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haechan exposes your relationship w/ jaemin to brother! mark and the rest of dream

彼には奇妙な性癖がある (Kare ni wa kimyou na seiheki ga aru)

Ametriine, a new/doujin(?) label, has announced one of their first CDs!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Your husband, 塩重快人 (Shioe Kaito), is an employee at an adult goods company—whose greatest joy, presumably, is testing out his company’s products on you every night. As the wife of this straightforward pervert, you are often subject to his abnormal enthusiasm and curiosity in the bedroom. 

While it seems overboard when he says that he devotes his career to finding things that will bring you joy, it’s no exaggeration, given that he never fails to bring new trial products to you for testing… 

CV: 天野晴 (Tamaru Atsushi)

Release Date: November 2017.