v day cat

Good luck on your tests, @strokinghamster2910 !!

Tapi works hard as well, so I hope both of you are going to succeed!
And to anyone else who struggles with exams and school - good luck to all of you, I know you are doing a great job.

Don’t get too hard on yourself, drink lots of water and remember to take some time off for a snack and to cool off n_n

anonymous asked:

am v old cat, in day i make sound like "mrrraaa" and at nite make sound "MOAAOWWOWWOW" so hoomans know is time to pet me. these good sounds? perhaps should also make "MOOAOAWOAWOOW" sound in day? pls advise

sound like high qualité sound to me! 

bigsisterofthesand  asked:

//Oh my god seriously though could you write a scenario with him talking to his cat sorta thing??? I need this in my life.

I decided to doodle a scenario instead hehehe ;; v;;

kankuro thought he heard his lil bro arguing with someone in the other room, only to realize he was just talking to the cat… he’s given up on trying to understand