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Give it Up Already

I like how people say that all fandoms have those bad times where immature people in their fandom her annoying and then they get hate because of it.

There’s actually a lot of excuses. Lemme restart.

As an example cause they say it a lot and it’s mostly about them anyways. I like how ARMYs say that all fandoms have that period of time when they get super annoying because they have a big fandom. Um no. Not all of them. Exo-ls, Cassiopeia’s, ELF’s, V.I.P’s, BlackJack’s, SONE’s, etc. Yeah, these fandoms got pretty bad although it’s not all of them. Look at Uaena’s (IU’s fandom.) You gonna tell me her fandom isn’t big enough? She was nicknamed the nation’s little sister. Try again. She has a gigantic fandom in Korea alone but we mind our own business and don’t comment on irrelevant videos (like how annoying ass Jungkook stans started to comment all over her videos because the little shit said he liked her, even though we can’t give less than ½ a fuck about him and you all really need to STFU.) Now let’s look at NCT. I’m not even a fan but they come from SM so of course they’re already gonna have a big fandom. Some of them still try to defend Taeyong even though what he did was still illegal and no we all didn’t go illegal shit when we were twelve or fat shame. Like, they have no point. It’s over. Still, they’re not coming on irrelevant videos, again, and telling us to go listen to NCT or the all famous “any NCT fans here.” To conclude, no, it’s not every fandom. I doubt it’ll be Topp Dogg’s, Mamamoo’s it still isn’t Nu'est’s, Block B’s, (I doubt Shinee’s was like that), Beast’s, VIXX’s, Monsta X, ASTRO’s, Imfact’s, etc.

Now let’s get on with “the fandom is just big.” Maybe it is, but half of the fandom is immature not the 2% you claim it is. Like, that’s it. That’s all. I doubt if it was 2% we wouldn’t be seeing the annoying part ALL OF THE TIME. That still doesn’t excuse them COMMENTING ON IMFACT’s V-LIVE, screaming “you got no jams” or “any ARMYs here at Monsta X at kcon, or commenting on every irrelevant video (Especially IU’s. Seriously, I’m not kidding, STFU.) Granted, you did get most of the annoying Exo-ls in your fandom when Kris, Tao, and Luhan left (and B.A.P was in a lawsuit) but you would think they would’ve grown up by now.

I’m just saying give up the excuses but if you fight against these dumb ARMYs, keep doing that and if you’re not one, don’t bother commenting.