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My Perfect Type ~ Kim Taehyung [SMUT]

Group: BTS
Member: Kim Taehyung
Type: Fluff/Smut
Word Count: 2238

When I get asked about my “perfect“ type, I often hesitate and struggle to find an answer. Because the truth is, I don’t believe that such a thing exists. You don’t fall in love according to your perfect type. You fall in love not because you decide that person suits you the most, you fall in love because your heart decides. When you fall for a person you don’t immediately stop feeling attracted towards them because they might not have blue eyes, brown hair and perfect skin like you want them to. People often fall for someone because of the way they behave. They might fall for the little things you do. The way you greet every person you pass by so kindly, the way your eyes light up when you’re rambling about the things you’re passionate about for hours or the way you wear your hair up in a messy ponytail and walk around in your pajamas all day on a Saturday. The cute little noises you make when you try your hardest not to fall asleep on him. Maybe they’ve fallen for you because of all the little things you don’t even realize you do. Maybe before they’ve started talking to you and got lost in your eyes, you weren’t their type either. 
I turn my head to Taehyung, his eyes are glistening under the moonlight as his gaze is fixed on the road in front of him, a slight smile tugging on the edge of his cherry lips. I bite down on my lower lip and nod to myself.

Maybe I wasn’t his perfect type when we first interacted but I’m the person he’s loving so passionately, the person he can’t go seconds without talking to, the person he calls beautiful every morning and I’m alright with that. I’m alright with him being the person I’ll be introducing to my parents as the person I will love until the rest of our lives.
That’s why, when I get asked about my ideal type I often respond with “I don’t have one” because I can’t tell them the truth. I can’t tell them that my ideal type is Kim Taehyung.  All I ever wanted was someone with a good heart and soft touch. Someone who can talk about their favorite things for hours and get totally lost in it. Someone who is willing to hold me during my worst nightmares but also can let me go when needed. Someone who hugs me from behind and tells me that everything will be alright when I’m feeling anxious. Someone who is proud to show me off in front of his friends, someone who tells me I’m pretty and kisses my forehead when I don’t feel like facing the world. Someone who gets jealous when I’m talking to another man but when confronted, won’t admit it. Someone who can tell me those three magical words over and over again and make it feel like the first time.
And I’m proud to have found that someone who I was never planning on meeting, someone who I thought I would never date until the day of our first date and since then, I’ve been proud to be his perfect type.

He puts the car into park and turns off the engine.
“Ready?” He asks, ripping me out of my daydream and I turn my head to the door to my house. The door my parents are waiting anxiously behind for our arrival, to finally meet my boyfriend. I gulp, feeling the anxiety raise inside of me. A lot of thoughts are running through my mind and I start feeling sweaty. Suddenly I feel his warm hand take mine into his and turn my reddened face towards him. He’s smiling at me passionately, his gaze meeting mine.

“It’s okay.” he says, his voice coming out in nothing more than a whisper. He cups my face with his hands and runs his thumb over my cheek, nodding understandingly. “I’m sure they won’t be able to hate me. If I was able to make you fall for me, I’m sure I’ll enchant them the minute we walk through that door.” he continues and points past me at the door at the end of my driveway.
I nod at his words and smile back at him once before placing a peck on his lips.

“You’re right. We’ll do fine.”

Taehyung exists the car before me and I watch his masculine frame run around the car to my side and opening the door for me. I giggle at his cute behavior and take his hand into mine. He lets the car door fall shut behind me and intertwines our fingers. The coming home light at the end of the driveway turns on and I hear familiar voices coming from behind the door.
“Ready” Taehyung asks, looking at me reassuringly.  Something inside me softens by his confident tone and gives me the last strength to do this.

I’m staring at my dad across the table, poking the steak on my plate with my fork. He doesn’t notice my worrying expression and keeps his eyes peeled on Taehyung sitting next to me. His hand takes mine under the table and circles the back of it with his thumb. I turn my attention towards him to see him smiling at me brightly. “Eat or your dinner will get cold.” he suggests, gesturing towards my poked food.
I let out a loud laugh and nod, shoving a piece into my mouth as I try to avoid eye contact with my dad. I hear a loud groan but decide to ignore it to not make things even more comfortable.
Mom is running around hectically, making sure Taehyung is not missing anything.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything else?” she asks, for what feels like the tenth time this evening.

I roll my eyes, feeling a hint of embarrassment by their behavior. “Mother…” I groan annoyed but Taehyung cuts me off.

“No it’s okay, thank you. Thank you for the food and welcoming me so heartily.” he answers in a soft tone, stroking your arm under the table.

I turn my head towards my mother and see her admiring Taehyung. She lets out a sigh, tilting her head to the sight to get a better view of him.
“What a lovely young gentleman and so handsome, you must feel proud to have him by your side, Y/N.”
I smile at her words, glad to have her think of him like that.
“Always take care of her like she’s the only treasurable thing in your live. If something happens to my babygirl because of you.“ my dad finally speaks up, raising his voice as he continues rambling. I want to cut him off in fright that Taehyung won’t understand his words as teasing.

“Don’t worry sir. I already think of her that way.”

I turn off the light in the bathroom and crawl into bed, lifting the covers over my body. Taehyung enters the room shortly after and winks at me from across the room. I giggle, lifting the covers over my head to silence my laughter.
Taehyung jumps into bed next to me and lifts the covers off my body, throwing them away. His gaze meets mine. He steadies his masculine body over mine and smiles gently.
“You did well today.” I admit, running my thumb over his cheek. A smile tugs on the edge of his lips by my confession.
“It was so hard princess…” he moans teasingly and pouts at me. I giggle, hitting his arm playfully.

“I should get something for my hard work.” He says, looking at me with big eyes. I furiously shake my head. “No, we can’t.” I respond, catching onto his train of thought and looking at him in disbelief.
He hits the bedding next to my head in frustration before looking at me again, biting down on his lower lip teasingly. “Please…”
I hesitate for a moment, trying to stay strong. “Remember what my dad said?” I ask and Taehyung nods knowingly.

“I’ll cut off your balls if you lay one of your filthy hands on my daughter.” He answers in a mocking voice and you can’t help but giggle at his impression.

Taehyung hands land firmly on each side of my head and he leans close to my face, so close that I can feel his breath brush across my ear. “Let’s keep it down.” he growls into your ear, placing a kiss on my earlobe.
A sharp sound of pleasure climbs my throat and I wrap my arms around my neck, threading my fingers through his wet hair, holding him to me.
Taehyung puts his hands on your waist, his fingers gently drifting along my back down to my hips, teasing the skin just beneath the waistband of my pants. He bends his head and places a soft kiss on my lips. The kiss grows deeper, hungrier until he breaks away from my lips and sears a trail of kisses down my neck, his hand roaming freely up my leg. I arch against him, pressing my breasts into his chest, looking for some relief for the ache that is spreading through my body, beating a pulse at the apex of my thighs.
He angles his head and deepens the kiss, his tongue sliding against mine. I dug my nails into the back of his neck, trying to anchor myself to the ground.
He abandons my lips and blazes a trail of hot, open-mouthed kisses down my neck, across my collarbone and down the V-neck of my blouse, to the curve of my cleavage.
“You, Y/N.” he rasps. “Need to be unbuttoned, very badly.”

He slips the top button of my blouse through the hole. The fabric separates and he bents his head, kissing the slice of newly revealed skin. He reaches the button beneath my bra, kissing down my stomach until my shirt is completely gone. He traces a line up my midsection with the tip of his tongue. He pushes the blouse off my shoulders and I buckle my hips to help him remove it easier.
He pushes his thigh between my legs, grinding his erection into my hip and covering my mouth with his. He reaches behind me and unclips my bra, letting it fall loose. Taehyung leans in and runs the flat of his tongue over your hardened nipple before sucking it deep into his mouth. A sharp, hot arrow of desire hits me straight in the stomach and radiates out. My core aching.
He releases my nipple and his eyes wander down the body below him, licking his lips in satisfaction. “God, you’re fucking beautiful.”

He puts his hands on my thighs and pushes my pants down, revealing more skin. “I want these,” he moves his hand to the top of my leg, brushing his thumb along my hipbone, over the thin fabric of my lazed panties, “off.”

Before I can even process the rough words, he hooks his fingers into my underwear and starts tugging them down my legs.
“So much better.” he says, smirking at me seductively before he crawls off the bed and kneels down in front of my entrance, pulling my body closer to him.
When he leans in, his broad shoulders force her legs apart.
The first pass of his tongue over my flesh shocks me and I buck beneath his mouth, the pleasure so sharp, so intense. He grips her hips, blunt-tipped fingers digging into my skin as he holds me still, forcing me to submit.
I cover my eyes with my arm, my hips moving in time with the strokes of his tongue. I let out a silent moan of pleasure and press my body into his tongue. Suddenly he delivers a harsh slap to the inside of my thigh and I groan out in pain. Taehyung looks up at me from between my legs, his lips glistening.
“We don’t want to get caught, do we?” He asks teasingly and I shake my head.

He releases his hold on one of my hips and drops his hand down between my legs, his fingers joining with his mouth. He teases the entrance to my body with his finger, just teasing as he continues to taste me. I bite down on my fingers and squeeze my eyes shut to suppress moans from slipping out accidentally.
Then he slides a finger deep inside, stretching me while his tongue works its way over my clit again. I moan out in pleasure, pressing myself wantonly against his hot mouth. I want everything he can give and more.

He growls low in his throat and grabs my ass, delving his tongue deep inside.
“Is this what you want?” he says, sliding a finger deep inside at the same time he captures my clit between his lips, giving it a brief tug.
I pant and arch against him. “Yes, more.”
He adds another finger, and then slides them both in and out of me, exhaling his own groan. “You’re so tight baby.”

When I feel the knot in my stomach tighten, Taehyung releases himself from my sex and steadies himself over my body again. I curl my legs tighter around his body. He presses his lips against mine in a passionate kiss, his hands cupping my thighs, hooking them around his hips. He rocks his erection against me, creating glorious friction. I mewl and gyrate my hips underneath him.
“Tell me what you need.” he commands. I bite down on my lower lip and try to catch my breath. Just as I clutch him close, he quickly clasps my hands and pulls them over my head with one hand.
While I inhale deeply, he presses his hardness against my sex and locks eyes with me. “Tell me what you need.” he repeats, raising his voice at me slightly.
“You, daddy. Just you.” I repeat between heavy breaths.

His lips form into a smirk at my words and he nods, pulling his boxer shorts down with his free hand, revealing his erection to me. “That’s all I ever needed to hear.”
He pumps himself a few times, silent moans escaping his lips. I watch the pre-cum leak from his tip and lick my lips hungrily. He uses his hand to squeeze my thighs and lock my legs in position. The head of his cock bumps into my fast-slickening opening and my juices damp my inner thighs. His fingers dug deeply into my flesh. He hands control over to me for a few moments, groaning as I buck forward and impale my entrance on the smooth, hot steel of his cock.
I rear up and his cock struck my clit, sending electric quivers of pleasure through me. He slowly eases himself further into me, filling me up completely and holding his thrusts to help me adjust to him.
He quickens his pace, his thighs hitting mine, pressing me further into the mattress. He watches our bodies as one and he rims my opening with his fingertip, circling around his dick.
He grasps my bottom, squeezing my butt cheek as he quickens his thrusts. I moan out at the sensation, feeling my  walls tighten around him.
I let my head fall into the white bedsheet and moan out as my orgasm rushes through my body.
Taehyung thrusts into me faster when he feels me coming around him and feels his orgasms rush through his body, groaning as he comes onto my stomach.

I’m sitting at the table, still exhausted from last night’s activity. I’m quietly chewing on a piece of bread, with my hand stroking Taehyung’s hand gently when suddenly my brother speaks up. “Did you sleep well Taehyung?” he asks, grinning mischievously. I gulp, feeling the blood rush into my cheeks.
Taehyung looks between him and your brother and nods. “I did.”
“Was impossible not to hear.” He answers quietly, his words coming out as nothing more than a whisper as he giggles.
My dad clears his throat and leans closer to my boyfriend. “What did I say about laying a hand on my daughter?” he asks.
I suddenly feel a rush of anxiety run through my body as I notice the smirk tugging on Taehyung’s lips. He leans in closer, his mouth only a hairs-breadth away from my dad’s.
“I can’t help that your daughter calls me daddy too…” he answers, winking at him before leaning back into the chair.

I nearly choke on my toast by his words and look at him with big eyes. Maybe my perfect type isn’t so perfect after all.

Love, Youngmi

Randy Orton - Take It Out On Me

Randy Orton - Prompt #8: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” 

Requested for @amberhere-hi.

Warnings - Swearing and Implied Smut

Word Count - 776 words.

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Being ‘The Viper’, Randy Orton’s girlfriend was difficult in itself, with the crazy schedules, strict routines but when things didn’t go to plan - being Randy’s girlfriend became a lot harder. You see, Randy’s control over his temper was awful; if he was pissed off in the slightest everyone in that arena would know and that is exactly what you were dealing with tonight.

As you placed your hand on the door of your boyfriends private dressing room (perks of being well respected in wwe) you could hear the sounds of things being thrown and broken along with the animalistic growls and grunts of rage. Sounds you were well aware that ninety percent of your co-workers had hear by now. You delicately knocked on the door, pushing it open ever so slightly. His eyes were blackened with rage, sweat dripping from his head all the way down his perfectly toned torso, the veins in his neck protruding as if they were going to burst - this was undoubtedly the worst you had seen him. But damn did he look hot, you bit your lip as you stared at him and your mind wandered to how rough he would be later tonight. Get you mind out of the gutter woman you mentally snarled at yourself; preparing to interrupt the ongoing ferocity of your boyfriend, considering he still hadn’t seen you standing in the doorway.

“RANDY!” you shouted at the top of your lungs slamming the heavy metal door just to make sure he heard you. He instantly dropped the chair he was milliseconds away from launching at the wall behind him, the feral look in his eyes was still present but the bulging vein in his neck receded as he relax his muscles. “This is ridiculous Randy, the whole fucking roster can hear you! Why are you even angry. You won!” you huffed flailing your arms in exasperation.

“Why am i angry? That match was a shit show! “ Randy roared throwing another water bottle at the wall. “Harper botched every single move, he didn’t sell properly and he went completely off of what we planned!” Randy roared launching another bottle at the wall.

“Baby, just calm down” you said soothingly your mind still reverting to those dirty thoughts you knew that this wasn’t the right time for.

“Calm down? Calm down? I haven’t built up my reputation for this many years to have it fucked over by a greasy, hairy -” the rest of his words were lost as your mind took over and you began to admire everything about him in that very moment: his sweat drenched abs, wild eyes, heaving chest. Everything about him was making your hot and bothered - even just the way his voice had become hoarse from all the shouting. “Y/N are you even listening to what I’m saying?” he questioned sounding even more pissed off. Your cheeks flushed a light crimson as you caught you nude lip between your teeth.

“I kinda zoned out” you muttered twirling your hair in your fingers. His eyes widened in disbelief - his mouth doing the same. He was just about to speak before you silenced him by walking towards him and dragging his muscular frame down to your height to embrace yourselves in a passionate and rough kiss. You pulled away and saw a change in his eyes, the barbaric look still there yet it was now accompanied by one you knew oh so well; Lust. “I zoned out because you’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” I couldn’t help it, just looking at you. God Randy nobody else could ever do this me” you rambled and he looked down at you smirking. Within an instant he had you pinned up against a wall, your mouths meeting each others once again. Tongues and teeth colliding in a steamy and desperate kiss.

“Babygirl you do the exact same thing to me” Randy spoke as he leaned in to place kisses along your neck and down to the low cut of your v-necked blouse. His hands were gripping you hips insanely tightly telling you he was still reeling with anger - that’s when an idea pinged into you head, one that would get you exactly what you wanted.

“Randy, take out all your frustration out on me” you whispered with a sultry tone and a cheeky wink to end your sentence. As soon as the words left your lips he slammed you onto the sofa in the centre of the room and you smirked as he climbed on top of you. 

Looks like the roster will be hearing a different collection of noises tonight.

A/N: Hey guysss! I absolutely loved this request - it seems slightly smuttier than usual but oh well! I hope you all enjoy it. Also i absolutely SUCK at titles so :/ but never mind. Also our requested are open only until tomorrow so requests anything you want now before they close! ~ Moxxii

Ripples - Part 6

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Warnings: Language, Angst… a little 18+ love so if you’re younger turn away…

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A/N: Finally a chapter! Sorry for my absence, it was also my baby Ben Barnes birthday today so I did a week of fiction and honestly didn’t have it in me to write for both because adulting. Hope you like this and this helps for those of you who are Team Bucky! More to come very soon.

Previous Part 5B

Bucky POV

You couldn’t have known that Bucky had gone up to the 7th floor balcony to finish dinner, to allow the cool autumn air to distract him from the way you had looked when you walked into the compound in your jeans and t-shirt. Couldn’t have known that he had heard every last painful detail of what had really happened that night with you and Steve.

He wanted to be mad at you and in a way he was. You had agreed to all of those things, under the influence or not. But he also knew that you were right when you fought a week ago - he had no right to demand that you choose. At the time, you were a free woman.

Besides, you knew about all the women he had brought into his bedroom the moment you had started working for Tony. Thought he had been very clever in hiding it but had known. Didn’t know that he did it every night to erase the image of you from his mind, not wanting to get attached and ruin your life. Using someone else to help him remember he didn’t deserve you.

So he couldn’t be mad at you because essentially you were doing what he had been doing to you for months.

Steve; however, was another thing.

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Cold Suit ~ Tony Stark (IRON MAN)

Part 2: (will fill when written)

Pairings: Tony Stark x reader 

Warnings: Implied smut 

Words: 1,996

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As fun as it is working for Tony, he spent so many hours operating on his suits down in the basement to the point where you weren’t sure if you even still had a job or not. The only use you seem to have for him is a catering business and wearing short skirts and low cut v-neck blouses for his amusement.

Not that you minded or anything, he never seemed to stress you out to the point where you wanted to quit, but most times he drove you off the walls.

Today was one of those days because he’s been in the basement for almost six hours now.

“Mr. Stark, are you even still alive down there?!” Laughing silently, you attempt to carry down the glass of ice water and plate of fruit you had prepared for him.

“What do you think y/n?” As you make it down the steps, realization hits you as to why he’s been in the basement for so long.

He was remodeling his suits, figures.

Not admitting it to him, all of the suits he remodels always end up looking like the same one before but just more polished and cleaner. It was kind of adorable how excited he got over them, and irritating how defensive he would get when it came to talking about his suits.

“Just marvelous Tony, now please take a break and rest for a little okay?” Smiling nervously, you place the plate and water on one of his tables. “You’re tired?”

“What are you wearing?” Ignoring your question, you can hear the mechanic sound of his suit as he walks over to you. It always felt weird when he communicated with you from the inside of it, the intimidation was little but you felt more… submissive? That may be the correct word; you felt more docile whenever he was in the thing.

You looked down at your outfit in confusion, all you were wearing was a long silk, satan red pajama blouse with a pair of black lace panties which were invisible to his eyes because the silk garment was covering them. You weren’t wearing a bra either, but you didn’t think you’d be able to tell very well unless you took the time to look.

This was what Tony had given me?

“Well, it is almost midnight Mr. Stark.” Chuckling tensely, you tuck a loose strand of y/h/c behind your ear and twirl your bare foot against the cold tile. “Don’t you think you should take a break?”

You look into the bright bluish LED-lights of his eyes and feel yourself stiffen; he seems so dominant in that suit. Not that Tony Stark isn’t powerful in his human form, it’s just that when he’s in his ensemble, it’s different

“God, you are gorgeous…” You blinked a couple of times at him, nervous and embarrassed that he’s able to see you and read you, but you weren’t able to see him.

It didn’t make sense as to why he was making a big deal about what you were wearing. It wasn’t like he hasn’t seen you in revealing clothes before.

“Why thank you Mr. Stark, but I honestly believe that it’s time to -

“Why must you try to ruin such a glorious moment?”

Looking at him in disbelief, you shake your head, “you need to go to bed.”

“Oh? Since when are you in charge around here?” Luckily his tone was playful, and he didn’t seem offended by your demanding comment.

Then again, all you’re looking at is a suit of armor with eyes that burn daggers through a person. Why must he make his suits seem so angry?

Perhaps it has to do with the whole authoritative and dominant look he’s trying to give off?

You glance at him when you can hear him moving again, but this time he’s moving closer to you which causes your heart to stop. To be honest, you’ve never actually gotten this close to him while he was in one of his suits before and now that he’s standing right in front of you - it’s more intimidating than you had imagined.

There was just something about him being in his suit and giving off an assertive feel that got you anxious. You’ve discovered that even just watching him work while he’s in it has made you feel the same way, even if he’s just testing it out.

“Y-You’ve done a very nice job with remodeling again!” Attempting to smile, your lip quivers slightly.

He stays silent, bringing his cold suited hand up to touch your bare shoulder, provoking a shiver and flinch as if he was going to hit you.

“Relax…” Was all he said before bringing that cold hand up and down your shoulder, caressing it as smoothly as the armor would allow. Luckily he wouldn’t be able to feel all the goosebumps he was creating on your fragile skin.

It felt odd, nothing compared to a human hand touching you but you’re shy to admit that you enjoyed it.

You couldn’t tell if he was looking at you or not, you wouldn’t bring- you couldn’t bring your eyes up to meet his bright ones or else you’d probably be put under a trance.

“Why haven’t I seen you in this?” His tone hinted of sadness?  

“Maybe because we’re both in bed, something we should be doing right now.” You take a deep breath, then realize how wrong your sentence sounded.

Slapping your mind a million times, but the seductive laugh coming from Tony told you he felt differently.

“Mr. Stark, that’s not what I-

“I like that idea very much Ms. Y/n…”

He brings his other cold suited hand to your thigh, playing with the silky fabric with his armored fingers. Every so often that cold robotic finger would brush up against the inner part of your leg, stirring up those butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

It’s a good thing that you being frozen at this very moment isn’t literal. You were submitting under his touch, and there was not one regret you had.

Well, maybe one.

“I work for you…”

The whole thought of sleeping with your boss was hot and all, but inappropriate.

Inappropriate? He’s getting a feel of you while he’s in one of his newly remodeled suits!

“And if I fire you?”

That sure as hell snapped you out of your trance; you jumped back with a horrified look on your face. “Fire me? Mr. Stark you can’t be serious!”

He grabs you with both of his cold hands and pulls you close to him, pressing his cold suit against your small body.

Him being within a proximity allowed you to realize that he has upgraded his suit and not just fixed it up like normal.

Unfortunately, though, the eyes of the suits still made him seem angry.

“Maybe it’s best if I fire you…”

You gasp as his armored hands suddenly come into contact with your butt, squeezing it with no regrets. Your voice had caught in your throat, and you weren’t able to respond to his sudden gesture nor immediate termination.

“After all, it would be improper of me to express my fondness towards you now wouldn’t it? You’re fired y/n, but how do you like the new suit? It’s a MARK XLVI, it took me quite some time to make it, but I think it turned out pretty damn cute don’t you?”

You stand there agape while his hands are still planted on your butt, he had just fired you, and he’s casually talking to you as if this is nothing.

“Don’t worry babe; I’m going to rehire you for a different type of job.” This sent a rush of calmness throughout your body but with that peace came a whole boatload of nervousness and anxiety.

His hands finally move from your butt and up your body, but as he moves his hands upwards, he makes sure to bring the hem of your silk lingerie up along with it, revealing your black lace panties and bare thighs.

“Shut up JARVIS, I’m busy.” He wasn’t talking to you, but upon hearing him talk to JARVIS, you started to reconsider what he was doing.

Ashamedly you had to admit; you were enjoying it.

“And you’re telling me that for the past couple of months, I have not gotten to get a piece of you in my bed?” He clicks his tongue, the head of the robot shaking ashamedly. “Would you mind if I changed that?”

Shaking your head without thinking, you gulp, “no Mr. Stark.”

The truth was, you would let him take you in his suit but considering there didn’t seem to be a compartment down towards his… erm, robotic lower regions -

“As adventurous as that sounds y/n, my suit isn’t made for something like that…”

You look away, blushing like a madwoman after realizing he caught your eyes wandering south. That sure as hell wasn’t embarrassing.

“But, that doesn’t mean we can’t try…” his cold fingers graze over the front of your panties, “other things.”

Your breathing starts to pick up at the thought of him touching you with one of his cold robotic fingers, those butterflies raging up a storm in your stomach now. You weren’t even sure if it would work or not considering the size of his-

“Mr. Stark, with all due respect I don’t think we should-

The front mask of his suit opens revealing his beautiful human face, he does look pretty exhausted, but it felt better being able to read how he was feeling instead of looking into those cringe-worthy eyes of his suit.

Now that you were looking at his human face though, your submissiveness to him seemed to falter.

He goes over to the table and grabs the glass of water you had brought down to him, taking a drink of it and also picking up a couple of grapes and popping them into his mouth. “You know how long it takes to design a new suit? A damn long time. Would you sleep with me if I was in a suit?”

He seemed to be walking around and messing with some of his gadgets while he was talking to you, which made you a little more relaxed knowing he can just have a conversation like this without needing to sit down and look at you.

“If you want me to be blunt Mr. Stark, I’d sleep with you if you were in or out of the suit.” Sitting down in one of his chairs, you felt that this conversation would be something you’d need to sit for.

“That would be fun… it would need some proper adjustments though.” Now he seemed to be talking to himself again, focused on looking at new blueprints.

The whole fantasy of having sex with him in the one thing that helps him save the world got you excited.

Yes, it intimidated you, but the anxiety was thrilling.

“Mr. Stark?” You grip the sides of your panties and wiggle in the chair, trying to get them off.

“Yes?” He’s not looking at you.

Shutting one eye, you aim for the table where he seems to be studying at and slingshot your panties over his way - bulls-eying it right on his sheets of paper.

“How about we try those other things you were talking about?”  

He turns to you, and you’re able to see the smirk on his face before the front of his mask closes again.

Multitudes - Part 2

Part One /

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Thank you so much for the response to this fic so far. I really hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying writing it! I wanted it to be ever so slightly less heavier than my previous fic (which isn’t hard to do seeing as FBOW was crazy) but still with tonnes of angst - cause I absolutely live for that shit. I hope you like it, anyway! If you take the time to leave a comment, thank you so much. It means a lot to me and continues to drive me to write!


This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,

Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,

Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the  themes

thou lovest best,

Night, sleep, death and the stars.

“Ok,” Veronica announced, emerging from the bathroom looking as though she were about to attend the Vanity Fair Oscar after party which, believe it or not, she had actually done twice before. “I’m ready.”

“V,” Betty replied with a smile, “you look beautiful… but now I do feel a little underdressed.”

Smoothing down her skin tight black dress, Veronica popped her red lipstick into her sparkling clutch bag and shrugged. “I have to make an effort. Archie’s going to be there.”

“Archie?” Betty teased, finishing up her faint layer of mascara and blinking at her own reflection. “So, you actually know his name now?”

Veronica laid a hand on her hip and rolled her eyes. “Ha ha. I always knew his name, thank you very much. You know, after Kevin stalked his Facebook profile in depth for me last night.”

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What would you recommend wearing to go see a theatre?? Like something formal but still kinda casual?? I hope it makes sense 💕

oml this reminded me of bokjoo’s classical music date with the doctor from weight lifting fairy ; u ;

Next morning Reign woke up in the couch, when she opened her eyes she looked side to side not knowing how she got there or why she was wearing full dark clothes she never bought. She touched her chest seeing a few holes in her tank top like bullets holes. She stood from the couch taking the tank top off.

Reign checked the clock on the phone 7:30 AM she sighed trying to remember something. The only thing she could remember was making out with Lena, they were about to go further but Olivia had a nightmare and slept in the middle of the bed between them.
She decided to take off all those clothes and boots and went to the kitchen to hide them in a plastic bag behind cleaning products. It was the second time it happened. Just like when her stupid co-worker disappeared.

When she opened the door of her bedroom she saw the most adorable/funny picture in front of her eyes.

Lena was sleeping in her side and Olivia was curled up with one of her arms around her neck with her legs all sprawled in Reign’s side of the bed

“Lena…” Reign whispered close to Lena’s ear “I’m gonna take Olivia to her room, its early you can keep sleeping”

Olivia when she was full asleep were a heavy sleeper making it easy moving her from any position. When Reign had her daughter in her arms Lena turned into her back frowning opening slightly her eyes

“What are you doing?” Lena had a raspy voice in the morning
“Shhhh” Reign hold Olivia in her arms leaning down giving a peck in her lips then left the room

Reign put Olivia in her bed and put her favorite stuffed animal in her arms. She went back to her bedroom and Lena was sat with her back at the headboard waiting with those beautiful green eyes looking at her with an eyebrow up

“Hey” Reign greeted from the door

Lena clenched her jaw looking at Reign up and down. Reign bit her lower lip and smiled

“How do you look that good in the morning?” Lena asked seeing Reign crawling from the end of the bed until reach her straddling her lap “When you took your clothes off?”
“Actually I don’t know…” It was the truth “maybe my subconscious wanted a sexy time with you and this” Reign pointed her body with her hands “did the rest”

Lena smiled closing her eyes leaning back her head laughing lightly

“What time is it?” Lena felt Reign’s lips in her neck
“Around 8 o'clock” Reign sucked Lena’s pulse point hearing a soft moan
“Reign…” Lena’s hips involuntary raised up wanting more contact
“Last night we had something in hands…” Reign changed her position between Lena’s legs “I had something in my hand” she took Lena by the back of her legs pulling her down until Lena’s back was again in the bed “Something I want”

Lena put her hands in her face covering it. Reign pulled up Lena’s tee showing her silk skin and placed a trail of kisses until her hipbone. Lena looked down sighing feeling the taller woman fingers curling at her grey sweat pants

“Up” Reign ordered
“Olivia will wake up soon” Lena gasped when Reign rubbed her hand at the center of her legs up and down above her pants
“She won’t…” Reign whispered giving a couple kisses in Lena’s abs near her belly button “up” she pulled a little bit down Lena’s pants for more access
“Reign…” Lena breathed raising her hips seeing Reign smile at the way she was taking off her sweat pants
“You are so beautiful Lena” Reign was enjoying the view in her squatting position after removing their obstacle
“Fuck” Lena sat for a moment only to pull Reign in a desperate kiss

Around eleven o'clock Olivia was watching cartoons but she remembered Lena was in there. She ran to her mother room and saw Lena covered by the sheets. She giggled and was about to hop in when Reign went off of her bathroom with her toothbrush in her mouth picking Olivia almost in the air with one arm holding her.

“Let her sleep baby girl” Reign mumbled biting her toothbrush between her teeth walking out the room
“But she said we are going to Metropolis” Olivia dramatically stretched her arms but it looked more like she was in a flying position
“And we will” Reign assured

Reign finished brushing her teeth at Olivia’s bathroom still holding her daughter with one arm. The kid looked like a puppet being hold at her waist

“Have your backpack ready for the trip? Lena said it was to be exciting for you to travel in an helicopter” Reign put her daughter in the bed “And I haven’t see you taking a shower either. So go”
“Shower, backpack” Olivia nodded determined to accomplish fast

Reign went back to her room taking her dark grey tapered leg jeans and a dark green v neck blouse. Lena began to move at the sound of Olivia screaming -the water still cold- opening her eyes after not feeling Reign at her side.

“Are you looking for someone?” Reign straddled Lena’s stomach leaning down to kiss her

After taking the breakfast in Reign’s house they went to Lena’s penthouse for her to change her clothes. The business woman last night after dinner had made a few calls to get everything setting up.

Olivia during the whole travel was excited talking about everything she seen. Sometimes Lena looked at her happy some others she looked at Reign with an smile.

When they landed in Metropolis there were a Mercedes G AMG 65 with smoked windows waiting for them. They driver went right to them to greet

“Miss Luthor, my name is James welcome to Metropolis, your brother Lex sent me” the man had black sunglasses and a headphone in his left ear
“Where’s my driver” Lena asked looking annoyed
“Mr. Luthor said it was to be safer for you and your companion to come with me Miss Luthor. Metropolis is a great city but Luthor’s are greatest” James explained with the exact words Lex told him

Lena was about to deny when her phone ringed with an L.L in the screen

“Lex” Lena looked at James then to Reign and Olivia
“My little sister in this big big town. What brought you here?” Lena could almost see his signed smile through the phone “I have eyes and ears everywhere”
“A girl can’t visit his brother and a few museums at the weekend?” Lena was in her full Luthor pose
“Of course, of course you can. Also your friend and her daughter” Lena felt agitated “They might be important, because you never did this before, for a -friend- huh” Lex was hitting in every point “Allow me to give you my best driver to take you everywhere” Lena was silent “I hope to meet today Olivia & Reign” Lex ended the call

Lena was about to say they are going back right now to National City when Olivia yelled excited looking at the sky. Superman was crossing the heaven going to the center of Metropolis.

“Oh looks like Superman have to save someone” James pointed
“He is the best!” Olivia beamed happy

Reign looked at Lena’s concern look, placing a hand in the low part of her back and moved her mouth asking -are you okay?- without make a sound. Lena nodded but shook her head -its fine-

“Listen, James, you have to go everywhere she wants” Lena took Olivia’s hand “everywhere” Lena said again to make that clear.

Around 17:30 they were at the Metropolis Art Museum, Lena didn’t know why but there were a lot of police. Olivia was thrilled running to one side to another watching the paints being followed by her mother and Lena. It had been funny a half hour ago when they were about to enter when Olivia told James -please stay here because I don’t want you to get bored- making the man laugh. The little girl torn around a corner running as was specter in some moment she was about to crash with someone

The tall woman looked down at the girl and helped her to wake up. The woman had a very sophisticated look

“You okay sweetie?” The woman asked
“Your butt is really hard” Olivia placed a hand in her forehead “I’m sorry to bother you miss”
“Cute and honest” The woman smiled warm “What’s your name?”
“Olivia and my mommy and Lena are over there” Olivia pointed with her finger to the wall behind her making again the woman smile big
“Nice to meet you Olivia my name is…”
“Diana, there you are” A man interrupted
“Clark, what a surprise” Diana took Olivia’s hand only to not lose her or get her lost
“Who’s this little girl” Clark looked at Olivia with his charming smile fixing his glasses
“I think I’ve made a friend, her name is Olivia… her mothers are somewhere around”
“Nice to meet you Olivia, my name is Clark Kent I am a journalist of the Daily Planet” He smiled again making Olivia shy hiding her face behind the hand she was holding with Diana

Diana looked at Clark smiling big so he went down in squats

“She’s adorable” Diana was seeing this fun
“Let me help you to look your for your moms” Clark turned around in his feet offering his back for a piggyback

Olivia for the first time was feeling really shy, she looked at Diana for approbation seeing her nod. Olivia hop on placing her tiny arms around his neck

“Alright let’s find your moms” Diana tapped Clark shoulder to follow her in the direction Olivia told minutes ago “Tell me Olivia, you like art?”
“Yes, my mommy always take me to museum” Olivia at not seeing Clark’s charming smile was gaining more confidence again “I like the colors… weird forms”
“The only ones I like are Kandinsky’s” Clark added “they are sort of chaotic”
“Are they pretty?” Olivia asked looking at the side of his face
“They really are, Diana brought a couple months ago”
“Wow” Olivia was impressed by Diana

Reign was about to lose her head not seeing Olivia near. It was 10 minutes now they lost her but for Reign it felt like an eternity. Lena tried to calm her down because this museum was the safest, not only because the amount of security guards there were but also because she couldn’t have ran too far.

“There they are!” Olivia said smiling

Diana and Clark looked at the direction Olivia said. Clark knelt one knee helping Olivia go down his back with the hands of Diana just in case

“Mommy!” Olivia ran toward Reign

Diana saw the woman hug her daughter tight as her partner placed a hand in her shoulder. Clark stood up feeling Diana’s shoulder bumping on his

“Olivia what I told you about run like that” Reign was worried but relieved
“I’m Sorry to interrupt” Diana walk in “Olivia is wonderful please don’t be mad at her” Diana pleaded “My name is Diana Prince she was with me and my friend Clark at the other side of the hallway”

Lena frowned narrowing her eyes for a couple seconds looking at him, and this made an apologetic smile to Reign

“Are you Clark Kent?” Lena enquired
“Uhm yes” he fixed again his glasses up “I’m not sure if I have the pleasure to know you ma'am” he smiled “I’m Clark Kent”
“Then you are Kara’s cousin” Lena smiled “what a coincidence”

date; j.j.h

said:Hi! I’m not sure if your requests are open, but I was wondering if I could request a Jaehyun scenario where you’re a dance teacher, and you’re teaching his younger siblings (though we know he doesn’t have any) and he develops a crush on you??? Does that sound weird???? Anyways, I hope you have a good day, Zelia! (I think this is your name? I just observe off Cheryl’s tumblr)

a/n; hi omg it doesn’t sound weird at all, i promise:) i really hope you like it❤

synopsis: teaching little aspiring ballerinas were your thing, you haven’t had many boyfriends due to your dedication to your work and academics. but now you could, but you had little guy friends/connections. you were very young to start this line of work to be honest, but your teacher had faith in you. adding insult to injury, the men around you were married, unattractive men, with children that attended your dance class. not until a cute guy who fetches his sister to dance class catches your attention.

*: Breadstreet Kitchen: One of many Gordon Ramsay restaurants with overpriced but good food quality assured by the man himself.

ft; older brother!johnny

Originally posted by shutupxiumin

If you had to be honest, being a ballerina sucked.

Firstly, you would only look pretty on stage. After all of the concrete-like layers of makeup were removed, you were a whole different person. Secondly, having no assets. Being bound in the ever-tight leotard and stiff, frilly tutu, the restricting material restricted your growth during your teenage years, causing an almost flat chest. Last but not least, an almost lack of boyfriends. Growing up, your classmates were all girls, being the stereotypical all-girls ballet class you have attended since young. You had gone to a co-ed school, but the lack of interaction between boys in the class you attend the most has resulted in only one boyfriend, which was your best friend. It was really embarrassing to recall, you just didn’t want to be labelled as “inexperienced in dating”. At least you have one ex-boyfriend to back you up.

The glory days of dancing on your toes on stage were over, you teacher then suggested that you should try teaching. You gladly agreed, after all, having knee aches everyday wasn’t good for your health. You completed your teacher’s course easily, and you were about to take your examiner’s certificate next. You had to have at least 5 years of teaching experience anyway, and you really liked teaching small ballerinas-to-be the little basics of ballet. Your teacher added that your age was a plus to begin with, being a teacher at the tender age of 20.

It was a normal day in the dance studio, little girls in pink leotards and pink-wrap skirts filling into the studio with excited minds. You took note of the number of girls and was about to begin class when a new face entered the studio.

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Slave Kris

This is a story request from Kris @kink–kitten . If you’ve submitted a request and I haven’t gotten to it yet, be patient. Got tons of requests. I’ll get to it.

For those who haven’t read any of my fiction yet. What I do is take story requests from my followers(actually you don’t have to be a follower to submit one). I just ask for the following info:

Your first name. If you don’t feel comfortable giving me your real name, you can give me a phony name.

Your age. 18+ please.

Physical description. A photo would be nice but not mandatory. Also include if you have tattoos or body piercings.

Sex stats. Important for the story. Tell me if you’re a virgin or fairly promiscuous. If you’re oral/anal. If you’re straight, lesbian or bi.

Where would you like to be kidnapped from? This can include but is not limited to:

Your home

Place of employment(especially if you work late)

A college campus(or high school if say you’re an 18 year old senior)

A nightclub

A Craigslist connection

A phony photo shoot

The mall

The beach

A spring break vacation

Travel outside the US(where the cops can be very corrupt)

What would you be wearing?

Who would you like to be sold to. This can include but is not limited to:

An underground bdsm website

A sheikh from the Middle East

A brothel from say Latin America or Asia

A drug kingpin

To be used for breeding purposes

A Hucow or pony slave

I’m especially interested in the following stories:

A catholic schoolgirl. Obviously an 18 year old senior. Give a complete description of your uniform(and if you send a pic, send one in your uniform)

A Hooters girl. Again if you send a pic, one in your uniform.

A cheerleader. Again a detailed description of your uniform and if you send a pic, one in your uniform.

A mother/daughter slave combo. Whether you’re a young girl with a hot mom or a milf with a hot daughter at least 18.

Without further ado, here’s the story.


We decided tonight to patrol parking garages at corporate offices. We would try to acquire slaves who work late and are probably very tired and don’t quite have their wits about them. At about a little after 9pm, we found a candidate. Her name was Kris. She was 21. 5'7" with nice curves. She had long dark brown hair. She was dressed in a blue v-neck blouse that highlighted her cleavage, a black skirt that was a little bit above the knees and tight and black peep toed heels. She worked as an administrative assistant.

She came out to go to her car. We began tailing her in our van. She started noticing she was being followed. She started walking fast, then jogging then running(an aside, I love the sight of women running while wearing heels). We then cut her and Bruce and Rick opened the van door to get out. Kris started trying to run the other way but as she started running, she tripped and Bruce and Rick grabbed her, thus the end of her freedom. Bruce and Rick had her by each arm but she wasn’t making it easy for them as she was being dragged kicking and screaming. We got her in the van and put her face down on the floor. We then took out rope and first secured her wrists behind her back. Then we tied her elbows together. Then her thighs together. And finally her ankles. Then one more piece of rope tied her ankle restraints to her elbow restraints putting her in a hogtie. We then placed a head harness ball gag in her mouth, where she started drooling immediately. Then we placed a black hood over her head. She had fought us all the way. Like a caged animal.

We then started heading back to our lair. We went through her cell phone to check her contacts and social media. For more potential slaves. Bruce and Rick kept our new slave company feeling her up. Especially her panties which were wet. Again we speculated whether it was from peeing in her panties from being scared or from cumming from being excited. Then Rick took out a hitachi wand and and pressed it against her clit and she came pretty hard.


After 45 minutes of driving, we arrived at the slave training facility in the middle of the sticks. We placed Kris on a flatbed and brought her inside and on the dreaded(for our slaves, for us it meant cha-ching) elevator ride 3 floors underground.

We untied our new slave and locked it in the arch back device. We then removed its hood. We were all wearing ski masks. The slave was horrified to the situation it was in. The slave was supposed to be home relaxing. It began to scream as I took a sheers scissors and began cutting off its outfit. To my delight, thong panties and a matching bra. Ladies, don’t you know that women on tv or movies captured by a serial killer are always wearing matching bra and panties.

I gave the slave water then placed the gag back on. I then wired its tits, pussy and asshole. And attach a vibrator the shape of an electric toothbrush to its clit. The vibe was on a timer to go on and off every few minutes to edge the slave. This was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation we subject our new slaves to. The water was laced with a stimulant that heightened her sexual urges. The wires were in the unlikely event that the slave came or dosed off. They had a sensor that would give off a nasty electrical shock to it.

We then placed earbuds in the slave’s ears so it could listen to a cd. This cd was its orientation(disorientation) cd that would be on a loop and play all night. It had the following message:

Hello cunt. Comfortable? Probably not. Not that your comfort is important. The only important thing is you are now our sex slave. Our fucktoy. Just a piece of meat. You’re just 2 tits and 3 fuckholes for a man to use and abuse for his pleasure. Your body belongs to you. We own your body from head to toe. There’s no safe word. We don’t care how you feel except how we want you to feel. You have no human rights. And we’re going to enjoy your suffering and your torment. Also you’ll notice in your current predicament, your being vibed. You’ll be edged all night long. And the water we gave is laced with a stimulant that heightens your sexual urges. You’ll also notice you’re wired up. If someone you managed to dose off or cum, several volts of electricity will go through your body giving you a nasty shock. You are now beginning your slave training. You will go through your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient sex slave and a compliant fucktoy. When you have completed your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder and that person will become your new owner. Whatever you were previously, you no longer are. Welcome to your new life.”

As the slave heard the cd for the 2nd or 3rd time, it was started thinking “this isn’t happening”. As well as the 2nd or 3rd time the vibe shut off. It was starting to beg to cum. The combination of the edging and the orientation cd was driving the slave to insanity. It was constantly struggling in its restraints.

We trained a webcam on the slave to allow potential owners to observe and make bids. We started bidding at $10,000. By morning, it would double.

For the slave formerly known as Kris, its transformation was underway.

To be continued.

Tony Stark ~ Cold Suit
Word Count: 2201 

As fun as it is working for Tony, he spent so many hours working on his suits down in the basement to the point where you weren’t even sure if you even still had a job or not. The only use you seem to have for him is a catering business and wearing short skirts and low cut v-neck blouses for his amusement.

Not that you minded or anything, he never seemed to stress you out to the point where you wanted to quit but goddamn most times he drove you off the walls.

Today was one of those days because he’s been in that damn basement for almost six hours now.

“Mr. Stark, are you even still alive down there?!” Laughing silently, you attempt to carry down the glass of ice water and plate of fruit you had prepared for him.

“What do you think y/n?” As you make it down the steps, realization hits you as to why he’s been in the basement for so long.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request fashion hcs for Nekoma? Like, do they have a great fashion sense or are they a fashion disaster? Good luck with your blog!!!

(This is my shiteu. And thank you so much!!)

Tetsurō Kuroo:

  • Kuroo is not dressing to impress, but he isn’t careless about his outfits either. You could say he has a balanced sense of style, which he uses to adapt to different situations.
  • His closet has many V-neck blouses and shirts. He rarely wears a tie though, unless it’s for school.
  • He totally rocks the casual style and looks hella good with the tight ripped jeans and t-shirt with a simple monochromatic vest over. x
  • He totally has one of those shirts with the cats showing the finger, you can’t convince me otherwise. He bought one for Kenma as well to have matching outfits. Kenma hates him for this, but loves the gift nonetheless.

Nobuyuki Kai:

  • Kai is aware that people usually judge each other by the way they dress, but he doesn’t try excessively hard when it comes to his outfits.
  • His style smoothly oscillates between the smart and casual one. As long as he’s comfortable with what he’s wearing and it’s not offending everyone, he’s content.
  • He probably has these three pairs of pants that he uses most of the time because he loves the material and the way he looks in them.
  • Kai’s not who knows what talent when it comes to fashion, but his outfits are so nicely put together, students in younger years come to him for advice.

Morisuke Yaku:

  • What is fashion sense? What are clothes? This kid wears his volley jersey most of the time, unless he’s attending classes and he must be in his uniform.
  • Otherwise, you can usually see him in sport clothes, such as cotton t-shirts and shorts, as he fills most of his hours with volley practice.
  • Yaku is totally the guy you’d catch with socks and sandals in a mild summer day, or the guy that has terrible sense of color. His shirts and pants don’t often match.
  • He refuses to take advice from anyone, especially when Kuroo is teasing him with every given opportunity.

Taketora Yamamoto:

  • You know those kids who are trying really hard to be hip? That’s Yamamoto. He has those baggy pants and loose T-shirts with a cap covering his head.
  • Most of his style is influenced by the 90′s American movies or bands, just like his taste in music or books.
  • Once, he came to school with one of those golden chains necklace and sunglasses, but some girls commented on how he looked like a total loser. Never again.
  • He reads women magazines for tips on what girls like in boys’ dressing style to pick up tips and advice.

Kenma Kozume:

  • Kenma doesn’t struggle too much with his outfits. He’s trying not to attract too much attention on himself, so his clothes are not unusual or flashy.
  • He’s pretty much content if he has a hoody and a pair of jeans, or probably a T-shirt that he enjoys wearing.
  • He once tried to change his wardrobe and look more “fashionable”, putting different clothing pieces together, but he just ended being ridiculous.
  • I can bet Kuroo helps him dress up for important events, claiming that a good first impression is made through the way you arrive dressed at an activity.

Shōhei Fukunaga:

  • Fukunaga might not get observed much and neither does he talk with others a lot, so he tries to express his likes through his outfits.
  • He has a bunch of fandom shirts, either from movies or TV series, which he secretly hopes people notice and that he’d find someone with the same interests.
  • He also has these band t-shirts he wants to wear because he loves their music. People wonder how comes he wears a new top every single day.
  • He’s not very picky when he goes shopping. If clothes look nice, if he feels good in them and if they have a reasonable price, he’d get them.

Sō Inuoka:

  • His wardrobe is full of colorful blouses or T-shirts with cheerful prints, be it animals, cartoon characters or even abstract images.
  • His color themes are bright and energetic, almost like matching his joyful personality. Although, seeing him first thing in the morning might be kind of an eyesore.
  • He gets hot faster than other people, so he starts wearing shorts even from the beginning of spring. He just can’t stand the sweaty feeling on his legs through the material.
  • Certainly not between the people with a fashion sense. If he feels comfortable with what he’s wearing, he’s pretty happy and goes with it.

Lev Haiba:

  • You might look at this giant and go “Haha, what a dork! He probably dresses like one too!” but how wrong you’re right there, my friend.
  • Even if Lev himself didn’t know much when it came to fashion, a lot of his knowledge comes from his older sister who tried to rub her tips on him as well.
  • If you didn’t know how tall Lev is, you might see him in public and wonder who’s that nicely dress guy over there. He puts Kuroo to shame.  This boy should have his own show.
  • His wardrobe has many patterned shirts in pastel colors and pants in light nuances who go well be it summer or winter. He totally knows a hella lot of fancy names of different colors and palettes. 

Yuki Shibayama:

  • Shibayama is in possession of a large number of ugly sweaters with those complicated patterns because his grandmother gifted him one at every single occassion. His heart won’t let his get rid of them.
  • He secretely enjoys knitting as well and has made Inuoka a very cute sweater with a dog on it as a Christmas present. Protect this child.
  • He has some cute t-shirts with floral designs, but he’s ashamed to wear them in public.
  • He might not know much when it comes to fashion, but he’s ace if asked about anything to do with accessorizing. 

Day 1 - EruMika Week 1 - Kaleidoscope

EruMika Week 1: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

Rated: T | Words: ~2900

I’m back on the writing block.  So many ideas, so little time.  EruMika is scorching, I love the idea of it!  I couldn’t help but throw in some rivamika, because they will always be my number one OTP… And I just fucking love triangles because, let’s face it, they’re just hot!  (OT3, people.  OT3: rivamikawin)

- - - - -

“Mikasa Ackerman.”

Lifting her head from her packet and releasing the end of the pen she was chewing, she craned her neck in search within the large Starbucks locale of whoever sported her name.  Her eyes met with piercing ones – a short man with an undercut and a cravat. 

“Levi Ackerman,” she replied with a teasing tone.  With a small, polite curve of her lips, she arose from her chair and shook his hand as he extended it. 

The Ackermans were very known defense attorneys – they were good and they were dangerous.  Rarely do they encounter face-to-face, much less talk to one another in public, Mikasa absently thought that this must have been the third time they spoke to each other. 

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” she asked, slightly breathless from reviewing her case.  She had been sitting at her usual, cozy corner for the past two hours mulling over some vague details.  She would have to remind her assistant, Sasha Blouse, to correct them.

“I apologize for interrupting you,” Levi glanced at the thick packet on the table and briefly observed her laid-back appearance of a crème v-neck blouse, skinny jeans, and flats.  The moment he laid his eyes on her, her youthful beauty enamored him and, from their two previous short meetings, her intellect and personality only charmed him more.  (And feeling quite old by his outfit of a tucked white button shirt and slacks, with the addition of his cravat).

Needless to say, he was captivated – and he is rarely so. 

“Oh, it is quite alright,” Mikasa gave a low chuckle while tucking her hair behind her right ear.  Turning her head, she shuffled her scrambled papers into a semi-neat pile and sandwiched them as she closed her laptop.  All the while, she gestured the seat in front of her with her chin, “Please, sit.  I tend to get a little carried away when I get too engrossed with my cases.”

Levi thanked her as he took his seat, eyeing the paper mess in front of him with distaste. 

Settling herself down as she pushed her work aside, Mikasa clasped her hands and twined her fingers together.  “How may I help you, Levi?”

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.  “Nothing drastically important.”  A strange action, Mikasa noted.  One of Levi’s well-known qualities was his air of confidence that was almost arrogant. 

She remained silent as he cleared his throat, a fist held close to his mouth.  At the same moment, a waiter came by and set down two tall drinks of iced Americano.  “I actually knew you were going to be here and decided to take this chance to talk to you.”  As the waiter left, he gently shoved one of the drinks to her.

“Oh, thank you…and what did you want to talk about?”

After taking a sip of his drink, he stared at her directly in the eyes, “You were Pixis’ golden girl.  2008, the case regarding his presidential campaign.  You proved that fabricated evidence was used in an effort to extort money from Dot Pixis.”

Also taking a sip of her own, she shook her head, “That was 6 years ago.”

He grinned, his eyes turning dark with impress, “It was a noticeable feat.  It was one of the first cases you received after graduating from Harvard Law.  Many decided that if it were not for your brilliant handling on the case, Dot Pixis would not have won the election.  Thus, immediately leading him to hire you as his personal attorney.  Again, a noticeable feat for a young 26-year old woman.”

Mikasa scoffed as he mentioned her age.  It was barely a year from recently graduating and, all of a sudden, she was given a nation-wide case.  She was young – a gambler and stubborn whenever she handled her cases.  Although, Pixis did point out it was a part of her charm.  Now, 32-years old, her way of approaching her cases still remained the same. 

“And what is the point of you mentioning past events?”

“I’m just setting up the foundation to what lead to a fairy-tale romance, Ms. Ackerman,” he smiled mockingly.

Her blood ran cold, colder than the iced Americano drink within her hands. 

Levi continued, feigning ignorance to her rather obvious reaction, “And through Pixis’ Cabinet and with a little help of a presidential ball, you met a very close friend of mine.” 

Placing both of his elbows on the table, he leaned in and his smiled turned predatory, “I was there that night, Mikasa.  I watched at the corner of my eye as my colleague was reduced into a fluttering teenage boy.”

She felt her heart race and blood coloring her cheeks.  She would never forget that night.  It was – still is – the best night she ever had.  It was unrestricted and free as she wore her heart on her sleeve.

Childishly, she closed her eyes and looked away from him, whispering, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He sighed, leaning back into his seat, “My boss would be very disappointed by your response, Mikasa.  He would be extremely heartbroken.”

Snapping her eyes open, she looked at him directly in the eyes as he had done before, “Your boss?”

His predatory grin remained as he casually stated, “Why, yes, I work for Erwin Smith.”

Erwin Smith.

The man who stole her heart.

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anonymous asked:

I'm going into seventh grade this year and I need some ideas on clothing and shops to go to or buy. Any ideas? I don't wear a lot of shorts and never wear skirts or dresses and any colors do me i'm not really picky.

Hey! For some places to go I would suggest: (I hope that you live in America for these because I am not to sure if they are located outside the U.S.)

  • Target 
  • Forever 21
  • American Eagle 
  • Macy 
  • Kohls 
  • Any other clothing  store that is in your area I guess 

As for what to buy I would suggest getting the basics! Like a couple pairs of new jeans they could either be skinny or regular fit that is up to you and some other type of pants that is not jeans i.e. legging or sweatpants! Also some cute tops like some blouses, V-neck shirts, loose fitting tank tops that can be worn with a cardigan or a jacket, some knit sweaters for the winter time, and some loose fitting long sleeve shirts for those lazy days! Maybe even a cute jacket that can go with many things, a good one would be a green army jacket or a bomber jacket of some sorts! Also maybe look at some getting some cardigans that can be worn on a cold day! Also I am going to add in accessories as well cause why not lol! Maybe look at getting some scarves to go over the tank and wear with the jacket or cardigan! 

Here are some examples:

anonymous asked:

Hi Debora! I live in a tropical country and it gets really humid most days, how can I incorporate Parisian style without sweating? Haha thanks xx

Denim blue shorts and blue mens shirt or a white dress shirt and a straw market bag or mini denim skirt, v neck blouse and espadrilles or printed wrap dresses

An excellent specimen of low budget brilliance: a withered Tina Turner wig, a make-up design touting a unibrow, excessive bronzer, and lopsided fangs, a dropped V-neck pirate blouse with an unthinkable wad of fur bulging from beneath, a silk cummerbund, some trendy palazzo pants, and a pair of Robin Hood boots embellished with a strip of fur leftover from the chest….

….I also appreciate Lumiere’s decorative unitard and rain boot combo.

Chapter 1

It all began that Wednesday, in a small studio where the auditions for Carmilla would be made, a lesbian series of vampires. It would be the first meeting of Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman.

Natasha had made her audition for the role of Carmilla and had already act with two “Lauras” when Elise came… a dazzling smile, smooth and golden hair, an unusual energy. The two made the scene and went out of the room, beginning to talk about the series.

- Hi, I’m Natasha. Elise, right?

- Yes, nice to meet you! What did you think of the auditions?

- I thought it was super cool, something unusual, you know?

- I laughed for hours reading the script!

Natasha could not stop thinking that if she got the part it was with Elise that she would like to act with. The two returned home, waiting until next week to have the outcome of the audition. Natasha shared room with a friend who was also an actress, Elise had just moved into a small apartment in the city center with a woman who was also in the acting business.

The week slowly passed, both were eager for the outcome of the audition. Natasha was the kind of tough woman, did not show her feelings easily, she even laughed at herself because she could not cry. Elise was the opposite, completely open, devoted to her feelings, a very easy girl to live by her charisma and joy she brought to all.

The next Tuesday, Natasha received an email asking for her attendance the next day in the studio. She got super anxious so she asked her close friends to go up to her house for a “cheese and wine” to calm her anxiety the next day.

- Hey guys, thanks for coming. I’m a nervous wreck! Will I be chosen? - All her friends calmed her down, saying that of course it would work, and asked for more details about the work. - Well, it’s webseries about vampires, and I’m a lesbian - and gave a loud laugh - it’s quite funny actually, I fall in love with a human and there are several crazy situations, it will be really fun - and everyone wants to know about the rest the cast - Well, the girl who is my love in the series is called Laura, and I really hope that Elise has got the part, because Oh my God, she’s beautiful and has a great energy.

The night passed quickly and the next day Natasha arrived at the studio one hour before the combined and waited for someone to come open the door. She sat on the sidewalk and began to read a book from one of her favorite authors “Eckhart Tolle”. It took about 20 minutes and she could barely believe it when Elise stopped the bike right beside her, she looked up and said:

- Elise, how nice to see you! - And began to rise from the ground.

- Thank you, how are you? I ate all my nails! Will we be chosen? - She got off the bike and took off her helmet.

- Well, I really hope so! - And put the book in her bag. - So you’re into bikes? - Elise laughed and replied.

- Well, when not below 0 degrees, I always useit for transportation - and laughed out loud - Well, what about you? What do you usually do in your life besides get hours early in your commitments?

Natasha was delighted with the charisma of Elise. - Well, I sing, I make theater, opera, commercials, whatever comes, you know, right? But at the moment I am barista so I can pay my rent. And you?

- Well, the same as you, but I do not sing! - Elise could not stop smiling - I waitress to pay the rent, that’s all.

“Why I can not stop wondering if she is gay? I will not ask this, do not do this Elise! ”

The two were exchanging conversations about the weather, what they did in the acting life and other ordinary subjects of life, until 10 minutes before the scheduled time, the director came and found them sitting on the floor laughing.

- Hello girls, I’m glad that Carmilla and Laura are already getting along! - And he gave a strong laughter shaking the hand of the two.

At the end of the interview, the director asked for both of them to read part of the first season script to make a “table read” the next day, because the shooting would start in a week. Leaving the studio, Elise asked Natasha if she did not want to read together, cause it would be easier for them. She accepted and suggested they go to her house which was not far from here.

- My roommate works all night today, so no one will annoy us.

Bauman could not deny that there were some sexual tension, looks, talks, something there was a sexual hint, but she barely knew Natasha.

- Natasha, this apartment is amazing - she said entering the living room - and you have a great taste for decoration.

- Well, I can’t really deny it, I’m a collector! - She replied laughing and sitting on the couch - Shall we start? We’ll have a long day.

Professionalism was the most important part of the day, the two were very focused on entering the characters and give their best for the series. Around 6 pm they’ve already made it through the entire script, and Elise decided to return home.

- Thank you very much for your help, Elise.

- Thank you, Natasha, the day was very productive.

- Hey, give me your phone number so we can keep in touch - Natasha asked.

- Well… there is just one problem, you’ll have to call me or send me a text - she took out of the bag a very old Motorola phone and Natasha began to laugh out loud.

- I think you’re the only person in Canada who does not have whatsapp, Elise.

- Yes, I’m sure of it, but I will end up losing or breaking these expensive and technological phones - she also burst out laughing and gave a farewell hug in Natasha - see you tomorrow.

They met in front of the studio and Natasha gave her a hug. Elise was completely casual as always, wonderful. Natasha was accompanied by her faithful accessory, the hat.

- Elise, let’s take a picture to mark this beginning, shall we? I am beginning to convince you to buy a decent phone! - She opened the Instagram and clicked – It’s great – and she wrote “Table Read? Check ”- Perfect, let’s go Elise!

From this day on, everything started to go very fast. There was a lot to memorize, a lot to film and many people involved. The first days of filming were extremely fun, everyone was getting along and the scenes were really nice to be filmed. Ellise and Natasha had to record an interview about Laura and Carmilla as additional content to the channel.

- All right, that’s good. I’ll ask the questions and you will answer. There is no secret, just be ourselves.

They had met three weeks ago, but did not have much time to be together, were always busy or late. The interview was a moment of rest for them, just sit down and talk normally. They were side by side, sitting on a bench and leaning against a table. Elise could not take her eyes of Natasha, she was beautiful. Every question, they were approaching more and more as if the touch between them was necessary… proximity. That was something that none of them could contain.



During the weeks of filming, the two of them were getting along better and beter, always full of jokes. Once again, they would need to read the script and memorise it for the following week.

- Hey Nat, would you like to read the lines together? Today the day is just beautiful and we are done for today here in the studio… What do you think of that?

- Hmmm I don’t think I can deny it. There’s a park near here, what do you think? - Elise put her sunglasses and her purse and answered yes.

They sat on the floor. Elise was always fun and full of life. She kicked off her shoes and lay down on the grass.

- Don’t you love this? - Elise asked.

- The nature and the sun? Or be here with me? If the answer is the latter, yes, I love - she laughed and lay down beside her. Elise turned sideways looking at her and laughed too.

- Well, I was talking about the sun, but I also love being with you.

Natasha sat with butterflies in her stomach and said - Let’s start? We have only 80 pages to decorate.

Elise did not seem to care because she embarrassed Natasha, she was like that, did not regret speaking what she felt. After 30 minutes reading and rereading, Natasha got up and took a picture of Elise.

- Heeeeeeey I did not let you do that - she protested.

- Well, my dear, you’ll go once again to the instagram! - Natasha said, sitting again at his side. - Well, you cannot even protest, because you are totally gorgeous. - And showed the picture to her.

Elise laughed and said - Maybe you’re starting to convince me to buy a nice phone like yours!

A few hours later, Natasha asked Elise if they could continue reading the lines in your home, because it was the night that her rommate work overnight.

- All right, I’ll go home to shower and leave my bike and jump over there. You want me to bring something? - She asked putting her helmet.

- Well, m'lady, I already have everything prepared it at home - and gave an evil laugh.

- I imagine the amount of wine you have stored at home, Nat - and laughed jumping on the bike.

- See you soon, little monkey.

Elise could not choose what clothes to wear, and she was feeling an idiot because she was only going to Natasha’s house to memorise lines. “It’s nothing, just choose some clothes,” she tried to convince herself. Tired, she chose a pair of jeans, a white blouse V-neck and a leather jacket. She puts the first shoes she saw and sped off to catch the taxi that was already honking at the door.

Elise sighed and knocked on the door with a hand holding the script and a bottle of wine. Natasha opened rigth away and gave her a hug.

- I brought wine - Elise lifted the bottle. Natasha laughed and asked her to come in.

- By my count, we now have 5 bottles of wine to survive the night - she said taking the wine off Elise’s hand and putting the bottle in the refrigerator.

Bauman took off her shoes and sat on the couch. There were already two glasses of wine on the table and Natasha came bringing an open bottle.

- I can not memorise my lines if I am drunk, Natasha.

- Do not worry, wine is good for the heart - she said starting to laugh – did you took a look at the last pages?

- No, after we stopped reading it in the park I did not look over at it - she took a big sup of wine and took the script to read it - what’s on the last page?

- Well… - Natasha started laughing - it’s something we’ll have to practice, you know? - She points to the page in the script of Elise, she reads it quickly and bursts out laughing.

- Practice? – Elise rises from the couch and sat down next to Natasha.

- Well, I would say that for the sake of the scene, this would be a sensible and reasonable thing.

Elise paused, took a sip of wine and sighed.

- Yeah, you’re right, but there are still 25 pages until the page 78. Let’s start?

Natasha made a sound of annoyance and Elise laughed. After two hours, the two had already read almost the entire script (they were a little faster than normal) and stopped at page 71 when Natasha decided to ask for food.

- What do you think of asking a delicious salad of lettuce and tomatoes, Elise? - And she laughed out loud, a sign that the two bottles of wine already had effect.

- Heeeey not make fun of my vegetarianism - she gave a push in Natasha - Why don’t you ask an arugula pizza?

- Okay, that sounds nice - she types a few things on the mobile - ready, it will arrive in 30 minutes. Heeeeeey you know what it reminded me? I’ll post one things on Twitter - and gave an evil laugh.

- Naaat, what will you do? - Elise leaned her head on Natasha’s  shoulder and stared at the phone. She opened the app and wrote the text that made Elise laugh for five minutes.

- I really hope you do not mock my diet - she laughed some more and lay on Natasha’s shoulder again - Hey Nat, I don’t know if I can longer continue reading this script for today.

- Are you trying to escape from page 78, right? - She looked at Elise and their eyes met. Natasha smiled and kissed her forehead.

- Actually I don’t want to run away from this page … - Elise lifted her head from Natasha’s shoulder, not one centimeter away from her face and started approaching, she stopped so close to Natasha’s face that they could feel the warmth of each breath. Nat closed her eyes and wrapped Elise’s waist. Elise put her hand on Natasha’s face and pressed her lips on hers. From that moment, everything changed … everything that was just a suspicion fell through, the two kissed for minutes and they could not stop. There was definitely some feelings involved.