v is fabulous ;a;

Ballet au inspired by all the fics I’ve read (mostly pick lilacs for the passing time by astralelegies on ao3 bc Yuuri en pointe. Yuuri. En pointe. Also, danseur!Victor.)

Outfits… Unintentionally inspired by @beanpots‘ lovely day and night au. Like, go. Check it out. It’s great.

Big thank you to @cookiecreation for putting up with me spamming her with my wips for this and every other art I’ve drawn since ever. Thanks, friend!


You guys. I saw my childhood come alive on stage today.

This show is incredibly silly, but in the best possible way.  The actors were phenomenal and so, so accurate.


  • Annabeth is blonde and has curly hair. Enough said. (Kristin Stokes was fabulous, and v v badass)
  • The set was super minimalist and it worked so well?? They did a fantastic job incorporating the set into the action, so when cast/crew moved set pieces it didn’t look awkward, it just fit.
  • I really can’t explain how great the cast was.  There were like 7 or 8 cast members, and most of them played multiple characters and killed it. Every single cast member was memorable. 
  • There were lines DIRECTLY FROM THE BOOK. And every single time they said one of them the audience gave a collective gasp
  • “You drool when you sleep” “Seaweed brain” “Wise Girl”
  • I admit I wasn’t impressed with “Good Kid” when I heard it online, but live it was great.  The music is so so so good, and it’s driving me crazy that there’s no soundtrack yet.
  • Personally speaking, I came close to crying the second I walked into the theater. I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed acting and being in a theater, being part of a cast. I’m so ready to go back to that.
  • Also personally speaking, I’m vaguely in love with both Chris Mccarrell and Kristen Stokes. So I’ll let you know how that works out.
  • God I was gonna go on and on but I’m getting overwhelmed because I’m a weenie lmao. TL;DR I loved it, it made me slightly emotional, and it. was. GOOD.

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Young, broke & Fabulous



Disney songs as Mystic Messenger characters/Mystic messenger pairings

707: Friend Like Me- Aladdin

707 x MC: Can You Feel the Love Tonight- The Lion King

YoosungA Girl Worth Fighting For-Mulan

Yoosung x MCLove is an Open Door- Frozen

Zen: Gaston- Beauty and the Beast

Zen x MC: Once Upon A Dream- Sleeping Beauty

Jumin: I’ll Make A Man Out Of You- Mulan

Jumin x MC: So This Is Love- Cinderella

Jaehee: Almost there- Princess and the frog

Jaehee x MC: I See The Light- Tangled 

Unknown: Poor unfortunate souls-The little Mermaid

Unknown x MC: Hellfire- The hunchback of notre dame

V: We Are One - Lion King 2

V x MC: You’ll Be In My Heart- Tarzan

Rika: God Help The Outcasts- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Rika x V: When she loved me- Toy Story 2

Sarah & Glam choi: Fabulous- High School Musical 2

Echo Girl: Perfect Isn’t Easy- Oliver And Company

Jumin x Zen (I’m including this pairing because I think it’s rather popular within the Mystic Messenger community): I won’t say I’m in love- Hercules

Jumin x Rika (I’m including this pairing because I think it’s impiled in Jumin’s route that he did have unrequited feelings for Rika): So close- Enchanted

If you guys disagree with the song choices I made feel free to let me know! Also if you want to add another pairing to this list go right ahead! :)

listen buddyo,,,,, i have a theory about vinyl.

 he doesn’t say shit in the comics so there’s not much to build off of i guess? but I have this theory that he was really unhappy with the ultra-v’s and kinda hated the idea of taking the war to bli? but my theory is that he owed something to val, or atleast he thought he did, so he stuck with him and shut up about most of the time