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whenever ppl hate on jimin and say that members don’t like him and he’s annoying and too clingy, i like to think abt how bts would eat these haters alive for saying shit abt their angel

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This scene………..😳

Coming back

A flash for very nasty Anon ;v I decided to go for Hux since it has not been specified ;v

Including: 9 (griding) + 10 (not wearing that) +  Hux x Reader

Hux does not tolerate anyone disobedience in any form. This time is no different. You’ve been told not to distract him from his work today. General is busy with a new project of some sort and your presence always brings a sexual tension that grows bigger and bigger, until he gets to pin you to his bed. A week of being apart, due to your delegation, strengthened the need of ginger man’s touch.

Your finger trails gently the shape of Hux’x ear, as you stand behind him in his office. “I hope it’s something important” he says, like nothing’s happening.

“I can’t believe you are turning me down like this. I just got back” disappointment in your voice is more than clear.

“I’m busy. The faster I’m done with this, the sooner I will greet you back properly.” Still same calm, dull tone.

“You will greet me now” you whisper, leaning over him and moving your hand down, to the first button of his shirt, but he snaps it away.

“That’s it” cuts Hux with irritation. “You are not to touch me for a week longer, if you are not able to control yourself.”

General almost hears your teeth clenching. He gives you a disapproving, and yet full of himself, look. However, what comes next is not one bit satisfying.

“I can live with that” talking back is one of your annoying talents. “But can you? Can you wait for me a week longer? Knowing, I’m right next to you and willing to please my general in any way and not being able to do that because of your very order?” your breath tickles his ear. Hux doesn’t move, pretending not to care, but you know him too well. He’s hard already. Deciding to punish him further, you continue on whispering “And do you know, what I would do to you if you didn’t ban me from touching you?” General stopped typing on his datapad, locking his gaze mindlessly on the door. “Good. I’ll make him imagine.” you think to yourself and then continue out loud “I would sit on your lap and kiss you so deep, your hips would start moving up and down against mine. So deep, you’d moan into my lips.” Hux closes his eyes, tries to remain calm what makes you smile even more. “Then I’d get right down on my knees, under your desk, undo the fly and suck you, until you wouldn’t even remember your own name.” A silent moan escapes his chest. Erection caused with such amount of sexual irritation must be painful. “And if somebody comes in, I wouldn’t stop. I’d let them see, and make them jealous that they weren’t born you.”

“Touch me” Hux’s voice is silent, like he has no strength to talk.

“But general” a filthy grin bares your teeth. “You forbid me to.”

“Shut the fuck up and do this.” You crush his lips with yours and let him take the lead in a kiss, but your hand doesn’t reach down to please him. No. He needs to learn his lesson. Suddenly, the ginger man growling, curls legs and accidently bites your tongue, coming without your touch.

“Argh! What was that?”

“And what do you think it was?” Hux is truly mad, although, whether on you or himself, is uncertain. He groans. “I need to change my clothes. I’m not wearing that on the meeting in half an hour.” General stands up and walks up to the door.

“Is touching you still forbidden for a week, sir?” pair of blue eyes sends you one of the most furious looks. Hux leaves.

Lautrec’s master list

BTS Reaction: They find sex toys in your room(you’re his friend)

Anon said: “Hi can you do a GIF reaction to bts playing with you in your room (you’re friends) and they find a box down in your bed with sex toys inside?I don’t know if you do this kind of reaction but if yes i will be glad thx :D

Rap Monster: “So y/n… I found your toys”

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Suga: “Is this what I really think it is?” *pervy thoughts*

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Jin: *puts them away and pretends he didn’t see them*

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J-Hope: *wishes he didn’t go through your stuff*

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Jimin: *a little turned on*

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V: *gif*

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Jungkook: “you nasty girl” *scared for the rest of his life bc he’s a fetus*

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I remember in the old days you used to be much more of a shipper. But now you're so skeptical. What happened?

I kind of grew out of it I guess? 

I’ve been following them since Sochi and at first when it’s all new and you don’t really know their whole story it’s easy to fall into the ‘shipper’ side, cause they’re adorable lbr. But during the last 3 years, there was the hiatus and significant others, an ppl in this fandom calling themselves fans who got v nasty towards KLawes and tbh they kind of ruined it for me.

So rn I pretty much only focus on their relationship on the ice. It’s wayyy less exhausting accepting they’re not together then analyzing their every move to prove a point.