v day 2013

okay. signing off now. because i’ve been on Tumblr the last nine hours that i’ve been awake, and i hear there’s a real world out there somewhere. (actually, it’s because my sister got free tickets to a nashville predators game, and so she and i and my best friend/valentine are attending. so…maybe when i get back tonight, i’ll be a hockey fan?) 

valentine’s queued every quarter hour through the day. tomorrow we will return to normal fandom insanity. just warning you. ;)

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Hey guys!! Eep so it’s the v last day of 2013 (well in North America rn at least) which calls for this post ahahha. So much weird stuff has happened this year, and I’ve met so many new people - shoutout to tlist (aka half the blogs here LOL) thank you for all the laughter ;u; And to every (other) blog down here for being stalkable huehue congrats on the beauty of you and your blog wowwie

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