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Henry IV, the Dauphin and the Spanish Ambassador

This portrait was painted around 1817 by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. It depicts Henry IV of France playing with his son and letting him ride on his back, the future Louis XIII, and then being surprised by the Spanish Ambassador. This scene was based on a popular anecdote from Henry’s reign, which lasted from 1589 - 1610. 

Gloucester Candlestick 1107 - 1113

The Gloucester Candlestick is made of a gilt copper alloy and is decorated with small glass beads. The candlestick is heavily decorated with beasts such as serpents and humans, with plants around them. The base contains dragons, with wings spread, whilst the top of the candlestick contains a centaur along with more dragons. It was made in three sections, the triangular base, the main stem and the top grease pan, which were created using a process called ‘lost wax’. These sections are held together by a metal rod, which may be the original 12th Century rod. One of the Latin inscriptions reads ’The devotion of abbot Peter and his gentle flock gave me to the church of St Peter at Gloucester’, and refers to the donation of the candlestick.