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this is your friendly neighborhood reminder that you can ship two characters in an exclusively romantic way!!! also high school sophomores dating high school seniors is not a strange concept!!! and not every country has the same dating/legal age standards as america!!! and guang hong and leo have a similar age gap!! so idk maybe chill tf out a little

Professor Morgan

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 𝒋𝒆𝒇𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒚 ▬▬▬

“What kind of bitch comes to a private tuition with no panties on?! It’s one thing walking around displaying your  tits, and letting your erect nipples stay visible to everyone, but no panties? Who are you planning to fuck, slut? I’ll bet you took them off just at my front door. Hoping I’d let you have some of my cock, huh?” He growled and threw her to his couch and slapped her ass so hard that it echoed through the room. “You better answer me, bitch!” Sensing her submissive nature, he responded for her with the strongest voice she’ve ever heard him use.“ So you’re a cock whore,” he stated so matter-of-factly. “From now and today, you’ll be MY cock whore, clear?” The Professor growled then he slapped her ass again and again until he’d reached ten. He stepped back and looked her over. He knew she could handle much more, enjoyed spanking very much. He ran a hand over the pink flesh, feeling the heat there. “I should tell your mom. After all, your mother pays alot for your tuition. In the truest sense of the word.” he chuckled darkly.



1. GF crying b/c of her size

2. A guy cutting in at the club

3. Accidentally touch your boob

4. Endplate King kiss (w/ gifs)

5. GF feeling worthless (Jimin & J-Hope)(w/ gifs)

6. Tough girls

7. Strip and make out (NC-17)

8. Seeing GF cry for the first time

9. GF stressing over finals

10. Babysitting your niece (Jminin, J-Hope, Rapmon)(w/ gifs)

11. Teasing while eating w/ parents (NC-17)

12. Things that make them crazy

13. Seeing you in an apron, shorts and, tank top

14. You eat like a man

15. You trip in your heels (w/ gifs)

16. GF blushes easily (w/ gifs)

17. Taking them dress shopping (w/ gifs)

18. They sing you to sleep

19. Sleeping positions w/ partners (w/ pics)

20. GF puts them first (Suga, J-Hope, Jimin)(w/ gifs)

21. Pregnant wife (Hyung line)(w/ gifs)

22. Accidentally seeing them naked (w/ gifs)

23. Carrying a pic of their GF

24. GF feeling down

25. Naked for the first time (NC-17)

26. Taking a bullet (NC-17)

27. You’ve gained weight

28. Stress relieving sex (NC-17)

29. Comforting you after a loss

30. They can’t get excited (NC-17)

31. Saying I love you (most-least)

32. Realizing true love

33. GF leaves post-it’s (rap-line)(w/ gifs)

34. They discover your curves

35. Piercings (w/ pics)

36. Grind and tease (Jimin, Jungkook)(NC-17)

37. Girl w/ strong personality

38. Telling them you’re pregnant

39. GF like Youth Lagoon, etc…

40. Period stains sheets

41. How many kids they want

42. They make you cry

43. You are cheating on them

44. Who’s still a virgin? Taking the next step… (NC-17)

45. Sobbing over anime

46. Proposal (w/ pics)

47. As dads

48. Your mood swings

49. Catches GF dancing (Jimin, J-Hope, Suga)

50. Dating a tall girl

51. GF softens Suga’s heart?

52. They see your cleavage (Jin, Jungkook, Rapmon, Suga)

53. GF + group sexy comeback

54. They forgot your birthday

55. GF got dissed (rap-line)

56. Holding their baby girl

57. GF dancing to JPOP (V, Rapmon, J-Hope)

58. BTS finding this blog (T_T)

59. 6+ year age gap (Jimin, V)

60. Ignored for a book

61. GF scared by a ghost

62. Trainee at BigHit (Rap-line+Jimin)(w/ Gifs)

63. Heavy make out session (Maknae-line)(NC-17)

64. BF tries on maid costume (NC-17)

65. GF gets tattoo from guy (w/ gifs)

66. You’re sleeping in a strange place

67. GF gets nosebleeds 

68. The morning after (NC-17)

69. Date a non-Korean

70. GF best friends with a guy (J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Suga)

71. Help you do splits (Jimin, J-Hope)

72. Blowjob from GF (NC-17)

73. Walk in on you getting out of shower (Rap-Line+Jimin)

74. GF falls in shower

75. They calm you down after a horror movie

76. GF has low self-esteem

77. GF is grumpy in the morning

78. GF is stressed about grades (Jimin & J-Hope)

79. Honeymoon locations (w/ pics)

80. Seven Deadly Sins

81. Pics w/ idol s/o leaked

82. Impressive rookie

83. Idol GF nervous to meet parents

84. Jimin GF twerking on J-Hope

85. GF gets depressed and anxiety (Suga, J-Hope, Jimin)

86. GF can’t use chopsticks

87. GF has secret tattoo

88. GF close with her mom

89. Meeting an Idol fan

90. Risque birthday video (Jin, Suga,Rapmon)

91. GF not a virgin (Suga)


1. I Love You, Damn It! (J-Hope)(Smut)

2. Love’s A Universal Language (Jungkook)

3. If the Shoe Fits (Jin)

4. I’ve Got Your Back (Rap Monster)(Smut)

5. You’re Only Human (Suga)

6. Sunshine and Daisies (J-Hope)(Fluff)

7. Needing Some Inspiration (Suga)(Smut)

8. Needs a Little Something (Jimin)(NSFW)

9. A Peek Behind the Curtain (Jimin)

10. Close To My Heart (Rap Monster)(Fluff)


- Rap Monster 1

- Rap Monster 2

- Suga 1

- Jimin 1

- Bangtan 1

- Jin 1

- Jungkook 1

- V 1

- Suga 2

- Jimin 2 (NC-17)



hawk!Clint and dove!Phil bc I had a serious need =v=;;

          BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ( live action adapt. ) VERSE.

     orphaned at young, angela was a child who lost her family to sickness, it was a miracle upon PRAYERS that she had been spared of the illness. but once she was hiding away as THEY passed by, the royal family, she could never cross their paths for she was nothing but a homeless, dirty child of dead parents. but that didn’t happen, when the woman’s eyes came in contact with BRILLIANT blues. angela felt a sense of a warm being, ( she seems kind… ) the child thought to herself, that was until angela found herself being coaxed into coming out of hiding, the voices of a man yelled to the woman before her.

     ‘LEAVE the pathetic thing! she is of no USE to us!’ it stung, oh how she thought the woman was kind once she saw her PORCELAIN digits falter at the man’s words. ( i-i’m… pathetic— ) angela repeated in her mind, this was what she was seen as. not a helpless thing, but a pathetic one at that, day to day it was hard for her to eat. to find the will to sleep, dirt was caked onto her face as dust seeped into her once beautiful dress.

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You might not know, but I like you… I’m telling you in every way possible except through words. But… you’re absorbed in investigations. How would you notice that? Love at these times… could be a luxury. Still… love helps me get through these hard times. Only love… 

beginners chapter 1

[korra and asami at university, or: asami is a little bit of a lonely genius and korra is a bad ass soccer player, and sometimes bad things happen, but they’re really very in love with each other.

chapter 1, or: korra & asami meet, and they’re really already kind of gross. also, jinora is a brilliantly kind human being. /// ao3.]


tonight the city is glimmered (an august monsoon is heat & wet)


All you want to do right now is take a nap. 

You’ve had 5:30 am practices for a week, and you’re exhausted—between those and how hard you’re having to work at Calc II, you don’t even want to bother walking back to your dorm when you can just nap in one of the big empty lecture halls they leave unlocked in the Bio building.

Despite the fact that you’re so tired, you really like it here: it’s way bigger than your old school, and your teammates are pretty cool; you’ve made some good friends in your Western Civ class already.

But you are tired, even if it’s a good place to be, and so you heft open the large door silently and almost just go straight to the back of the classroom, but then you’re caught off guard by the sound of someone writing on the blackboard, almost frantically.

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Just One Day?
Nico Di Angelo
Just One Day?

hamletwasporcine said:

If you could ask your dad to resurrect anyone, who would you pick and why? Would you chose someone different if you could only spend one day with them? //OOC: So why are the albums called Nico’s gap teeth?

I already have asked. Several times. He can’t bring back my mother or my sister, and keeps telling me that it’s not what they would want. Now that I’ve grown up a bit these past few months, I understand what he’s meant. I wouldn’t want to drag them back just because I was being selfish. And if it was just for a day? *scoff* I can do that any time I want.

//My flatmate/recording partner Kierstin noticed that I tend to whistle on my ’s’ sounds and puts quite a spike in the recording audio. She said, and I believe I am quoting, “Damn, Nico has a gap in his teeth.” Since this is the last of that Album, figured I should definitely answer!

(Album art by Viria!)

[five times rin wakes haruka up]

“there was literally no reason for rin and haru to share a bed.  it was a fanfiction trope.  it was nothing but a shameless fanfiction trope.” - everyone who watched that episode probably


Rin wakes up, and the bed is too small.

He’s used to sleeping stretched out, letting his limbs splay out in every direction – he likes having his hands and feet dangling off the edges, likes how it feels almost as though he’s floating on a calm lake in the middle of summer.  But now, the mattress is too hard, and the blankets are too tight, and there is something – there is a weight on his chest, pushing him down and smothering him.

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Nico's End of Year
Nico Di Angelo
Nico's End of Year

Anonymous said:
hi nico! how was your christmas and new years?

After being accosted by Hazel, Annabeth, and Frank? It was pretty good in the ‘I’m not leaving my room, I hate you all, go burn’ kind of way. They wanted me to go see some fireworks or something with them, but that involves me being…social, and leaving my room.

(Album art by Viria!)

Camp Games
Nico Di Angelo
Camp Games

icauruslanding said:
ICIV: Since you’re settled into Camp Half-blood now, what would you say your favorite activity is?

I’ve always enjoyed Capture the Flag. It’s so much more fun when you can summon wave after wave of skeletons to bum rush your opponents while you sit up on Zeus’ Fist and laugh at them. I remember once we had a scavenger hunt, but then some Hephaestus kid had to turn in a live grenade and ruin it for everyone else. The swimming competitions are always fun, too, when Percy isn’t competing. He sort of spoils the whole thing, you know?

(Album art by Viria!)