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Series: When you’re to busy for them ~~[Taehyung ]~~ he is a puppy ok hahaha ~~ look at me on a roll lately, I really want to get your requests done ASAP


okay! since I got slightly better seats more near the center, I now have 2 P2 tickets to sell. I’ll be selling them at face value so message me if anyone is interested :D The section is Loge Right, row 2 so it’s right at the front of the balcony meaning no obstructions in view. Seats are 82, 84 (the venue is separated by odd and even seats so these two seats are right next to each other) send me a pm if you’re interested!

u know when ur watching a broadcast on v app and they go for like half an hour and ur all having fun but then all of a sudden they’re like “BYE” and ur like “oh what-” and the broadcast cuts off and ur just left there,, cold,,, alone,,, w the words “BROADCAST JUST ENDED”…. its a genuine feeling of loneliness….. where did my friends go.? they left u, boo

when the fam decided to gang u

tae is stretching, suga is being jesus, jin is impersonating a tree, jungkook still thinks he’s at school, namjoon is… being namjoon, jimin is in mid pirouette and jhope is.. tbh i have no idea what he is doing. why am i even stanning this group gdi EDIT: hobi is a praying mantis