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A quick guide to Shakespearean men

Hamlet, the little emo shit

King Lear, the big emo shit

Romeo, the hormonal emo shit

Puck, just a little shit tbh

Macbeth, the Scottish emo shit

Henry V, the frat boy emo shit

Brutus, the honorable emo shit

Othello, the poc emo shit

Richard II, the greedy emo shit

Don Jon, the illegitimate emo shit

Shakespeare Characters Saying 30 Rock quotes

Macbeth: Your boos are not scaring me. I know most of you are not ghosts.

 Friar Laurence: Science is my most favourite subject, especially the Old Testament.

 Lady Macbeth: There’s only three things standing between you and winning: your breasts, and wanting it bad enough.

 Ariel: I don’t think it’s fair for me to be on a jury because I’m a hologram.

 Mercutio: Tell her you want to donate her body to science and you’re science.

 Richard II: There is no problem in this world that can’t be solved by throwing money at it.

 Henry V: When you’re handsome nobody ever tells you the truth. For years I thought I spoke excellent French.

 Olivia: Listen up, fives. A ten is speaking.

 Timon: Goodbye forever, you factory reject dildos.


Performed by: Stephen “Swizzy” Banks, David Butterfield, Cathleen Cher, Jean Chung, Juliet Jones, Brooke Shepherd, Adrian Smith, Cass Song, Jasmine St. Clair, Amanda Suk, TinTin V., Richard Wang, and Eugene Lee Yang

Number: “Is Your Life Average?”

Choreographer: Eugene Lee Yang

Style: Contemporary

From: Buzzfeed Video (2016)

great shakespearean themes for a wedding
  • Twelfth Night: Twins get married to two different people at the same time. The officiator wears yellow stockings. The twins dress up as each other during the reception.
  • Much Ado About Nothing: Groom accuses bride of adultery. Bride faints/fakes her death. Everyone is busy trying to set up the maid of honour and the best man with each other.
  • The Winter's Tale: Groom accuses bride of adultery. Bride pretends to be a statue for the next couple of years.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: A triple wedding, except prior to the ceremony two of the couples completely mix up who they're getting married to. An incompetent group of actors perform Romeo and Juliet at the reception.
  • Romeo and Juliet: The reception features a duel between the boyfriend of the groom's cousin with the bride's cousin.
  • Hamlet: The wedding happens at the same time as a funeral, and the widow at the funeral is marrying the dead person's sibling.
  • All's Well That Ends Well: Groom thinks he's marrying one person, but turns out the bride is an entirely different person. The entire affair is conducted in a darkened venue.
  • Macbeth: Three witches show up and suggest the groom kill his boss.
  • Julius Caesar: The groom gets stabbed to death by members of the wedding party. His best man makes a speech at the reception about how ~honourable~ one of the ushers is and incites a revolution.
  • Titus Andronicus: Invite two convicted rapists to the wedding. Bake them into the cake.
  • Henry V: Send the happy couple tennis balls. Only tennis balls.
  • inspired by this post: http://acrickettofillthesilence.tumblr.com/post/101009683501/great-literary-themes-for-a-wedding
Tidbits from the Riverdale panel:

Season two will have 22 episodes and we’re getting more Kevin, more Josie and more Pussycats this year.

We’ll find out Fred’s ultimate fate at the end of the premiere.

Lili on Betty: “Last season we saw some dark Betty but this season it’s more like tortured soul Betty.”

KJ on Archie: “A switch has been flipped and we’re going to see a whole new side of Archie.“

On Jughead’s mom and Jellybean making an appearance: “Potentially in the second half of the season. But their casting is crucial.”

On Jughead in s2: “Jughead’s gonna be forced to pick a side at some point, and it’ll have huge repercussions.” 

Veronica’s ex from New York will show up and being out Veronica’s dark side: "Dark Veronica is way darker than Dark Betty.“ 

Episode five will be about the girls joining together to fight Veronica’s ex.

About Toni Topaz:  “She’s trouble.” Trouble for Bughead, and Jughead’s guide to the serpent world.

Kevin is getting a love interest this season. He’s also dealing with heartbreak/fallout before that.

Josie is also getting a love interest. It’s Reggie.

On Cheryl getting a love interest: “When your father’s a wig-wearing monster it’s hard to find an appropriate love interest.”

On Betty and Jughead: With trouble with Jughead at Southside, Bughead becomes v Romeo & Juliet 

On Archie and Veronica: With all this heavy stuff happening with Archie Veronica will be forced to step up in a way she might not be prepared for.

Asha on the Pussycats: "It’s a journey of self love for all of us, especially wearing our natural hair.”

On Cheryl: "Cheryl gets colder and meaner in season 2…but she takes the reigns back." 

anonymous asked:

Literally Romeo and Juliet though. Cas dies first (Juliet) and Dean kills himself shortly after (Romeo) and then Cas comes back (Juliet wakes up..) but instead of seeing Dean dead (like Juliet woke up to see Romeo dead) Dean is back before Cas and blah blah blah but it ALMOST matches up :)

Theres a reason for that :p

Oh look she’s an Angel, he’s a Knight, sparks fly and a neon blue cross ;)

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Romeo: “O, speak again, bright Angel! for thou art as glorious to this night, being over my head (Oh Angel, you’re too good for me)

Juliet: “O Romeo, Romeo! (Oh Dean!) Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name! (please don’t let your childhood hang ups from your father get in the way of being your true self!). Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulet (If you let me be yours I’ll stay with you and no longer be an Angel, with you is where I belong)

*Tink stares into the camera and feeds Andrew Dabb candies*

Lessons in Love: Relationship Advice from the Bard

Charlotte Horobin, Globe Digital Assistant, reflects on what love lessons we can learn from Shakespeare’s plays… 

Relationship stuck in a rut? Is your other half acting strangely and avoiding you? Or do you need help bagging a date? Then look no further than the Bard for answers to all your relationship woe…*

*Disclaimer: Not all relationships in Shakespeare have a happy ending. Advice is taken at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for any harm or damage that you suffer as a result.

Why won’t he notice me?

Twelfth Night, 2013

So you’ve washed up on a strange island, frightened and alone. You think your twin brother has drowned in the shipwreck you managed to survive. You decide to disguise yourself as a man (specifically, your brother) and encounter a lovelorn Duke who pines after another Lady. Meanwhile, said Lady has become infatuated with your disguised manly self.

What do you do?

Win the Duke’s trust by wooing the Lady on his behalf (whilst rejecting her advances), and hope that he notices your feminine side underneath the manly bravado during your intimate “man-to-man” chats.

Help! I’m caught up in a messy love-square-triangle

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2013

Your father wants you to marry one bloke, but you’re in love with another. Meanwhile, you’re tall, pathetic best friend is hung up on the man your father wants you to marry. You decide to elope with your lover to the forest, but then it all goes wrong when both men stop fawning over you, and instead become enamoured with your supposed friend.

What do you do?

Confront them all and insist they explain themselves. Cling to your lover’s person and attack your best friend if you have to (and maybe it’ll all be miraculously resolved when you wake up the next day…)

I’m in love with my sworn enemy

Romeo & Juliet, 2015

Your parents throw an elaborate masked ball and you meet a dream of a guy there. He kisses you, you swoon, only to find out he’s the son of the family you’ve been in a feud with for as long as you can remember. Meanwhile, your father insists your marry this Princely chap who’s quite frankly not up to scratch.

What do you do?

Enlist the help of your Nurse and Friar so you can marry your love in secret. What could possibly go wrong?

She gave my handkerchief to another man

Othello, 2015

You’ve got it all – you’re a celebrated war hero, you’ve married the woman of your dreams and you’re slowly gaining the respect of all those around you. Yet your friend is insisting all is not as it seems, and doubts start creeping in your mind about your wife’s fidelity, especially when she tells you she’s lost your mother’s handkerchief…

What do you do?

Ask your friend for advice as he’s bound to have your best interests at heart.

I’m bored with my current wife and want an upgrade

Richard III, 2012

You seduced your wife over the dead body of her father-in-law (who you killed, along with her first husband), but now she bores you and there’s a younger model on the scene (who also happens to be your niece). What’s more, she can strengthen your claim to the throne…

What do you do?

Poison your current wife so you can be free to woo your niece, then convince her mother of how wonderful you would be as a husband.

How can I ask her out when she doesn’t speak my language?

Henry V, 2012

You’ve succeeded in winning the biggest battle of your reign so far and have been promised your foe’s daughter’s hand in marriage in return for peace. Yet when you meet her, neither can understand what the other is saying – your French is terrible and her English just sounds dirty.

What do you do?

Humour, wit and good looks are your ally. Charm her with your smile and give her a good smack on the lips for good measure.

My wife is pregnant with my best friend’s child

The Winter’s Tale, 2016

You and your wife are expecting your second child together, yet you’ve noticed recently she’s spending more and more time with your best friend. You become convinced she’s having an affair, and the child in her belly is not yours.

What do you do?

Plot the murder of your pal, put your wife on trial for adultery, and then later order one of your men to ditch your newborn daughter in the wilderness.

How do I tame her wild ways?

The Taming of the Shrew, 2016

You married for money, but now you’ve got your wife home, you’ve realised you’ve got more than you bargained for. She’s wild, unruly and refuses to do as you say.

What do you do?

Refuse her food and clothing, and disagree with her on everything. Force her to agree with everything you say, no matter how absurd. Drag her back to her father’s house and boast of your newly tamed wife.

Why won’t he settle?

All’s Well That Ends Well, 2014

You’re in love with the Countess’ son, but he is indifferent to you. After curing the King of France of his sickness, he promises you the hand of any man in his court. You choose the Countess’ son, and the King forces him to marry you. After the ceremony, however, your new husband flees to the wars, but not before laying out conditions that he’ll only truly be with you after you’ve borne his child.

What do you do?

Pursue him as he travels across the globe. Watch as he cohorts with other women, but then trick him in to sleeping with you instead, so you’ll end up pregnant with his child. Then he’ll have to settle.

This episode gave me life.

It had everything I’ve come to love about Riverdale.

1) Cheryl not being ignored and getting resolution for at least some of the drama she keeps getting dragged into. ALSO, her working with Betty and calling her “sweet cousin”.

2) Another B&V team-up. I’m so glad they helped each other and to see Ronnie looking at Betty like she trusted her again. On a side note, I want to very unapologeticaly say: THANK JESUS Betty has again a better best friend than Kevin. This boy needs to seriously up his friendship game.

3) BUGHEAD IS BACK and THANKS AGAIN JESUS for letting them be the couple to break CW’s standing record for fastest relationship make up. I’m so relieved my lungs feel clear for the first time in a week. Betty telling Jug she never stopped loving him had me in tears, but very happy tears.

4) Toni and Jughead staying friends because she knew he was not over Betty and also because SHE PREFERS GIRLS. Toni, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

5) F. P. JONES

Can’t wait for the amazing gifs to flood my dashboard. You beautiful people that know your way around photoshop, please do the Lord’s work.

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Day Five: Park Jimin as “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare

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