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USWNT January Camp Funny moments with a LOT of : PRANKS (The majority executed by Allie Long) Crystal Dunn dance moves and much more

Jasper National Park, Alberta

Got back from my Canadian Rockies road trip late Wednesday. It was amazing, draining, at times scary, and definitely epic. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are some short memorable moments:

  •  On the last day of the trip, I awoke in Montana, had lunch in Idaho, drank a pint at No Li brewpub in Eastern Washington, and returned home to Seattle WA. (560+ miles)
  • After spending hours riding in cold hard rain in Alberta, I couldn’t feel my hands or feet anymore. As I pushed on through the pass to Jasper the temperatures plummeted and the hard rain turned into a snowstorm. My heart raced as I tried to keep the bike rubber side down.

  • I came around a blind corner at about 60 mph to see a family of big horn sheep crossing the road.

  • After each long day of riding, I sampled a pint of the local brews in BC, Alberta, and Montana.  
Madtown V app videos

                 Idol x idol

  1.  RISING IDOL - MADTOWN GuinnessTown  
  2. MADTOWN GuinnessTown
  3. 매드타운 MADTOWN Challenge
  4. 매드타운 MADTOWN LIVE
  5. 매드타운 MADTOWN Madplayer
  6. 매드타운 MADTOWN Break Time 
  7. 매드타운 MADTOWN Music Time!
  8. 다시 돌아온 매드타운!(MADTOWN-MADTOWN Season2 )
  9. 매드타운 (MADTOWN- MADTOWN real TV) 조타 punishment
  10. Madtown In the V!!!
  11. 매드타운의 쿠키교실 (MADTOWN- MADTOWN real TV)
  12. MADTOWN real TV (매드타운 ‘랩퍼유닛방송’) (Rapper unit broadcast)
  13. 매드타운 '뭐할지 궁금하지? 본방에서 봐’(MADTOWN real TV)
  14. 매드타운 '이번주도 본방사수 할꺼쥬?’ (MADTOWN -MADTOWN real TV)
  15. MADTOWN - MADTOWN real TV (매드타운은 오늘도 달린다!!!!) 
  16. 매드타운 '고품격 음악방송 매타의 스케치스타’(Sketchstar of MADTOWN)

                    Madtown V app

  1. MADTOWN V OPEN! (매드타운 V 드디어 오픈!)
  2. MADTOWN 1st V Time
  3. 매드타운 첫 브이앱 타임 (Part 1 Madtown 1st v time)
  4. MADTOWN Dance Practice
  5. MADTOWN Instant Food Cooking Showdown 
  6. Happy Birthday JOTA♥️
  7. MADTOWN Fanmeeting Surprise Spoiler
  11. MADTOWN LEEGEON’S Live Singing Date
  13. 대원이의 깜짝 생일파티 현장 ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAEWON♥
  14. MADTOWN Membership Training
  15. 매드타운 호의 기타is뭔들  ( H.o)
  20. 매드타운의 풋살경기 (MADTOWN’s Style of Playing Futsal)

*Note some are not English subbed.*

It’s Backstory

So something just hit me so hard and I need to share. Perhaps someone has already thought about it but I still gotta say something. I was just thinking about Camp Camp and it just stuck me that this show might be backstory. What I mean is that in the future Max…

Will grow up to be Mogar…

It’s a crazy idea I know but think about the connections. Max says camp is where kids go when parents don’t want to deal with them. He most likely has shitty parents that sent him to camp for that reason. Although I will touch more on that later for now let’s try to connect the dots. As we see Max does seem to have some sort of skill with weapons, just as Mogar does with his sword.

Also, both are shirtless, that’s just an observation not comparison. Yet Mogar also has some tattoo’s or ink on his arms and face. Max has some too but there on his chest and under his eyes. Anyway besides that Mogar is more animal than human. Max spends lots of time with Nikki, she acts like an animal and Max could pick up on that.

Now we know Mogar lives in the forest, in a tree-house he built. Something that really sells this idea for me is where Mogar’s home is compared to the camp sight. At the end of X-Ray and Vav the boys are in the forest where Mogar’s home is. Then they look down below to where the city is.

At the end of the first episode of Camp Camp the officer complains to David about the ticket.

The officers words imply that the camp and most of the wildlife is high up from the town. And over the years, since Max is a child, the town could develop into a city. So with these fun little things the question remains as to how Max becomes Mogar and it’s pretty simple, yet quite sad.

So Max has horrible parents who left him at camp to get rid of him for the summer. If that’s how they are what if they don’t come back to get him at the end of the summer. What if his parents left him at camp and just moved away leaving him behind. Max would probably get taken in by David, cause he really cares about Max. Yet being with David would mean being at that camp every summer for the rest of his life. Now over time he might go easy on David cause he will most likely kill David with his shenanigans. He’d act like he didn’t care about his parents but deep down he’d be sad that he was abandoned and left behind, never to see his friends back home again. Max would probably go mute even, participating in camp activities he’s already mastered but not saying a word to anyone else, except maybe on occasion David.

The next summer after this Neil might not come back cause that wasn’t the camp he wanted. Nikki will most likely come back, she loves it there and it would mean Max would spend even more time with her. So that’s certainly a much better way for him to pick up on her animal side. Yet despite everything one day Max would just lose it or maybe the camp gets shut down cause of Mr. Campbell’s shady stuff. So if Max snaps he’d run off into the wilderness cause that would become more of a home than an actual house. Yet if the camp shuts down it’d be worse. David would no longer have a way to support Max and Max, having actually learned to care for David, would leave him so he won’t be a problem for David. He hasn’t been one for years and he rather not be one again. So Max would go to the only place he could go, the wilderness.

Despite Max’s hate of the camp he does learn everything he’s taught. He knows how to tie knots, he knows how to knit, he can make a fire. Camp’s teach all about surviving in the wild and Camp Campbell teaches all that and so much more. Max having spent years there would certainly learn how to expertly survive in the wild. So with that Max could certainly live, survive and hide himself in the forest. Yet he’d be alone, so how does he become Mogar, where does his maternal-figure come in. Well as we saw in ep. 5 there were some weird things going on in Mr. Campbell’s basement.

Perhaps there was some experimentation with a cow that caused a genetic mutation, making the cows milk increase the strength of those who drink it. Now with the camp shut down the government would certainly go tear down Mr. Campbell’s old house. It’s possible Max would have gone there previously and found the cow. Of course he’d set it free since a cow provides milk and he’d have an important food source that is good for growth. He’d be drinking that strength enhancing milk from a young age and grow up with that. With the cow he’d want to protect it, and he’d certainly begin to see it as a mother since the cow would show care for him. As for the sword, it seems very powerful, so I think one of two things could have happened. One is that Max found it in Mr. Campbell’s house, since it would most likely be there as a trophy or something. Second possibility is that Max finds it in the forest. The forest is a pretty strange place and Max now spending his life there could stumble upon a cave and find an ancient sword and keep it for protection. Then the bear skin, well, that’s obvious. Max could have killed a bear and skinned it or used the skin from the stuffed bears he found in Mr. Campbell’s house.

Okay let’s move on more to Mogar. Spending years in the forest, he’d certainly learn how to hunt. Although what’s more interesting is that Mogar clearly knows how to speak but not normally. We know that Max speaks just fine but if he grows up in the wild with animals he’d have to learn to simplify his speech in order for the animals to better understand him. Also while living in the forest, swear words would become unnecessary and useless, so he’d stop using them. So as he grows Max’s speech wouldn’t develop anymore and he’d learn to speak in such a primal way, and also learn to speak with the animals or at least his mother. Now another important thing to note is what Mogar does.

He protects the forest, he’s made himself that person. As we’ve seen Max has been shown this beautiful part of the forest. Perhaps now that he lives there with his mother he vows to protect her and the other wildlife who’ve helped him grown up and raised him. As for Mogar’s pet bird, he probably found a bird he liked and fed it his mother’s milk making it big and strong like him. Yet despite this Max no longer calls himself Max. Since he has a new life he could change his name and chooses Mogar, a warrior name since he is protector of the forest. Over time he’d forget his old name, but still remember things from a normal human life. Maybe that’s why Mogar knows to wear a tie to a restaurant.

To go along with all this we can’t forget Mogar’s mother is considered a legend. Mr. Campbell might have told stories about this cow with strength enhancing milk but having been caught he couldn’t show anyone. Then we all have what Rusty says about Mogar when X-Ray and Vav come looking for answers.

He tells them Mogar has been off the grid for years and says his name in a pretty strange way. Possibly implying that he has another name, Max, but he doesn’t use it anymore. Since he has a small record of him it means that Mogar has lived in the forest for years. Even the Mad King knew about him, sent him a letter and even seems surprised to learn that he’s made himself known to the city. Max would have been a kid when he disappeared, which meant his name and true identity was never really known to anyone but perhaps David.

At the end of X-Ray and Vav Mogar admits that city life is confusing. He’s grown up in the forest, and left civilization at a young age so he doesn’t know about the modern life style. So with that he’s obviously very protective of his mother and the forest because that is his family, the real family he never had. At the end of X-Ray and Vav, despite being a hero he wants to stay in the forest, because that truly became and is his home.

Anyway that’s just what I think and this idea really does pain me. It’s a crazy theory or headcanon but still something to certainly think about. Thanks for reading and I hope I entertained you for a bit, maybe you cried, sorry. I hope you all have a wonderful day.



  • <p> <b>Jin:</b> The mom that brings way too much and only allows you to have 1 smore while hogging the whole box of Graham crackers for themself.<p/><b>Suga:</b> The grumpy camper who fights for the air mattress. Refuses to share the tent and complains the whole time.<p/><b>Jhope:</b> Complains about the bugs and doesn't go pee at night because he is afraid of a bear attacking him while taking a piss.<p/><b>Rap Monster:</b> Trips over a log and falls through the tent.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Takes a crap and forgets to burry it.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Tries to pet a deer and names it bambi.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Complains about the lack of Wi-Fi and indoor plumbing the whole time.<p/></p>