other about how heavy they were.

“And straight into a pirouette! And keep turning!” Jimin had his hands behind his back, focussing intensely on the dancers in front of him. “Come on Miss Gwan! You should still be turning! And up into arabesque! Stay en pointe! And lift!” Kihyun tried to lift Minjee. He huffed as he tried to hold her to the same height as everyone else.

“That’s not good enough, Miss Gwan! And down – ”

“Jesus!” Minjee exclaimed, stopping midstep. “It’s not me that’s the freaking problem!” She glared at Jimin. “It’s Kihyun!”

To your surprise, Jimin gave a lopsided grin, folding his arms and leaning back against the barre. “Really, Miss Gwan?”

“Yes!” She hissed.

Jimin’s grin widened. “So you’re blaming Mister Lee for your bad performance?”

Frowning, like the rest of the class she looked at Jimin as she repeated a ‘yes.’ Around you the others were nodding in agreement.

“Because after last time’s mishap it’s obvious that Mister Lee is the one doing things wrong?”


You looked confused at Jimin. What was he doing? This was horrible.

“And if any girl were to dance with Mister Lee she would undoubtedly have the same troubles you’re having?”

“Yes.” She said. You could see Kihyun’s face fall. Why was Jimin being so harsh to him? Surely it wasn’t fair…

“And if you were to dance with Mister Kyo, as you have been the past few weeks, you yourself would be absolutely fine?”

“Yes.” She said sharply.

Jimin pushed himself off the barre, unfolding his arms. “Mister Kyo, then.” He gestured for Jongsoo to join Minjee. Kihyun’s, head hung very low as he began walking to the back of the class. However Jimin shook his head. “No, Mister Lee, you will stay.” Kihyun turned back to him, confused. Jimin’s grin was lost for a moment, as his face turned serious. Suddenly he was looking at you. “Miss (Surname), can you partner Mister Kihyun for this combination?”

Everyone looked at you. After everything that had happened last time? After Jimin’s reaction. He wanted you to dance with Kihyun? You prayed your horror wasn’t so blatantly plastered on your face as it was on your mind. There was no way you could, but Jimin’s eyes held yours. He was telling you to trust him. Trust that he knew what he was doing, that he wouldn’t let Kihyun hurt you again.

The surprise of your class was obvious when you slowly nodded to Jimin. He smiled at you. It made you feel like your heart was glowing. God, you could have stared at that smile all day, but as soon as you had seen it, it disappeared and Jimin turned to mark out the movements. You nervously went to stand by a terrified looking Kihyun. Yuna shot you a concerned look as you tried to give him a reassuring smile. If he was hurting Minjee then she would have complained about it, you told yourself. Still, the images of your last dance with Kihyun wouldn’t leave you.

“Alright, begin with three steps forward, then promenade held by the hands. Ladies hold en pointe and then pirouette. Then lift, ending in back attitude.” Jimin narrowed his eyes at Minjee. “It’s short, but I’m sure you’ll be able to prove a point in that time, Miss Gwan.” He nodded for Mrs Shin to begin playing.

Kihyun hesitantly took your hands. Trust Jimin. Trust Jimin. “And steps forward.”

Kihyun walked you forward. “Up to arabesque.” Your nerves began screaming. The way he had held you last time no. Trust Jimin.

Kihyun gently turned you around. Jimin. This would be fine. Jimin wouldn’t let anything happen.

Kihyun let go of your hands, and you were left en pointe by yourself. Next to you, Jongsoo let go of one of Minjee’s hands, and then the other, not breaking contact with her. That way she couldn’t lose her balance.

“Now pirouette.” Unlike last time, Kihyun hands only turned you a few times. It wasn’t like Eungkwan at all. It was nervous, shaky, but it wasn’t painful. Jimin had been right, it was okay, but what about the lift? Oh God, the lift! When you’d lost all your breath, when Kihyun had dropped you, when…but as you plied in preparation, Jimin’s eyes locked with yours. It will be alright, they seemed to say. And as Kihyun lifted you from the waist, you gracefully rose into the air, your arms high above.

All the while, Jimin looked at you, keeping your mind eerily calm and still. He only looked away when you were safely back on the ground, holding the final attitude around Kihyun. Mrs Shin finished with a flourish of high notes.

Whilst you willed your heart to beat again, Jimin was already looking at Minjee. “Miss (Surname) seems to have fared well with Mister Lee, Miss Gwan.” You glanced back at Kihyun. He gave you a weak, relieved smile. You returned it, happy for him.

“Of course.” Jimin continued. “I would have expected nothing less from someone who’s been tutored by Master Jinho.”

You looked at Kihyun again. He was blushing deeply. Of course they wouldn’t have stopped him learning Pas de Deux altogether. Master Jinho had probably been giving him private lessons ever since the accident.

Jimin was grinning once more. “So, Miss Gwan, by means of simple deduction, we can see that it was you, not Mister Lee, who was the problem.”

Minjee’s nostrils flared. “That doesn’t explain why I did totally fine with Jongsoo sir.”

Jimin ignored the insult. “Mister Kyo is very accustomed to your laziness in partnering, Miss Gwan. I would have you dance with another person, but I believe Mister Lee proved it well enough.” He clasped his hands behind his back. “Both of you show me the change over from the promenade to the pirouette.” In a glimmer of realization, you understood what Jimin meant.

With more confidence this time, Kihyun let go of your hands, balancing you precariously by yourself, and walked around to take your waist. Jongsoo did the same as before, always giving Minjee something to balance on as he changed hands. “You see, Miss Gwan. You rely solely on Mister Kyo to keep you balanced, whereas Miss (Surname) was able to balance without the help of her partner. This time, Mister Kyo, perform it properly.”

They did it again, without Jongsoo’s support and Minjee lost her balance and had to go back on flat. Behind you, your class exchanged amused glances and Minjee cheeks turned an angry red. “There are two lessons you should learn from this, Miss Gwan.” Jimin said nonchalantly.

“Firstly, Pas de Deux is not about laziness on the lady’s part, Miss Gwan. You work just as hard as the gentleman. From now on I will not give exception to your bad habits. And Mister Kyo.” He looked to Jongsoo. “Never lower your standards on another person’s behalf.” He flicked a glance at Minjee. “They’re usually not worth it.”

The class sniggered. “The second lesson, Miss Gwan.” Jimin went on, not caring that Minjee was on the brink of bursting from anger or embarrassment, you couldn’t tell which. "Is that you should never judge another dancer until you know that you can do better than them. Only then can you possibly understand what they are doing wrong. And as I understand it, Miss Gwan, you seem to have judged a few people who are far beyond your skill and experience.“ His eyes wavered to you for just a second and his actions finally fell into place.

You should have known this morning when he’d asked you who’d organised the footbath stunt that he wouldn’t have just let it go by. But he’d seemed so distant, so uncaring. You looked at him, trying to decipher the complex man you seemed to have become so curious of, but his cool expression betrayed nothing. Minjee too, seemed to have realized what this was about.

Minjee wasn’t short, but she wasn’t tall, either. Jimin towered over her, powerful just in his stance. For once, she had nothing to say. He looked too terrifying. "It wasn’t your place to blame Mister Lee, just as it’s not your place to pass judgement on any of your peers. The teachers, the ballet masters and mistresses, and, above all, the audience, are the ones who have proper right to judge a performance. I knew Mister Lee was doing fine with you. Your judgement was wrong, and unnecessary.”

His eyes narrowed. “But you thought you were right. Just like you think it’s right to punish those who your judgements concern?” If there had been any doubt before, now everyone was certain of what Jimin was referring to. He turned to the class, leaving a fuming Minjee behind him.

“Understand that none of you have any authority to pass judgement, much less to act on those judgements.” He looked from person to person, his gaze as unavoidable as it was terrifying. “And if any of you ever decide you have the right to 'punish’ someone again, you will be out of this class and every class of Amour within a day. Are we in understanding?”

“Yes sir.” Everyone chorused. Your heart thudded as you curtsied. He had as much power in here as he had in his dance. You wondered if he knew just how much power he had over everyone’s emotions, or at least yours, but then that wasn’t saying much. You were a ridiculous exception.

Jimin gave everyone one last measured look, everyone except you.“Class dismissed.” He then said and began heading for the door, but then stopped in an afterthought. “Oh, and Mister Kyo and Mister Nam, I am surprised you found lifting each other so difficult, seeing as you spent much of last night carrying trunks around.”

Jongsoo paled and Jimin raised his eyebrows, pushing open the door. He looked at you for a short moment, just long enough for you to give him a silent 'thanks’. He nodded, his expression the same as when Kihyun had lifted you. Not the powerful teacher your class had just witnessed, but as something entirely else. Jimin looked you for a few moments more, then he left.

The room went completely still. No one seemed to know what to do or say. Even Seohyun and Hyeun, who always seemed to break such silences, were silent.

“Aha!” Suddenly the door was thrown open. In bounded Taehyung and Yoongi. What on Earth?

“Thank God you’re all still here!” Taehyung exclaimed as a wicked smile spread across Yoongi’s face. They were already dressed in their normal clothes. Taehyung in a curry colored sweater and skinny jeans, and Yoongi in a black turtleneck with black skinny jeans. Strangely, Taehyung was looking very serious as he stood in front of your bewildered class, keenly looking at them.

“Now. Which one is Gwan Minjee?”

Everyone looked over to Minjee, who was looking comically confused. “Aha!” Exclaimed Taehyung once again. In three quick strides he was right in front of her. Even you felt slightly sorry for her. Taehyung was a giant compared to her. You gave Yoongi a questioning look. He just grinned conspiratorially.

Taehyung held out his hand to Minjee. “I’m Kim Taehyung.” He said pleasantly. “You wear Bloch Pointe Shoes, right?”

Minjee nodded bemusedly, not taking his hand.

Taehyung nodded back seriously, uncaringly dropping his hand back to his waist. “Yes, apparently there’s been a duff batch made back at the factory in Russia. My father, he’s the headmaster, you know, told me I need to come and check yours, to make sure your not at risk off a snapping shank, if you know what I mean?”

“Okay.” She trailed off.

“Great!” Taehyung knelt down and quickly took her left foot, almost knocking her off balance. “Hmm…hmhm.” He turned her shoe left and right, then held the toe box in two massive hands.

Yoongi cleared his throat loudly. “Tae…”

Taehyung gave him an irritated look and stopped his examination, then looked at Minjee. “You do have a performance pair of pointe shoes, right?”

Minjee nodded. Performance pairs. God, you wished you’d had some, but damn quality pointe shoes was expensive.

“Splendid!” Taehyung exclaimed, his loud voice booming around the room. He continued to turn her foot all kind of ways without injuring her “Well.” He said eventually, standing back up. “They seem to be absolutely fine, Miss Gwan.” He shook her hand again. “Charming to meet you. And good luck all of you for the review!” He waved jubilantly and bounded out of the room. What on Earth?

By the piano, Eungkwan’s intelligent mind was ticking, and he frowned. “Mister Min I don’t believe Bloch shoes are factory made.” Yoongi just grinned at him. “Don’t worry, my friend, it was a bit of a-” Yoongi lifted an eyebrow in thought, then looked at Minjee with the most mischievous smile. “Sticky situation.”

“Oh my God!” Cried Minjee and you all turned to look.

You covered your mouth to stop from laughing. The entire toe box of her shoe was covered in bright red bubblegum. Dawon must have told them.

You looked back to the front, but the boys had fled. You could hear Yoongi and Taehyung’s laughter, echoing down the corridor.

“What the hell?” Minjee exclaimed. “My freaking pointe shoe!”

The Labyrinth Chapter 2

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Word count: 2742

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

Plot: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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so i’ve seen a version of yuuri running around today and i decided to make my own of vitya with my favorite moments aaaaaaaaaaa

"Justin was crying, again" Warning: Emotional 💧

Justin was crying, again. This is his second time today. This morning he broke down and didn’t tell me why, but I had to get it out of him. Justin is a strong boy, but he doesn’t feel comfortable with his own life. He feels as though people don’t treat him like a person and it’s true. He was telling me that he feels that people don’t respect his privacy and his space as a man. We went to bed a little early tonight being that he wasn’t in a good state of mind for much social interaction. We are laying down in our master bedroom in our apartment in New York City. There his a huge window in our room on that is on the opposite wall of our bed that looks over the city. It’s our favorite part of our apartment. We have multiple places we stay at, but we really like it down here. Our room is simple the bedsheets we grey and the blanket was thick. It is keeping us warm from the New York frosty air. It’s around 10pm and Justin is sobbing next to me in bed. “Justin.” I say his name in a whisper to let him know I am up and I acknowledge the fact that he is crying. “(Y/N), I just want to have my own space and peace of mind. I love my fans and they are my everything, but I just want to feel like me again.” He says while wheezing to catch his breath. His face is pale and his hands are shaky. This is a vulnerable time for Justin. He must have been up for a while thinking about his problems. I hate that such a beautiful young man like he is has to go through all of these emotions. All of his life from his teenage years until now he had been in the eye of the public. As he was growing up he was being judged by people who didn’t know him personally and it was a tough situation to be in, but he manages everyday. People don’t understand that he is a boy who makes mistakes and is learning his way through life like the rest of us, and we all have a breaking point. I flip my body to my left side to face him as we are laying down. “Justin, I think you should take time for yourself. The people who love you would understand.” I pull the cover up more towards his neck. He is only wear a V neck T-Shirt and a pair of plush pajama pants. He looks so sad. In his eyes you can see that he is unhappy. You can say the life is kind of fading in his eyes. Seeing him this way makes me weak. My heart is sour from seeing him this way. He is physically causing my body to feel weak. “You think we should go away for a while? I will go with you and we can just do our thing for a little. ” I say to him while holding his head to look me in the eyes. I caught a couple of his tear drops on my finger tips. I feel for Justin he just wants to be himself and be on his own timing, but the media won’t let him be. Justin grabs my fingers and kisses them. I start to sniffle and hold my tears back, so that I could stay solid for the both of us. I don’t want to cry and make things a little worse. He is so sad that kissing my hand is the way to show his affection towards me. Justin is showing me that he is happy I am here with him. “I think I’m going to delete my Instagram and just let the fans know that this is temporary and I want to just get some peace of mind from it all.” His voice is kind of muffled into the covers, but I hear him loud and clear. “That is a strong next step for you, Jay. I’m going to delete my account, too and really get the message out”, I add on. I get up to turn the temperature up because Justin is practically shivering. Then I go back into bed with Justin. He’s laying on his back and staring up at the ceiling. “So, you are serious about leaving for a while, (Y/N)? ” Justin says while sighing. He has his hands on his stomach and he is in deep thought. “Wherever you want to go, Justin. I’m going to be there with you.” I say while moving closer to him, so that he can feel my body heat. What can I do to make him feel better? I lay there beside him in silence and think about how he may feel. I cry a tear for Justin. This isn’t fair.

A/N: I wrote this from a perspective where it sends a message to us that Justin is an example of the media being to harsh on people. 💔