v a n s


V: “- Are you ready? I need to stop by my place to grab a couple of things first”
N: “- Your place? I thought you slept in the car?”
V: “- Not always…”

N: “- You have a place here!?”
V: “- Yep… I don’t like going here at daytime though… follow me and try to be quiet.”

N: “- Woo! It’s like an apartment!”
V: “- We can stay here tonight, if you want…”
N: “- We need to keep moving …but maybe for a little while…”

V Route

listen guys, this is just a short rant but i wanna let y'all know why this upcoming route is MOST LIKELY V and NOT saeran and that saeran will never be getting a route in the future.

im on mobile so no read more, so bare with me.

the reason that this is VERY MUCH MOST LIKELY V’S ROUTE is that you can o n l y date members of the RFA.
V is the only member left WITHOUT a route.
as you know, saeran is NOT a part of the RFA and never has been and never will be. you cannot date saeran due to this.
saeran is also a cultist and has most likely been mentally corrupted beyond treatment. MC cannot pull that off and would probably get kidnapped, tortured, and killed. bad ends everywhere for this problematic child. not saying that i hate him though trust me. i just dont ever see a saeran route being possible.
V’s route is very much the most likely the route we will be getting. and cheritz themselves stated in their post that yes it IS V’s route anyway.
im not that popular on here yet but i just wanted to rant since i keep seeing people arguing whether its V or Saeran or both.

thank you for your time.

           If you could wake up in your dreams ~ What would you see? 

  And when you wake up ~ Let me show you how Beautiful You really are to m£.

         Because one day I will Giv£ you the World ~ The World that I See.

                       A World so Perfect ~ Your Wildest Fantasy. 

      A Fantasy crafted with love and passion ~ That reads like poetry.

               Just Giv£ me some Time ~ And I’ll show You what I mean.

                    For Tim£ is all we have ~ But it’s all we need.

                                             ~ D £ V I N C I ~

@57–circlesofhell they sent S E V E N!! pretty ding-dang developed characters with a spiderweb of grudges and secrets and backstory between them all on a mission together and the most interesting thing they could come up with was for them to TALK ABOUT THEIR ISSUES


———–———–——– BTS ( V ) ~ Wallpapers {SPRING DAY}

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Someone mentioned Reigen with a beard, so I deliver this! Got my hands on some screentones huhuhu.

Also if you’re curious as to why Reigen is in the hospital then that’s just to answer why he hasn’t shaved. Just a slight coma nothing biggie.

“What happened back there, where’s the rest of the team?!”

“This is all my fault, I followed him right into this trap. Everyone warned me, but… I didn’t listen. I put the entire team in jeopardy.” 

“Yeah you kinda did.. But now we gotta fix it.”

“…You’re right. Let’s go.”