v and v

Things that make me happy: 

  • Jihyun Kim’s character being thoroughly fleshed out in his route
  • Jihyun Kim’s character development 
  • Jihyun Kim seeing his flaws and wanting to change them for the better
  • Jihyun Kim seeing that he and Rika’s relationship was not okay
  • Jihyun Kim not beating around the bush to Rika about the true nature of their relationship
  • Jihyun Kim beginning to love himself 
  • And in turn learning to love others as he does himself
  • Jihyun Kim caring unconditionally for the well being of others
  • Cheritz for making Jihyun Kim a good, fleshed out, and understandably troubled, character, who wants to fix his wrongs and change himself for the better
  • Jihyun Kim in general

Hi everyone! The four of us are working on a V Zine and we’re still in the drawing/planning phase, but we’d really appreciate it if you could help us spread the word ♡

About the zine: 
The zine will be presented in a visual storybook format, so there will be short poems to accompany some of the illustrations. The zine will focus primarily on V, but Jumin will be appearing in a good portion of the pages as well–they’re best friends!

Where profits will be going:
This is a non-profit project. Revenue from sales will go towards printing and merch making for the zine. The remaining proceeds will go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

Follow us on Tumblr and Twitter for updates, previews, and zine giveaways in the future~

Artists: @tarotealeaf @vergiliaux @vess-hs @xeraeus