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Gal Gadot Got Paid the Same as Henry Cavill in Their Superhero Stand-Alone Debuts
Slow your roll, Twitter Outrage.

Contrary to a story that Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot made millions less than her DC counterpart Henry Cavill as Superman, the two were paid the same for their debut standalone outings.

That’s according to a source familiar with both negotiations, who told The Hollywood Reporter that Gadot made the same amount upfront if not slightly more on Wonder Woman than Cavill made on 2013’s Man of Steel.

The alleged salary discrepancy story was based on a post from Elle magazine, which cobbled together salary information that had previously appeared in various publications and did not differentiate between upfront salary vs. bonuses and performance escalators.

The story was later updated but caused a stir on the internet as Hollywood’s gender gap on wages has become a popular issue. The Elle story said Gadot was paid $300,000 for Wonder Woman vs. $14 million Cavill received for Man of Steel. The source called the latter figure “ridiculous.”

Warner Bros., the studio behind both movies, declined to comment.

A salary of low- to mid-six figures is standard fare for Hollywood tentpoles, especially for actors with short track records; Gadot had bit parts in movies such as Date Night and Knight and Day before landing a more substantial but still supporting role in the Fast & Furious movies. Chris Hemsworth made $150,000 for his starring debut in 2011’s Thor, for example. Adam Driver was paid in the $500,000 range for his part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, according to sources. Felicity Jones, who had an Oscar nomination under her belt before landing the lead in Rogue One, was paid more than $1 million for the Star Wars stand-alone.

These salary figures do not take into account box-office bonuses, which hit when certain benchmarks are hit. And actors gets substantial increases when it comes to sequels, even in spite of having option agreements and especially if a movie is as successful as Wonder Woman (the film has earned $574 million worldwide to date). Gadot’s deal will very likely be renegotiated.

MC in Wonderland Part II

I’m queueing some more hcs that I’m finishing this Sunday before I officially go into hiatus tomorrow, so you might see them popping up on your dash throughout the next 2 weeks (they’re already in various stages of writing, I just have to tie up the loose ends).

Here’s part two of the (wild) Alice AU as promised. Enjoy!


[Part I]

Part II - Crazy Party Wonderland

  • You notice the water level receding as you went further downstream
  • You’re finally able to let go of the log you were holding on to and wander into a forest of sorts
  • But were dripping wet and it was cold
  • No, not “wet“ in the fun way. Get your mind out of the gutter
  • Hearing voices from beyond the bushes, you go towards it
  • You find several distressed-looking birds who were grumbling and squeezing water from their feathers.
  • Wait, no. Weren’t those people in animal suits? You never know.

Yoosung / Dodo bird

  • “Excuse me…are… are you guys okay?“
  • The guy in the white birb suit turns, and it’s… Yoosung?!?
  • “Oh? Yeah, we’re fine, it’s just that it suddenly flooded, and it didn’t even rain! Can you believe it?“
  • “Yeah, and now we’re soaked! Oh dear, and I still need to meet my sister’s fiancee!“ another person in a pink flaming-o suit piped in (Sarah?!?)
  • You laugh nervously because they were talking to the cause of the flood, a.k.a. YOU.
  • “Ahahaha. I wonder what caused it too. But this is Wonderland, so stuff like this happens once in awhile, right? “
  • “Uhuh. Miss, excuse me if it’s rude, but it’s the first time I saw you around here. What’s your name?“
  • “Me? It’s MC. And you are….? Oh, wait, let me guess… you’re a dove, right?“
  • “Nope. We’re relatives though. I’m Dodo Dodgson. Nice to meet you, MC!“
  • No, MC. DON’T LAUGH. Pfft.
  • However, the flaming-o throws a tantrum and stomps around
  • “Ugh, stop talking already! I have a dinner to attend!”
  • Ugh, still a b*tch even in birb form
  • Yoosung rubs his chin thoughtfully, seemingly deep in thought
  • “I guess we’d get dry faster if we race in a circle.“
  • “Race in a circle? How would you determine the winner?“ a vulture who looks like Dr. Lee asks
  • “Well, you can stop anytime you want, but because it’s a circle with no determined start and finish, everybody wins when they stop! But… the prize… maybe MC can give us prizes?“
  • “Me??? I don’t know, I don’t really have anything in my pockets.“
  • “Check your pockets?“
  • You follow Yoosung’s advice and check them, and true enough, you find hair clips, a lipstick, a round glass, and space candy (konpeito)
  • You were quite sure they weren’t there before, but… how?
  • “Will these do?“
  • “They’re perfect!“
  • So you join them in the race until your clothes dry, and awarded the prizes to everyone.
  • Yoosung was the last to stop, and you gave him the clips.
  • He looks so grateful to you, especially when you put them on him
  • “Th-thank you, MC! I love them!“
  • Cute, blushing mess
  • Precious baby aaaaaaa
  • However, because you gave everything away, you didn’t have a prize for yourself
  • Yoosung points this out and you shrug, saying that it’s fine.
  • Not on his watch though. There has to be something!
  • “Well, if you insist, then I’d like to have the directions to the Queen’s castle. Do you know how to get there?“
  • “Y-you can’t go there as easily, but you would need an invitation from the duchess, MC. Oh, but I can accompany you to her house if you want!“
  • You readily agree, talking about this and that on the way there.

  • Not long after, you see the mansion, but Yoosung declines to accompany you any further because of the duchess’s cat.
  • “But why? Aren’t you good friends?“
  • “How… how can you say that, MC? He tried to eat me three times! Three!“ he cries, running away before you register that he meant “eat“ literally.
  • It wasn’t as far anyway, so you walk the rest of the way.

Vanderwood / Duchess

  • You were about to go up the porch steps when a hand touches your shoulder and you find no body attached to it.
  • RUN MC
  • A familiar, disembodied voice laughs, and the rest of the body appears before you to reveal… Saeyoung.
  • “Ahahaha, you should’ve seen your expression, MC! You looked so scared, I thought your eyeballs would pop from their sockets!“
  • “I’m also happy that some things never change even in Wonderland, Cheshire. I need an invitation from the duchess to see the queen; will you help me?“
  • “Oh, um… that…“
  • The door flies open and Vanderwood comes out wearing a huge purple headdress and a black gown with leopard print linings.
  • “Get back here, you lazy ca—- I’m sorry miss, but we don’t take visitors today. Come back in, hmmm…. Maybe never,“ he turns to shut the door, but you keep him from closing it by wedging your foot between the door and the frame
  • “Please, I just need an invitation to the queen’s castle! Won’t you help me? I promise to let you lock up Se– Cheshire so he can finish his job for the agency!“
  • Saeyoung in the background : “MC, HOW COULD YOU?!? I THOUGHT WE LOVED EACH OTHER????“
  • Vanderwood opens the door a little wider and steps back a bit
  • “You should’ve said so earlier. Wait here,“ he says, disappearing inside for a few minutes as you wait with Saeyoung outside
  • He returns after a while, and shoves a sealed envelope at you and pushes a screaming Echo girl at you.
  • “Her cup D’s don’t interest me if her brain doesn’t work, so take her with you. Cheshire will lead you to the castle, but don’t forget your end of the bargain, MC“
  • He shuts the door in your face and you stare for a few minutes, dumbfounded at how easily he gave you the invitation

  • Echo girl comes with you willingly, but you and Saeyoung suffer under her never-ending rants about Vanderwood’s cold treatment and how she was going to tell her father about it
  • You were getting ready to push her down the hill when it suddenly went quiet
  • Looking behind you, you find Echo girls clothes lying on the ground and a small, pink pig oinking furiously in her place
  • Saeyoung licks his lips and rubs his palms together
  • “Mmm, I could certainly use some roast pig now,“ he says, reaching out for the pig
  • She runs away into a clump of bushes before he has a chance to catch her
  • You pull Saeyoung by his tail as he attempts to go after her, and you are surprised when he moans and slumps on the ground, covering his crotch
  • “It-it’s a sensitive spot, don’t pull it!“
  • He’s full-on blushing, and you can’t resist glomping him and hugging him for a few minutes

Jumin / Mad Hatter ・Zen / March Hare・Jaehee / Dormouse

  • Continuing your journey, you come across a signboard pointing to an establishment called “The Mad Teahouse“
  • “‘The Mad Teahouse’? This looks like a nice cafe. Cheshire, can we go see?“
  • “Do you play Japanese mahjong, MC?“
  • “No, why?“
  • “Nothing in particular. After you, milady. But keep to the shadows and make no noise or you won’t be able to get out until you play strip mahjong.“
  • Yikes, that didn’t bode well.
  • But you were curious, so you went in anyway
  • “The Mad Teahouse“ wasn’t as you imagined it
  • Upon entering, you see pachinko slot machines, roulette tables, a pool table – it was a casino, but it was void of customers, save for the mahjong table with three occupants at the far end of the room.
  • “Tenhai, I win — again,“ Jumin exclaims triumphantly, laying out his tiles.
  • He was dressed in an immaculate, navy three-piece suit with a black victorian puffed tie instead of the ones he usually wore. He also had a black top hat on, the hat panel adorned with a purple satin sash, and antique-looking bronze aviator goggles
  • “Dammit Hatter! this is the third to the last piece of clothing I have on! Stop winning every match!“ Zen grumbles, revealing his tiles and removing his shirt and exposing his sculpted muscles
  • Were those rabbit ears and tail real, or were those fake?
  • Either way, you thought he still looked good in them~(❤ω❤)
  • “It’s not my fault you play so badly,“ he replies, calmly taking a sip of his tea.
  • “No more cat projects, Mr. Hatter,“ Jaehee sleepily murmurs from her pile of tiles.
  • She was dressed as she usually was, but her blazer was haphazardly thrown over the chair and her hair was mussed.
  • She also had huge mouse ears the same color as her hair, and you couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping because you thought the ears were cute
  • “Who goes there?“ Jumin inquired,squinting to see who it was from where he was sitting
  • Saeyoung was signalling for you not to answer, but you were already in a trance due to Jumin’s sexy voice.
  • “It’s me, MC.“
  • “We can’t see you, MC. Come into the light so we can have a better look“
  • “MC, no,“ Saeyoung whispers from your right, clutching onto your sleeve
  • But it was only Jumin, Jaehee, and Zen, so what could be wrong with showing yourself?
  • You were about to step foot into the lighted area when Saeyoung threw a doll and red ribbons shot out of nowhere to tie it up
  • “RUN!!!“
  • “After them!!!“ Jumin commanded, and the ribbons elongated, chasing after the two of you
  • You snapped out of your trance as Saeyoung pulled you along, using his claws to shred the ribbons that came close to you
  • Jumin almost catches you, but you step out just in time and the ribbons go back inside

  • “Now, do you know why it’s called the ‘Mad Tea House’?“ he asks, bent over and out of breath
  • “I do, but damn, I should’ve kept quiet until Zen stripped down completely.“
  • You were almost forced to play strip mahjong and all you could think of was Zen in all his naked glory???
  • Yep, you definitely had your priorities in order.
  • You thought Saeyoung only had a bad case of side stitches (that abdominal pain you get after exercising/running), but looking closer, you see blood dripping from the gaps on his fingers
  • “Cheshire? Cheshire!!!“
  • “I’m… sorry, MC. One of them got to me,“ he chuckles, but you could see how pale he’s getting
  • He collapses eventually, and you do everything you could just to staunch the bleeding
  • You were helpless and crying, and was considering going back inside to ask for help
  • But would they come to your aid? Or would they still force you to play?
  • Just as you were about to take the risk, you hear footsteps from behind you
  • “Red…The queen wants her white roses painted red…“
  • “Saeran!!! Oh, thank goodness you’re he—“
  • You stop in your tracks as you see that he was accompanied by several card soldiers
  • “You weren’t able to find me, MC. I found you first,“ he smiles, his eyes glinting dangerously

Rika / Queen of Hearts・V / King of Hearts

  • You were presented before the court
  • They treated you roughly, dragging you and forcing you to kneel before the queen and her subjects
  • But at least you got help for Saeyoung

  • “I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll willingly come with you or whatever, please, just help him,“ you plead in between tears
  • Saeran snaps his fingers and the guards surround you, waiting for his orders
  • “Take the girl to the queen and treat the cat,“ he says, and turns around, disappearing

  • “Rabbit, who is this, and why is she here?“ you hear the queen ask, and you look up to find a pair of familiar green eyes looking down at you — Rika
  • She looked almost the same as the first time you personally met her at the Mint Eye headquarters except, this time, she was actually the queen and not a crazy cult leader
  • Saeran bows before addressing the question
  • “My queen, this is the alleged foreigner who flooded the green valleys and convened with the hatter and his cohort of rebels“
  • “What?!? The flood, I can account for, but I never had a meeting with them! They even tried to capture me!“
  • “Silence! Did I ask you to speak,  girl?“ she rises from her throne, walking in your direction
  • Handing her scepter to Saeran, she crouches down and holds you by the hair so that you are forced to look up at her
  • “I could order to have your head cut off right now, you insolent pest. But since you’re a feisty little thing, should I play with you first?“
  • She lets go of you and addresses her subjects
  • “What do you think? Should we play with her for a bit before severing her head? Hmm, I think I fancy a game of croquet right now. What do you think?“
  • “Off with her head!“ one of her subjects yells overhead
  • She smiles, her red, painted lips glistening in the light
  • “You heard what they said dear, off with your head,“ she says in a singsong voice
  • But just as the guards start to drag you away, the door bursts open and V walks in, but dressed as the king of Hearts this time
  • “Enough! I’ve let you corrupt my land long enough, my queen. I think it’s time I atone for my sins,“ he declares, unsheathing his blade.
  • No, don’t even go there. I know what you’re thinking, stop
  • “My king! Surely, you don’t mean…?“ you notice a fearful hint in her voice and she backs away as he advances to her
  • “Rabbit, break the scepter and take the girl back into the portal with you.“
  • “But your highness….“ Saeran hesitates, clutching the scepter to his chest
  • “NOW!!!“ he orders, and Saeran hurries to obey him
  • A portal opens as the scepter breaks, and Saeran pulls you up
  • The queen tries to make a run for it, but V anticipates her move and has the guards hold her
  • “V, come with us!!!“
  • He smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he does so
  • “I’d love to, MC, but that would disrupt the balance. As two enters the portal, so shall two come out from it.“
  • “But V…!“
  • “I’m really sorry, MC. Tell Jumin… that I’m sorry and that I’m always watching over him. Farewell… and be safe.“
  • “I promise,“ you say, tears fogging your sight as you look at him a final time, before letting Saeran take you into the portal.

  • “MC! MC, are you alright?!?“
  • Your eyes fly open to see both brothers looking worriedly at you
  • “Cheshire… and White Rabbit? I… made it home?“
  • “See, Saeyoung? I told you she hit her head or something. I’m going to call an ambulance.“
  • “No, no, don’t call one! I’m fine, guys, really. Did V… make it?“
  • Both of them exchange surprised glances and Saeyoung gently strokes your hair.
  • “MC, have you forgotten? V’s been gone for three years now.“
  • “Oh. It must have been a dream then.“
  • “I don’t know what you were dreaming about, but it must’ve been weird. No, wait, don’t tell me. Can you sit up, noona?“
  • “I can. What happened anyway?“
  • “We don’t know either, but Saeran heard a loud sound and found you passed out in the kitchen. MC, were you trying to sneak out some of my chips again?“
  • “Of course not!“ you shout indignantly, but the force of your tone gives you a headache and you lie back down in Saeyoung’s lap.
  • “Wait there, I’m going to get you some ice for that,“ Saeran stands and makes his way to the kitchen, but you notice the bushy white tail peeking from under his shirt.
  • “Sae—“
  • “Shh,“ Saeyoung winks and gives you one of his mischievous cheshire smiles.
BTS’s Reaction to finding out their crush is a 00 Liner.

We hope you enjoy the reaction! :)


*Jin wouldn’t mind the age gap. But now knowing the your age and probably knowing everything else about you since you’re his crush, he’d proceeded to ask you out assuming you like him too.*


*Suga wouldn’t care about the age gap whatsoever. It’d probably be something that he’d add to the list of things he likes about you.*


*Hobi would find out your a 00 liner by lerking through your stuff on social media. When he initially found out he’d be a bit taken aback; but in the end, he’d end up not caring.*

Rap Monster

Y/N: “Yeah, I’m a millennium baby…”

Rap Mon: “Oh… Cool…”


*Jimin would doubt age for a minute.*

Jimin: “There’s no way… She looks older than that! Well… Maybe….”

*Jimin a few moments later*

Jimin: “Okay, I see it now… Still want to date her though…”


*Tae would be too distracted on how much he likes you to focus on the age gap.*

V: “Awe… That just makes her 10 times cuter!”


*Jungkook? More like JungSHOOK!*

Unfortunately, Request have been closed, but one again we’d like to thank all of you guys for submitting. Thank you all for being so patient with us and still loving our blog :) We love you guys 😘

this is your friendly neighborhood reminder that you can ship two characters in an exclusively romantic way!!! also high school sophomores dating high school seniors is not a strange concept!!! and not every country has the same dating/legal age standards as america!!! and guang hong and leo have a similar age gap!! so idk maybe chill tf out a little



1. GF crying b/c of her size

2. A guy cutting in at the club

3. Accidentally touch your boob

4. Endplate King kiss (w/ gifs)

5. GF feeling worthless (Jimin & J-Hope)(w/ gifs)

6. Tough girls

7. Strip and make out (NC-17)

8. Seeing GF cry for the first time

9. GF stressing over finals

10. Babysitting your niece (Jminin, J-Hope, Rapmon)(w/ gifs)

11. Teasing while eating w/ parents (NC-17)

12. Things that make them crazy

13. Seeing you in an apron, shorts and, tank top

14. You eat like a man

15. You trip in your heels (w/ gifs)

16. GF blushes easily (w/ gifs)

17. Taking them dress shopping (w/ gifs)

18. They sing you to sleep

19. Sleeping positions w/ partners (w/ pics)

20. GF puts them first (Suga, J-Hope, Jimin)(w/ gifs)

21. Pregnant wife (Hyung line)(w/ gifs)

22. Accidentally seeing them naked (w/ gifs)

23. Carrying a pic of their GF

24. GF feeling down

25. Naked for the first time (NC-17)

26. Taking a bullet (NC-17)

27. You’ve gained weight

28. Stress relieving sex (NC-17)

29. Comforting you after a loss

30. They can’t get excited (NC-17)

31. Saying I love you (most-least)

32. Realizing true love

33. GF leaves post-it’s (rap-line)(w/ gifs)

34. They discover your curves

35. Piercings (w/ pics)

36. Grind and tease (Jimin, Jungkook)(NC-17)

37. Girl w/ strong personality

38. Telling them you’re pregnant

39. GF like Youth Lagoon, etc…

40. Period stains sheets

41. How many kids they want

42. They make you cry

43. You are cheating on them

44. Who’s still a virgin? Taking the next step… (NC-17)

45. Sobbing over anime

46. Proposal (w/ pics)

47. As dads

48. Your mood swings

49. Catches GF dancing (Jimin, J-Hope, Suga)

50. Dating a tall girl

51. GF softens Suga’s heart?

52. They see your cleavage (Jin, Jungkook, Rapmon, Suga)

53. GF + group sexy comeback

54. They forgot your birthday

55. GF got dissed (rap-line)

56. Holding their baby girl

57. GF dancing to JPOP (V, Rapmon, J-Hope)

58. BTS finding this blog (T_T)

59. 6+ year age gap (Jimin, V)

60. Ignored for a book

61. GF scared by a ghost

62. Trainee at BigHit (Rap-line+Jimin)(w/ Gifs)

63. Heavy make out session (Maknae-line)(NC-17)

64. BF tries on maid costume (NC-17)

65. GF gets tattoo from guy (w/ gifs)

66. You’re sleeping in a strange place

67. GF gets nosebleeds 

68. The morning after (NC-17)

69. Date a non-Korean

70. GF best friends with a guy (J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Suga)

71. Help you do splits (Jimin, J-Hope)

72. Blowjob from GF (NC-17)

73. Walk in on you getting out of shower (Rap-Line+Jimin)

74. GF falls in shower

75. They calm you down after a horror movie

76. GF has low self-esteem

77. GF is grumpy in the morning

78. GF is stressed about grades (Jimin & J-Hope)

79. Honeymoon locations (w/ pics)

80. Seven Deadly Sins

81. Pics w/ idol s/o leaked

82. Impressive rookie

83. Idol GF nervous to meet parents

84. Jimin GF twerking on J-Hope

85. GF gets depressed and anxiety (Suga, J-Hope, Jimin)

86. GF can’t use chopsticks

87. GF has secret tattoo

88. GF close with her mom

89. Meeting an Idol fan

90. Risque birthday video (Jin, Suga,Rapmon)

91. GF not a virgin (Suga)


1. I Love You, Damn It! (J-Hope)(Smut)

2. Love’s A Universal Language (Jungkook)

3. If the Shoe Fits (Jin)

4. I’ve Got Your Back (Rap Monster)(Smut)

5. You’re Only Human (Suga)

6. Sunshine and Daisies (J-Hope)(Fluff)

7. Needing Some Inspiration (Suga)(Smut)

8. Needs a Little Something (Jimin)(NSFW)

9. A Peek Behind the Curtain (Jimin)

10. Close To My Heart (Rap Monster)(Fluff)


- Rap Monster 1

- Rap Monster 2

- Suga 1

- Jimin 1

- Bangtan 1

- Jin 1

- Jungkook 1

- V 1

- Suga 2

- Jimin 2 (NC-17)




           oh, come on ! it could’ve been worse. we look great.  she leans over their shoulder to look at the picture, the two of them in a setting inappropriate for front covers of magazines ( but SCANDALOUS enough for tmz ). don’t you like being involved in a sex scandal with the GREAT gigi dholu ? come on, you’ll be telling your grandchildren about this. ” 

{ @starkmatriarch

the wind brushed past them as edmure glanced about. there was tension among them and edmure hated it. this entire thing should not have happened yet they found themselves here. they found themselves standing in a small hidden area, robb leaning heavily against him as his sister, his newly wedded wife, one of the mormont women, and greywind all stared at one another. this was not how everything was suppose to happen. there was suppose to be a wedding and they were suppose to go home afterwards. but, when mona had whispered the words into his ear, whispered of the betrayals before the wedding, edmure had warned catelyn. somehow they had all escaped relatively unharmed besides robb.

he felt guilty for what had happened, having his nephew and king leaning against him bleeding. while he had freely agreed to this wedding, freely agreed to make up for his nephews mistakes and wed one of the freys, he never imagine that all of this would transpire. edmure shifted slightly so robb wasn’t pressing against his shoulder as hard. gods, they needed to go, they needed to find somewhere to stay before the freys found them.

“we can’t stay here.” edmure finally broke the silence, his heart beating in his chest. “robb needs somewhere to rest and we need somewhere to hide so they don’t find us.” edmure finally glanced at mona, thankful for what she had done but at the same time, he wondered how much of his could have been avoided if robb had just stayed with his promise. “cat, we have to go. he’s getting heavier.”

starter for @gentlemenxpassion

Since the day Tiffany got into the porn industry, she knew there will always be risk of someone recognizing her on the screen, as much as she tried her best to mask herself while doing a shot; different wigs, heavy make up. And still it happened quite a lot that random guys would tell her they saw her somewhere before, which she’d brush off casually, saying they probably got her mixed up with someone or that maybe they met already somewhere, since Tiffany was a very social person who loved going out and to party when it wasn’t time to study for midterms. 

But everything in her life took quite a turn for her when professor Phillips confronted her about it; the greatest fear eventually did came true, for one of the professors to find out what she’s doing, reporting her which would then lead to being expelled most likely, and ruining her chance of building a career in business that wouldn’t involve fucking in front of a camera. Instead of doing that, Arthur gave her a choice; and sure, it was a definition of blackmail but Tiffany had too much at the stake and was so close to being done with studies, which is why she accepted his conditions and basically became his little slut, to do with what he pleases, whenever he pleases. 

Arriving to his place for the night, Tiff felt anxious - this was still so fresh and at it’s very start, so the young brunette didn’t know much about things he likes sexually, but with his age and glimpse of it, one thing she was sure of and that is that she’ll learn more and more about it as time goes, and that it won’t all be that simple. Sitting at the couch in her short dress that showed over her busty chest as well, brunette glanced at him - professor was very attractive for his age and tried hard to get past the fact he was blackmailing her into this, to try and make it easier on herself as much as she could. “So, what’s our plan for the night, professor? Or are we just going to stare at each other?”

hawk!Clint and dove!Phil bc I had a serious need =v=;;

      drapes of tattered clothing cling to his form. blood cakes his features as he tugs his ripped clothing closer to his form. flashes of white & green & yellow percolate throughout his mind’s eye.

fuck,” he whispers to himself. eyes are shifting. this isn’t good. this really isn’t good.

                        he sees the female up ahead & swallows thickly, making his way over now as the carmine trickles down his temple. “hi.. i’m–” 

                                             his mind draws a blank.


                                                                                           shit shit shit.

@lustrcvs // xx.


You might not know, but I like you… I’m telling you in every way possible except through words. But… you’re absorbed in investigations. How would you notice that? Love at these times… could be a luxury. Still… love helps me get through these hard times. Only love…