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[TRAD] Entrevista a Taehyung y Jimin [primeras impresiones, cartas escritas a mano]

Q. ¿Recuerdan chicos su primera impresión del otro?
Taehyung: ¿Primera impresión? Vi a Jimin en un vídeo.
Jimin: No, tus sentimientos/pensamientos cuando me viste por primera vez, nos vimos por primera vez en el dormitorio.
Taehyung: haha pensé, “¡él no se viste muy bien!” “¿qué esta usando?”
Jimin: ¿Creo que mi sentido de la moda es un tema popular entre los miembros?
Taehyung: Algo como… ¿Creo que está usando una camisa gris con cuello V?
Jimin: ¡¡Largas mangas!!
Taehyung: Pensé en que era malo vistiéndose a sí mismo.

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Second chance -5- V

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Second Chance -5- V

Parts; Masterlist, 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 4.668

Synopsis; When Taehyung left to be a trainee, you were left behind, never once did he contact you until he suddenly shows up after seven years.

The next few days flew by and you were actually really enjoying yourself, you even let Taehyung come closer and closer. It was cute to see how much he wanted to do things for you if he spotted you with a frown on your face he tried to cheer you up immediately. “Y/N why don’t you take a break for a second?” Taehyung literally broke your train of thoughts and as you looked up you were a bit startled to see him so close, how in the world had you not notice him. 


“You have been staring at that drum kit for a while now, is something wrong?”

“No not that I know off.” you stood up and stretched your back for a second because you had indeed been hunching over the drums today “Stop stretching will you.” you heard the sharp tone and you immediately put your arms down. “Why?”

“Everyone is staring.” you looked around and the guys were really staring at you and the blush that started to show on your face made them look away as they were definitely busted. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, you have the right to stretch, they are just being guys.” he smiled reassuring at you, which didn’t work today as you were feeling not that good, to be honest, you had a tremendous headache since last night and it was really getting in the way and with the last show coming up, you really couldn’t use this. I think I’m going backstage for a second.” you excused yourself because you really didn’t have to rehearse anyway. “Sure do you need anything?” you shook your head and just waved while you were walking off stage. You swayed a bit and one of the managers had to catch you, which made this even more embarrassing, “Are you okay?”

“Is there some place I can lie down before the show?” you asked him and he nodded and as you followed him, you were wondering where he was taking you and as you entered the dressing room you saw a sofa in the middle of the room. “Just lie down here, we will wake you up an hour before the show starts.” you nodded and lied down. “PD nim, please don’t tell Taehyung about this.”

“I understand.” with that, he left the room and you could finally close your eyes. Your head was pounding really bad and as you put your hand over your eyes to shut everything out, you heard the door open and close and without any warning, someone moved your arms, which made you open your eyes, which was a mistake because that seemed to hurt even more. “It’s me.” Taehyung had found you, which was something you absolutely didn’t want. “I’m fine, really, you should go back.” instead of actually going he put a wet towel on your forehead, which felt amazing, to be honest. “You should’ve told me you had a headache because I can remember that you got severe headaches in the past, which you obviously haven’t grown out yet.”

“Stop talking please,” you begged him as your head was about to explode, this time he actually listened which was scary to be honest because he never did what you asked him but as he was gently playing with your hair, your eyes finally became heavy. “Yagiya, you have to wake up.” you heard Taehyung call you by the endearing nickname and as your conscious came back, you noticed that your headache was gone, so you dared to open your eyes and as you locked your with his, you saw that he stayed with you whilst you were sleeping as his clothes were a mess. “How are you feeling?” you sat up carefully and as you looked down you didn’t feel anything stings, which was a good thing. “I’m fine. What time is it?” you looked at your old watch and was shocked that you had just a mere thirty minutes to get ready.

“Yah, you should have woken me up earlier.” you got up and started to walk towards the door when Taehyung pulled you back. “Don’t be angry, I couldn’t wake you up because you were actually completely out of it, you even had a fever.” you immediately touched your head but it felt normal.

“I’m not lying really, I ask Yoongi Hyung for some painkillers and after you took them, your fever went down.”

“I believe you Tae, don’t worry but I really have to get ready now.” You pulled your arm free and walked to the dressing room of the band and when you entered they all looked relieved. “Don’t make us worry like that, are you feeling okay?” This was the first time they acted like this so you felt a bit overwhelmed “I’m okay now, don’t worry.” you smiled at them and quickly pulled out the outfit you were going to wear as you were now still in sweats after you got changed you had to stretch and that’s when it was already time, you didn’t even have time to eat something but the guys knew this so before you could walk on stage they stuffed an energy bar in your mouth. “Just eat that first, otherwise you will faint.” you nodded and quickly shoved the energy bar down. “Are you okay?” This was Yoongi and it was quite something for him to talk to me. “I’m okay thank you for the painkillers Oppa.” he smiled and nodded. “No problem, I’m just glad you’re feeling better.”

“Yah Y/N, hurry up!” you quickly looked up “I’m Coming.” you bowed to Yoongi and wished him good luck as you climbed the stairs to the stage and as you took a seat behind your drums, you just had to take a deep breath as you were praying that you wouldn’t mess up. You couldn’t be happier when the show was done because that cursed headache was back and it felt worse than before but this time you couldn’t let anyone see it because they were all so happy and after celebrating that it was the last concert in America and that it was a big success, you excused yourself after an hour with one of the managers and as you entered your hotel room, you did shower but you immediately went to bed afterwards even if you felt a bit hungry, only the thought of eating something made you feel terrible.

“Y/N, are you awake?” You heard Taehyung calling you but you didn’t have the strength to say anything back and just moaned and that’s when he turned on the lights, which made your head almost explode. “Turn it off!” you moaned into your pillow and he immediately did what you asked. “Is your headache back?” he was coming closer and as he put his cold hand to your forehead, you heard him gasp.

“What’s wrong with you, why are you burning up?” He checked again and that’s when he ran out of your room only to return with the manager, who also felt your forehead. “Yah, why didn’t you say something? We have to take you to the hospital.”  luckily for you, you were wearing clothes and as the manager lifted you up, Taehyung started to make calls, in between you must’ve passed out because you woke up in a hospital bed, surrounded by the guys. “She’s waking up.” you heard one of them say and as you tried to move you felt all your muscles, so you decide to stay still. “Can you see us?” you tried to focus, which was harder than you thought but once you had focused you nodded. Taehyung came into view and you had never seen him so worried. “Why didn’t you tell me that your mere headaches had turned into proper migraines?” He was definitely scolding you, which made you close your eyes again.

“Yah don’t scold her like that Tae.” this was Hoseok and it surprised you he was that worried about you but it really surprised you to see all the members and you couldn’t help but feel guilty for making them come here, whilst they were having a party. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled and you felt embarrassed that your voice sounded that weak. “Don’t apologize, just get better soon.” Jimin gave you a quick hug and after that they left the room as the doctor entered, only Taehyung stayed. “How are you feeling miss?” the doctor asked and there really was no use of lying. “I’m not feeling that great.” he nodded and scribbled something down. “I will give you some medication, which will be good for three days and if you after three days are still feeling like this you need to come back, do you understand?” The doctor was subtly judging you and he was right you should’ve told everyone about this but it wasn’t something you liked to tell people.

“Yes, doctor.” you smiled and as he told you to get discharged you thanked him., leaving you with only Taehyung. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t think it would happen, whilst being on tour.”

“You should’ve told me.”

“Can’t we postpone this scolding, please?” You begged him because you really didn’t feel like listening to him right now, you knew you were wrong but he didn’t have to point it out like that. “Fine but next time you’re not feeling good, I want you to tell me.”

“Sure, can we go now, please.” he nodded and grabbed your hand and as you had the urge to pull your hand away you decided against it because you could use someone to lean on and knowing Taehyung, he wouldn’t let you pull back anyway. When you arrived at the hotel he made sure you got in safely, he did excuse himself so you could get changed into a new pajama and the minute your head touched the pillow you were gone. You woke up to someone playing with your hair and it was the best way ever to wake up, you also didn’t feel panicked because you knew it was Taehyung. Even if you wanted to you couldn;t hide your feelings anymore but you weren’t quite ready to tell him this yet and with them going away for a few days meant you had some time to think about things.

You opened your eyes and as you looked up you stared straight into his eyes and she was smiling softly at you which made you melt. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, I do still have a slight headache but it’s not as bad.” you smiled back at him to assure him you were telling the truth this time. “Good, you also don’t have a fever anymore.” You nodded because this was something that was common, your fever always disappeared in the morning, only to come back in the evening, but he didn’t need to know this right now. “Aren’t you having a meeting today?”

“I do, it’s in a few minutes but I couldn’t leave you alone, just in case you were still feeling ill.”

“I’m fine now, so you should go.” you gently pushed him which made him chuckle. “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“No but you can’t miss your meetings just because of me, so hurry up.” he quickly gave you a kiss on the cheek and quickly left the room and as you laid back you tried to shut out the sunlight because you had lied to him as your head was still pounding but you didn’t want him to miss any meeting with the other guys, this way you had some time to regain some strength and as you slowly got up, you took a shower and took a painkiller that the doctor gave you and s you were done you started to pack your things because you were expecting to go back to Korea as they were heading somewhere else, you did put on sunglasses though just to make sure your head wasn’t going to explode, you were so emerged in packing that you didn’t see Taehyung return, so you were pretty startled when he suddenly hugged you.

“Yah are you crazy?!”

“I’m sorry jagi.” You had to smile when you heard him call you by this endearment. “Why are you wearing sunglasses?” you knew you should just tell him but it was easier to just keep quiet. You took them off and narrowed your eyes slightly as the light hurt your head. “I found them and didn’t know where to put them, so.”

“Ah okay, you know where we are going?!” he quickly moved on to the next subject and you were happy he was quickly distracted. “Where?”

“We’re going to Hawaii.”

“Really?! That’s awesome! Does this mean we will be heading back home?” he nodded but a smile appeared on his face. “Well the others will be going back to Seoul but you are coming with us. You felt your heart sink into your shoes because this meant that you had to be honest with him because this headache wouldn’t be over when we had to be at the airport. “Tae, I lied.”

“About what?”

“My headache, it’s still really bad.” you felt a bit ashamed of yourself. “Really, is that why you were really wearing the sunglasses?” You nodded and before you knew it he had grabbed the sunglasses and put them back, which made it ten times better. “Thank you and I’m really sorry.”

“That’s fine but you should really stop lying to me.”

“I know, I’m really sorry Oppa.” His face lit up when you called him Oppa and the hope in his eyes were overwhelming “But why am I coming with you guys?”

“You will be one of the translators.”

“Why? My English is not…” he stopped you from talking by holding up his hand. “Stop talking nonsense, you know you’re the best at English out of everyone here.” you shrugged because it wasn’t something you bragged about because Namjoon was really good at it as well and you didn’t want to overstep your boundaries with him, as you respected him a lot.  

“Fine but I don’t have stuff with me for Hawaii.” he nodded and smiled, “I know but we can buy your clothes, don’t worry about that.” You weren’t that worried but you didn’t like to come unprepared but then again it was a free trip to Hawaii. “What time do we leave?” He checked his watch and jumped up. “In thirty minutes.”
“Wait what?! Are you serious right now?”

“I am, hurry up!” You jumped up as well, which you regretted immediately as your head protested immediately “Argh.” your hand flew up to your head and as you needed a few minutes, Taehyung heard you and came running back and carefully took your face between his hands and started to massage your temple “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I just got up too fast, just go pack.” He carefully let go of your head and nodded before he walked back to his own room, which gave you the chance to pack the remaining part of your stuff and within twenty minutes you were all done, you even did a double check and as you checked out you joined the others, who looked worried “How are you feeling?” Jimin gave you a quick hug and you couldn’t help but smile at his gesture, he had been doing this lately but you didn’t mind because his hugs were really warm and Taehyung didn’t seem to mind as well, so you just let him. “I’m fine, don’t worry please,” you assured them. “Don’t be fooled by her, she still has a headache.” Taehyung betrayed you as he put his arm around your shoulder and handed you, your sunglasses, which he took earlier. “Just put these on.” you did what he said and as the manager told you what was going to happen, you just simply nodded and as everyone got into the car, they insisted that you sit with them as there was one more spot left. You took a seat next to Taehyung and the next hour or so, everyone was quiet and you actually dozed off.

“Y/N, wake up, we’re here.” you opened your eyes and saw that we were really at the airport and as you got out, you were told to go first as they handed you the flight details and you were slightly surprised to see you were flying first class but you weren’t going to complain and as you walked into the airport, you were surprised to see so many fans waiting and that’s when you realized that they send you in first on purpose and as you made your way to the check-in desk, you had to smile about this because nobody would be filming or photographing you but you did keep your sunglasses on, that is until you had to take them off at security but the second you walked through security you put them on again. “Miss, are you okay?” one of the guards asked you and you were slightly startled by it. “I’m fine, really, I just have a terrible headache.” you quickly explained before he thought something suspicious.

“Really? Well get better soon miss.” you bowed your head slightly to thank him and made your way to the lounge but when the guys didn’t arrive within the thirty minutes you began to search for food and you even bought a few things for the guys. You knew Kookie was running low on his perfume, so you bought him a new one and you made sure it was the right one and you bought just small gifts for the others and for Taehyung you bought a book of his favorite painter. You walked back with coffee from Starbucks and when you finally got back to the lounge everyone got up at the same time. “Where the hell were you?!” Taehyung was angry, which didn’t happen often, so you quickly put up the tray with coffee and that’s when his expression went soft. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know but I wanted to.” you gave everyone their favorite drink and their gifts and Kookie was super surprised when you gave him, his favorite perfume and when you gave Taehyung the book he hugged you extra tightly. “How did you know!”

“I do pay attention Tae and I’m an artist myself so it wasn’t that hard to find.” You sat down and pulled out your sketchbook and started to draw whilst waiting and when it was finally time to board you couldn’t wait to sleep and as you were not sitting next to any of the guys you could finally get some sleep, which you did as soon as we lifted up. You put in earplugs and a sleeping mask and just shut out the world. When you woke up, you were already landing in Hawaii and to your surprise, you felt ten times better. “How was your sleep?” you almost jumped off your chair when you heard Taehyung’s voice so close by, as you were still wearing your mask. “Yah you scared me.” you quickly pulled off the mask and looked into an amused face.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”


“I already grabbed your bag” he handed it to you and that’s when you saw your sketchbook sticking out. “Tae you didn’t look at it, did you?”

“I did and you are really good!”

“Yah, how can you look in that, it’s like my personal diary only in drawings.”

“Ah really, I’m so sorry.” he did look sorry and you decided to let it slide because he couldn’t have known this. “Just don’t do it again, okay?”

“Okay, I promise.” We left the plane to get our transfer plane and when you finally arrived at the Big Island, you were happy that your headache finally had disappeared, you put on your normal glasses and stretched. “Yah stop doing that!” you stopped with your arms midair and as Taehyung came running, he quickly put his hands on your stomach. “What are you doing?”

“They can see your stomach.” you shrugged and finished stretching. “So where am I staying?” you asked and the staff gave you your key “You will be staying next to the guys.” you nodded and thanked him and as you all made your way to the cabin you fell in love with the island, it was really beautiful even though you hadn’t seen a lot yet but who cares, you were in freaking Hawaii. You arrived at your cabin and when you walked in you almost did a double take as the house was really big and you wondered why they had given you such a big house but you really weren’t going to complain. You immediately went into the master bedroom and installed your stuff, you weren’t dressed for Hawaii though so you really could use some shopping time, your wish got granted not long after and as you joined the guys whilst shopping, you did some shopping on your own and ended up with two Hawaiian shirts, a few shorts, and normal shirts, you even bought a bathing suit and whatever else you needed on this trip. The staff had given you a list, with an allowance and as you purchased everything you needed, Taehyung came walking over with a sun hat and put it on your head before you could protest. “This looks really good on you, I will buy it for you.” and he walked off again, you were paying when Jungkook suddenly appeared next to you. “Noona, will you buy these for me?” he held up snacks and you chuckled at this because it was really adorable.

“Sure.” which earned you a hug, this was a rare sight from Jungkook and the guys all stopped to look what was going on. “Yah JK stop touching her!” Taehyung shouted and everyone cracked up at this dramatic shout.

“Are you filming a drama?:” Yoongi threw in, whilst ruffling his hair as he walked by and to think you were part of this family, well it made you feel better. When everyone was finally done with shopping you went back and as you said goodnight to the members you entered your big house and made dinner because you were finally hungry again, even though you just cooked some ramyun it still tasted amazing. You were finally able to draw and as you started on your drawing of Taehyung, the door flew open to reveal three guys with only their swimsuits on and you couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds as they walked in the room. “Stop staring or only stare at me!” Taehyung blocked your view of Jin and Jungkook but you just pushed him aside and this cracked everyone up again. “Nah I’m kidding, so what are you guys doing here half naked:?”

“We’re going for a swim, wanna join?” You did love swimming and it had been a while, so why not right? “Sure, just go ahead, I will join you.” they walked away and you quickly pulled out the bathing suit, it wasn’t that revealing but it wasn’t a sports edition but they could handle a bit of skin right? You walked up to the pool and had to smile when you saw them playing around in the water, it also meant that you could jump in without being noticed, that is until you actually jumped in. “Noona, you’re here.” JK swam right up to you and lifted you up in his arms, which was really intimate because he was half naked but without warning, he threw you back in the water, which made you swallow water but you did see Taehyung slap him on the back of his head. When you came back up you were ambushed by Taehyung who pulled you on his shoulders and without telling you, Jk and Jin came for you guys and that’s when the water fights started and everyone was shocked when you pushed Jin and JK over. “How did you do that?!”

“I don’t know, lucky I guess.” after awhile they started to take selfies and you agreed to one picture and as you climbed out of the pool, you could feel Taehyung’s eyes on you but you didn’t say anything as you threw a towel over your body. “Guy’s I’m going back, don;t stay up too late!” You just entered the house when Taehyung pulled you back against him and as he was still half naked you could feel everything. He quickly pulled the door shut and turned you around, he started to walk you back until you reached the couch and as he gently pushed you on it, he didn’t waste a single minute and lowered himself so he was on top of you but he didn’t put his entire weight on you and as he put on of his hands on the side of your face he pulled your head closer and kissed you “You look so sexy with that suit on.” he mumbled against your lips before he kissed you again and as his hand went down your heart felt like it could explode any minute.

“Just say you’re mine, please?” he was actually pleading and you knew that you couldn’t hold it back much longer but you didn’t want to tell him this half naked, so you sat up. “Tae, can I please get changed first?” he nodded and as he walked out of your cabin he returned after fifteen minutes in comfortable clothes. You were wearing shorts and a shirt and as you walked over to the sofa you suddenly wanted to watch the stars outside. “Let’s go outside.” he followed you without saying anything and as you lowered yourself on the grass he did the same and as you stared up you took a deep breath.

“Tae, You know I’m scared right?”

“I know,” he mumbled, you could feel his eyes on you but you couldn’t look at him right now otherwise you would lose the confidence. “I really didn’t want to fall for you again and I feel like a fool, for not being able to withstand you but my eyes can’t help it but follow you whenever you walk into a room, my heart can’t help but beating faster when you touch me or when you’re close to me, my body can’t help but long for you whenever you’re not near.” you couldn’t finish because he rolled over and pinned you down and kissed you. “Tae I wasn’t done yet,” you mumbled with a fading voice.

“I know but from now on you’re mine and this will be our first day,” he mumbled back as he caressed your lips with his. “This will be our first day.” you just had to repeat it and when you did a huge smile appeared on his face and as he sat up he pulled you against him and hugged you and as he pushed you back he looked you in the eyes and you could see the love he had for you and you knew you were right for following your heart and you felt like you had to say this first as you had tried to push him away, so you took a deep breath and caressed the lines of his face and eventually his lips and all the time he sat still and enjoyed your touch, whilst waiting for you to say something.

“I love you Taehyung, sorry for realizing it so late.” he smiled and as he kissed you gently, you felt your heart skip a beat and as he pulled back and locked eyes with you. “Thank you for giving me a second chance.” this made you smile at him, which made him smile back and as he pulled you into a hug, you finally felt like you came back home.

A/N; We’re at the end of this short fanfic, I hoped you all liked it and thank you so much for reading it and enjoying it!  I love you all!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

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