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Sign: Currently quite fond of the little sign warning me that the road to the pony’s farm is a Crime Hotspot, Do Not Stop. Particularly because the Crime Hotspot warning was stolen and all that is left is an exclamation mark.
Gender: Human.
Height: Gangly.
Last thing I googled: something to do with quartan fevers, I think, because I have no idea where my recent searches have gone with the new browser, but I have about seven tabs open on quartans, Hippocrates’ Epidemics, and malaria. 
Favorite music/artist: Am very much enjoying Petros Tabouris’ work on reconstructing ancient Greek music at the moment. Also very fond of Daenerys’ themes from Game of Thrones.
Last TV show watched: Planet Earth II. All the David Attenborough. Always.
What I’m wearing right now: Jeans, sleeveless V-neck blouse in pink.
When did you create your blog? I forget.
What kind of stuff do you post? Horses, usually.
Do you have any other blogs? Nope.
Do you get asks regularly? What is this ask you speak of?
Why did you choose your URL? I like bad puns, and I own a pony-sized horse. 
Pokémon team: Which one has ponies? I’ll join any team that has ponies.
Favorite color: Pink. I have enough pink clothes that I can run two separate pink washes.
Favorite character: I’m limiting this to pony books, this time round. I love Jinny Manders and Shantih from the Jinny at Finmory series. Shantih solidified my love of Arabs at a young age, and if an Abba filly sprog turns out chestnut with stockings and a blaze Shantih is a name that is high on the list. Ginger from Black Beauty breaks my heart, and the Phantom from Misty of Chincoteague is a long-time favourite. Also a shout-out to Nell and Ken Mclaughlin and Carey Palmer Marsh from the Flicka books, and obviously the beautiful Flicka herself, who inspired seven-year-old me to start writing an entire series of books about mustangs. And Thowra, Kunama, Baringa, Dawn and Moon from The Silver Brumby series, plus Buzz and Yarrawa from The Colt From Snowy River, have left me with a deep desire to visit the Australian Alps one day.
Dream job: Current one. 
Average hours of sleep: I think much the same way as Alexander the Great did about sleep: we should be able to do without it. 

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Can I request fashion hcs for Nekoma? Like, do they have a great fashion sense or are they a fashion disaster? Good luck with your blog!!!

(This is my shiteu. And thank you so much!!)

Tetsurō Kuroo:

  • Kuroo is not dressing to impress, but he isn’t careless about his outfits either. You could say he has a balanced sense of style, which he uses to adapt to different situations.
  • His closet has many V-neck blouses and shirts. He rarely wears a tie though, unless it’s for school.
  • He totally rocks the casual style and looks hella good with the tight ripped jeans and t-shirt with a simple monochromatic vest over. x
  • He totally has one of those shirts with the cats showing the finger, you can’t convince me otherwise. He bought one for Kenma as well to have matching outfits. Kenma hates him for this, but loves the gift nonetheless.

Nobuyuki Kai:

  • Kai is aware that people usually judge each other by the way they dress, but he doesn’t try excessively hard when it comes to his outfits.
  • His style smoothly oscillates between the smart and casual one. As long as he’s comfortable with what he’s wearing and it’s not offending everyone, he’s content.
  • He probably has these three pairs of pants that he uses most of the time because he loves the material and the way he looks in them.
  • Kai’s not who knows what talent when it comes to fashion, but his outfits are so nicely put together, students in younger years come to him for advice.

Morisuke Yaku:

  • What is fashion sense? What are clothes? This kid wears his volley jersey most of the time, unless he’s attending classes and he must be in his uniform.
  • Otherwise, you can usually see him in sport clothes, such as cotton t-shirts and shorts, as he fills most of his hours with volley practice.
  • Yaku is totally the guy you’d catch with socks and sandals in a mild summer day, or the guy that has terrible sense of color. His shirts and pants don’t often match.
  • He refuses to take advice from anyone, especially when Kuroo is teasing him with every given opportunity.

Taketora Yamamoto:

  • You know those kids who are trying really hard to be hip? That’s Yamamoto. He has those baggy pants and loose T-shirts with a cap covering his head.
  • Most of his style is influenced by the 90′s American movies or bands, just like his taste in music or books.
  • Once, he came to school with one of those golden chains necklace and sunglasses, but some girls commented on how he looked like a total loser. Never again.
  • He reads women magazines for tips on what girls like in boys’ dressing style to pick up tips and advice.

Kenma Kozume:

  • Kenma doesn’t struggle too much with his outfits. He’s trying not to attract too much attention on himself, so his clothes are not unusual or flashy.
  • He’s pretty much content if he has a hoody and a pair of jeans, or probably a T-shirt that he enjoys wearing.
  • He once tried to change his wardrobe and look more “fashionable”, putting different clothing pieces together, but he just ended being ridiculous.
  • I can bet Kuroo helps him dress up for important events, claiming that a good first impression is made through the way you arrive dressed at an activity.

Shōhei Fukunaga:

  • Fukunaga might not get observed much and neither does he talk with others a lot, so he tries to express his likes through his outfits.
  • He has a bunch of fandom shirts, either from movies or TV series, which he secretly hopes people notice and that he’d find someone with the same interests.
  • He also has these band t-shirts he wants to wear because he loves their music. People wonder how comes he wears a new top every single day.
  • He’s not very picky when he goes shopping. If clothes look nice, if he feels good in them and if they have a reasonable price, he’d get them.

Sō Inuoka:

  • His wardrobe is full of colorful blouses or T-shirts with cheerful prints, be it animals, cartoon characters or even abstract images.
  • His color themes are bright and energetic, almost like matching his joyful personality. Although, seeing him first thing in the morning might be kind of an eyesore.
  • He gets hot faster than other people, so he starts wearing shorts even from the beginning of spring. He just can’t stand the sweaty feeling on his legs through the material.
  • Certainly not between the people with a fashion sense. If he feels comfortable with what he’s wearing, he’s pretty happy and goes with it.

Lev Haiba:

  • You might look at this giant and go “Haha, what a dork! He probably dresses like one too!” but how wrong you’re right there, my friend.
  • Even if Lev himself didn’t know much when it came to fashion, a lot of his knowledge comes from his older sister who tried to rub her tips on him as well.
  • If you didn’t know how tall Lev is, you might see him in public and wonder who’s that nicely dress guy over there. He puts Kuroo to shame.  This boy should have his own show.
  • His wardrobe has many patterned shirts in pastel colors and pants in light nuances who go well be it summer or winter. He totally knows a hella lot of fancy names of different colors and palettes. 

Yuki Shibayama:

  • Shibayama is in possession of a large number of ugly sweaters with those complicated patterns because his grandmother gifted him one at every single occassion. His heart won’t let his get rid of them.
  • He secretely enjoys knitting as well and has made Inuoka a very cute sweater with a dog on it as a Christmas present. Protect this child.
  • He has some cute t-shirts with floral designs, but he’s ashamed to wear them in public.
  • He might not know much when it comes to fashion, but he’s ace if asked about anything to do with accessorizing. 

Classic Film Fashion #326: Necklines and career prospects enjoy a synchronous rise for Barbara Stanwyck in Baby Face (1933).

In her pappy’s flea-trap speakeasy, Stanwyck’s Lily Powers realises that a low-neckline signals a limited career trajectory for a gal with ambition. Instead of being pawed by ‘dirty rotten men’ in a plunging V-neck blouse, she escapes to the city and buttons up. She discovers that a high neckline guarantees an ability to select beneficial paramours while remaining cloaked against social censure.

Lily proves a quick study for office fashion: Look like a lady going places and you will.