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Jimin stuffing 15 candies into Jin’s mouth.

so i started writing shadowhunters fic and i’m really not sure about my character voices???

“I don’t want to talk about Clary,” Jace snaps, and it’s not so much that there’s a Jace-shaped headache hammering away at Alec’s temples. It’s that he can’t think of a time he didn’t have to deal with a Jace-shaped headache hammering away at his temples.

“Well, that makes sense,” he says, sarcasm practically dripping off every word, and if Magnus leaves him because he ended up bald before turning thirty, he’s only got Jace to blame for it. “After all, why would you want to talk about having inappropriate feelings for your sister with someone who’s had inappropriate feelings for his brother? It makes all the sense in the world.”

To his credit, Jace looks somewhat abashed at Alec’s words.

“That’s not–I don’t–I mean–” he starts to say, words stumbling over one another. “I didn’t mean–Alec, it’s not the same thing–”

“Why?” Alec asks, arms crossing over his chest. Are they really going to get into this now? “Because I’m a guy?”

“No.” Jace pauses, shuffling his weight awkwardly from foot to foot, as if unsure of what else to say, as if unsure he should say anything else at all, and this is how Alec knows that whatever comes after is going to be Bad, because Jace never struggles like this. “Because you got over me–”

“Should I apologize for that?” Alec asks incredulously. “Is your ego really so–”

“–and I’m not sure I want to get over her.”



That’s definitely not good.

Alec exhales very slowly, before sitting down on the couch besides him. Just minutes ago, he’d had Magnus practically purring beneath him as Alec very slowly and very thoroughly kissed his way down his torso. That had been a simpler time. Much nicer, too. Now, he’s expected to give Jace relationship advice–if you can call it that, and Alec is pretty sure you can’t, because Jace and Clary are not in a relationship, and Alec is about the last person anyone should come to for relationship advice. 


tweets about Daesung’s “ Safe returning home service”

That guy is absolutely adorable he literally waited after dropping her off for the light in her apartment to go on making sure she got there, and in case she wanted to wave him goodbye he stood on the street so she could see him. How much boyfriend material is this guy?! AND he didn’t go the the US with the others to film this!! 

this is why Dae is my bias

Rain Showers

12. Cleansing () @artandbertiebotts

It rained after the battle. Seamus had reached the point of no longer feeling the sweat and blood on his skin. He had long stopped feeling his face, after all, and the way it felt tight–everyone knew how he and Neville and the rest looked. It had been a surprise to realize that Harry, Hermione, Dean did not. Now it wasn’t just the tight bruised feeling but the filth of battle that had long since muted into non-importance.

Until it rained.

Seamus had been on his way to the great hall, intending to catalog: who was alive? Who was dying? There were prayers to be said–his mind supplied last rights, though he knew he had no business trying to offer those.

He could give a prayer at least. He could do something.

Until it rained and he slowed, then stopped, to look out the window. Getting out into the courtyard just made sense from there. The rain was cold, too cold, really, but better for the chill.



Harry’s birthday was as good a reason as any to throw a massive party. They had all had several months of being depressed and on edge. They needed a party. 

Thankfully, Harry was willing to, once again, sacrifice his own wishes for the greater good and let them celebrate something that was cheerful for once. 

Dean had only been there for about a half an hour when Seamus showed up, and he appeared at his side with shots for them both. 

“Hullo!’ he said cheerfully. “I got you a drink!”