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We’re criminals, Alfred. We’ve always been criminals. Nothing’s changed.  Oh, yes it has, sir. Everything’s changed. Men fall from the sky, the gods hurl thunderbolts, innocents die. That’s how it starts, sir. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


;)=Smu‍‌‌‌‌‍‌‌t     <3 = Slight Fluff      ♡=Fluff       ☆=Au      **=Angst      *=Slight Angst



~Accidentally calling them daddy during sex

~Dating/ meeting a tall girl

~Ex-Boyfriend not leaving you alone

~Finding out girlfriend self-harming

~Finding out you have both nipples pierced

~Getting shipped together as idols

~Pretending not to understand what they’re saying when you get into a fight

~Saying they have a small dick in a fight

~Sexting them only for them to find you eating pizza and in sweats

~Their best friend(crush) being bullied about their biggest insecurity

~You sleeping in only your underwear

~How BTS would eat you out

~BTS Kinks Analysis

~BTS Sounds in Bed Analysis

Scenarios/Short Stories:


~Preferred Lead ;) <3

~Scribble/Drabble - Soulmate


~Studio Snuggles ♡

~I’ll Forgive You **

~Boyfriend Material (analysis)


~Cuddles vs Meals ♡

~Silent Treatment ** ;)

Rap Monster

~Bad Cop ;)

~Scent of Crimson 1 || 2 ☆*

~Scribble/Drabble - Soulmate ;)

~Scribble/Drabble - Soulmate ;))



~Punishment ;)

~Boyfriend Material (analysis)


~As Sweet as Cotton Candy ;)


~Sweetest Taste **☆


Reactions/ Other:

~Accidentally calling them daddy during sex

~Waking them up because of a nightmare

~Waking them up with a blowjob

~EXO Sounds in Bed Analysis

~EXO Kinks Analysis

~EXO Boobs vs Ass Analysis

Scenarios/Short Stories:


~Sweet Escape


~Tension ;) *

~Boyfriend Material (analysis)


~Business Meeting * ☆


~Rumors of the Leader ☆ ;)


~Desperation 1 **|| 2 **<3


~Revenge ;)

~Boyfriend Material (analysis)


~Plaything ;) (threesome)


~Escaping the Heat 1 || 2 ☆;) || 3 *’


~Sex 101 ;) <3


~In the Back of the Alley 1||2||3  ☆*

~All An Act  ♡

~Tutoring ;)


~The Fox and the Hounds 1 || 2  ☆;)



~Plaything ;) (threesome)


~Twisted Fate 1 || 2  ☆*

~Movie Night  *♡

GOT7 Random Stuff

Reactions/ Other:

~ Accidentally Calling Them Daddy During Sex

~ Being Kidnapped by a Rival Gang (Gang!AU)

~ Coming Home and Finding You Waiting for Them in Just Their Shirt

~ Dating/Meeting a Tall Foreign Girl

~GF Being Short and Having an Accent

~ Saying They Have A Small Dick During A Fight

~ Their Best Friend (crush) Being Bullied About Their Biggest Insecurity

~ You Wanting to Sit on Their Face

~GOT7 Kinks Analysis

Scenarios/ Short Stories:


~Just A Warning  ;) ☆



Tease ;)


~Practice ♡ ;)

~Strikethrough **<3



~Pages ** ♡

~Scribble/Drabble - Soulmate**<3


~Speechless ;)  ☆


~A Fool’s Lullaby

~Scribble/Drabble - Soulmate ;) ♡

Please, stop to help

If you are a twitter user and a fan of BTS, anti-bullying, or just care in general, please go and report the users asianmood and HateJhope.

They are spreading the hash tags wewantrapmonsterdead, wewantjhopedead, killjhope, killnamjoon, and also jhopeiscancer among many other horrible things, and then proceeding to tag Bangtan’s official twitter account.

Please, stop the chances of letting the boys see these tweets by reporting them and having their accounts permanently deleted.

Thank you for reading, and please go help put a stop to this.

Whatsapp zodiacal 2/2

Libra: Ya llegó por quien lloraban 7w7
Leo: No hace falta que me presentes linda 7u7r
Géminis: Egocéntricos pls
Tauro: *facepalm*
Aries: Todos sabemos que el más divo y guapo aquí soy yo 💁
Libra: ._.
Sagitario: Yegó bueztro hamado Zajeh!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Escorpio: Nadie te ama aquí :)
Sagitario: Que cruel :‘v
Leo: Bueno, volviendo al tema importante que obviamente soy yo, adivinar de quien es MI cumpleaños 💁
Géminis: Es el de…Aries?
Libra: No idiota, es el del segundo más divo de aquí, ya que yo voy primero 💁
Aries: Desde cuando hoy es mi cumple? Denme sus regalos, malditos :D

Visto ✔✔

-Mrs Problems ✨

i. at three a.m. God hooked his thumbs under my collarbones and asked me just how much dirty he’d get from me for a dollar.

ii. ‘do you think i’m a fool?’ i asked – me, wavy-haired, wide-eyed, short-statured. he thought i was a fool. he was right.

iii. either because he was kind or because i had something he wanted, he told me no. and either because i was naïve or because i wanted to be destroyed, i believed him.

iv. i learned three things that night. one: God’s lips taste, surprisingly, like damnation. two: God will shoot lies into the back of your throat until you choke on them. three: even as you choke, your tongue will machine-gun blast prayers from your mouth.

v. God is cruel; God is manipulative; God is sneaky; God is a politician. God is also holy, and who am i to smear his name?

vi. God is not God, after all. he is just another boy.

—  is God just another boy? // abby, day 185

yo this is Thorn >:3c
A loner/kittypet who joined the exalted Skyclan (and probably gal pals with lightningstar tbh). she’s v intelligent and cunning, and manages to outsmart other clever characters (Like Owlsong, Sweetfur, Cleopatra and Raventhroat, and they all hate it) at every turn. Veryy witty and clever, and dang charming and sarcastic, she acts like an advisor to Lightningstar and has some beef with Skyfall and Raventhroat 
Thorn in general is pretty kind and sympathetic, she’s got a lot of heart (and loves lighting v much) and like many others, wants the best for her clan 😌 she’s got a good sense of justice and morals, too and skyclan taught her how to fight but she relies on her wit most of the time
if u want, ask abt them!


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A. Age- 15
B. Biggest fear- don’t even get me started I could go all day
C. Current time- 20:07
D. Drink you last had- a cup of tea
E. Everyday starts with- checking my notifs
F. Favourite song- this is a v cruel question so I refuse to answer
G. Ghosts, are they real?- I mean tbh to me, it doesn’t matter if they exist, just as long as I’m left alone I don’t care
H. Home town- dewsbury, I’m from fukin moreside mates
J. Jealous of: anyone with mental illness
K. Killed someone- m8
L. Last time you cried- two days ago wow I think I’ve gone the longest time w out crying
M. Middle name- Zoe
N. Number of siblings- 2, a brother and sister
O. One wish: that I could be healthy and happy for the whole of my life
P. Person you last called/texted- my mum
Q. Question you’re always asked- “are you the new girl?” NO IM NOT FUKIN NEW IVE GONE TO THIS SCHOOL FOR 5 YEARS IVE HAD CONVERSATIONS W YOU (can you tell I’m bitter)
R. Reasons to smile- the gay avengers
S. Song last sang- undercover of darkness by the strokes
T. Time you woke up- a long time ago
U. Underwear colour- pastel pink M8s
V. Vacation destination- Iceland or Italy
W. Worst habit- biting my nails
X. X-rays you had- like four on my teeth for when I got braces
Y. Your favourite food- apple crumble and custard
Z.zodiac sign- Gemini and proud

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