v day cat


Is it possible to make an epic sci-fi trailer/music video from a sitcom? 
Yes. Yes it is.

(Shout out to the tumblr people who suggested action scenes. Special shout out for @thisiswhyilovecakemorethanpeople for putting up with my screaming and watching my drafts.)

Good luck on your tests, @strokinghamster2910 !!

Tapi works hard as well, so I hope both of you are going to succeed!
And to anyone else who struggles with exams and school - good luck to all of you, I know you are doing a great job.

Don’t get too hard on yourself, drink lots of water and remember to take some time off for a snack and to cool off n_n

Day 4 is a bit messy and all over the place but I really wanted to do this haha
rfa wearing matching outfits for halloween and being… rfa
• jaehee and mc go as wonder woman and steve (jaehee thought that mc would look better in the costume but mc loves how her gf looks as wonder woman)
• yoosung and seven (the meme couple - couple goals) dress up as shrek and fiona (someBODY ONCE TOLD ME)))
• zen and jumin come as beauty and the beast but zen’s idea goes horribly wrong when jumin brings elizabeth too
• saeran - shigaraki tomura (let this boy have his icecream)
• v as v as a beautiful ladybug

Hey hey hey, @10sportacus10 ! I am yo secret friend! :Dc

It’s neko Sportacus and his cat partner + buddy taking a break from doing some Baguazhang martial arts! Cat enjoying a brownie and Sport with some mediterranean veggie sandwich..! He ate all cheddar broccoli soup already tho ,XD

Hope you enjoy~! (´・ω・`)

AUGH I just wanna do 707 or Jumin’s route already.

Zen is a narcissist, and not the funny acceptable kind, and Yoosung makes me feel guilty all the time for turning him down because I’m trying to do Zen’s route and JAEHEE IS GREAT BUT SHE’S ALSO PRETTY STAND OFFISH AND AT THIS POINT I THINK I HAVE MORE HEARTS FOR THE PEOPLE I CANT DATE IN THIS GAME YET THEN THE PEOPLE THAT ARE AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT.

anonymous asked:

am v old cat, in day i make sound like "mrrraaa" and at nite make sound "MOAAOWWOWWOW" so hoomans know is time to pet me. these good sounds? perhaps should also make "MOOAOAWOAWOOW" sound in day? pls advise

sound like high qualité sound to me!