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Anthony Kiedis and Flea by Andy Warhol, 1985

Laura sad

a veces extraño mi anterior estilo (me refiero al estilo de dibujo de sans), si porque este estilo de dibujo es basado (y creo que es obvio) en varias artistas que endioso como la sopa instantanea, y tengo varios dibujos de mi anterior estilo de varios sans pero jamas volvi a ver ese estilo de la misma manera desde que alguien me dijo que parecian “Aliens kawaiss”  , pero me dan ganas de subirlo para reirme de mi misma XD , sip quizas lo haga o quizas no lol.

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        His eyes, wide and guilty,  focus on his upperclassman for a few moments as Yu tries to find the words to explain himself. It’s a good thing that his parents aren’t in Tokyo any more to see their intelligent and independent son looking like he got the short end of a stick in a fight. Having Jin catch him isn’t much better though, Yu has to think.

     It’s the sight of Jin’s handkerchief that breaks him out of his thoughts, and Yu is quick to wipe the blood from his lips with the side of his hand. Though Yu doesn’t want to walk around like this, he hardly wants to stain someone else’s handkerchief to save his own appearance.

         “It’s nothing, Tachibana-senpai,” he offers, though his breezy smile is already welling with fresh blood. “An … argument, I suppose. Please don’t worry about it.”

Wide, doe-eyes are on him in disbelief as though his presence is so unexpected. Their gazes avert and Jin continues to take in every discoloration and detail with a discerning glare. His thoughts run a mile a minute, synapses firing off with such quick precision. How unbecoming for a Tokyo University hopeful to be in a fight. If the administrators learn of this then the younger man’s prospects drops, as does Jin’s reputation… but the latter is easily remedied. Narukami isn’t the type to allow involve himself in situations like this; Jin thinks his underclassman leans more towards pacifism. The ordeal is odd and horribly annoying.

He does not like to be touched, Jin reminds himself and the thought echoes his own feelings. Crimson smears on the other’s hand, leaving an impressionistic stain upon battered lips, spilling out onto bruised flesh. 

Nothing? This is hardly nothing. It’s difficult for Jin not to concern himself when he’s responsible for the younger man. Worrying, on the other hand, is never beneficial to him. This is only securing an investment, he tells himself. 

“You did not answer my question, Narukami Yu-kun. I dislike having to repeat myself.” He swallows the ice, exhaling words sharpened to frozen tips. His gaze never leaving the smile that doesn’t quite reach stormy eyes, Jin watches the blood ooze.

He does not like— silk cloth blocks the other’s physical attempt at reassurance as Jin presses lightly, watching the spot grow on dark fabric. “Apply pressure to stop the bleeding.” 


Main Battle Tank T-72B3.

The upgrade consisted of:
-The autoloader has been modified for new ammunition;
-New fire control system;
-Improved stabilizer arms;
Multi-channel sight “Sosna-U”;
-A wind sensor;
-New means of communication;
-Engine V-84-1 power of 840 HP(later began to set IN-92С2 1000 HP);
-Improved suspension where the track was parallel hinge;


D.Holic - Color Me Rad (Music Video)