v is for vinegar


here they are!! ☺️ there are two more of each of the sw chocolates but they didn’t fit in the pic lol. they took three hours and i’m highkey dying (my back literally hurts from hunching over them lmao) but i’m really happy and i hope he will be too! the details from those molds are AWESOME, like if you zoom you can see the grate over vader’s mouth and stuff. obv i still have to fill out the card (both sides and prob the back bc we’re ridiculous like that), but i totally win at valentine’s day! :P 


pestisvates  asked:

badlydrawn-vinegardoppio for the url thing :V

Thoughts on the character: Who doesn’t love Vinegar “What was my mission again?” Doppio.

Have you interacted before: Yeah boi. Doppio’s unite. :3

Favorite part of portrayal: I love how you draw him, he looks really cute in your style and interactions are super fun. Best underboss, expect me to send you more random nicknames for him at some point.

One piece of advice: Find a way to pay for the phone bill, Diavolo’s trying.

A verse (mine or theirs) I want a thread in: Your Doppio, My Doppio, a lot of other Doppio’s, one phone avaliable. The boss is calling.

Thoughts on the mun: Super nice person! Very fun to do interactions with, and very cute art! I look forward to doing more art stuff and whatnot with you in the future friend!

V is for Vinegar, or the Salad Uprising, or Occupy Brazil

I decided to start my personal tumblr with something very personal and yet very big.

As I write, a number of friends is on their way to what can be the biggest public protests that Brazil has seen on the last couple of decades. It started  with the government of big cities - such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo - rising the public transportation prices on R$0,20. Now that may not look like much, but in a country where the minimum wage is about R$600,00, it is something.

But it’s also not everything. It’s also about how the police has faced this protests in the two cities I have mentioned - with rubber bullets and teargas, despite how most of the manifestations have been not only peaceful, but chanting “no more violence”. Journalists have been targeted, a photographer will probably lose his sight from one eye because of a rubber bullet, and the government says this is the only way to deal with the protesters.

Does it remind you of Taksin and Turkey? It should - both polices even use the same teargas. 

It’s also about how the police in many big cities in Brazil still works under the assumption that we still under the military, dictatorial regime that ruled the country from 1964 to 1988. Back then, the police could arrest you with no charges other than “you look suspicious” and take you away without letting your family even know where you were. Needless to say, hundreds are still missing. Right now, they’re barging into hospitals to take people who were shot at the protests, they’re shooting teargas bombs into the apartments of those who are filming the protests and the violent action of the police.

It’s also about terrible conditions all around, in a country that is seen by the foreign media as “the country of tomorrow”, host of both the next World Cup and the Olympic Games. As I write, we’re also hosting the Confederations Cup. And what does that mean?

It means that billions of dollars have been spent on building stadiums in a country where public schools and hospitals are sometimes shut down for “lack of resources”, for example. 

If you want to know more, please check this video. Check the tags I’m using here (#occupyBrazil, #saladuprising, #changeBrazil, #VisforVinegar).

And spread the word. Please, spread the word.My friends are going to a protest right now and all I can do is hope that they’ll be back home safe. Traffic cameras are being shut down so that we can’t see what’s happening. Traditional media only now decided to take this seriously, but is still focusing on the “vandalism”, while the same attitude anywhere else is called by the same media “activism”.

Please, spread the word.