v lux 2

     █ ▌Pride swelters under sun, surrounding heart of silver, steel and cold.
               You are the forgotten child of an armada built on blood, offering your soul
               You are the epitome of excellence in a chrome shell, you are perfection.

Bring us to glory, goddess of the hunt, rain the blood of those who oppose you on the sand. Glory to your cause, glory to your people.

                 You are IRON. You are CHROMIUM. You are STEEL.

You don’t know me - Son lux || Hunger of the pine - Alt-j || I’d love to change the world - jetta || Weapons V - Son lux || RIP 2 my youth - The Neighbourhood || weapon for saturday - lolo || Iron - Woodkid || Infra red - Placebo || Hold me down - Halsey || Female robbery - The Neighbourhood

        ( A Captain Phasma playlist 90% inspired by my Phasma rp blog )