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this is your friendly neighborhood reminder that you can ship two characters in an exclusively romantic way!!! also high school sophomores dating high school seniors is not a strange concept!!! and not every country has the same dating/legal age standards as america!!! and guang hong and leo have a similar age gap!! so idk maybe chill tf out a little

mischiefuse  asked:

Coconut Peach Passion fruit Pomegranate Plum I just realize these are out of alphabet orders. @.@

Since they’re out of order, I’ll answer in order of my fruit preference :)

coconut:  My favourite perfume has been discontinued :(   It’s called Valentino V. I also like Gap Dream (I think this is also discontinued by I still have some)  I like Swiss Army (mens) and a Guava/Passionfruit body spray made by Deep Steep.

passion fruit:  How would I describe my style?  I think this is talking about clothing/physical appearance?  hmmm… meredith grey-ish?   I like comfortable clothing.  Black skinny pants almost every day.  Converse are my favourite shoes. Sanuks in the summer.  tall boots in the winter.   long fitted tshirts.  hoodies.   long sweaters.  scarves.    

pomegranate:  I feel most confident when I am naked.  lol j/k.  sorta.  I’m pretty confident most of the time, but I probably feel most confident at work.  when you ‘play a role’ long enough, you start to naturally adopt the traits of that role.

peach:  No tattoos.  I have 6 ear piercings (2 left, 4 right) but I don’t wear earrings.  I used to have my nose pierced.

plum:  favourite clothing brands?  hmmm, I prefer clothing without logos, but my favourite brands right now are probably Prana, MEC, Roots, and Gap.  I’ve been trying to purchase clothing that is made responsibly, with people and the earth in mind.

Thanks for asking :)


no one knows what’ll happen in life
but i believe everyone has their own timing
take your heart where the wind blows


@gap-toothed-tactician | cont. x

As soon as Mikey head set down, the genius moved wrapping his arms around his little brother to caught him inside a hug.. Hiding his face into the other neck he tried to cleam down.

“…your one of the best brothers I could wish for Mikey…you know that, right..?”

Maybe Mikey was right and his head was massing with him ? But..it wouldn´t explain this voice…this voice who is still so clear in his mind while the dreams..just beign dreams he can´t fully remember anymore